Viggle App Review: Earn Money Watching TV or Time Wasting Scam?

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Viggle Pays You To Watch TVIf you're anything like me, you probably spend too much time in front of the stupid box aka the T.V. Wouldn't it be great if you could actually make money being a couch potato? Well, apparently the Viggle App offers this opportunity.

You might have read multiple Viggle reviews online, but have been hesitant to give it a shot. Well, we've done the research and we'll give you the good and bad about the Viggle app.

What is Viggle?

Viggle is a mobile App that allows you to earn rewards while watching TV. It runs on both iOS and Android. Viggle was first released in 2012 by Function (X), a company owned by American businessman and media entrepreneur Robert Francis Xavier Sillerman, 69. Function (X) a then publicly traded company (NYSE: FCNZ), changed its name to Viggle (NYSE: VGGL).

How Does Viggle Work?

The mobile app Viggle allows its users to ”Check in” and ”Viggle” which basically involves earning points while watching television, listening to music or while streaming. Once you check in, the app will listen to the audio of any program you are watching for a few seconds (just like Shazam), and initiate the functions that enable you earn points as you watch that show or listen to that album. You will as a result earn Viggle Points, plus bonuses where applicable.

How To Join Viggle

All you have to do is install the Free app on your Android or iOS device and go through the prompts to create an account. From then on, you can check in every time you are watching any show and start earning Perk Points.

How to earn with Viggle

To earn with the app, Check In through the app every time you sit down to watch a program or stream a show online. Viggle is powered by Perk Points, one of the most popular Mobile Rewards programs around. You will start earning Viggle Points, of which are converted to Perk Points at the point of redemption.

Here's how you earn bonus Viggle Points

  • The app's ”Viggle Daily” feature enables you to earn bonus points (x4, x6, x10) on shows that are featured by the app. Featured shows are promoted, that's how you are able to earn more points.
  • Engage with real-time Trivias, Streaks or Quests to earn even more points. Engaging with them is basically a way to keep you tuned in to a particular show.

How Much Can I Earn With Viggle?

Viggle allows you to earn up to 60,000 Viggle Points per month. One minute of ”Viggling”equals one Viggle Point. The number of Points depends on the show or music in play. The app has features that you must interact with in order to earn, including ads and prompts during commercial breaks. That is how they ensure you do not just leave your phone close to the TV set and go about your own business.

How Much Money is One Viggle Point Worth?

At the time of this review, one Perk Point equals to 20 Viggle Points, while 1000 perk points are worth $1. However, when it comes to gifts, cards and merchandise, the value of your perk points will depend on what you are redeeming them for.

If these numbers aren't adding up for your time, and have some of the best points-to-cash conversion rates in the market.

How Does Viggle Pay You?

Viggle pays you through gift cards, merchandise and cash. Once you convert your Viggle Points to Perk Points, you can proceed to redeem them. If you prefer cash, you can do so in two ways.

  1. Order the Perkplastic Debit Card and redeem your Perk Points through it.
  2. Choose PayPal Cash and have your points converted to cash, then sent to your PayPal account.

Viggle Cheats, Hacks and Tips

So you're trying to find ways to earn more with Viggle, we got you covered. We've listed some tips that should help you “hack” Viggle without getting in trouble.

  • Use the in-app alert features including reminders, and even setting your own reminders via your phone's alarm for shows that earn you maximum points
  • Use the app while traveling for long distances, idling with your phone or planning to binge stream.
  • Rack up more points by having every member of your household sign up. The app allows a maximum of four Viggle accounts per household.
  • Hidden bonuses usually come up past midnight (EST), when people are asleep. Always click the ”Bonus Shows” if you are still awake past midnight.
  • Lastly, you can check out Slickdeals, a forum that helps people discover better ways of earning through various rewards platforms.

Of course, these tips are all based on conjecture. There is no guarantee that you will improve your chances of stacking up more points. If you'd prefer to have more control of what you earn, you may want to look at or You can also take a look at My Best Work At Home Recommendation.

What We Like About Viggle

Free Sign Up

All you need is your Android/iOS device to start Viggling. There is also no membership fees or credit card prompts while creating an account.

Various Reward Options

You can redeem your points for gift cards, merchandise and even cash. The same cannot be said for similar apps out there.

Viggle Complaints

So far, you may feel compelled to try out the app, but hold that thought for a moment, you might want to know the following complaints against Viggle.

The app registers a Negative BBB Rating

The Viggle app scores a D- on the BBB, at the time of writing this review.

It's Not Available Worldwide

The app restricts functionality to users within the USA (including Puerto Rico) only, who are at least 13 years of age. Tough luck if your home address or birth date suggests otherwise.

The Funny Money Value Changes

A good number of users complained of the points required to redeem gift cards doubling up overnight. The redemption values of the points reduce by the day. It also gets a lot harder to accumulate points, once your points balance starts hitting triple digits.

Be Prepared To Waste Time

You will have to grease your elbows and work the coal mines to earn enough worthwhile points. Users complained of having to engage the app for hours before receiving as little as 50-100 points. If the app malfunctions for whatever reason you get the feeling you were better off throwing coins into a wishing well.

Is Viggle Legit or A Scam?

The coast is also clear as far as scams go. In a nutshell, you can make money with the app, if you are a couch potato. Earning points with the app requires a lot of screen time on your part, and a stomach for ads.

It's a very popular app, with over 9 million users as of 2016. To get the most of such an app, I would recommend you use your points on offers and gift cards rather than expecting cash. If you want to earn real income doing the same thing plus more, go to or You can also always check out My Top Work At Home Recommendation.

So that's my opinion about Viggle. Why don't you share yours below? You can also always reach out in case of any questions or comments.

Until next time

Eddy with a Y

14 thoughts on “Viggle App Review: Earn Money Watching TV or Time Wasting Scam?”

  1. Hello Eddy with a Y I am Gayle with a Y lol! I’ve been mastering the ONLINE way to earn a living for many years now, I started with a typing app that allowed me to supplement my income at that time the interface has changed since my out of the home work stopped; I was looking at ways to make income passively like this app seems to be something I can do on the regular. Many wouldn’t want to sit but my Dr’s all say to slow down and rest a lot, so I will and get paid to to JUST THAT lmao! I hope me NOT having a website will not stop me from earning money!

  2. Am I not doing the math right? If 60,ooo Viggle points is the max and that only equals 30,000 Perk Points at 1000 Perk Points equaling $1, does that mean you can only make $30/month?

  3. It seems that this is a very useful app for people who watch a lot of TV, and one of those apps that can help you slowly make a few extra bucks over time. However, things like this are like filling out online surveys to be redeemed for points- the amount of time does not seem worth the work. However, this is just my personal opinion.

  4. Hi Eddy, thank you for your review of the Viggle App. At first it looked a bit appealing, but when I thought about it, I figured it would take countless hours of clicking and spending time watching or listening to things that are probably not of interest. In other words, the time spent is not worth the pennies earned. I will have a look at your other work from home recommendation. It looks more promising.

  5. Thanks for sharing this interesting review of Viggle. I must admit, I’ve never heard of Viggle before so I’m not sure what to think. I personally wouldn’t be interesting in using this but I can see that it might appeal to some. In fact now that I think about it…the existence of Apps like this might explain why you constantly see some people just glued to their mobile devices watching video constantly LOL!

  6. Wow, I can’t believe you can actually get paid to watch TV, I appreciate the detail of your review but I hate ads so I probably wouldn’t sit through them. Might be worth giving it a try in my downtime though. Appreciate the review.
    Are there any other apps that might be a bit more suited to someone that want’s to make money without watching TV? To be honest, I don’t have much time for TV at the moment.

  7. This is very interesting. I hadn’t heard of viggle before. However, I don’t think that I will become a couch potato and use viggle. I appreciate hearing the reality of viggle. I suspected that there would be many hours of wasted time to earn points. I think it would frustrate myself, but may be right for the individual who are couch potatoes!

  8. Hi Eddy, that was a very interesting review about Viggle. I really wish we could get paid to watch countless hours of tv, that would be fantastic but only if it were westerns. I appreciate the time and depth that you add to your blog posts. Viggle is probably not for me but I am glad I got to check it out. Thank you


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