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I have been in the business of helping people succeed online for years…

And because of this I want to make a definitive recommendation to you as the TOP service online for getting a successful work at home business up and running. That place is one that I have come to call home since 2007, one in which I have personally met the owners (Kyle & Carson), and one that I know I can trust and rely on for constant support, quality and overall “exceeding” of expectations.

This place is

WA-profileI have been a member of Wealthy Affiliate since June 3rd, 2007. To be honest this is was pivotal day in my career online and one that has absolutely lead to much more longevity within the online world than I could have imagined. If you give me a few minutes here I am going to show you exactly why Wealthy Affiliate is still the one place I call home after close to 7 years and one that I will continue calling my “Internet business” home base for many years to come.

I think you are going to quickly see the reasoning behind this as I dig into things…

What Wealthy Affiliate is NOT: Fake it Till They Make it Mentality

Most companies and “gurus” out there tend to flaunt their big bank accounts, their fancy cars, and their exotic lifestyles.

But this stuff is fake. They are using these things as a ploy.

Very few of these “scam” companies actually show off their service and that is because they simply offer low quality products, services, and support…often times absolute garbage.

This is where Wealthy Affiliate is truly different.

They allow you to step inside of their community, use their tools and services, get up and running using their training, and even offer MENTORING for FREE. Try asking any of the so called Gurus, Mentors or Coaches if they'll do that! Wealthy Affiliate is so confident in what they provide, they offer you access to their community training for FREE (Set-up Your Account in 30 Seconds Here) with the assumption that you will like their service so much, that you will give their premium service a shot (which is out of this world in my opinion).

I've been around the block a few times and I've yet to see other companies around that do this! Most want you to give them something first. But the folks at Wealthy Affiliate do it the other way around which is refreshing for an industry that seems to be about gimme, gimme.

You See My Site, You Can Have One Just Like It!

The site you are on right now, is built on the WordPress platform. For those of you that do not know, WordPress is the most popular website platform out there as it is open source (nobody owns it) and it has millions of users…meaning that it is very stable and always being approved upon.

As soon as you enter inside of Wealthy Affiliate you are going to have access to not one, but TWO full WordPress niche, high rankings websites to get up and running online. You can promote anything you want with these sites and Wealthy Affiliate provides you with step-by-step training which helps you get set-up and get your business up and running from scratch.

All for FREE. You feel the love?

Check this out. Here is one of the websites I created inside of Wealthy Affiliate, this took me literally 30 seconds! (View the Site here)

Building a Niche Website

These days without a site online, you are going to struggle to get anything going. That is why the ability to create websites so easily and to have your own niche website (you have full control over the niche) is so powerful at Wealthy Affiliate.

Why not create one right now, for free? It takes 3 short steps.

But I still want to answer one very important question that you probably have…

But Eddy, How Am I Going to Earn Money at Wealthy Affiliate?

This is probably the single biggest question I get about any opportunity online, so I am going to show you exactly how I earn money online and then show you how Wealthy Affiliate does an excellent job of providing you with everything you need to accomplish the same.

First, you need a website. Check that off as we have covered that already.

As mentioned above, you can create a free website within Wealthy Affiliate…one just as powerful and as functional as anything I have ever created.

Once you have a website, your goal is to get it ranked in Google. Now don't be scared here. You are going to learn some really easy techniques and strategies how to do this at Wealthy Affiliate. My website that you are on right now gets me anywhere from 1,000 – 2,200 unique visitors each and every day and it is ALL FREE TRAFFIC. And this is just ONE of my MANY websites.

Here is an example of another site that I have that gets 600 – 1,200 uniques per day.

Here are my real stats from a website of mine that gets 600-1200 uniques per day!

If I were to pay for this traffic I would be looking at least $1,000 per day advertising budget, but instead I use the techniques that have been reinforced to me at Wealthy Affiliate within their training to continually build on my traffic.

A website + free traffic = OPPORTUNITY!

That is the quickest path to success. Once you have traffic, you can earn money in a variety of ways. I personally earn money from small ads I put on my website (Google Adsense) and also through the promotion of Affiliate Programs (there are literally MILLIONS of products you can promote online).

And from this I earn a full time income. You can too in ANY niche. You can choose a passion, create a presence online, and build a full time income just as I have done with this site, This can all be done from Wealthy Affiliate as ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING you need is there.

The websites…the training, and easy to follow through education…the videos….the community…the support…the research tools. And you can get complete access right now if you simply join their free Starter membership.

I have a special invite I have set-up for my readers on WorkAtHomeNoScams and you can create your account at Wealthy Affiliate through it here (this will personally connect you with my network inside of WA).

===> Get My Personal Invite to Wealthy Affiliate Here!

I am not quite done yet, I want to explain why a “free service” like this can be of so much value when getting started.

Bootstrapping Your Biz…

I have been teaching this stuff for ages now and I am a strong supporter of “bootstrapping” techniques online. By this I mean, doing things as “cost efficient” as possible (don't confuse this with being cheap).

Wealthy Affiliate is going to be your most cost efficient solution. In fact, their “free” version of their membership offers more than almost any other product I have ever reviewed, with exception of a few that are similar that charge several $1,000 per month. Wealthy Affiliate Starter membership is FREE!

Yes, they do have a paid (but still very cost efficient) Premium membership, and it is without a doubt the most elaborate and all inclusive membership that I have come across. In fact, it includes all the education that you need to build and scale a business online. Yes, you can absolutely run a business like me (full time, work from home) with the tools, training, service and support provided at Wealthy Affiliate.


Are You Ready to Get Started? Here are YOUR Next Steps.

You have a choice now. You can work damn near the rest of your life at a job making someone else rich. Or you can put in some of the same energy on yourself via an online business to make your own dreams a reality. The choice is yours. Continue to get more of what you already have or get what you and your family really deserve. If you decided that your dreams are worth a shot, then follow the steps below.

Step 1: Get started within the FREE Starter Membership. No credit cards or sneaky stuff going on there (I hate that crap!), you just have to register and this will get you instant access to the community.

Step 2: Fill out your profile. That just means uploading a pic and writing why you joined WA. You'll get a warm welcome from me and everyone else when you do.

Step 3: Hit me up when you get inside. i plan to contact you once you fill out your profle but feel free to visit my profile here. I will also be in touch with you upon you getting inside to offer some tips on getting started.

Step 4: Take action on the “Get Started Here” training. You will see this immediately upon creating your account and gaining access to Wealthy Affiliate. This is going to walk you through the process of getting your foundational skills and your web asset (website) in place. Remember to ask for help whenever you need it, the community at WA is an incredible support network.

I really do hope you take advantage of this, it is only going to benefit you and your personal success!

Your friend,

Eddy Salomon

PS. If you have any Q's about Wealthy Affiliate, don't hesitate to ask via my comments below. The best thing to do is join and connect with me inside the community though, you are going to love it!

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