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I have been in the business of helping people succeed online for years…

And because of this I want to make a definitive recommendation to you as the TOP service online for getting a successful work at home business up and running. That place is one that I have come to call home since 2007, one in which I have personally met the owners (Kyle & Carson), and one that I know I can trust and rely on for constant support, quality and overall “exceeding” of expectations.

This place is

WA-profileI have been a member of Wealthy Affiliate since June 3rd, 2007. To be honest this is was pivotal day in my career online and one that has absolutely lead to much more longevity within the online world than I could have imagined. If you give me a few minutes here I am going to show you exactly why Wealthy Affiliate is still the one place I call home after close to 7 years and one that I will continue calling my “Internet business” home base for many years to come.

I think you are going to quickly see the reasoning behind this as I dig into things…

What Wealthy Affiliate is NOT: Fake it Till They Make it Mentality

Most companies and “gurus” out there tend to flaunt their big bank accounts, their fancy cars, and their exotic lifestyles.

But this stuff is fake. They are using these things as a ploy.

Very few of these “scam” companies actually show off their service and that is because they simply offer low quality products, services, and support…often times absolute garbage.

This is where Wealthy Affiliate is truly different.

They allow you to step inside of their community, use their tools and services, get up and running using their training, and even offer MENTORING for FREE. Try asking any of the so called Gurus, Mentors or Coaches if they'll do that! Wealthy Affiliate is so confident in what they provide, they offer you access to their community training for FREE (Set-up Your Account in 30 Seconds Here) with the assumption that you will like their service so much, that you will give their premium service a shot (which is out of this world in my opinion).

I've been around the block a few times and I've yet to see other companies around that do this! Most want you to give them something first. But the folks at Wealthy Affiliate do it the other way around which is refreshing for an industry that seems to be about gimme, gimme.

You See My Site, You Can Have One Just Like It!

The site you are on right now, is built on the WordPress platform. For those of you that do not know, WordPress is the most popular website platform out there as it is open source (nobody owns it) and it has millions of users…meaning that it is very stable and always being approved upon.

As soon as you enter inside of Wealthy Affiliate you are going to have access to not one, but TWO full WordPress niche, high rankings websites to get up and running online. You can promote anything you want with these sites and Wealthy Affiliate provides you with step-by-step training which helps you get set-up and get your business up and running from scratch.

All for FREE. You feel the love?

Check this out. Here is one of the websites I created inside of Wealthy Affiliate, this took me literally 30 seconds! (View the Site here)

Building a Niche Website

These days without a site online, you are going to struggle to get anything going. That is why the ability to create websites so easily and to have your own niche website (you have full control over the niche) is so powerful at Wealthy Affiliate.

Why not create one right now, for free? It takes 3 short steps.

But I still want to answer one very important question that you probably have…

But Eddy, How Am I Going to Earn Money at Wealthy Affiliate?

This is probably the single biggest question I get about any opportunity online, so I am going to show you exactly how I earn money online and then show you how Wealthy Affiliate does an excellent job of providing you with everything you need to accomplish the same.

First, you need a website. Check that off as we have covered that already.

As mentioned above, you can create a free website within Wealthy Affiliate…one just as powerful and as functional as anything I have ever created.

Once you have a website, your goal is to get it ranked in Google. Now don't be scared here. You are going to learn some really easy techniques and strategies how to do this at Wealthy Affiliate. My website that you are on right now gets me anywhere from 1,000 – 2,200 unique visitors each and every day and it is ALL FREE TRAFFIC. And this is just ONE of my MANY websites.

Here is an example of another site that I have that gets 600 – 1,200 uniques per day.

Here are my real stats from a website of mine that gets 600-1200 uniques per day!

If I were to pay for this traffic I would be looking at least $1,000 per day advertising budget, but instead I use the techniques that have been reinforced to me at Wealthy Affiliate within their training to continually build on my traffic.

A website + free traffic = OPPORTUNITY!

That is the quickest path to success. Once you have traffic, you can earn money in a variety of ways. I personally earn money from small ads I put on my website (Google Adsense) and also through the promotion of Affiliate Programs (there are literally MILLIONS of products you can promote online).

And from this I earn a full time income. You can too in ANY niche. You can choose a passion, create a presence online, and build a full time income just as I have done with this site, This can all be done from Wealthy Affiliate as ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING you need is there.

The websites…the training, and easy to follow through education…the videos….the community…the support…the research tools. And you can get complete access right now if you simply join their free Starter membership.

I have a special invite I have set-up for my readers on WorkAtHomeNoScams and you can create your account at Wealthy Affiliate through it here (this will personally connect you with my network inside of WA).

===> Get My Personal Invite to Wealthy Affiliate Here!

I am not quite done yet, I want to explain why a “free service” like this can be of so much value when getting started.

Bootstrapping Your Biz…

I have been teaching this stuff for ages now and I am a strong supporter of “bootstrapping” techniques online. By this I mean, doing things as “cost efficient” as possible (don't confuse this with being cheap).

Wealthy Affiliate is going to be your most cost efficient solution. In fact, their “free” version of their membership offers more than almost any other product I have ever reviewed, with exception of a few that are similar that charge several $1,000 per month. Wealthy Affiliate Starter membership is FREE!

Yes, they do have a paid (but still very cost efficient) Premium membership, and it is without a doubt the most elaborate and all inclusive membership that I have come across. In fact, it includes all the education that you need to build and scale a business online. Yes, you can absolutely run a business like me (full time, work from home) with the tools, training, service and support provided at Wealthy Affiliate.


Are You Ready to Get Started? Here are YOUR Next Steps.

You have a choice now. You can work damn near the rest of your life at a job making someone else rich. Or you can put in some of the same energy on yourself via an online business to make your own dreams a reality. The choice is yours. Continue to get more of what you already have or get what you and your family really deserve. If you decided that your dreams are worth a shot, then follow the steps below.

Step 1: Get started within the FREE Starter Membership. No credit cards or sneaky stuff going on there (I hate that crap!), you just have to register and this will get you instant access to the community.

Step 2: Fill out your profile. That just means uploading a pic and writing why you joined WA. You'll get a warm welcome from me and everyone else when you do.

Step 3: Hit me up when you get inside. i plan to contact you once you fill out your profle but feel free to visit my profile here. I will also be in touch with you upon you getting inside to offer some tips on getting started.

Step 4: Take action on the “Get Started Here” training. You will see this immediately upon creating your account and gaining access to Wealthy Affiliate. This is going to walk you through the process of getting your foundational skills and your web asset (website) in place. Remember to ask for help whenever you need it, the community at WA is an incredible support network.

I really do hope you take advantage of this, it is only going to benefit you and your personal success!

Your friend,

Eddy Salomon

PS. If you have any Q's about Wealthy Affiliate, don't hesitate to ask via my comments below. The best thing to do is join and connect with me inside the community though, you are going to love it!

70 thoughts on “My #1 Free Way To Make Real Money Online!”

  1. Hi Eddy ! I was wondering if I have to pay for my domain name and hosting for my first website as I am starting out on a zero budget. I will learn marketing it’s hard to get going with no dough, ya know…The above query refers to wealthy affiliates Thanks…

    • Hi Robin, WA provides you with free hosting and a website. You won’t have your own domain name like but you’ll have a longer webite url like the one I created and referenced in the above example.

      You can get your feet wet for free as a starter member. Learn some of the basics, create your free website, etc. So that won’t cost you a dime. But eventually you’ll have to step up and invest in yourself and your business to take it to the next level.

      I discuss some easy ways to do that inside. So if you sign up as a free starter member, I’ll send you that article that covers that. At the very least you can create your free website and get the training you need. So you’re not risking anything by joining especially because it doesn’t require any credit cards.

      So my suggestion is sign up, fill out your profile and give it a shot. I’ll welcome you there as soon as you do and walk you around.

      Hope this helps.


  2. Dear Eddy:

    Can you please help me?? I want to sing up, but I have
    no idea of what I should sell, I really need a job I’m about to lose my home
    and I need to start doing something….the other problem could be that I’m not in
    the US, I’m in Panama.

    Can I sing up and do this From central America… a Latin

    Eddy is there really something you can help me do…
    get start an chance my life… I will be thankful for life.



    • Hi Sharon,

      I’m sorry to hear about your situation. First and foremost this isn’t a quick fix. It won’t solve your money problems right away. As I said above, you’re building a business so that takes time. This isn’t a job. So if you’re looking for that, this isn’t for you.

      That said, this business can be built from anywhere WA has members from all over the world that have applied what is taught and are making money. So yes even in latin america you can do this.

      Again given your situation, I won’t lie to you and say this is going to solve your problem right away. It will take time. You might be better off trying to get another job and then considering this business later on so you never have to worry about getting a job again.

      I hope this helps Sharon.

  3. If you decide to quit WA after your business take off,will you be able to keep your website but go through a different web hosting company? How does that work?

    • Amy,

      If you decide you no longer want to be part of WA and don’t want to take advantage of the hosting that comes along with it, you can transfer your wordpress website to another hosting company.

      Just be sure you get your hosting first with the new company, and then have them transfer the files. It’s very easy to transfer wordpress sites. But I’m sure once you see the value of the community at WA, you’ll stay put as I have for all these years. But again you’re not stuck there.

    • Thank you Eddy. I may not switch; I just wanted to know that when I build up my website with content over a period of time that I won’t lose all my hard work. I was with Empower. This will be much better for me.

    • You’re welcome Amy! Trust me this isn’t the Empower Network nonsense. We’ve had a lot of their former members join WA for good reason. Hope to see you at WA.

  4. I’m a waitress that hates my job and I am also expecting soon. I would love to be able to started and online business before I leave my job/or my daughter arrives. My only set back is that I’ve seen first hand how someone can build a website to fool people. Not saying that you are, but how do I know that my info will be protected if I sign up with your company.

    • Congrats on the new bundle of joy! In any event I don’t know what you’re really asking. You can join WA for free and see for yourself if it’s something that is real or not for you. No credit card is required to join. If you join and you don’t like what you see, then you lose nothing except the time you spent to fill out your name, email address and a user name.

      WA is a community that teaches you how to build your own business. It’s up to you to decide what type of website you want to build. You can build a website designed to scam people as you’ve experienced first hand. Or you can create one like the one you’re on designed to help people. Either way there is no pressure. You have to determine for yourself if it’s worth pursuing. I can’t really convince you.

      I’m just sharing what I’ve used and that has helped me. But you’re definitely welcome to explore other options that you feel more confident about.

      I hope this helps. I wish you the best either way. Hopefully you’ll find something that will help you get out of the job you hate. I will say this that any business you do pursue will take time. So you may not be able to achieve your initial goals right way. You may have to continue to work that job you hate until you get your business off the ground. So just be mindful of that Karen. Wishing you the best either way!

  5. Hi Eddy I was wondering when starting your own work at home business how many hours per week do you think you should put in at first?

    • Vanessa, I don’t really remember since I’ve been doing this for over a decade. I know I just spent as many hours as I could spare. It’s going to vary from person to person. So don’t guage it based on me or anyone else.

      You just want to get to the finish line and put in as much time and effort as you need to get to your goal. So keep that in mind. Hope this helps.

  6. So…you get $ per click to your community within Wealthy Affiliate, all while “helping” others get their own website which would compete with yours?

    • No I don’t get paid per click to my WA link. That would be great. lol. I only get paid when someone decides to become a qualified free member or upgrade to a full premium member. As I’ve stated many times on my website I’m an affiliate marketer and get paid to refer people. So that’s no secret. But anyone that has read my material and followed my advice knows I only recommend things I’ve actually tried and succeeded with and I don’t recommend things because they make money. Otherwise I would promote every scam out there and make a lot of money.

      WA doesn’t just teach you how to promote WA or make money opportunities. It teaches you how to build a business on whatever interest or niche you chose. And even if someone decides they want to create a website just like mine, it makes no difference to me. There are already literally thousands if not millions of websites related to working at home. One other one isn’t going to kill me. We all have a unique voice and things to bring to the table. The internet has billions of people. There is enough for everyone. Hope this helps you. At the end of the day, why not become a member and check it out for yourself. It cost you nothing to do so. And if it bothers you that I may get paid, just go directly to WA without clicking on my link. Either way, I’m sure you’ll find that it’s a great community. Good luck.

    • Hi Sherri, WA teaches you how to run an online business and that can be for extra income or if you’re dedicated can turn into full time income.

      So yes you can make a living from what you learn at WA. Either way the process takes time and effort. You could always sign up and see what WA has to offer. They have a starter membership that doesn’t cost you any thing. Explore it for as long as you want and then decided if this can help you.

      I hope this helps.


  7. Thank you, Eddy, for taking the time to let all of us know that there are real opportunities for making money online out there! So many scammers and fakes are out there, it’s nice to know that there is someone who cares enough to reach out and help us find a way to work from home, earn money, and not pay for the process.

    • Hi Deana,

      You’re very welcome! I’m definitely about helping people make money and avoid scams. And I’m happy to be in a position where I get paid to do so because we all want to make money online.

      But I don’t think we need to do it by scamming other people or pushing opportunities that only benefit me. So I’m glad you can appreciate my effort here.

  8. Hi Eddy! God bless you for sharing! Now, its my turn. I am due to retire in 3 years but I don’t make a lot. My sister lost her job in 2009 due to the recession. She finally got a temp job in July 2011 and got hit by a car in Sept 2011 while crossing the street to take a bus to her assignment. Naturally, due to her injuries she could not work and they terminated the assignment. She is still fighting Soc. Sec. to get some kind of benefits to help with paying for medical bills and get surgery to return to work but so far, nothing. I am the only one working and now i had to declare bankruptcy due to “financial hardship”. There goes my good credit. Do you think that my sister could benefit from WA if she tries it? Also, could I do this as a supplement to my job until (and possibly after) I retire. What do you think? I know I can trust BBB they’ve help me before a long time ago but how about now? Thanks for the inspiring words or I wouldn’t have made contact. Peace out & Rock on brother!

    • Damn Lisa! You guys have been through a lot. Honestly anyone that is interested in earning extra income or a full time income would benefit from WA provided they understand that it will take some time before you’ll achieve your goals.

      If you don’t go into it with an employee mentality, it can be a great place to learn and grow your business to whatever you want. And you can move at whatever pace works for you.

      In terms of the BBB stuff. As I’ve argued in my BBB article, I take what they say with a grain of salt and like to cross reference what they say with other resources. WA was recommended to me a long time ago by a marketer I trusted and respected. I also saw it mentioned by other people I trust. So I decided to ignore the BBB rating. I also learned some behind the scene information as to why they have that rating which further confirmed my skepticism about BBB ratings.

      But if the BBB is your be and end all to determine a company’s legitimacy you can go by their rating.

      Hope this helps.

  9. Hey Eddy! Long time no see! I definitely am checking out Wealthy Affiliate as I have had no clue on how to start in affiliate marketing. I’ve been wanting to do this for years. Up til Sep 12th, you can get your first month for only $19! So I’m definitely going to take advantage of that. I’m starting to fall in love with WA and I’ve always loved your site since 2009!

    • Hey Jay! Good to hear from you brother!
      I’m glad you’re loving WA! As you can see it’s a great community my friend! Definitely take advantage of that special offer. It’s a good one.

      Hit me up while you’re in there. I can be found here:

      Look forward to hearing your progress!


  10. Hi Eddy.
    I have just joined you on WA.

    I feel a bit silly, but I can’t seem to find out what the premium membership costs? When I think I get close, all it does is show me that I only have to pay $19 for the first month if I sign up in 5 days. Now I could probably find $19 for the first month, but I’d like to know what it’ll cost me a month after the offer expires.

    P.S. That you for a wonderful site. You are my guru in this adventure <3

    • Lisa, they cover all this. So you don’t even need to think about this. Trust me when I see it’s a complete learning website where they cover it all. Give it a shot, it doesn’t cost you anything to look around and doesn’t require any credit card. Hope to see you on the other side.

  11. I’ve seen many of these similar work at home opportunities online that want your credit card information to get you started which is a red flag sign because that means more than likely, there will be further hidden charges that will be taken out from under your nose. I want to know if there are any fees or charges at all, because it’s too good to hear as well that you are saying free startup.

    • Marion,
      You’re referring to a practice called forced continuity. It’s a nasty little trick that shady marketers use on people that don’t read the fine print which is most of us. But WA doesn’t do that. You don’t need a credit card to use the starter membership. Obviously this is a business and there is a premium membership you can manually upgrade to whenever you want. But it’s not required, forced or tricked upon you.

      Once most people go through the starter membership they see the value in investing in themselves. So feel free to give it a shot and see for yourself.

      Ultimately you should be the judge for yourself. Hope this helps.

    • Hey Kimmy, Your niche can be whatever you want. Obviously some are more profitable than others. But obviously fashion is! So you should definitely jump in and see what you can do! I’ll be on the other side when you’re ready!

  12. Eddy you sound like a wonderful Guy to know . But I am one of the person that lost her job because her car broke down .i worked 30 minutes away from where i live and today Iam trying to find somthing that can bring in some money with me not being able to leave my home and i still can have a life I really need this at HOME JOB. please HELP ME GET IN.

    • Hi Barbara, Thanks for the kind words. I’m not really sure about what you mean help you get in. All you have to do is click the link in the article above to sign up and get started.

  13. If I start with wealthy affiliates free starter membership am I likely to make money overtime, at least enough to get the premium membership for wealthy affiliates?

    Thanks Eddy!

    • Hi Robin,

      The starter membership is enough to get you started and in time make money. But the premium will help you get there quicker because you have more training, support and assets at your disposal.

      I’ve written an article on how to afford the premium if that’s what you really want to do here:

      But definitely jump into the starter just to see if this is really for you.

      Hope this helps.


  14. Eddy,
    How long after you built your first website with Wealthy Affiliate did you start making money? Specifically, how long did it take to get ranked in google to get the traffic? How long did it take to get enough ads on your website to start making money? I know I have been wasting time signing up for paid surveys, mystery shopping and the like when I need to know I will have a consistent income within the next month and a half. I don’t want to have to work outside my home in a part time job just to make the extra money we need, but I need to know how long so I can decide to go for it, knowing I will be making the money I need when I am going to need it. I have the time now, but in a month and a half I need to either be working or making money somewhere, some way. Thanks for your time and any info you can provide!
    Diane B.

    • Hi Diane,
      You’re asking all the wrong questions. It really doesn’t matter how long it took me to do anything regarding my business because we’re totally different. My niche is different, how I write is different, what I promote may be different. How fast I learn and apply things may be different. It’s not an apple to apple comparison.

      You shouldn’t consider WA if you have a time frame of a month or whatever it is. WA is about teaching you how to build a business and that can take weeks, months or even years for some people. If you’re looking to make fast money, you’re better off with a part time job. But if you’re trying to build a sustainable income where you’re not only making some additional part time money but enough to support your family then WA is for you if you’re not limiting yourself to time frames or trying to compare yourself to others.

      I don’t want to mislead you so hopefully you can appreciate my honesty. But this business isn’t for everyone.

  15. Well I was signed up with this company. But I didn’t know what I was doing. I would like to try again. The person that recommended me also makes money but I also didn’t have much time to really understand and learn how to use the site. So I’m glad that you posted this and I will try again because I do have time now.

    • Sounds good Angela. You definitely need to put aside time to make a business work. Otherwise you’re wasting time and money. So I’m happy you realize that and are ready to start this again.

  16. Yes I did, when I first heard about it; I see good and bad reviews (shrug). I’m going to try the FREE part of it, lol,there two other options one is $47 upfront and $5 a month, the other is a whoping $497…NOT! We’ll see!

    • Yep, like any company you’ll have people that love or hate you. The good thing is you can find out yourself at no cost to you and can be a free member as long as you want. You’re not required to upgrade to the premium membership unless you see the value. So there is an option for anyone’s budget or situation. That $497 are for people that want to pay for the premium membership for the whole year and save money. Again it’s not a requirement or necessary.

  17. Hi,I from Mauritius and would like to know if this is good for me because there are thing that are not eligible for me here and have access to.Before I sign up I would like to know if it is world wide.

    • Hi,

      Affiliate marketing is worldwide. But it may not necessarily be available in every country since some companies will limit affiliates to whatever country paypal covers since that’s how they pay most affiliates.

      I don’t know how many affiliate companies actually serve your area. I do know that WA can help you learn how to become successful as an affiliate marketer. So it might still be worth signing up to learn the business especially since it doesn’t cost you anything to sign up and look around the site.

  18. I was actually unsure that you weren’t a mythical creature. I joined Wealthy Affiliate through one of your links back in 2010. This has been the best thing that has happened to me in a very long time.

    I have gone from being an absolute newbie to this stuff to ranking #6 inside Wealthy Affiliate. Now, rank actually doesn’t mean anything except that I help people and participate on the site but it comes along with an education that is absolutely amazing.

    I just wanted to connect and say thanks

    • Hey Labman,

      You’re very welcome! You’ve definitely come a long way!

      I can’t help but laugh when people don’t think I really exist. But obviously I do and as you see when people follow my guidance they tend to avoid scams and discover new legitimate ways to make money.

      I’m happy you’ve seen the value of WA. It’s the only work at home opportunity I know of that teaches you how to build a sustainable real home based income based on solid business practices.

      It’s not a quick fix but for people like yourself that are willing to put in the long term effort, eventually it pays off. So thanks for chiming in!

    • Hello Eddie, I’ve been checking out your site and all I can say is WOW! Well done! I just lost my job today, working from home for a company on the largest online retail account, and the BS that went on there was worse than in the corporate world! After 2 yrs and hundreds hired…I was among 6 who were still employed! I’m so glad I found this site, I now have the time to commit to making good money online! I truly believe that when one door shuts a bigger/better door opens wide! THANK YOU for this incredible site, your input, your knowledge, your generosity to share it with us. I don’t live very far from you actually; I’m in Poughkeepsie, NY and used to work there in White Plains years ago!

    • Hi Angela,
      I’m so sorry to hear about losing your job. You have a great attitude. And you’re right when one door closes, another one usually opens. Unfortunately some people aren’t able to see it because they’re still staring at that closed door. But you’re not one of them. So I applaud you!

      I’m happy you love the website and appreciate the work put into it. Hopefully it will lead you to the right opportunity. Run with this free time you have. There is nothing worst than having another person or company dictate your income. So hopefully you’ll be able to explore the option of being your own boss if that’s what you desire.

      I know Poughkeepsie, NY. You’re actually a lot closer to me now that I’ve moved. In any event, keep me posted on what you’re doing.

      By the way it’s Eddy not eddie. 😉

      Thanks again for chiming in.

    • Hi Eddy right got the name right first are you today.I have been trying to make money for a long time on the internet.I have lost thousands.Google is a money making scam in my eyes.Trying to reach an unobtainable Goal.Paid loads of diffrent companies for online traffic.full of generated rubbish .all in the name of improving google rating.I am someone who does not give up easily.I however am starting to doubt that any one of these online things are for real.Some I have joined do not even seem to have a product.Lifting money from peoples pockets without any concience is not my Idea of fair.Please explain how this site will be diffrent from money gobblers everywhere.
      Thanks Kevin

    • Hey Kevin,
      Thanks for getting my name right. LOL

      I’m sorry to hear about your past experiences. But welcome to the club. Many of us have lost money or been scammed in the process of trying to find something legitimate. It’s damn near a right of passage.

      That being said, don’t let the experiences jade you. If you’ve read my site carefully and tried some of my personal recommendations: you should have already made some money. Granted it may not necessarily be a lot but folks do make money online. So It’s not a myth.

      WA is about building a business and that will take time and there is no guarantee you will make money with a business you start just like no one can really guarantee you’ll get a job after college unless they plan to hire you.

      Given your past experience, I don’t know if WA would be right for you. You would be going in there with baggage and looking for any sign of being scammed. So you may not really focus on the community and training designed to help you build an online business in time. So this may not be right for you at the moment.

      I can only speak from my experience, it’s helped me build my business and get folks like you on my site so I know it works. But it took time.

      Hope this helps.

    • Hi Jordain, I don’t know if you actually read the review above, but you’re not working for WA. It’s an onlie community that teaches you how to create your own website and make money with it like how I do with my blog.

      Please take the time to read the article above so you understand what this is about and can decide if that’s what you want to do.

      Hope that makes sense.


    • I am so sorry! I go so excited abut having the time to commit to this, I misspelled your name! That’s a huge pet peeve of mine, so please accept my apology! Have you heard of OurGV and what is your opinion on it?

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