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Get Paid To TweetIn the last two months Twitter has blown up like your local Mexican restaurant's bathroom. Between Oprah, Ashton Kutcher & CNN, has become mainstream. This can be a good or bad situation depending on your stand point. Today, it's a good thing because it has lead me to review a website that makes you money for "tweeting".

For the twitter challenged, Tweeting basically means participating on with short text messages. It's a lot like text messaging a friend but now your friends can end up being a world of people. Click here to watch the video that explains twitter in plain English so the rest of this article will make sense to you.

I really didn't get the whole concept of Twitter until I jumped in. Honestly, all this talk of following people and tweeting just made me think of groupies or stalkers. I'm pretty shy by nature. (Can't you tell?) So the prospect of yip yapping with strangers just made me feel uncomfortable. Furthermore, where I'm from (The Bronx), you can get into problems yapping with someone you don't know. Despite this, I took the plunge. What I've learned is that is more than a bunch of people babbling about their boring lives. Sure it's a great source of entertainment. Some of these guys could be comedians. But the real value of is the wide range of instant information & networking possibilities it provides. My two passions are technology and making money at home. So for the most part I follow people that tweet about this subject matter & have learned a great deal.

How To Make Money With Twitter

So while "following" someone I came upon a site known Basically twtAd provides you with ads & website addresses (urls) to tweet about on your Twitter account. You earn anywhere from .01 – .07 cents when someone clicks on these urls. If you know how to copy and paste or "typed" a comment on this blog, then you already know how to post these paid tweets. You don't need to know any html or anything remotely complicated. So that's pretty much it in a nutshell. Pretty simple huh? You can also make money by referring others to twtAd. You'll earn 20% of your referrals earnings for life. That's a pretty sweet deal if you get some good people under you.

Is A Scam?

You know I wouldn't be doing right by you if I didn't provide some of the complaints or drawback of this opportunity. So here they are.

1. The pay stinks. But I'm a big proponent of multiple streams of income no matter how small. Ultimately many streams of income can add up to decent money. After all, have you been paid for searching for work at home jobs? Think about it.

2. You're not Jim Jones! No, not the rapper. The real Jim Jones was a "charismatic" cult leader that had a huge flock of followers that pretty much did anything he said, including committing mass suicide. In order to make some "real money" with, you would need to amass a large number of loyal followers as well. They don't need to worship you. But they do need to respect you enough to take action on the paid links you're tweeting about. From my experience, it takes some time to build that trust online. Most of my loyal subscribers only trusted me after I demonstrated time and time again that I was here to educate and protect. That was only achieved by providing you guys with ongoing free content that either helped you make money or avoid scams.

3. The ads don't always go to where they're intended. There has been some reports that urls end up bringing users back to instead of a given advertisers page. This can screw up your street "cred" on Twitter. If I tweet: "Hey check out this website because it can cure your man boobies." You know what? It better lead to a site that sells man bras or something. So you may want to keep that in mind.

4. Twitter Accounts being hacked or compromised. A few months after signing up for and not doing much with it, I was surprised to see tweets coming from my account which I never authorized. I contacted the company and they seemed to cop pleas instead of being proactive about the issue. Since this I've heard that others have experienced similar issues.

My Final Two Cents…

In the past I would argue that it's a good idea to give a try. But I no longer feel comfortable with that advice. Ultimately, you're just better off just applying the same good affiliate marketing principles with twitter. A good mentor of affiliate marketing (i.e. Wealthy Affiliate) will always tell you that you should provide value to people before ever trying to sell them on anything. That applies here as well. My advice is to "be easy". Don't just hop on Twitter and start blasting away these TwtAds. You'll need to establish yourself as a member of the community that provides value with your tweets.

Don't worry, it's easy to do. It just means participating in tweet discussions similarly to how you do it here on this blog. Tweet about things of interest to you and follow similar people. Then as you build a rapport with people, introduce some of these TwtAds. It's very much like dating. Ladies, what would you do if a dude just tried to tongue you down after meeting you within 5 minutes? Now I'm assuming you're "good clean girl". So chances are, his face would be introduced to the palm of your hand or back of it, if you prefer the pimp style. Well people on Twitter are like "good clean girls". They don't want you shoving your tongue in their mouths with ads as soon as you meet them. So just keep this in mind if you decide to try to get paid to tweeting.

If you're new to twitter or already using it, feel free to follow me by clicking on my name: Eddy Salomon.

I hope you liked this article and if so feel free to share it or tweet it. In any event, let me know what you think of this article or opportunity below.

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