Univox Community Review: Is Legit or A Big Waste of Time?

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Univox CommunityOkay, so I am all about making things better. That comes in different forms such as improving myself, others or products. So…, when I bumped into the Univox Community that allegedly allows people to help make things better, and get paid for doing that, I thought hey, why not check it out and see what it really has to offer. Because I'm all about getting paid for things I already do. But I'm a big skeptic as well. So that's exactly why I decided to dig deeper into this company and write the following Univox Community review.

What is Univox Community?

UnivoxCommunity.com is a website that provides you the opportunity to give feedback on various consumer products. The goal of the community is to help business owners make critical decisions about their products and services, as well as improve them, and they do this via surveys.

Univox Community is owned by Market-Cube.com, a custom market research, online panel development, sample delivery, and research technology company which was established in 2009. Let's just say that the team that runs this company is pretty impressive. But you're not here to learn about market-cube, and its impressive leadership team, but Univox and all that it has to offer. Right? Okay, so let's get down to it!

How Does Univox Community Work?

Unixox Community is global and anyone can join for free. Once you hit that “Join” button, you'll be required to complete your profile; such as age, gender, region, shopping behaviors, automobile ownership, and so on. Too much information required? Once you've filled out that information, you then need to verify your email address, then you'll be invited to participate in a survey.

Univox Surveys vary from 1 to 60 minutes, and apart from taking surveys, you can also participate in quick polls, contests, and forum discussions. There are several levels of membership you can participate at. Don't worry, it's all free and it works with the amount of points you've accumulated.

When and How Does Univox Community Reward You?

Univox reward options include a sign up bonus and you earn reward points every time you complete a survey. Every 100 points equals $1.00 and once you've accumulated 2500 points you can request a $25.00 Pay Pal cash payment, a Virtual Visa Card, or an Amazon e-gift card. You can also earn extra points by participating in the community. You can also refer friends and family for 100 points. That's a whopping $1.00! Interested in a higher referral payout? Then check out my Top Free Work at Home Recommendation.

Univox Community Hacks or Tips

Be patient

If you are serious about earning money with this opportunity, you've got to be patient. Don't give up, simply because you've been disqualified from a few surveys. The longer you stay with the community the more you learn and the more Univox learns about you. They can then use this information to offer you surveys that you can qualify for.

Be an active member of the community

Being an active member in the community helps you to earn more points. All that's required is an extra 30-45 minutes a day.

Univox Community Complaints

Okay, as with everything in life, some people would love it and some people will hate it. Some people think that Univox surveys are fantastic they have no problems, then there are those who would tell you don't waste your time, it's not worth it. Let's face it, that's life, so let's just take a look at the Univox Community complaints.

Lack of communication

Uh, hello? Is anyone there? There have been quite a few complaints about the lack of communication from the Univox community. Translation? Lack of customer help and support. I am sure you've been there, so you know just how frustrating this can be.

Blood type needed?

If you think that the sign up information was too much, then check this out. Univox also collects information such as; your IP address, browser type, domain names, access times and a bunch of other stuff. Sounds a lot like what Cross Media Panel does.

Survey disqualification

Yes you can be disqualified from Univox surveys. Keep in mind it's all about market research and improving products and services, so your demographics or responses may not fit the survey that's being offered. Even so, this could be frustrating if you've just invested 45 minutes of your life on a survey and the words “you're disqualified” pops up. Arrgghh!!!

But wait, hold on there's good news. Even though you get disqualified, like MintVine (another survey site), Univox will credit your account with 5 points! That's $0.05! Hey, think about it for a minute, after 20 disqualifications you'll have a buck. Hey, don't knock it, when was the last time anyone paid you for your opinion? Or in this case, lack thereof.

Refer a friend?

Your friends and family will go through the same survey disqualification process you went through and all the disqualifications that they get won't add up to anything for you. You only get credit when they've actually completed a survey.

More Complaints?

Page freezes

There you are in the midst of your survey and the page freezes. Who you gonna call? Lack of communication, remember? But you what, there is nothing wrong in trying, you just might get through.

No credit for disqualified surveys

Even though Univox says they will reward you for disqualified surveys, there have been complaints that this has not happened. Hey who knows…

Account blocked

Suspicious activity? What the hell? You stayed on the straight and narrow and you did all that you were required to do, but your account gets blocked for whatever reason.

You won't get rich with this

If you're looking for an opportunity to help you build your music CD collection, then this is cool, but it won't help you quit your day job. In fact, what's more likely to happen is an increased level of frustration, if you're not patient enough.

Is Univox Community Legitimate or a Scam?

Univox Community appears to be legit. Remember it's an opportunity for you to help others improve their products and services. So if that floats your boat and the added little financial rewards is the cherry on top, then this is for you. That's assuming you can put up with the page freezes, other technical errors, missing payments and incessant disqualifications, then by all means. Hey, knock yourself out.

But If you think that all the previously mentioned complaints are way too much, then you definitely need to check out my Top Free Work at Home Recommendation and Work at Home Courses. With multiple streams of income. These are opportunities that won't waste your time, and you'll definitely earn much more than nickels and dimes.

As always, the decision is yours. Thanks for reading and feel free to let me know what you think about all this in the comment section below.

Until next time,

Eddy with a y

20 thoughts on “Univox Community Review: Is Legit or A Big Waste of Time?”

  1. Been with them many years. But recently not able to qualify for anything and keep getting caught in a loop going round and round with no credit for attempting survey.

  2. Total ripoff. Waste your time and inform you at very end of survey that you do not qualify. Often reward no points when disqualified. NO customer service(phone or emails). Almost impossible to be paid.

    • Thanks for sharing your experience Barry. That’s one of the many reasons I don’t spend much time with surveys and focus on better ways to make money that I have control over.

    • they take forever to pay. they dont answer the phone no more, they send 150 point dummy surveys. if they can keep you on their site with dummy surveys, you wont be on another site making money. On amazon prime day, the day before, they stole my points and redeemed amazon. of course nobody would respond to emails or phone. i always redeem paypal. they must have new people running it now. waste of time now, but it used to be good.

    • Thanks for sharing your experience. That’s why I’m big believer in multiple streams of income. Because sometimes these companies go bad. So it’s always a good idea to work with multiple companies.

  3. Was with univox for years and all went well till I tried to take a survey and forgotten to disengage my VPN. So according to them I was using an unauthorized tool. “we request you not to use any unauthorized tool for completing the surveys”
    So they disabled my account and I lost all the rewards I was accumulating. I opened 5 tickets with them and nothing as been done yet. So stay away

    • Hey Jean,
      I know that sucks. But using things like VPNs will usually get you in trouble with most of these sites. And they make that clear in the terms and conditions we all tend to ignore. Either way I would be pissed about this situation too.

  4. I went to take a survey one day and found my account deactivated. They never let me by email and they never offered to pay what they owe. They pulled the same thing with me when they were Safecount Community.

  5. I’ve been with univox for a year, and as soon as I wanted to redeem my reward, they cancelled my account. Now my emails to them are being returned as failed delivery. This is the worse outfit on the web. Lies, lies and more lies!!

  6. as like a lot of people I was told I was no longer among the required people needed for the survey. I found this out when I tried to log in and was told my account did not exist, this is after I have been with them for over 5 years. !!!!!!!!!
    I am now trying to get my points which I have earned redeemed before I report them to the authoritys, if I do not get what I have earned.

  7. Univoxcommunity used to be a great site for me. In 3 years I made about $1000. They used to pay 5-cents for EVERY disqualified survey. However, now they’ve changed it to where they won’t always pay 5-cents, and you don’t know when they’ll pay or not. I used to qualify for lots of surveys at good reward levels but hardly qualify for any now. The site is a huge waste of time. It’s not scam (yet), and they seem honest, but their management is in the toilet. One thing I’ll say is they always paid me what I earned, and usually promptly. But I’ve earned almost nothing in a long time now, so I quit them. Sad to lose them, really.

  8. Got blocked by Univox after being with them for 2 years, as did many others, completely stopped getting surveys. No reason given. I deleted my account and left for good.


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