Is A Scam?

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So unless you've been living under a rock, you've probably heard about Twitter. I know to most people tweeting seems like a big waste of time. I can't front, it can be. But some of my loyal subscribers might remember my article Get Paid To Tweet a few weeks ago. In that article I demonstrated how to turn a time waster into a money maker all for free. So it might be something you want to check out.

In any event, this brings me to today's review. Marketers have a great gift of riding the popularity of a given trend, product, topic, etc. Well twitter is no different. claims that you can learn how to use Twitter and make $250 to $876 per day working at home. Well if that's the case I'm in the wrong profession. goes on to say that they will reveal ‘secrets' from industry experts on how to use and make money with Twitter. All you have to do is pay a small fee of $1.99. The "fee" will give you instant online access to the Twitter Profit House Resource Center for a 7 day trial. Hmmm, doesn't this all sound familiar? It should, because this is basically like the Google Money Tree Scam, I've warned you about in the past. The names may have changed but the whole scheme is the same. This is where common sense goes a long way folks. If you've studied my scam page from top to bottom, it doesn't matter what a company may call itself because you should be able to see similar patterns. So just keep this in mind as you read about any company or scam you may learn about on this site.

So What's The Real Deal With Twitter Profit House?

First of all when dealing with an online company the last thing I want to hear is that they have a secret. Calling something a secret is just a marketing gimmick and if you need to use tricks to sell your product that tells me a lot about what you're offering. So what the heck is offering you. Hidden fess! Just like with many of those Google Money / Work At home opportunities the 7 day trial fee is just the start. In this example, you're automatically charged a monthly fee of $99.99 on the 7th day. We already know from experience with these scams, the product you're paying for sucks, is late or never arrives so you never really have the full 7 days to evaluate it. Basically the scam artist has just made a quick $100 off you.

Oh, If that's not bad enough, you're also automatically signed up for and that's an additional $9.99 a month. So let's review the math. You're paying $1.99 which magically ends up being $109.98 per month when all is said and done. I don't know about you but the math doesn't seem to add up in your favor. The problem with many of these work at home scams with low dollar entry points is there is usually a catch buried in the terms of conditions. It is your responsibility to read that stuff. But at the same time, it's extremely shady for a company to bury this information. Trial periods are great when done properly. I think companies like Netflix and Blockbuster do a great job of trial offers. Because with companies like that you're constantly reminded via email and on their site you trial period will end before hand. So please keep this in mind. I don't want you to think that any company using trial periods is a scam. But what you want to look for is transparency. Companies that stand by their product, service, etc will make it very clear how the trial offer will work, when it will expire and give you enough time to really evaluate what they have. At the end of the day, it's always important to do your research and read the fine print. Our scam video makes this extremely easy, so just follow the easy steps listed there and you should be able to determine if any company is a scam. You don't need to wait on us to figure it out. 😉

By the way the alleged CD you may or may not receive from TwitterProfitHouse is ultimately about Affiliate Marketing where you would be taught to tweet about products, companies or websites you're an affiliate of. This sickens me because it's another example of a company misrepresenting a legitimate way to make money. I don't doubt you can make a large amount of money tweeting with affiliate marketing added into the mix. But in this situation you would need a large number of followers or at least a decent number that trusts your recommendations and opinions. This doesn't happen over night or just by buying someone's product especially not from people misrepresenting what they'll be teaching you if at all. There is no magic bullet when it comes to making large amounts of money at home. Anything that will do that will require, patience, effort, hard work, persistence and training.


At the end of the day is just like Google Money Tree Scam, or any of those opportunities riding off the brand name of a companies that are trusted and established. But make no mistake Google nor Twitter are endorsing any of these products. In fact Google has cracked down on this type of nonsense, click here to read about it. Looks like wasn't having none of that either because has been shut down. But I'm sure there are still many of these twitter scam money making sites out there so keep this article in mind if you run into one.

Ultimately it's dang shame that these scam artists try to trick you into affiliate marketing because it's a business that can be worth your time in the long run. Is it easy? Heck no! If it was, wouldn't we all be doing it and making tons of money for ourselves instead of working for the man? But it's not for everyone because It really does take a certain mindset and dedication to succeed with this opportunity. I quickly realized that and why I wrote my Top 10 Reasons To Avoid Affiliate Marketing article to help folks figure out if it is something you should pursue. If you think you fit the affiliate marketer profile and want to learn from people who aren't hiding what they have to offer you, then you may want to explore Wealthy Affiliate.

Well I hope this article proves helpful to you. Again many work at home scams tend to repeat themselves. Even if the name changes, if it smells like the same crap, looks like the same crap and sounds like the same crap, it's still bull. It's just a matter of using some common sense and avoid letting desperation cloud your judgment. Scam artists know times are tough and people are looking for a quick buck or solution. You need to avoid this temptation because I guarantee it will usually lead to you losing your money or worst. So if you do anything today, put aside a few hours. Head to the work at home scams page, watch the video, read ALL the articles and read ALL the comments on that page. It's like a crash course on work from home scams and you should be able to determine if any company you're considering is a scam. The time you spend there will pay off over and over again as you try to secure your ideal work at home job or opportunity.

As always I like to leave you with solutions. So visit our companies page for traditional work at home jobs by clicking here. If you want my recommendations for legitimate work at home opportunities, then click here.

Good luck!

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