The Best Work At Home Opportunity Helped Me Earn $66,140.37 Online Without A Damn Boss!

Have You Wasted Too Much Time On The Wrong Opportunities?

Unfortunately for many years I wasted a lot of time jumping through these money making opportunity hoops because they were the only legitimate ways I could find to earn some money from home. Here's what I've tried.

  • Long Ass Surveys - Do you know how freaking annoying it is to take a survey for 15 minutes only to discover you're disqualified or aren't going to be paid because of a technical glitch? Ah hell to the nah! And the few times I could actually make it through a survey I could have probably made more money collecting empty soda cans.

  • (MLMs) Multilevel Marketing - I quickly realized this wasn't for me because it involved harassing my family and friends to purchase over-priced products and services they didn't need. The only people that seemed to be making money was the up-line.  So I didn't last long with this type of so called pyramid scheme.... I mean "business".
Wasted time online new

Does any of this sound familiar to you? Sure, each of these methods earned me money, but it was usually less than minimum wage. I knew just working these programs on their own would never allow me to really replace or supplement my income.

This is why I was happy to find My Top Work At Home Opportunity!

Making Money at Home

My AH HA Moment!

“I needed to find a way to stop trading in time for money !”

One day as I was taking a long ass survey that paid me a few cents, it dawned on me. There are literally thousands, if not millions of other suckers people like myself taking these surveys. But when I thought about it, the people that were making the real money online were the people running websites.

Here I was answering a 50 question survey for the last 30 minutes getting paid $.25 and the owner of the website was probably earning hundreds more.

The fact of the matter is most people that are successfully making REAL money online have sites that help people solve a problem. Here are some examples. helps people find information. The Amazon website helps people buy products at lower prices. The survey sites help people make a little money. People will always have a problem to solve and the people that make money provide websites that help people solve their problems. Duh!

So when I realized that I decided that I need to make a switch. No, I wasn't going to start a crappy get paid to take survey website or the next Google. I was going to start a simple website about my experiences trying to make money online.

That decision literally changed my life because eventually hours I use to spend making a few cents were now making several thousand dollars for the same amount of time. So how did I do it?  

I found a Legit Work At Home Community!

How To Earn REAL Money Online Using 4 Simple Steps!

I'm going to break down the simple to follow steps needed to make the switch from earning less than minimum wage to a full time income totally online.

But before I do, let me just say this, It's going to be FREE to get started. This has nothing to do with a shady MLM that promotes over-priced products people don't want or need. Anyone can do what I'm about to reveal.

You don't need to be an expert or a technology geek to make this all happen. I wasn't born knowing any of this stuff. Like anything new we've all learned, someone taught me and I just mimicked what they did. So just know you are capable of doing this. Now that we got that pep talk out the way, let's dive into it.

Decide what your website is going to be about? What do you know a lot about? What's your work experience? What hobbies do you have? What shows do you watch? Your website can literally be about damn near anything. But even if you don't have an idea yet that's fine, Wealthy Affiliate helps you with this! 

Step 2

 Build your FREE website. This is probably where you are hyperventilating because you think building a site is like ice skating up a mountain backwards. Trust me it's not that hard. If you can click on a few buttons then that's pretty much all the skills you need. You can actually build one for FREE and in less than 2 minutes. Look at this video. 

Get People to visit your website for FREE.  Fortunately Google wants to send you tons of FREE visitors to your website. If you know how to write an email you'll be able to write content on your site that will have Google sending you people to your website 24 hours for FREE. The fact you're on my site now shows this works. But if you're still nervous, don't worry because Wealthy Affiliate will teach you how to do this as well.  

Step 4

Make Money Without Your Own Product. So you're probably wondering well how the hell am I going to make money with this website if I don't have a product or service to sell? Well, there are literally thousands of companies like Ebay, Amazon, etc., that will pay you for promoting their products on your website. People click on their links on your site & if they buy something you get paid! Wealthy Affiliate helps you find companies willing to work with you and how to add them on your site. 

Ultimately, these 4 simple steps are pretty much all you need to start making real money online. Obviously I've over-simplified them by giving you an overview. They're a bit more involved, but nothing you can't manage.


At this point you may be having doubts about if you can do this or not. Trust me none of this is rocket science. If it were I definitely couldn't do it. Let's put it this way.

You weren't born knowing how to read. But here you are on this website reading my page. You weren't born knowing how to do any of the jobs you had. But eventually you learned the skills that allowed you to get and do your job. You weren't born knowing how to use the internet, but somehow you managed to log onto the internet and find my website (which wasn't by accident because WA taught me to get you here. ).

At the end of the day all this proves that you have the ability to learn anything new if you put your mind to it and have the proper support. Well, this online business that WA teaches you is no different than anything else you learned in life.

The only real question is are you willing to learn something that can potentially change your life forever. You can continue to earn little bits of money or none at all with these other websites. But I know you deserve a lot more.

Wealthy Affiliate can give you that in time as it did for me. You just have to be able to say yes to yourself.

Wealthy Affiliate and I will literally hold your hand and walk you through this. History has already proven you are capable of learning new things. Don't let a little intimidation of anything new stop you for giving this a shot, especially because it literally cost nothing to get started? So what do you really have to lose?


How Do I Contact You With A Question?

You can leave a comment at the bottom of the page. Or you can use the contact form found here

How Much Does This Cost?

Wealthy Affiliate offers a  starter membership which is totally FREE. No one is going to ask you for a credit card or anything annoying like that. If you find value in the program, you can upgrade to a premium membership that is $49 per month and that's purely optional. Premium gives you more access to additional training, support one one one help video, and much more. The only other investment in your business is to purchase a .com name for your website which is about $13 per year.  No other fees are required. 

How Soon Will I Make Money?

That's the million dollar question. Unfortunately you may not like my real answer. The short answer is I have no idea when YOU will make money. Keep in mind WA  teaches you how to create a  real business online. They provide you with all the tools and training to help you succeed. It's like college, but not where you'll be in debt the rest of your life.  

Like in college everyone learns at a different pace. Some may pick this up quickly and apply it quickly so they're more likely to make money faster. Others may need more time to grasp this and get this off the ground.  So, since this is a business it can vary when you will actually make money. 

Unfortunately, this is not like the job where you put in certain hours and you're guaranteed a set salary. Your first couple of months you're just learning the ropes and building a foundation. So you may not see your first dime for months later. But once you start building up the momentum the income does eventually come and is consistent if you apply the training. 

But it varies for everyone and there isn't a definite time frame I can give you. Just know it's like a marathon and not a sprint. If you keep running, you'll eventually reach the finish line. But it definitely takes a lot of patience, hard work and delayed gratification. And that's why it's not right for everyone. I hope this helps.

How Do I Know This is Not A Scam?

Well, I don't know a lot of scams that will let you start their programs for FREE and WA does. But if you need some other outside validation this isn't a scam WA has a good BBB Rating as seen below. 

WA BBB A+ Rating

Ready To Work With Eddy With A Y?

I would love to help you achieve the level of success I have online. But you have to be willing to learn new things, work hard and have patience to see this through until the end. Nothing else is required from your end. You don't need to have any prior technical or marketing skills. We'll help you with that. Although there is an optional paid premium option, you're not required to use it to get started. In fact, you can join as a FREE Starter Member & then decide if you want to invest in yourself or not. Either way its risk free!

Eddy with a y wants to work with you

29 thoughts on “The Best Work At Home Opportunity Helped Me Earn $66,140.37 ​Online Without A Damn Boss!”

  1. Hi Eddy,

    Thank you for not being another something or someone who simply out to take advantage of a person (Husband and Father) who’s just wanting to grow at the opportunity of entering the Online Business World by putting their “Best Foot Forward”!

  2. Hey Eddy with a Y,
    Thanks for the very fair review of Stash. I was thinking of doing some investing on a small scale. I think I will give the app a try so I can start following the Icahn holdings portfolio. The only concern I have is the low BBB rating. Hopefully, that will improve as more people put their reviews.

    • I don’t remember. I’ve been doing this for years. That said however long I took isn’t a reflection on what your experience will be. Ultimately don’t go into this business if you’re looking for fast money and aren’t willing to be dedicated to your business for the long term.

  3. Hey Eddy, so I know some things about drones, computer, games and lots of other stuff, but can you make money by just writing that information on a website? How does that work then? Where does the money come from? Does google just give you money for every customer looking at your website?

    • Hey,

      So all this is explained in greater detail in the community. Join the free starter membership and go through the training which answers and walks you through all of this. If it’s not something that appeals to you then you lose nothing. But it’s better to go through the training that explains in better detail.

  4. eddy i have discovered a problem of online business not favoring countires like mine (Uganda) many are for UK and USA mainy. i hope u make video for those that are world wide.

  5. Thanks for the clarity, I’ve been thinking of this for some time, but needed proper guidance.
    My concern at this point is how do you make the money and get it credited to your account?.

    • You’re welcome. Well I already discussed the how do you make money above. You’re making money by promoting other people’s products and services that you’re affiliated with. When you become an affiliate of a given company they provide you your own tracking website link which you’ll learn how to promote on a website that WA teaches you how to create and get traffic to. The free starter training better explains this and walks you through this. So feel free to sign up and go through the training so you have a thorough understanding.

    • I am a 6b year member of Wealthy Affiliates. I hung around WA for six months looking the scam. In that time I built my first website and started promoting it. The training was step by step and very understandable. When I got stuck I’d ask a question and another member would answer it, usually within minutes.

      I couldn’t find any scams, I went premium, (<$50/month) to get access to the formal training. There are no upsells.

      I had one problem. WA offers so much information I got too involved in WA and neglected my own websites.

      How do you make money? You are a sales rep for companies you choose to work with. You get a commission on what you sell. As you gain experience, you will probably want to create your own digital products and sell them as well.

    • Well I don’t have a niche. If I have to build a website what will it be about? That’s the million dollar question I’m trying to answer.

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