Wealthy Affiliate FAQs

So hopefully you've read my WA page here or at least skimmed through it. But you may still have questions which is why you're here. So with that said, I've come up with a Frequently Asked Questions page.

Hopefully it answers all your questions, if not feel free to post a comment at the bottom of the page. 

How does this work and how do I make money?

Is this even real or legitimate?

How soon can I make money?

How do I get paid and when do I get paid?

Can this business be done in any country?

How do I get started & is there a cost?

What's the difference between the starter & premium membership?

Can I earn money even as a Free member or do I have to be a premium?

What happens if I need help or get stuck?

8 thoughts on “Wealthy Affiliate FAQs”

  1. Eddy, I live in Rhode Island and I have heard that there is some law that makes it just about impossible for us Rhode Islanders to become affiliates. Does that count for this as well?

    • Hey Jerin,

      I’ve never heard of such a law. I would recommend you do a little more research to confirm what the exact parameters of this law is and how it may impact you. I can’t see them banning an affiliate marketing since its a legitimate business that companies like Google, Amazon and others facilitate. But the whole premise of WA is to teach you how to make money as an affiliate marketer although the concepts taught can be applied to your own products or business you run.

  2. so is it a wed site that you have other stores sites attached to your site and when they click on it you make money off of it ? if so whats the range

    • Hey Melanie,

      It’s exactly how I described in the first question above which is similar to what you’ve described but a litte more to it. Click here as I mentioned in the first question for a deeper breakdown.

      The range can vary depending on your site, the company you’re affiliated with and what you’re being paid for. It could be a couple of cents to thousands of dollars. So it’s going to vary. When you first start out you’re not going to make a lot because you’re just learning this business. I certainly didn’t. But now after putting in some consistent time and never giving up i make thousands consistently. What you make will fall on you. The only reason people won’t make the type of money they want with this or any business is they give up before they do. It’s really that simple. I hope this helps.

  3. What if I do not have a picture to upload? My computer is new and no pictures in it. Also, I have not uploaded before so I am unsure how to do it.


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