Update: ZeekRewards.com, Zeekler.com is Shutdown By SEC!

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A while ago I wrote a review on ZeekRewards.com. In my review I noted things such as the F BBB rating and other cons that were a red flag to me. So I advised my loyal subscribers to basically take a wait and see attitude about this company. Something just didn't seem right and I didn't think it was worth the risk.

But of course tons of ZeekRewards & Zeekler members argued just the opposite. Everyone claimed they were making tons of money and getting these ridiclous returns on their "investments". But no one really could show proof of these claims. Some folks even got downright nasty and defensive.

ZeekRewards.com & Zeekler.com Are Confirmed Scams By Feds!

Well it turns out I was right about my suspicions. The SEC has shut down ZeekRewards and claims it's a $600 million dollar Ponzi / Pyramid Scheme. Trust me I get no pleasure out of being right about this opportunity.

I know a lot of good and desperate work at home seekers have put money into this scheme and have probably lost some if not all of it. Some have actually made way more than they put in. But now you know it was at the expense of others who may be victims now. It's a sad situation across the board for the work at home seekers and our industry as a whole.

What Should Victims Do?

If you have been scammed by this company. The Attorney's General office has opened a hotline for concerned Zeek Rewards affiliates or Zeekler.com retail customers, which can be reached by calling (919) 716-6046. I'm not sure if you'll be able to get through because apparently the mailbox was full. But keep trying. I'm sure they'll get people to eventually man the phones to help victims.

It's never fun to be scammed but the biggest thing you can do is learn from this experience. Don't get bitter and call every work at home opportunity a scam now. There are many legitimate options. If you're on this site, start here. You should view this experience as a lesson learned. Anything that sounds too good to be true especially when you have returns that are greater than normal investments with little or no work should be a huge signal that something is wrong. Always listen to your gut feeling. Always do your research! When in doubt, don't be afraid to sit on the fence & wait around. If a company is as great as it claims, then it should pass the test of time. So why be rushed into joining? That's the type of thought process that should be happening when you're evaluating opportunities from now on.

Don't be an enabler. Too often victims feel embarassed and stay quiet. This is why scams continue to thrive. Your silence is basically what con artist are hoping for so they can sucker more people. So do your part! Please like, tweet and share this article to everyone you may know who is in the work at home industry or involved with this opportunity or something like it. It may save them and many more! More importantly you'll make it that more difficult for the scam artist to get more victims.

Remember The Time….

What's ironic about this scam is that it's very similar to past HYIP scams including the widly popular 12DailyPro and AdSurfDaily. Apparently some of the folks involved with ZeekRewards were the same ones involved in the 12DailyPro and AdSurfDaily scam. I've always argued that scam artists are pretty lazy. They tend to repeat their scams. The least they may do is give the scam a different name. But if you've taken the time to study a few work at home scams you can easily spot the garbage even when they change the names or website.

Another One To Watch Out For…

Some of you may be familar with JSS Trippler or JustBeenPaid.com "opportunity". This company is another one that has some crazy returns on the money you put in. Their "business model" doesn't seem to add up or be sustainable long term. Is it a scam? Let's just say this, I won't be surprised if the FEDs come knocking on their doors next if they're not already looking into them. This is just my opinion. I could be wrong and I would love to be. Look, I wanted to be wrong about ZeekRewards.com but we've seen how that has turned out. I just wanted to give you a heads up just in case you have a lot of money locked up into this or any other crazy opportunity that is giving you ridiculous returns for doing nothing.

Tell me…

So let me know what your thoughts are about the latest turn of events for ZeekRewards or any other company like it that you think may be operating the same type of scam. It would be great to hear from all those folks that were swearing by this company. I'm really hoping you guys make it out this unscaved. Feel free to chime in below with your thoughts.

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