Viewpoint Forum Review: Just Another Survey Scam or Legitimate?

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How To Get Paid To Take Surveys With Viewpoint ForumEver wondered where big companies get opinions about their products, services and ideas from? Thanks to market research websites like Viewpoint Forum, they are able to engage normal folks like you and me for our views. In return for our opinions, they reward us. But is it worth it?

You have probably gone through some Viewpoint Survey reviews, but haven't been able to determine if you should invest your time with this company. Well, pay attention because we have all the answers we know you are craving.

What is Viewpoint Forum?

Viewpoint Forum is a survey website where members can share their opinion about different products and services. The website is a member of MarketVision Research, a founding member of giant market research company Insights Association. Viewpoint Forum is headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio and run by Ms. Julie Owens.

How Does Viewpoint Forum work?

Once you are a member, Viewpoint Forum will send you a survey invitation when available via email. The email will include a link to the survey and its closing date. Each survey has its equivalent Forum Points. Once you complete the survey, the Forum Points you have earned will show up under your Points Balance.

How Do I Join Viewpoint Forum?

At the time of writing this review, registration is by invite only. That means you can only join through their someone's referral link.

How Does the Viewpoint Forum Referral System Work?

There are three ways you can join Viewpoint Forum via their Refer A Friend system.

  • An existing member sends you an invite link via email
  • The website sends you a special invite link via email
  • One of their affiliate companies (MarketVision Research or InsightsAssociation) sends you a special referral link via email

Once you receive the referral link you will be redirected to the website's registration page. You will need to provide your personal information, including your name, date of birth, address and number of household members. Once you complete the steps you are now eligible to receive survey invites.

At the time of this review, the referral system was temporarily suspended.

If you don't want to wait for this company to invite you, you may want to head over to and and start earning as soon as today. You can also check out My Best Work At Home Recommendation.

How Much Can I Make With Viewpoint Forum?

The minimum payout amount is 750 points. 750 points are equivalent to $20. The website sends up to two survey invitations a week. On average, a survey can earn you anywhere between 125-225 points. That means you can expect up to $25 a month, on average, based on survey availability. Alternatively, you can use your survey points to enter into sweepstakes where you stand a chance to win cash or prizes.

How Do I Get Paid with Viewpoint Forum?

You can only get paid if you have a minimum 750 points. Once you reach the milestone you can use the ”cash out” button to redeem your points. Payment options include gift cards and cash. All the available cash out options will be presented to you during the process. It takes up to two weeks for payment to process.

What we like about Viewpoint Forum

There is nothing much to write home about with Viewpoint Forum, given that joining is by referral only, which, mind you, is currently closed. However, there's always the diamond in the ruff with these work at home opportunities.

Minimum competition

Once you are in, you are guaranteed to earn. The number of participants is controlled, based on survey availability. They keep competition to a minimum, to guarantee their existing members get a chance to earn.

Positive BBB

If you determine a company's legitimacy based on their BBB rating, we are happy to inform you that ViewPoint Forum has a solid A+ at the time of this review.

Viewpoint Forum Complaints

As reassuring as earning with the website may sound, there are the murky factors that are hard as nails to ignore. They are as follows:

Members Only

No, I'm not talking about the cool 80s jackets. I mean that membership into their program is by invite only son! So technically, right now you can't join Viewpoint Forum. Boooooo!!!

No International Love

As if shutting off new members is not enough, you can forget about Viewpoint Forum if you live outside the United States. However, if you reside in the United States & Canada you can earn real cash through and Earning with My Top Work At Home Recommendation is another option that is open to even more people around the world.

Poor pay

Well, don't expect them to pick up the tab on any of your bills. Your opinion, however, important to them, they make it seem, will not pay your cable bill, let alone replace your income. According to the majority of users, the most lucrative survey earns you 225 points, which is equal to a mere $6.

Limited surveys

The fact that you have received a survey invite by email, doesn't mean you qualify for the survey. Each survey has its own filters, based on user demographics. You will have to pass the screening process. If you fail to qualify, you will have to wait for the next invite.

Ambiguous payment options

There is no way to know what medium from which you will receive your payout, before signing up. Well, apart from gift cards. Again, that's reserved for the chosen few.

Is Viewpoint Forum Legit?

Viewpoint Forum is legitimate, but also very exclusive. So trying to get in will be a real pain in the butt. When can you get in? Damned if I know. To make matters worst existing members have complained of having to wait for months to qualify for a payout.

All in all, you don't have to be a rare gem to earn with and They're always looking for new members so you don't have to hope you'll get in. You can also check out My Best Work At Home Recommendation for my proven and real way to make a full time or part time income. Either way you have options. So feel free to use them.

Until next time,

Eddy with a Y

15 thoughts on “Viewpoint Forum Review: Just Another Survey Scam or Legitimate?”

  1. Eddy with a y, great article but I come from the United Kingdom and it seems all of your survey reviews are only for U.S.A or Canada, so I don’t qualify even if I got an invite. LOL.
    Are there any you can recommend for U.K. Residents.
    With Grace and Gratitude

    • Unfortunately most of these market research websites only operate in the U.S. & Canada. It’s not my rules. You would think these companies need the opinions of people in the international markets as well.  

  2. Great review! Viewpoint sounds like a country club for surveys. I never heard of them until now. I wouldn’t go looking for people who are a member. I’m in Cleveland, OH soif I wanted to join I’ll go to the headquarters & figure it out! ( Dry joke ).

    My thing with surveys is you have to be a certain type of person to qualify for a survey & you have to take a survey to take THE survey, for qualification purposes. Viewpoint may be different considering you have to be on a VIP to even join. However, 2 surveys a week would be good if you already have something else you’re doing online. I could use that $25 a month for my rent!

  3. I wasn’t aware of Viewpoint, it sucks that it’s not available outside of the USA – being in Australia myself. I’m aware of email survey companies, but a forum based survey research team seems like a pretty modern and easy way to go about it without getting spam! I do wonder if it’s really worth it considering the amount of time vs. dollars made from surveys though?

    • Unfortunately there are many ways to make money online that seem to exclude other countries. You would think companies need to do market research on their international customers as well. Go figure.

  4. It is quite shocking to see that they have an A+ BBB rating, since they do not allow anyone to join, and you mention that there have been complaints about not getting payouts.
    It seems to me with any of these survey sites that they payout is never worth the amount of time invested. Sure, just giving your opinion is quite easy, but that time here and there filling out surveys could be instead spent on building a business.
    Thank you for reviewing these sites though, Eddy! It is good to know when my friends ask about these!

    • They do allow people to join, but it’s not open to everyone everyday. In terms of the BBB rating, people don’t seem to realize companies can pay to get into the BBB. That’s why folks shouldn’t just assume that a great BBB rating means a lot. I always say take it with a grain of salt.  

  5. I really have never heard of viewpoint forum. However, I don’t think I like doing surveys at all! I have tried in the past and to me it is just so time consuming for so little money.
    If Forum Viewpoint is legitimate then why are they so elusive? Why is Forum Viewpoint suspended? Do you know if they will come back online?

    • I don’t think their elusiveness have anything to do with them being shady. They probably just want to be able to have the right demographics based on their client needs. I have no idea when they will open their membership again. Fortunately, there are other options that I listed.  

  6. Hi Eddy,
    A well researched, thorough and in-depth write-up on online survey category about Viewpoint Forum. Online survey is a very good option to earn some small bucks. It’s not a way to earn full time. Also online survey works well with residents of US only.

    Anyway, hope, you provide some good post on other online income segments in the days to come.

  7. It’s too bad that viewpoint is so elite, it sounds like something I would try as its minimal work in vs payout. You mentioned a few alternatives for making side money, but are there any similar to viewpoint, where it is survey based? I would like to hear your thoughts on it, great review.

    • Well the alternatives I listed offer surveys as well. But they also provide other ways to earn which is a greater advantage. So you should give it a look since it costs you nothing to join.  

  8. Hey Eddy with a “Y”! Thank you for the informative article. I joined a survey forum and found that it wasn’t worth the time invested to get a few bucks (not enough to buy a coffee from Starbucks)! I guess I will not be looking into Viewpoint. However, I haven’t been “invited” to join anyways! Thank you for providing information on an actual online business that I can make a decent income from!


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