Touchstone Crystal Review: Is it Legitimate or Scam?

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Touchstone CrystalI've never been a big fan of jewelry even in the 1990s when wearing “bling bling” was all the rage in the hip hop community. Personally I just associate jewelry with women. It may be a little old school or sexist of me. But that's just my two cents. The one thing I do know about jewelry is that you can make a lot of money selling it. We discuss how to do that in my Touchstone Crystal Review. So if you're a gal or dude that likes jewerly (i'm not judging you), dive into this article.

What is Touchstone Crystal?

Touchstone Crystal, found at is part of the Swarovski Group. If you don't know, Swarovski has been in business since 1895 and was started by jeweler David Swarovski. The Swarovski brand is known for using high-quality crystals to make beautiful jewelry. For many years you were only able to purchase these pieces in their speciality stores.

But Touchstone Crystal Inc was established in 2011 as a way to allow others to buy and sell many of the pieces that Swarovski has to offer.

What Are the Touchstone Crystal Products?

As previously mentioned, Touchstone Crystal is first and foremost a jewelry company. They offer all the standard products that people have come to know and love such as bracelets, rings, necklaces, and earrings. They offer over 400 different products with prices that range somewhere in between suspiciously cheap and excessively expensive. So a piece of jewelry may cost anywhere between $30 and $150. While they cost more than something from a kiosk at the mall, they are not as expensive as some of the custom pieces from professional jewelers. Many pairs of simple earrings can be found for a lower price while more embellished pieces such as golden or jeweled necklaces cost a bit more.

How Do You Make Money With Touchstone Crystal?

Touchstone Crystal uses a multi-level marketing (MLM) business model. Depending on your experience with this type of business you may be rolling your eyes. I can totally appreciate your feelings given the antics of MLM reps I discussed here.

But just in case you don't understand how MLMs work, let me break it down. If you choose to become a Touchstone Crystal consultant, you can earn money through sales of the jewelry and/or by recruiting others to sell jewelry as well. If MLMs give you the heebie jeebies, you have other legit options like and

How Much Money Can You Make as a TouchStone Crystal Consultant?

By hosting parties or just selling to friends, consultant are able to earn 25-40% commission on each order. There are also opportunities to make more through the recruitment program. Anyone who refers another person to become a consultant can make an extra 9% on all their sales as well. You can read more about their compensation plan here which surprisingly is simple to understand.

How To Get Started Touchstone Crystal?

Those who want to sell the product must first purchase a starter kit before they are able to earn commissions. There are two kits that a person can purchase to get started. First, there is the basic kit which costs $139. Next, there is the enhanced kit for $299. If you don't like the idea of buying any kit and want to make money for free, then consider and

In any event, the enhanced kit contains the same items as the basic kit plus a few additional perks. Some may find selling easier if they have more to work with in the beginning. You can also get a personalized website for $9.95 per month. Consultants are encouraged to host parties to showcase the products. By getting people together it can increase sales and keep the consultant making money.

Touchstone Crystal Complaints

Most MLMs aren't backed by a company that has been around since the late 1800s. Furthermore MLMs don't usually offer high quality products that have an established brand around the world. So Touchstone Crystals has a lot going for itself when you consider these two facts. But it doesn't mean they're immune to complaints and issues. So let's dive into some of them before you decide to become a consultant.

Making a Full-Time Living is Not Easy

Technically it is possible to earn the kind of money the company brags about on their site. But it is much more difficult to achieve this since it would rely a great deal on home parties and targeting people you know. After a while that pool will dry up. So you'll have to figure out another way to get clients. They don't seem to offer a lot of training on other methods like internet marketing. So your potential income can be very limited if you're not the type of person that wants to chase after people. This is exactly why I prefer affiliate marketing more and have been successful with it.

Hosting Parties can Become Tedious

Hosting the first party may be successful and even fun. Unfortunately, after that, it may become hard to keep people interested. After friends have already gotten together for one jewelry party, they may not be as keen to come to others just to spend more money. To keep bringing in sales the consultant will need new audiences which are usually not easy to find especially with the limited training they provide.

It Takes Many Recruits to Earn Decent Money

Like most MLMs, the people that make a lot of money have recruited others under them. This would appear to be the case here with Touchstone Crystal. It seems inevitable to make real money consistently, a consultant will need to recruit quite a few people and also make sure they are making good sales as well.

It Takes Consistent Results to Stay an Active Member

In order to stay an active member, people must make sure to average at least $300 a month over each three month period that they are acting as a consultant. Constantly hosting parties and hassling friends to buy more will grow tiresome over time. The quota often becomes difficult to reach when the pool of customers becomes smaller.

Jewelry is Too Expensive

While the company puts together durable and attractive pieces, it is often the prices that cause customers to stay away. The lowest priced item comes in at around $30. While some may buy one or two pieces, there is not much to keep them coming back for more. Jewelry is seen as a luxury item, and because of this, it is not something people think they need at all times.

Is Touchstone Crystal Legit or Not?

Touchstone Crystal is backed by the Swarovski brand. Unlike most MLMs you're actually promoting a brand that people trust and do buy. So that makes this company very unique. You'll spend less time trying to convince people that the products are quality because most people know the brand. Now that said, the MLM business model tends to leave people with a bad taste in their mouth. This is understandable since it depends a lot on recruiting people you know for sales or to join your team.

No one likes being sold to. That all said, it doesn't mean that this company is a scam because they use an MLM business model. From what I can tell it is legitimate. However I personally wouldn't join or try this because it depends on house parties and chasing people down. I don't mind working hard for my business. But I prefer that my customers are coming to me.

What is an alternative to Touchstone Crystal?

If you'd like a business where you don't have to deal with house parties or harassing your friends then you may want to consider, and my Top Free Work At Home Recommendation. It's what has helped me earn a full time income. Like any business it does take hard work. But with this business you have people coming to you 24/7 without having the potential of alienating people you know. So check out Wealthy Affiliate. You can even use what you learn there to promote Touchstone Crystal since they don't seem to really teach internet marketing.

Ultimately the key to being successful online is to have multiple streams of income. So don't limit yourself to one company. Because if they go out of business you can end up screwed. You should always explore as many legitimate options as possible. With that in mind, I would recommend looking into my popular Work At Home Courses as well.

Well that's enough yapping from me. I'd love to hear what you think of Touchstone Crystal. Does this company change your views on MLMs? Chime in below.

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