UseJewel Review: Earn Money Shopping For Luxury Items or Scam?

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If you're anything like me, you probably jump at any opportunity to save some money while shopping online. Apparently companies like claim that they can help can help you do this especially if you have expensive taste. But you're probably wondering whether it's actually legit and why you're going through a couple of UseJewel Reviews.

Well, if you want to know whether the cashback program is the real deal, we have the good, the bad and the ugly about UseJewel to help you decide. Enough chitchat, let's get into it, shall we?

What Is Jewel?

Jewel found at is a savings website that allows you to earn cashback on luxury brands in fashion, travel, home improvement, hospitality and more. According to LinkedIn, Andrew Landau (also founder of Chalkfly LLC) founded Jewel Commerce in August, 2017 with headquarters in Detroit, Michigan. By the way, the brand name is Jewel but many people refer to it as UseJewel because of their domain.

How Does UseJewel Cash Back Work?

It's pretty simple actually. Once you're all signed up you can start getting cashback every time you shop at Companies partner with UseJewel and pay the website a commission for referring folks like you and I to their business.

UseJewel share the majority of that commission with you in the form of a cash back. So to get cash back, all you have to do is to visit first and click on the actual store you want from there. This allows UseJewel to track how much cashback to give you. If you just skip this part and go directly to your favorite luxury brand's website you'll miss out on the cashback. In any event once you're done shopping vis, you'll get some money back (usually between 5% and 10%) at the end of 90 days when your purchase checks out with the retailer.

They say it takes that long since the retailers have to know for sure you bought the item and kept it. So when you buy something, UseJewel will confirm the purchase within 3 business days. It will the take another 90 days for both UseJewel and the retailer to give you cash back provided you didn't cancel, return or exchange what you bought.

That's about it in a nutshell.

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What Stores Does UseJewel Offer?

At the time of writing this review, we counted over 500 luxury brands including

  • Armani
  • Bloomingdales
  • Calvin Klein
  • Cambria Hotels and Suites
  • Emirates
  • Etihad Airways
  • H&M
  • Hilton
  • Hugo Boss and more

Obviously we can't list all of them right about now, but if you'd like to see what they have, you can check them out here.

How Does UseJewel Pay You?

UseJewel pays via mailed check or PayPal every 90 days. But you'll need to have at least $15 in your rebates bag to get your money. Again, they say they're working on other ways to pay users apart from the two.

How Do I Join UseJewel?

Perhaps the easiest way to join is signing up with FaceBook. But you can also join UseJewel using your email and a password. No need to verify your email. And once you're in you can close in on any store, shop and get some money back in the end. They indicate the amount of cash back on the link to every store.

What We Like About UseJewel

It's simple and Straightforward

We love the simplicity at UseJewel. No banner ads, no click-baits or cheap ass marketing gimmicks you find on some of these cash back companies. It's hard getting distracted as you go about your business.

Referral Program

You make $5 bucks a pop every time you refer someone and they go on to earn at least $10 in cashback. So that's definitely a plus.

The cashback amount is worthwhile

Again, unlike so many cashback programs out there, this is definitely something worth checking out. Instead of pennies, you get upwards of 8% cash back from your spend. A quick spot check by us revealed that Jewel's rate is actually way up there.

UseJewel Complaints

We all know there's a better chance of a zombie apocalypse happening than finding a perfect company. So with that in mind here are a few things may not sit well with you about UseJewel.

No BBB Profile

If you consider the Better Business Bureau your stamp of approval, then this cashback site is not for you. But to be fair, they only just started so it may be too early to write them off on that basis alone. But hey, that's just me.

It Takes Forever To Get Your Money

Although I understand why they have the wait, but waiting 90 days for your cash back can feel like forever.

UseJewel vs Ebates

We have to admit that when it comes to cashback, EBates more or less leads the pack. So how does UseJewel compare to it? Let's contrast the two a little bit.

  • Comparing similar stores on both websites, it seems UseJewel has better rates than EBates. UseJewel will go beyond the 5% mark compared to EBates' 1%-3%.
  • But then again EBates has been around since 1998. So that may be a little bit reassuring if you prefer a company that has already laid down the groundwork.
  • In addition, EBates has all sorts of coupons, gift cards and promo codes. So you're never out of choices unlike UseJewel where it seems like you only get cashback.
  • With EBates you get $10 immediately you sign up while UseJewel doesn't have a sign up bonus at this time.
  • With $5 you can cash out with EBates but you'll need to have at least $15 saved up on UseJewel to cash out.

You can read the full EBates review here.

Is UseJewel Legit or A Scam?

UseJewel seems to be legit. The owner is a well-known internet personality and entrepreneur with previous ties to Google, and UseJewel is growing quite fast actually, with over 500 legit stores in the bank already, they must be doing something right.

But with no BBB profile, not much experience to write home about and not enough options on the website to work with, the big boys in the industry will have an edge over them at the moment. All in all, it's probably worth a try if you're into shopping for luxury items.

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We would love to know what you think about UseJewel or any other cashback website you've used before. So feel free to chime in on the comments section below. If you still have questions about UseJewel, read their FAQs page here.

Until next time

Eddy “with a Y”

1 thought on “UseJewel Review: Earn Money Shopping For Luxury Items or Scam?”

  1. Never buy from this place! I bought $ 4,000 without cashback through brands like Dior, Lacoste, Estee Lauder. Customer service staff only do 1 job is telling me to wait 30 days after each transaction is not seen. And after 30 days still nothing happened. I believe this is a clear scam! No hotlines, just chat and email.


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