Trunited Review: Is This A Shopping Rewards Scam?

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If you're like me, you like to save money. There are some sites out there like Trunited which put cash back in your pocket by offering cash back rewards when you shop. But you are probably wondering if this is actually true which is why you have possibly gone through several Trunited reviews.

We will give you the good and bad about Trunited so you can determine if this is worth your time.

What is Trunited? was founded in 2015 by Dr. Nicolas Porter. After opening 15 dental practices across Arizona and Colorado, he decided to venture into network marketing and started Trunited. This is a basically an online shopping platform that pays its members for shopping through this platform. We'll dive into more details below.

How Does Trunited Pay Plan 360 Work?

As mentioned above Trunited pays its members to shop. They do this via their Pay Plan 360 program. Basically it's a program that allows you to earn points for things you already do like shopping online or referring people. Members can redeem these points and convert it into cash.

You have to become a member of Trunited. Then login and visit the trunited website. From there they will link you to popular online stores that you probably already use. But going through Trunited website first will allow them to earn a commission on your purchases. They share this commission back to you as points which is basically cash back. If you're familiar with it's a similar concept.

Trunited is affiliated with over 390 stores. These stores pay Trunited a commission for sending customers their way. Trunited then shares a percentage of this money and offers their members cash back rewards.

So let's dive a little deeper into how points are earned.

  • Members can earn points when buying products from Trunited. Points can be earned on everyday shopping items. Just select the products you want to buy and earn points. The amount of points you can earn differs according to each product.
  • Points can also be earned by referring members. To earn the referral fee, you will need to recruit one person to sign up and ensure they make a minimum of one purchase per month. You will earn the same amount of points as the person you referred. So if they buy products and earn 50 points for the month, you as the referrer, will also earn 50 points. This is there Match Point reward system.
  • As an added bonus, if you recruit 10 people and they earn 20 points each, you will get paid $60 for each recruit.

If the thought of recruiting people or having to shop to make money is not something that interests you, there are other sites like Wealthy Affiliate,, and where you can earn money without doing these things.

How Much Are Trunited Points Worth?

Well the point value varies each month based on a number of factors such as:

  • The amount of cash you personally spend in a month
  • The amount of cash spent by other members
  • The total amount of Trunited's operating costs for a particular month

All the money in the ”piggy bank” is added up at the end of each month. Trunited then deduct their operating expenses from that amount. Whatever is left over is the profit which is then divided between members. Each members' profit is then calculated based on the number of points they made that month.

So for example:

In June the company made $300,000 profit

Members earned a combined 900,000 points

$300,000/900,000 = 33 cents per point.

So in this example, if you got 100 points for the month, your earnings will be $33.00

Again this will vary month to month and on your activities and those of other members.

How Much Money Can Trunited Members Make?

According to Trunited's income report at the time of this review, the amount members earned ranged from $7 to $4,275. The average amount a member earns per point will vary greatly based on what we discussed above.

How Much Does It Cost To be A Trunited Member?

At the time if this article was written, they offer free memberships. To sign up as a free member, you will need to complete the following steps:

  • Verify you are a human by entering your phone number. They will send you a verification code.
  • Once you are verified, you will need to fill in your personal details like name and email address.
  • You will receive an email with a link to verify your account. Once you have clicked the link, you will be able to log in as a member.

What I like about Trunited

No Membership Fees

Even though it's a membership site and you have to sign up for an account, you don't have to pay any membership fees. It's not like costco where you have to pay a yearly membership fee to save money.

Earn Cash Back

The cool thing is you get to earn cash back on items that you buy every day anyway. You can also use your cash back points to buy gift cards from nearly 400 stores they have parented with.

Easy to use

Apps like Ibotta require you to go to the store, buy your products, take a picture of your receipt and send it to them for verification. Trunited makes the process a lot easier. People can buy products directly from the Trunited site and earn cash back points instantly. So there is no having to drive to the store and then taking a photo of your receipt. Trunited makes shopping and earning cash back much easier.

BBB Rating

At the time of this review, they have an A- BBB rating. So for those of you who focus on those ratings, you will be happy to know they have a good rating.

Trunited Complaints

Trunited has been good up till this point but there are some red flags we discovered since no company is perfect. Let's dive into the complaints and see if these issues are a no go for you. Either way it's up to you to decide.

No International Love

As we're writing this If you live outside of the United States, then you won't be able to sign up as a member. So that is a bit of a downer if you live outside the U.S. Don't worry though, we have you covered too!

Regardless if you live in the United States or abroad and want to earn money, My Best Work At Home Recommendation teaches you how to make money from anywhere in the world.

Don't Expect to Earn Much

Yes, it's great you can earn cash back when shopping but don't expect to earn too much back. Their payout pool depends on their operating expenses for the month so the amount you get paid will change each month. As per their explanation, one month you might get $0.15 per point and another month you might be $0.30 per point. So there is a lot of uncertainty how much you will get paid for your shopping points each month since the pay per point varies.

No Mobile App

At the time of this review, Trunited doesn't offer a mobile app. Since everything is moving to mobile it's about time they move into the 21st century and offer an app where people can conveniently shop from the palm of their hand.

Recruiting Members

The reality is to really earn and make consistent money you will probably need to recruit other members. Once they sign up and make a purchase, you will get a referral bonus. Recruiting people is not easy and even if you do recruit other members, you still won't get paid until they actually make a purchase from the Trunited website.

If recruiting people sounds too time consuming and involved, you might want to consider other alternatives like, and With these sites, you can make money on your own efforts.

Is There A Better Alternative to Trunited?

If some of the complaints seem like deal breakers to you, there are other alternatives you can try. has been doing something similar for many years. So it may be worth looking to as well.

If you like the idea of creating your own business, My Best Work At Home Recommendation can show you how to get started.

You can try other sites like, and if the thought of starting an online business doesn't sound appealing to you.

Is Trunited A Scam?

Trunited is definitely not a scam and they have an A- rating from the Better Business Bureau and you get to earn cash back from items you would have bought anyway. However, if you want to earn regular passive income, then Trunited may not be for you if you can't really recruit people.

At the end of the day, Trunited only works if you spend money or recruit other members to join. If you want to make a part time or full time passive income, My Best Work At Home Recommendation may be something you want to check out.

You can check their contact page if you have more questions. So there you have my Trunited review. Have you tried them or thinking about joining them? Please drop your thoughts and comments below.

Until next time

Eddy ”With a Y”

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