Top 5 Reasons Folks Fail At Affiliate Marketing & How To Avoid It!

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In the last couple of years since I've mentioned I'm an affiliate marketer there is a lot of interest from my visitors to follow the same path. I have to say I'm very surprised and proud of many of you. I know I've purposely made it very clear that affiliate marketing isn't sweet. But despite this many of you have tried your hands at it. So I applaud you!

However how folks are going about it has been troubling. So I decided to share some insight that will help you avoid a lot of mistakes I see folks making!

1. Having a website doesn't mean jack!

When I was coming up, (yes I know I'm sounding very old right now.) building a website was a lot more difficult than it is now. You really had to grasp HTML and such. But now if you just "Google" free website builders (preferably using SwagBucks or Irazoo so you can make some money doing it. 😉 You'll find tons of companies that will help you build a website in literally 5 minutes. If you know how to use a word-processing software you'll probably know how to use many of the free website builders out there.

But here's the thing, this isn't like the movie "Field of Dreams" . If you build it, THEY WON'T NECESSARILY COME! There is this misconception that just having a website will make you money! No it won't. Your new website is now one of the millions out there. Now how will anyone find it? Well most of us use Google to find what we're looking for. Guess what? If your website isn't showing up when I type a keyword chances are I'm not going to find your site and neither are the millions of web surfers out there. That's a lot of potential money you're now missing! Obviously you won't reach everyone out there but you're still missing a fraction of those folks who can make you a boat load of money!

How do you solve this issue?

Learn about internet marketing, keyword research and Search engine optimization (SEO). Let's say your niche is about "Self Help"! It doesn't make sense to have people who are interested in Porn visiting your website. Ideally what you want is folks that have raised their hands telling you they want information about self help. Well on the web the way folks raise their hand is by going to Google and typing in "self help". If your training is in order then your website will be one of the first 10 in the results that come up. If you lack the training your website won't even be in the first 100 and that means you're dead in the water.

You basically created a website that no one knows about. So you need more than just having a website. You better learn the skills to have droves of targeted people coming to your site that already want what you have to offer. It's a lot easier to make money that way than it is to chase after people!

2. Your content or lack of it sucks!

I know that's harsh but that's real talk. I can say this lovingly to you because I was in your shoes. Granted, my content still isn't the greatest either. But I know enough to be dangerous and have you reading this. Too often I visit new would be affiliate websites and all I see is banners and advertisements slapped all over the site. Look, you already know I'm all about making money and seeing you guys do the same. So I don't really have a problem with ads all over a site. Make your money boo boo! My issue is that there isn't any value being provided to the user in addition to the ads. Sites like that are like a selfish kid that doesn't want to share. It's all about them and receiving.

I don't know about you but I don't really like spending a lot of time with selfish people. They're taking more than they give. Well that's what happens when people visit a site that doesn't have any real content. They clearly see you're just about your interest and not helping them with their problems. So guess what? Folks leave your site and don't come back. So even if your site is covered in banners and ads, you're probably not going to make consistent money long term.

How do you solve this issue?

Start writing content that you would want to read! Or think about your articles like giving advice to your mom or a close friend. If your mom was asking your advice on a given movie or product, what would you tell her? Would you just say, hey just buy it! Or would you give her some real feedback and tell her the things you liked and disliked about the product or movie she's planning to buy? If you don't have any mommy issues, chances are you would provide her balanced information so she can make an informed decision.

You know what happens when you do this? People begin to trust you. They think to themselves this person is a straight shooter, I need to keep coming back to them for more information. Don't believe me? Most of you reading this site are return visitors. That ain't by chance folks! So when you're writing content on your website, think about a friend or someone you love and the conversation you would have with them. If your content doesn't sound like that conversation, then you've failed and no one is really going to enjoy reading your stuff.

And here's another powerful tip! Be about it and don't just talk about it! In the work at home niche there is a lot of folks out there that want you to sign up for stuff under them. Obviously it's because it makes them money. Again I ain't mad at that! You should make money if you introduce me to a great product, service or company that helps me achieve something! Where folks are messing up is that they're running around making ridiculous claims about a company but have never tried the company! They're just saying that stuff to get a check! Don't be that person! I've discovered I get far more people taking action on stuff I recommend when I show them that I've actually worked with the company. And if you really want to get people taking action under you, you show proof via video or screenshot!

Psychologically people get excited when they see someone like themselves achieving some success. They can't help but feel that hey if this babbling idiot (that's me) can do it, why can't I? So folks are more prone to join what you recommend. That's why with many of my recommendations, I'll wait a few weeks or even months before I post an article. Why? Because I want to show proof something works. Sure it may delay me from making some money with that program for a while. However it doesn't matter because I will make it up once I write an article with proof. That article will now be there longer than the weeks or so I waited to launch it. It will continue to make me money for many moons to come provided I apply the right internet marketing techniques to stay in front of the people that would be interested in it!

So the take away from this is write content as if you were writing to a friend or someone you care about! If you do this people will connect with you and follow whatever you recommend and won't mind that you're making money because you're helping them solve a problem. Stop just haphazardly slapping banners and links on your website and thinking that's affiliate marketing, it's not and your results will make this clear if you don't believe me.

3. Picking the wrong niche!

So a lot of times after people read my simple Simon blog and hear how much money I make, folks can't help but feel that they can do the same thing. I mean the exact same thing! I can't even hate on that. After all I'm the one preaching that you can! But here's the problem. I live and breath this work at home industry (aka niche). It's something I've always had a passion for even before I had two popular work at home websites. I literally get a rush from finding new ways to make money at home. Even if I didn't have these sites I would still be hunting for that next work at home fix. I'm what some might refer to as a work at home junkie. As such, my passion comes through in my writings in particular on this blog. The folks that actually take the time to read my body of work usually can tell that I literally walk the walk and talk the talk. Then there are some people that just get into this particular niche because they know it can make them a lot of money. And you know what? That selfish motivation tends to wreak in their content or lack of content (see point number 2 if you skimmed over it). As a result, they don't see anywhere near the success I have been blessed to experience with this niche.

How do you solve this issue?

Create a website that you actually have a strong passion for or a lot of experience with! For instance another passion of mine is technology! If I were to start all over again or if I had more time, I would create a blog on various technology topics. I literally live and breathe technology. In my circle of friends and family, I'm the go to guy when folks need advice about gadgets or computer issues. (Trust me that's not always fun!) I buy all the latest gadgets and I read technology sites religiously probably more than I read about work at home stuff (Shame on me, I know!) So technology would be a good fit for me because I already spend a lot of time in this niche for fun! That's a perfect compliment when starting a business. The reason is because, in most cases when you first start a business you aren't really seeing a lot of profits if at all. If you pick a niche you're aren't really passionate about, how likely are you to stick with it when you aren't seeing money? Be honest with yourself, I'll wait…..

Well if you were being realistic, most of you would agree that you would give up pretty easily. So why get started on the wrong foot by picking a niche that you aren't really passionate about. You are more likely to succeed if your business is already in line with something you love and do for fun. So with the technology niche example, even if I don't see the money right away, I don't really care because I would still be reading about new technology or buying new gadgets for fun. Eventually as I stick with the business I will see some type of ROI assuming this niche is one where money can be made. So ultimately don't just pick a niche because someone else tells you it's hot or you see others doing well with it. Chances are you won't do as great because you don't have the same passion they do. Focus on what your passion or expertise is and work around that. And by the way, everyone has a passion or expertise. You just may not have thought of it that way. If you know how to stretch a dollar with coupons and other methods, then you're an expert at money saving and could create a whole site about this. Then find affiliate programs about coupons, or price comparison shopping, or discount clothes, electronics, etc. If you love dogs, you can create a site about a specific breed of dog and discuss what you love about them and what you don't. Then you can probably promote products related to that niche like organic pet food, obedience courses, clothes, etc.

The key here is to focus on something you already love or know a lot about that you might just do for fun. Then just apply affiliate marketing to it and see if you can turn that passion or expertise into dollars. Chances are if you stick with it and you will because it's something you love, you will eventually find success!

4. Giving up too quickly!

It amazes me how many people will tell me hey I tried affiliate marketing for a month and I didn't make a dime so I'm giving up. Really folks? Can you imagine how life would be if everyone gave up because they hit some obstacles? Children would never learn how to walk, talk or ride a bike. You would never be able to keep a job because you couldn't figure some problem at work. Folks would drop out of elementary school because they failed a test.

Tony Robbins said something very interesting about failure. He argued there is no such thing as failures, there are only results. Granted some of the results aren't desired but ultimately they are just outcomes based on actions. Once you get a result, it's simply a matter of making some adjustments until you get a different set of results. You continue to do this until you get the results you want. That's the difference between people that are successful and those that aren't. Like most of us they don't like the idea of "Failure" either but that doesn't stop them from taking action and continuing to do so until they succeed!

When I first got into the work at home industry, I tried various ways of reaching people; Flyers, business cards, advertising on my car, classifieds,etc.. Some worked well and others didn't. I just kept on adjusting based on the feedback I was getting from my efforts. But for the most part I never gave up until I got the desired result which was to work at home full time. It took me longer than it should have because I was stubborn and never invested in myself in terms of training. But can you imagine if I would have given up after a month or so? A lot of you would have missed out on the various ways I have shown you how to make money or worst still some of you would be victims of scams! And on my end I would have missed out on seeing every moment of 3 year old's childhood.

How do you solve this issue?

Look, no one likes to fail. But you have to change your mindset about failure. Most successful people were serial failures! This includes Thomas Edison, Henry Ford, Donald Trump, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and many other folks! So If you've run into some failures then you're in good company. It's just a matter of pushing through the pain. And as I said earlier, if you pick a niche you're passionate about or love, you're less inclined to give up when you do run into a brick wall. Are you starting to see the method to my madness? I'm not just pulling this out the air folks!

5. Lack of Training!

As I alluded to before one of my biggest mistakes as a budding affiliate marketer was trying to learn everything on my own! Boy, was that stupid! I probably wasted years of mistakes that could have been profitable if I would have just invested in some good training material from folks that are already knew what they were doing. No, but my stubborn and cheap ass wanted to try to learn everything on my own for free. After all you can find damn near anything on the internet for free if you know how to look and do it long enough. However I later realized how much time I wasted and the many mistakes I made because of this type of mentality. Although I've been in this industry for a decade or more, I didn't really see a turning point until my last 3-4 years in the business. You know what the difference was? I started taking part of the money I earned at my regular 9-5 and my own half ass way of doing affiliate marketing and investing in tons of internet marketing courses. I think I literally spent several thousand dollars during that time.

That in itself was a huge mistake as well because I fell for the big internet marketing guru product launches that were big back in the day. These guys would literally charge several thousand dollars for out of date interviews, seminar presentations, tons of dvds or poorly recorded audio. Don't get me wrong, I'm the type of person that has trained myself to always find a gem in a pile of crap. It may be a small gem but I tend to be able to make that gem work really well for me especially when I couple it with other gems I may find along the way. But the fact of the matter was I was overpaying for training especially when most of the material required that you buy more stuff to apply the crap that they were teaching you.

I've learned from that experience as well! Don't be an internet marketing course whore. That's a syndrome where you keep buying the latest shiny thing that you think will be the magic bullet to all your financial woes! There aren't any magic bullets or push button solutions! Like anything good in life, your ass is going to have to work to achieve the success you want. But here's the thing, don't work harder! That's right, you read that correctly! I want you to work smarter than I did!

How do you do this?

Learn from the mistakes of others. If I told you that you shouldn't go into that dark alley because you might get hurt, would you do it anyway? If you have any sense you would say probably not. Well that's what a lot of you are doing when you decide to create a website and just slap some banners and links on it and call it affiliate marketing. Fortunately when you do that you won't get mugged but you won't really make any money or be successful either. And isn't that the whole point of why you decided to get into this business? If that's the case, then learn from my mistake. Don't spend months or the years I was bumbling around the web trying to learn this stuff on your own. Seek out the help you need so that you can avoid a lot of the pitfalls I encountered and thus find success a lot faster than I did!

So what's next?

Currently Wealthy Affiliate offers a no cost standard membership to their website! In the past you would get a 7 day or 1 month trial. But honestly it was never enough to implement what they were teaching you. Now you can stay as long as you wanted and access the standard membership training and areas. The premium membership offers more but that's something you can consider and work your way up to later.

So now you have no reason not to get the skills you need. If you're serious about pursuing this career, then click here to get more information and to sign up for your NO COST standard membership!

At the end of the day even if you don't take action on this great offer, I hope you picked up some jewels in this article. These observations I have laid out are real and aren't just my Jeidi Mind Trick affiliate marketing mobo jumbo. I'm confident if you make adjustments based on the stuff I laid out earlier, you'll be in a way better place than most people trying to succeed in this business. Or feel free to ignore it and continue to get more of what you have been. You're in control either way.

Alright enough of the babbling! Hope you found this article useful. If so, let me know below. If not that's cool too. Speak to you soon!

34 thoughts on “Top 5 Reasons Folks Fail At Affiliate Marketing & How To Avoid It!”

  1. Tara, I applaud you for recognizing the areas of weakness that need to be addressed. That’s half the battle. Now it’s just a matter of attaching actions to address these areas.

    You already know what to do. So take action when you’re ready.

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Well, I have to say…I suffer from all of the above. I need to learn more about internet marketing, I need to commit to writing content, I’m in the wrong niche (and not helping people), I almost want to give up, and I need training. I have been working in the virtual call center industry for years and I’m a virtual assistant, so I know a little about working from home. I just need to focus my energy on the right niche, bite the bullet, join WA, and learn learn learn. I’m an extreme procrastinator and easily distracted. I’ve known for some time that affiliate marketing is for me but in life there always seems to be so much going on. I need to focus on what I want for a change!

  3. Thanks Derek,
    I never enjoyed reading dry and overly complicated material. I always found myself saying why can’t this person just get to the point or write in some simple simon way. So when I started to really get into blogging I made it a point to write the way I would talk to you guys face to face. Fortunately folks seem to enjoy it. So thanks for the kind words. I really appreciate it even when we disagree. 😉 (See my response to your CloudCrowd) comment. lol)

    Thanks again for chiming in!

  4. Hi Lorena,
    Thanks for the kind words! I really appreciate it. I’m very happy you found this site. I definitely make money with my site and proud of it. I get paid to help myself and others so I think it’s a great career to have. It’s nice when visitors like you can appreciate that instead of hating on it.

    In any event, let me start by saying that affiliate marketing isn’t necessarily the only way for you to make some decent money online. You still have traditional work at home jobs which we list daily here: and you also have supplemental non-traditional opportunities listed here:
    Between those two options, you can make some decent money. So just know you aren’t limited. I always encourage people to make money with other things first so you have some income coming before venturing on starting your own business.

    Okay now that I got that out the way let me answer your question. Any English major or perfectionist will look at my blog and cringe at all my spelling and grammatical errors. I was born here and no it’s not perfect. In fact even when I spot an error, I still leave it in my writing. The reason I do this is I want people to understand that on the internet, folks don’t really care if you’re perfect. This is especially the case if you can help them solve their own problems. 99.9% of my loyal visitors are perfectly fine with my flaws because I have helped them make money, avoid a scam, encouraged them, entertained them or all of the above. When you provide value people are more forgiving. Web surfers actually prefer more conversational style of writing. So if you can write a decent email or comment (which you did) that gets your point across, you can probably start a website and write articles. Obviously having a website and being able to write half way decent is only a small part of the equation. The training is the huge part. So based on what I’ve seen in this comment, I think you’ll be fine.

    I hope this answers your question.

    • Hi Eddy, thank you very much for taking your time to answer that extensive response. I really appreciate it. And I will start trying the opportunities you mentioned first and see what happens with that. In this impersonal and money seekers’ world is so nice to find people like you. Sincere, Lorena.

    • You’re welcome Lorena. Glad to help and give you options. If you take actions on the recommendations I’m sure you’ll be making money by the end of the day. I wish you the best and I’m sure I’ll hear about some of your successes with my recommendations soon enough!

  5. Eddy you have an entertaining down-to-earth style of writing. Not the stiff writing proper because English major said so style so many people exhibit.  

  6. Hi Eddy, me and my husband are currently having a pretty desperate situation and I am studying a lot about how to make money on internet till I got to your website and I have to say it was the best one and I am really grateful for all your advices and suggestions even though we all know you make money with it, is money well gained because I can tell you have put a lot of effort on this. I feel you already as you said, as a friend close to me and that is why I would like to ask you an advice. I live in USA but I am from Chile and spanish is my native language so english is not really my strongest skill. I would like to start creating a website but my doubt is should I make it in english where I know market is more profitable? (and try my best to write in good english) or I should just write a spanish website? tell me your opinion considering I am willing to work hard to get sucess because there is not any other chance for me, including I am willing to suscribe in training course you have post. Thank you Eddy!

  7. Well Thank you Madilyn!
    I appreciate the kind words and support. I’m confident as you continue to read through the site you’ll find more options to your liking. Thanks again for just taking the time to say this. I really appreciate it!

  8. Hi Eddy,

    I really like your style of writing!   You make your articles very interesting to read and they have been very informative.   My husband and I are exploring home based business opportunities and are very glad we stumbled upon your site.   There is so much to consider.   We really appreciate your honesty and the large amount of content you have here, for us to pore over.   Well, back to more reading…..

  9. Hi Eddy,
    So nice to meet you. I am so glad I stumbled on your site. I like that your straight to the point with no complications. Keep it up Eddy…..Your in my favorites.

  10. Hey Dragon Spirit,

    Glad to hear you’re still kicking despite the season of poverty you’re going through. Just remember it is only a season.

    I’m happy you found the post useful, it seems to have resonated well with folks so that’s great! Now it’s a matter of taking the inspiration and running with it in whatever capacity you can at the moment.

    I’ll keep you in my prayers. I look forward to the day when you have your break through!
    Thanks for chiming in! It’s nice to hear from you.

  11. DragonSpirit here!
    I found this so insighful, that, I have printed it out! Dealing with the knights of Pov, trying to keep  one from moving forward, etc. yada,yada yada. So, still taking baby steps.. all one can do at the moment. Thank you for the awesome Sir E. Wisdom. God willing, and giving favor, will  be counted in the exclusive Sir E. club.

    One of the things which really drove the point home for me, was once upon a time Steve Jobs, and  even you were in the beginning!  “万事开头难的。”Wí nshí¬ kaitóu nán de.””Everything is difficult, in the beginning.” And you are awesome enough, to be humble and remind us of that!   I am looking forward to that day! When you will say! remember I told you so.. Now you can fly with the big Dragons! Thank you so very  much,for the Dragon smackdown! LOL and  for helping,  keep to the dream, and the focus learning a bit more… and asking for Favor! LOL one of the great blessing in my life is you!   Dragons think Sir E. Rocks! Keep on being blessed…

  12. Eddy,

    I’ve been racking my brains about this and there you go, you slapped me in the face of reality. That was real and honest. I gotta hand to you and tip my hat to you, you give it like it is. Im rethinking how to do my niche, even though its very similiar to your. But your the best!!! Thank-you again for your advice.. I will stay in touch.

    • Thanks Man! I like keeping it real so people really challenge themselves and think. Too often folks are sugar coating things or just straight up lying. So I’m happy you can appreciate my delivery and it has given you some insight on how to approach your niche.

      These are real talks I wish someone had with me when I first started so I’m happy to share it with you good folks! Keep me posted!

    • So glad someone like you is here to save the online work at home world, financially and MORALLY!:) Thank You!:)

  13. Eddy,
    I loved the article!!!!   I have been sitting on my hands for quite a while now, knowing that I want to do this but afaid to take the first step.   Knowing that instant success is not going to happen, but not to give up, gives me a little bit more confidence.   Thank you for your encouragement and excellent advice!!!!   I believe it is time for me to take those first steps!

    Thanks again Eddy!!!


    • You’re welcome Susan! Glad to hear you found som much value in this article and that you have alot more confidence to take a risk on yourself and this business. I think having a realistic expectation definitely helps improves ones chances of success. That’s why I’m unapologetic about being very real about this business. Too often I see a sweet picture being painted which misleads people. So I’m happy you can appreciate my style. This road can be very bumpy but once you reach your destination, it’s great! It just takes a lot of patience and hard work! Take care!

  14. Hi Eddy,
    I enjoyed reading the wealth of information that you put out.   I joined WA on yesterday.   For a $1.00, you can’t beat it.   There is quite a bit of information that can be overwhelming but I’m going to take it in intervals.   I do have a website already up and has been what will be 2 years in January.   I would like to piggyback off it but I have some questions for you that I would like to speak with you about.   Is there some way I can reach you other than through this site.   Your help is greatly appreciated and keep up the great work.


    • Hey Rosalind,
      Glad to hear it! You can’t beat that trial price. Hopefully you’re getting a lot of value over the next 30 days.

      There is a contact me link on the left of every single page, you can email me there. Just be sure you try the folks at WA first since you’re paying for that membership. They should be your first line of defense. I’ll be happy to answer anything they can’t help you address.

      Congrats on taking a risk on yourself and this business!

  15. Thanks Big Phil,

    I haven’t written a non review style article in a while. But judging by the feedback from folks like yourself I guess I need to do more of these type of articles. I’m so focused on helping you guys make money that I forget that solid general advice and life experience also helps you do that as well. So thanks for the kind words. I feel a lot more inspired to do articles like this!

    As for you, you already know I think very highly of you and your writing. You and Steve are my favorite bloggers. So I look forward to hearing more from you again now that things have gotten settled on your end.

    You have a great voice and need to continue to make it heard!

    Thanks for the continued support my friend!

    I really appreciate it!

  16. Eddy!!

    Gotta say.. This is your best post to date!!   I think I’ve said that once or twice before… but wow.   It’s like I’m reading every email you’ve ever written to me over the last two years in one post with even more words of wisdom added in.

    You really are the reason I’ve continued to write and believe.   You’ve encouraged me to be real and honest, even more than I already was.

    We can make excuses or we can make changes.  

    Awesome post Eddy!!
    Thanks for   the years of inspiration

    Phil ( is it summer yet ) Ames

  17. Hey Georgianna,
    Congrats on your first comment! I hope it won’t be your last!
    In any event, I’m happy you have found enough value in my babblings that you felt obligated to join under me so I get credit. As you see I don’t offer a lot of fancy bonuses that others do. I don’t think it’s neccessary because I feel just keeping truthful is enough. Fortunately folks like you seem to like this and reward me for it. So I really do appreciate it and thank you!

    I’m confident in the next 30 days you’ll learn a lot from your time at WA! It’s not perfect but it’s way better than going it alone. Thanks again for coming out your shell and commenting.

  18. Hi, I’ve been reading your site and first time posted to you. I was in a dilemma since I wanted to sign up for WA, but through who? You always came to mind, cause even though other sites are great, yours is the first that I found and has been most helpful. On Friday I joined through your link. Sorry about that to others I like. But I finally made it in and am astounded with all the learning, and people, etc. Thanks, Georgianna

  19. Hey Pammy,
    Better late than never right? LOL
    I applaud you taking a risk on yourself. You’re definitely capable of making this work so you can give your JOB the boot. It may take some time, but trust me when I say it’s possible!

  20. Hey Eddy,
    glad you wrote this article – I did go ahead and join for $1 – I have been trying to figure this out for a few years and just like you EL Cheapo decided to wait and now I have a problem…I really need to give my J-O-B the boot.   Do I believe I can do this…you betcha.   Will it work in 30 days don’t know willing to give my all.   Thanks again Eddy.

  21. So excellent.   I’ve come to the place where I know I need to create a website, again.   I keep getting to this same place and then end up fumbling around, mostly because I have too many passions.   Art, music, cooking, finding creative ways to reuse stuff so that the money a person has goes further and does more, taking a dollar and making it dance and learning, just learning about new stuff and then sharing the results of what I’ve found.   Oh and then there is the research, all that digging around is way too much fun.   Trying to pick one is like asking me what I single food do I want to eat for the rest of my life.  
    I do know that when I finally figure out how to make this tree of things I love into a website, I’ll want to do   affiliate marketing and those will be companies I know and have bought stuff from.   I can’t see trying to send people to companies that I don’t know anything about.    
    Your articles are so timely by the way.   I’ve been working at trying to figure out how to get this all off the ground, along side of working on making enough to make a living (that’s the first goal that I’m still working on) then after there’s a list of things that I either need to learn to fix myself or be able to pay someone who already knows how to do that.     Anyway, thanks for another great article.    

    • Wendy,
      Having a lot of passions is actually a great problem to have. Most people have just the opposite. Here’s how you narrow it down. Which of these passions do you spend the most time on. Which one of them are done online a good portion of your time? If you can narrow it down like that, then that’s the place you start.

      But first things first! Get some consistent money coming in via a traditional work at home job or whatever makes sense for your current needs. Once that’s done then you can try your hand at this business. It definitely makes it a lot easier to manage when you know your bills will still be paid as you learn this business.

      Either way, thanks for chiming in with some insightful comments as usual! I appreciate your continued support.

    • Thanks Eddy.   Your sound advise is very helpful in trying to sort this out.   I’m working on the consistent income which has proved to be difficult.   But what is life with challenges right?   What you’ve said has made me look at what I do mostly on line and the answer is right in front of me, I do research more than anything else on line.  
      So now all I need to do is find people who are willing to hire me to do that.  
      Thanks again!

    • Glad I was able to make you rethink that. By the way the other option is to hire yourself and think of a way to create a website around the research you do. Maybe you can specialize in researching a certain niche where people have problems and need answers. There is a lot of ways to skin this cat. I knew I liked helping people but I hated being on the phone so customer service wasn’t much of an option. But I soon discovered I could help people make money and avoid scams. And voila my sites were born. So think outside the box.

  22. way to go eddy.You speak the truth in plain english! I read all of your emails that you send. you save alot of people from being a victom of these scammers selling rehashed crap.


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