Is a scam?

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The great thing about living in this country is that if one company is making money with a given product or service, there will be many others that follow the same model and can make money as well. That's great for free enterprise and all that jazz. But it's even better for folks like you and I are the are always on the hunt for legitimate ways to make money at home. If you read my review on you're going to find the following review eerily familiar. But stick around because there might be things you like about VIP Desk that you disliked about Arise. Either way if you're interested in some type of customer service, telephone rep type of business, you should enjoy this article.

What is VIPdesk? and what services do they offer?

It was during the 1990s that VIPdesk took off as large businesses started to realize how much money they save by outsourcing. Of course it does, duh, they don't have to pay benefits! In any event VIPdesk is a corporation that is extremely active in the work-at-home community, their leaders participate in national panels and seminars, are members of the BBB (for what that is worth), work closely with the Small Business Administration, and they get awards from them as well as recognition from many women's work at home organizations. Take this for what it is, it simply helps establish a level of credibility. What we here at are looking at is what the experience is like, what you can expect to find when working for them.

With VIP desk they have two employment programs. One is a Brand Ambassador (independent contractors) who are hired to to run call virtual service centers for many well known companies, like we talked about in the review a few weeks ago. You work certain hours answering customer service calls, usually during the peak hours and weekends.

The other situation is their Concierge Services job where you are employed by VIPdesk (and qualify for benefits). The Concierge Services team members are responsible for doing services like restaurant, ticket and travel reservations, event planning, scheduling, and even things like creating reward programs for the company to offer their employees. Pretty much anything the company wants to put together, the Concierge Services team do.

VIP Desk also offer a third program called VIP Experiences, which is really just larger scoped projects performed by Concierge team. In might for instance involve designing an entire customer loyalty program and things like that.

How can I apply for a job with VIPdesk?

The application process is long and in depth. You start off by submitting an online resume and answering a detailed questionnaire that lets recruiters match your skills, education and work experience to their job opportunities. A second round of questions may be needed as the recruiters for specific companies want to make the best match. Only online submissions are accepted. A phone screening will come only after you make it through the first rounds. Due to the large number of resumes they get, they only have time to talk to those they know have the right background for this. If you make it that far, you have the chance to ask all your questions you want, and they will be happy to spend as much time as you need to talk with you.

What kind of pay can you expect?

The pay range for either the Brand Ambassador or Conceirge Services is from $9-14+/hour, but they prefer not to get into that until you have gone through several screening levels, so will not see that on the VIPdesk website or I didn't. Either way, I don't know what the big secret is. Most of know going that most work at home opportunities are pretty basic in pay. But for some reason they like to be allusive about it. In any event, there are incentives, and volume bonuses offered on a regular basis, and it looks like there is an overnight hour adjustment in pay which is nice to see.

Brand Ambassadors get paid by productive minutes on the phone, Concierge Services get a flat hourly fee. Payment and tracking software system between VIPdesk and your computer makes it easy to get paid, all you need to do to is send a pay invoice request form in every two weeks, and you get paid by direct deposit.

What sort of income can I expect?

Well with these things you can't always put a finger on that. They have full and part time hours and it is possible to pick up extra shifts from time to time. With the Concierge Services, pay will be more predictable, you work 8 hours a day at $12/hr and 5 days a week that would be $480 /week (pre-tax). It can vary up and down, depending on incentives and number of hours. With this job, you qualify for benefits if you work full time, so that is something to add into the mix.

A Brand Ambassador, independent contractor's pay for the same shift will vary since you only get paid for the productive minutes you are on the phone. Again, incentives and bonuses can kick in.

Since this is a home business, what will I need for my home office?

Brand Ambassadors, the most common form of VIPdesk work will need to go through the same home office set ups that are described in the review. You need a high speed computer and hig speed internet connection, you need a file cabinet that can be locked since some of the information you deal with is financial and personal. You need a separate land line phone and head sets that can help screen out surrounding noises. That makes sense, I know when I am talking to a customer service rep I do not need to hear your latest Lifetime Movie in the background, besides the barfing factor, I'd question who it is who is talking to me!

To keep your home business legitimate and the feds happy you will need a couple of things. VIP Desk requires that Brand Ambassadors get a background check (around $50) and incorporation papers, (which can cost around $100). As always consult with your tax advisor, CPA, or anyone else that knows more than me about this. Trust me it will make your life easier in terms of taxes and setting up your corporation. At first glance it may sound like a lot of work just to make money at home. But trust me once it's initially set up, it's easy and more importantly it can be a greater tax benefit than you had working as an employee. Either way seem my Work At Home Tax Article for your reading pleasure. It will also be wise to check out your specific states policies on this kind of employment.

if this doesn't sound appealing at all to you, you can just stick with the Concierge Service Consultants position. They need the same equipment, but since you are an employee of the company will not necessarily need the incorporation papers. But that my friends is a question to be sure to ask if you make it to the phone interview.

What kind of training do I need?

I have to be honest here, this confused me with this site. I read off site that people had to take a two week unpaid training course, and I have no problem with that, since that is the way it works. There is nothing wrong with paying for education. Lots of good qualified people with background in the areas like travel and event planning, will need specific training in call center procedures. Companies need to be sure the people answering the phone on their behalf know what they are doing! My hunch is, if you have call center training already, you might be in better shape for this. But they could be more upfront about the training requirement.

The one thing I like about VIP Desk is websites is that it's filled with webinar opportunities, training materials, tips and advice, not only for virtual call center work, but advice on work at home jobs in general Including avoiding scams. In my opinion there can't be too much of that information being shared. So I applaud them for that. It probably explains why they get invited to a lot of conferences related to working at home, etc.


Obviously you didn't think I was just going to sing praises without pointing out the flaws did you? You should know me better than that. So let's get into it.

1. Some people have complained the pay is not great. But in my opinion it is not horrid either.

2. Start up costs. Depending on the option you select there are some start up costs. Personally that's not an issue for me because I understand to run a business you need money. I also think the fact that VIP Desk gives you the job option also kills that complaint. But nonetheless there is going to be some people crying about some of the start up costs. Regardless if it's justified or not, that's a con for someone that doesn't have that money or understand the difference between a home business or job. So we need to acknowledge it.

3. You need to be Indiana Jones. I do not know what it is about the websites for these virtual call centers, but you have to really dig deep to find out some basic details about the nitty gritty of actual employment. You would think since this place gets so many resumes and applicants, that putting out more details on pay, training, scheduling etc. might weed more people out ahead of time. Then again I'm not the smartest of dudes so maybe I miss a lot of the information on these sites. Either way, I just don't see the need for all the allusiveness and secrecy. A lot of people aren't like me where I'll dig for the truth. They may just end up jumping to conclusions that a company that is so allusive is a scam. So I think they should do a better job of being more upfront about the information.

4. Another con as far as I am concerned is having to deal with rude people as part of the job requirement. Apparently it is often the biggest complaint. Even with the training you get, there are people who feel that anonymity gives you a ‘Rude License.' As a Brand Ambassador, your customer service calls will bring in some of these folks. Now the Concierge Service position, if you work for a company whose contact people are demanding, rude, pushy etc, you are stuck. It is not so easy to switch to new companies. So you will have to do a patience test on yourself, and your ability to let that stuff roll off your shoulders. Your calls will be routinely monitored, as VIPdesk must make sure their representatives are professional at all times, so mastering the obnoxious caller will be a must.

Personally this is why I never did any phone work. I'm too much of a big sensitive dude to deal with that. I find it's a lot easier for me to deal with rude comments on my blog or email then it is getting a phone call like that. Maybe it's because I can give myself time to calm down before responding. Or maybe it's the fact I can click on the delete button and vamoose, rude person be gone. Either way, it's something to be aware of.

5. The technical requirements may be a con for some people with older and slower machines. I noticed during the application process, they will want to check your computer to see if it is fast enough and bandwidth large enough. This leads me to believe you can be rejected based on your computer set up. So anyone who is really looking for this kind of work at home business whether with VIPdesk, or any other, would do well to make sure your computer and internet connection are up to snuff. If they get the volume of resumes they say, you do not want to give them any excuses to exclude you.

My conclusion…

When you look at pay for this kind of thing it really depends on what your needs are. Do you want something you can do evenings and weekends from home to boost your income? Are you a work at home mom and want to make a little extra? Are you unemployed? Do you need more substantial income levels to replace a full time salary? In some cases this will just not be enough income, others it will be a temporary solution and others it will be a perfect fit. The bottom line is you need to be assured that the company is legitimate and that you will get paid. From everything I discovered, I can say that this is the case.

As a home business opportunity, you will not make your fortune no matter if you work as a Brand Ambassador (Independent Contractor) or in the Concierge (company employee), but you should be able to bring in some steady income. If you are lucky enough to get a concierge job, you can do other things while you are waiting for your calls, since you work for one company it won't be as intense as the Brand Ambassador schedule, where there will be more calls, more often. Hey, you might even be able to fill in some surveys or click on ads!

At the end of the day, this is a real legit opportunity. Is it worth it to you all depends on your own situation. You have to make that decision. Don't let me or anyone else tell you what's good for you. Personally I'm all about exploring all legitimate options and having multiple streams of income. I feel confident in saying that VIPDesk is definitely a legitimate means to that end if you're willing to deal with some of the minor cons I referenced above. None of them seemed too much of a hurdle to me with the exception of dealing with rude people. lol

So let me know what you guys think. I'm sure there will be people that have their experiences and opinions to share. So feel free to fill in any gaps or add on to anything I covered about this company above.

By the way, please keep in mind we list new traditional work at home jobs daily here. If you need to figure out if some other company is a scam, watch our scam video. If you like what you've read and want to be updated when I write a new article become a subscriber. And finally feel free to share this article and site with anyone that you think will get value from it. We make it easy with the icons listed below this article.

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27 thoughts on “Is a scam?”

  1. Good article but pretty out of date. They are split off from the concierge divisions into a whole new and separate company called Vipdesk Connect. I’ve been a Brand Ambassador on 2 programs over the last 4 years and have never been an independent contractor and they pay by the hour plus a bonus determined the company you represent.

  2. Either this is a scam or these people are some of the dumbest out there. They sent me something about a concierge position, told me where to go and when I went there, it was for a telemarketing position they like to call At Home Brand Ambassador. When they finally let me continue with that, they then contacted me and told me I had to complete a new questionnaire. That was for the Brand Ambassador position. Now they’re contacting me and telling me I have to complete some other more specific type of questionnaire. They don’t really give a link to go to to do any of these things but they tell me things like that it’s “urgent”, that I “only have 24 hours left,” that sort of thing. Either this is one of the most well conducted scams ever or it’s a real business that has some confused people- probably very young women who are just doing what they’re told – ruining the company. Even if they did allow me to apply for the position I wanted and they were a company, I’d think twice about it. What I’ve been through with them is just ridiculous and if they are a real company, I’d say they are just performing some kind of information scam but really I th ink the truth is they’re all too dumb to know what they’re doing.

  3. Hi Eddy,

    Nice article, but there are a few things that you got incorrect. Vipdesk does not require you to have a landline. The calls are through voip. You can use a landline if you choose but it is not required. You are not an independent contractor for the brand ambassador position, you are an employee of the company.   You do not submit invoices to get paid it’s all tracked for you. You are  paid on the 15th and last day of the month.   There is no fee for the background check. West at home charges a fee. Vipdesk does not. The only  thing you purchase is a headset if you do not already have one. You are required to have a home office. Everyone who has worked and still works for the company have various opinions on what goes on. I will say one thing, It is not for everyone.

    • What are you babbling about? A company isn’t a scam because you can’t get through to their phone line. This is why the internet can be bad thing. It just allows people to run around making unfounded claims.

    • Glad you like it! Congrats on being hired by Arise. Be sure to report your experience with that company in our arise article. But good luck with VIP Desk. If you made it with Arise, you’ll probably get hired at VIP Desk as well. Keep us posted.

  4. Thanks for this information. I’ve ben looking for a work-at-home opportunities. A friend told me about Arise but they were not accepting applications from California so I checked out VIPdesk. I’m hoping something pans out soon. I’d love to work for them.

  5. Thanks so much for the information, although I do have one more question… “Can I work for this company if I live overseas?” I saw you answered this question for Arise and Alpine Access, so what about VIP Desk? Thanks once again!!

    • You’re welcome. I’m not really sure. Just visit their site and they should be able to tell you or someone else will probably chime in on this blog.

  6. thank you very much for  your time to  post this information…  Im a stay at home mom and  im looking for  something to do while at home, my child is 2 and loud lol so i cant be on the phone all the time and like every one else i  have been scam many, many times before  and i cant just be giving away money… Thank  you once again  

  7. Thanks for the article. It is helpful to be able to find info about online companies. Just an observation though, there are TONS of typos and mistakes so it is difficult to read.

    • You’re welcome. The truth is you’ll find a lot more of those same mistakes in my other articles and people are able to understand it just fine. But thanks for the heads up either way.

  8. Thanks for this article. I have been trying to find ANY information on this company. I am in the last phase of the interview process. One thing that worried me is they consistency of the hours. They say between 15-34 per week. That is a broad range. I would like to know anyone else’s experience in getting hours with this company.

  9. It may not be a scam, but, they are definitely not focused on treating people in a fair and equitable manner. The company I was assigned to was Eddie Bauer. The very day I finished training, we were informed that our pay structure was changing. The rules were changed to ensure that up-selling and earning additional income would not be possible. Was this a coincidence? It’s hard to say, but.. the timing was very suspect.

    I went through the training, was tops in my class, went through ALL of the system testing, bought a new laptop with ample memory (I used to help design systems for call centers – so I have a good idea what is needed from a technology perspective), started taking calls, then ran into technical issues. After much time spent on the phone with VIP tech support and AT&T tech support where we had narrowed the issue down to folks working in Alabama and some other areas were having an issue. Soon thereafter I was informed by VIP HR that my services were no longer needed since I was having technical issues. HMMMM

    I used to manage large call centers for Fortune 100 companies and I know that using people and throwing them away will only cost VIP Desk their reputation with the work force they are trying to attract and eventually their client base when they can no longer draw in quality folks to represent their customers.

    • Kenneth,

      Thanks for chiming in. I respect your comment because it doesn’t seem like there is any mal intent. It’s saddens me to hear that VIP treated you like this. You would think considering your skill level, they would allow for some time to resolve these technical issues. But I think the problem is they know they have a large number of people to easily take your place so they don’t have to wait for your technical issue to be resolved even if it’s not your fault. Either way I don’t think that’s the right way to treat people. Just because a company is legitimate and has a ton of accolades doesn’t give them the right to treat people like that. My thoughts are their lost Kenneth, not yours. I’m sure with your skill set you can work with their competitors such as Arise or a number of companies that are hiring. We list some traditional jobs leads here: I say give them a look and apply. Check the page regularly. Considering your skills I’m sure you’ll be hired soon enough. Don’t let this experience stop you.

      Either way, thanks for sharing. I would hope this type of behavior isn’t the norm. I know every company has some issues but what you described here seems totally uncalled for.

  10. Hi, I agree with Eddie about on almost everything he said about them. They are not a scam ..They even pay for the background check in which most company requires for you to pay the fee of $45.00 to $85.00…They have a 2 week training period, which pays the minimum wage requred by law in which state you leave in. They are really an ok company. I work for them and still do. It’s not an easy job, and make sure you are ready to take a beating from customers if you are working for as a Brand Ambassador. It is very amusing, with the title, cuz in reality, you really are just a punching bag and in simple words, customer service..They start you off with $8.50/hr and .23 cents per minute talk..they also require you to work Sundays. but all in all, hey you are need to travel, with todays economy a job is a job as long as it pays. but make sure you have a noise free enviroment or you will be canned with a quickness. Hey Thanks for reading..

    • I currently work for VIPdesk and truly enjoy it. I think it is great to have an opportunity to work for a legitimate company from home. I get the flexibility I want, and all in all, the pay isn’t that bad considering I don’t have to pay for gas. To those people who want to complain, I have this to say “If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen”.

    • Joy, thanks so much for this post. I’m about to have my phone interview on Friday and to read what you said puts me at ease a great deal. I am a single mom of two and one on the way so I obviously don’t have the time for scams and I’ve done customer service for about 10 years so rude people don’t get to me anymore….as long as I’m getting a paycheck. Thanks again!!!!!

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