WeGoLook.com Review – Get Paid For Running Errands & Looking.

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Chances are you've run a couple of errands in your day. If you're a stay at home parent you probably do this regularly after dropping off the kids. Or if you're really brave you bring them along with you. Errands are just part of life. They aren't always fun. Well imagine if you could get paid for running errands for others while running your own? Would they be more appealing to you? Well you can!

What is WeGoLook.com?

Every year millions of people make purchases online and unfortunately not all of them end up being happy with them. Too often people pay for products that are either defective, damaged, fake or aren't anything near what was described by the seller. Sure you can go online and write up negative reviews and complain to a consumer protection agency. But most of that time that doesn't help recover the money lost or the frustration you feel.

Enter WeGoLook.com. They're the folks that prevents this from happening in the first place. To verify an item, property, or a person is everything being claimed by a seller, WeGoLook sends out a ‘Looker" on behalf of a buyer. You can see a nice visual explanation of how this all works by clicking here.

What does a Looker do?

Here's how it's described on the site:

"In general, you will be provided the location of the item or property involved and contact information for the seller or owner, who will be expecting a call from you. You will quickly make contact and arrange to meet. Once there, you will take a few digital pictures, and answer a few simple questions off a checklist. You will then log on to your personal dashboard on our website, upload the pictures, and complete a short report. "

Examples of Looker jobs:

Auto Purchases

Recently I was in the market for a used car. Unfortunately I'm limited to my immediate Tri-state area of New York, New Jersey and Connecticut. This was very frustrating because I saw the used car I wanted at better prices in other states further away from me. Driving all over the country wouldn't be a good use of my time or money. But I could have gone to WeGoLook.com and hired a looker in some of those other states to check out the condition of the car I wanted. If the report came back positive then I would have called the out of state dealer and made an offer. This could have literally saved me thousands of dollars. I would get the car I want with the confidence that it's not a lemon. The looker would have made some money just for running this near by errand. Everyone wins.

Vacation Home Rentals

My family and I love to travel but let's face it, hotels can be very expensive. I've always wanted to rent a vacation home but I'm a bit sketchy of doing it without seeing it. Yeah pictures on the websites are cool. But we know how deceptive that can be. It's like the pictures of your friends and family you see on Facebook. Folks only pick the ones that make them look better than they are. LOL Well I could easily hire a looker in the prospective vacation location to go and check out the rental property. They would just report back to me via the WeGoLook.com website what they find. If it's all good then I've just saved myself tons of money on a hotel. In turn the looker made some money for just checking out a home they probably pass by all the time when running errands. Again everyone wins!

So that's just a few examples of Looker jobs. Others include: Animal, Boats, Fashion, Antiques, Furniture, Electronics, and more. One that caught my eye was Dating Look Jobs. This alludes to my Facebook picture statement above. Someone you've been chatting with online claims they look like Brad Pitt or Denzel Washington. Their pictures seem to verify this. But you suspect they're a Photoshop expert. You can hire a Dating Looker to check them out. Crazy huh? Or is it?

How do I know when jobs are available in my area?

When new orders (jobs) are placed within your area as defined by the ZIP codes you have provided us, you, along with others who work in the same area, may receive an email notifying you that new assignments may be available. You may then, login to your dashboard on the website at wegolook.com and view unassigned orders. The assignment will be given to the first Looker® to accept it in this manner. By the way you're not required to accept the jobs that may be in your area!

How much do Lookers make?

As of this review the lookers are paid $25 per assignment via Paypal or check. I believe the payment is made within 30 days. I couldn't find anything on the site that verifies the exact time frame.

Do you need to have experience?

Nope that's the great thing about this opportunity. If you've ever run some of your own errands you have the experience you need. Even if you've never run an errand in your life, you can still do this. You just need to be able to make some basic observations.

Is this opportunity international?

It seems to be limited to the United States at the moment. But I could be wrong and this may change as the company grows. Don't fret, we got love for you and have an international section here.

How do I sign up?

You can sign up by clicking here. There are NO out of pocket sign up fees. However you must be 21 or older to be considered for work.

More questions?

Dang, you're relentless with your curiosity. No worries, feel free to click here to get the answers.

So this sounds like a pretty sweet opportunity. But is it really? Every company has some bad points so let's discuss a few that I found. They may not be deal breakers but just things you should know.


1. You're an independent contractor not an employee which means you're responsible for paying your taxes on your own. For some people this is a turn off. But most work at home opportunities are like this. Being an independent contractor has pros and cons. You can read more about them by clicking here.

2. Background checks are required for U.S. Based lookers. This shouldn't be a concern for most people. But if you've done some dirt in the past or other things recently aren't up to snuff, you may not qualify to work for this company. By the way, in order to run your background check they'll need your social security number. This may give people pause even though WeGoLook is listed with the Better Business Bureau in good standing. Furthermore the Information on their sign up form is transmitted securely using SSL and the industry standard 1024 bit encryption. Even with all this it may still scare off some people.

3. It's not a work at home opportunity. This website is about making money while you're at home running around half naked. This opportunity actually requires you to leave your home which may not be ideal for some.

4. Aside from missing out on being paid to be in your draws. You're also probably burning gas and throwing miles on your car. You really have to do the math and make sure it adds up and is worth your time. If you end up burning more gas than the money you made, then this isn't a good option for you.

5. Safety is something to consider. I would hate to get an assignment in a sketchy part of town or meeting up with some shady looking seller. But I'm a grown ass man so something bad is less likely to happen to me. But I think I'd be more concerned if it were my wife out on certain looking assignments. So that's something to consider as well.

6. Let's say none of the other cons I've mentioned bother you. The one that may get you is availability. The looker opportunity availability will depend on your location and the amount of other lookers that may be in your area. So even though you may be ready to work. There may not be enough work for you.

So is WeGoLook.com, ( We Go Look) a Scam or Legitimate?

Judging by what I've read online and their positive BBB listing, We Go Look appears to be a legitimate opportunity. I'll probably give it a shot now that I'm getting a used car and don't have to worry about lease mileage overages. You know my philosophy, every little bit adds up. My wife runs a lot of errands so I may encourage her to do this as well. At the very least it may help pay for all that gas she uses on play dates, shopping and whatever other "errands" she makes up. LOL

What are your thoughts about this? Does it sound appealing? Have you tried this opportunity? Let me know below. I know some of you may not like the idea of this opportunity or leaving your home to make money. I totally feel you. So click here for work from home only options.

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