Is Virtual Bee A Scam Or A Real Data Entry Job?

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Virtual Bee Scam ReviewIt always amazes me that so many work at home seekers are still searching for data entry jobs online. Folks foolishly seem to think there is this huge demand for sheets of paper or letters to be typed up on the computer. I hate to break it to you, but that's why there are scanners and copy machines. Furthermore damn near everyone knows how to type or enter information on a computer even if you're a two finger typer like myself. LOL

The other reality is that scammers know that so many job seekers are fixated on these positions. So they prey on work at home seekers with lies about data entry job availability. (Read more about Data Entry Job Scams here.) Don't fall for the hype otherwise you'll probably be misguided or flat out scammed.

I know I'm sounding like a Debbie Downer. But it's not to say there aren't a few sprinkles of legitimate data entry jobs out there. There are just far and few between and damn near impossible to land. The good news is I have managed to find one of the few legitimate work at home data entry companies. So let's get into my Virtual Bee Review to discover if this opportunity is worth your time.

What Is Virtual Bee (VB)?

Virtual Bee was formerly known as “Key For Cash. It's basically a company that uses virtual home based workers to securely enter private data for their clients. The data entry operators log into the VirtualBee system and select various data entry tasks. Some task include viewing those annoying captcha images and then entering the characters or data in those images with great accuracy.

If you've ever encountered one of those images using a form, you know how difficult that can be. So this isn't necessarily an easy data entry job from what I can tell. If you want an easier way to make money, you may want to look into, Fusion Cash &

Are there any sign up fees with Virtual Bee?

So you've probably run into tons of ads online claiming they have data entry jobs that pay you some unrealistic amounts per hour. In your desperation you end up buying this list or information, only to find out you've been sucked in like an airplane toilet. Well, fortunately there are no fees involved to join Virtual Bee!

How To Work From Home For Virtual Bee

You can sign up for Virtual Bee by filling out a form here. After filling out the form, you are directed to answer a few questions.

How Much Does Virtual Bee Pay?

It essentially depends on the assignments available. There are some tasks that pay more than others. The pay is also determined by your typing speed and accuracy. Apparently you are paid By-Weekly.

Having said all that, I have managed to find that the pay varies from $0.20 to $0.60 for each 1000 characters typed. It also states on the site itself that you will receive more details about pay after you start working. So, from my perspective, it's a mixed bag about payment. I'll get into that going forward.

If that doesn't sound like enough money for you, you may want to look into, Fusion Cash & instead.

Virtual Bee Complaints

No Paypal
Virtual Bee only pays via slow ass checks & postal mail. Who wants to wait for a check in the mail? Certainly not me…and I don't think you would either! lol Paypal just makes better sense, and I personally never had any issues with them. Direct deposit is also another good payment option. So I'm not sure why they limit payments to that one option.

Suspect Sign Up Process

Apparently during the signup process, you may be redirected to one of Virtual Bee's partner sites which have advertising offers. It's like offers that you would find in a get paid to try website like Fusion Cash except you're NOT the one getting paid to do the offers. Clearly Virtual Bee may be getting paid. It seems weird for a company hiring workers to do this. It seems that even if VB has no intentions of hiring you this company is trying to monetize the thousands of desperate work at home seekers looking for data entry jobs. So that seems a bit suspect to me. It's not illegal or anything, but it does seem out of place. Eitherway, you don't have to accept these offers; just decline and click away.

Slow as molasses…
Like most of the few legitimate work at home data entry companies they don't offer work consistently. You'll probably end up on a lengthy waiting list with the thousand of other work at home seekers fixated on data entry jobs. It states on the site that there are some months that are slow, and thus, have little work or none. So, if you're looking to make money pretty damn soon, this isn't for you. You may be better off with Amazon Mechanical Turk for quicker money.

Low Pay
Like so many work at home jobs, the pay is pretty low. As I've said numerous times in this article, it's a supply and demand issue. There are way more workers that want to do data entry than there are jobs. So companies can basically pay you nothing especially when they have access to a worldwide workforce that can afford to work at lower rates. So whatever you make with this money making opportunity will be extra pocket change. But you know how I think. It does all add up at the end of the day.

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Testing For Hire
A series of challenging tests are required to get hired. Fortunately, if you screw up, you are allowed retakes. Ultimately the job is data entry and they want accurate people so I get that. But I also feel like it's a way to weed out the thousands of people that may apply for this job which makes sense. But some people aren't great test takers so you have to keep that in mind.

Where's My Money?
Apparently there have been times where worker's pay has been delayed. From my research of this company, this is the biggest complaint. So it's bad enough that you probably had to be on a long ass waiting list to get hired, then when you do get work there isn't a lot of it and after all that your pay is delayed. Awww hell to the nah! That would definitely give me pause. However, I have not seen anywhere that someone DID NOT get paid at all. It does seem like everyone is paid for the work they do even it's delayed.

So Is Virtual Bee A Legit Work At Home Data Entry Job?

Taking all the cons above into consideration, this work at home opportunity may not be for everyone. If you're looking for fast income, then Virtual Bee definitely isn't for you. However, if you are patient and appreciate multiple streams of income, (like I do), then Virtual Bee may be something to consider in addition to other options I have covered on my site.

Having said all that, giving the fact that this company doesn't pay well and doesn't provide a full time income, I highly encourage you to check out My #1 Recommendation where you can control the amount of money you make over time. It's the only way I've been able to make a full time income online and the type of money I felt I deserved for my family. So definitely check it out!

I always enjoy providing my readers with all the information I can gather on any work at home opportunity. That involves the dirty laundry and all! So hopefully this article was more insightful than some of the other Virtual Bee Reviews you've read.

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