Weekly Work At Home Recap 03-12-10

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I hope you all had a great week! We had some nice weather at the start of the week here in NY. It was nice to get out with my family and enjoy the warm weather while it lasted. But mother nature is back in a nasty mood and we're back to the gloom. Her husband must be a real jerk because she's been in a funk for a few months now. Jeez!

Random Thoughts

So last week I told you I'm still trying to figure out what I would like to yap about in my new weekly posts. After some thought, I figured I would share some things I've noticed or experienced during a given week. As always I'll try to provide value. But I'm sure some of the stuff I talk about will be nothing more than my brain farts. In any event, for those of you who find my ramblings as interesting as watching paint dry, feel free to skip down below to the job leads section. However I can't promise I won't be talking about you. lol

Well off to my rambling.

The State of Home Training or Lack There of…

Is it just me or are people becoming increasingly rude? I was under the assumption that most of us were raised with home training and not in a barn. But I'm finding that this is not the case, especially when it comes to email etiquette. I probably answer 50-100 emails a week regarding work at home or scams. It can be tough because it tends to be the same questions. But worst still is the fact that some people are clearly visiting the site but choosing to ignore the information I've laid out to answer their questions. But I digress. What's really getting my goat is that out of nearly 100 emails per week, maybe 2-3 will take the time out to say thank you for a response. This totally bugs me out and maybe it's because of the way I was raised. But what do you folks think? Are "thank yous" no longer in fashion? Did I miss the memo? Should I stop teaching my little princess home training?

The Rise of Negative Nancism….

For the most part we have a lot of like minded and positive thinking people that visit this site. Often we get spammers or self promoters but I usually delete their comments so it doesn't take away from the experience I'm trying to create here. But every once in a while we have some haters or negative Nancys that pop up. Last week was no exception. There were a few comments from people downing some of the low pay scale opportunities I've listed on this site. Now look, if you're a loyal subscriber, you already know I'm quick to point out cons of any given opportunity. Because there is no such thing as a perfect company. All of them have annoying flaws. So I make it a point to acknowledge them so you can make an informed decision. A lot of times I'm able to work through flaws and that's probably because I have the mindset that you can make lemonade out of any lemon if you work hard enough.

But what "fezzes" me up is when someone who has clearly never made a dime online bad mouths an opportunity because it's not "worth their time" or "doesn't pay enough". Everyone is entitled to their opinions but if it's not worth your time or doesn't pay enough, keep it moving. After all I always include links to traditional work at home jobs as another option if these low paying opportunities aren't appealing to you. I totally understand that some people need a so called "real job" right away to pay the bills. No argument here about that, do what you have to do and focus on the traditional jobs. However, why bad mouth these other opportunities and make others feel stupid for giving something legitimate a shot just because you don't feel it's right for you? I just don't understand what others gain by doing this.

Folks, if you come across one of these comments, please don't let them corrupt your mindset or feel bad for giving an opportunity a shot especially if it's legitimate. Keep the following statement in mind. A lot of the haters are usually people that haven't made a dime online. So entertaining their feedback is like asking your accountant for penis enlargement surgery. It doesn't make any sense. (By the way, I know nothing about this type of surgery. I was purely using this as a funny metaphor. Don't get any ideas. lol) Taking advice from someone that doesn't have a record of success in making money at home will only help you mimic their results.

When I first started getting into this work at home industry, I eventually stumbled upon a get paid to read email site. I was fascinated with the idea of getting paid for something I already did. I read the information and learned that it would be about $.01 cent per email. Obviously I knew I couldn't possibly earn a living like this. So it wasn't like I was going to quit my day job. But I just wanted to see if it would work. Sure enough I made a few cents within a day or two of signing up. To me this was huge! I just made a few cents doing something online that I do for free! It was mind boggling. Whereas my family and friends laughed at this. It opened my eyes to a whole world of possibilities. What else could I get paid for doing online? How would I go about doubling or tripling the effort that earned me the few cents? It was because of that mindset I spent the next few years absorbing all the information I could about various work at home opportunities. If they were legitimate I gave it shot. I went from earning a few cents to eventually earning thousands of dollars per month and finally quitting my job. Now if I would have listened to my family and friends I would still be working for the man like many of them are. And that's no disrespect to them. Because many of them have benefited from my efforts and I'm trying my best to free them from their grind. But the point is where people saw an opportunity that was allegedly beneath them, I saw gold in them there hills.

You may have negative nancies in your life right now. Some of them may actually be your family members and friends. God bless them all because they usually have our best interest at our heart. But don't let them or any of the haters that may comment on this blog disuade you from giving things a shot or accomplishing your goals. If they haven't achieved the type of success you want in their lives then taking advice from them is as sound as Hillary Clinton becoming a stripper. I like Hillary but it's probably not the best move! Well neither is heeding the feedback of people who don't make money from home.

And that's the last of my random thoughts for today. Hopefully you enjoyed reading my babbling and you got some value out of it. If not, you probably already skipped down to the leads below and no harm was done. Cheers either way. If you have any thoughts on anything I've said here, feel free to chime in below. Until next week, love, peace and hair grease. ;)

Monday 3/8/10


Customer Care Representative

General Education Instructor

Marketing/Administrative Support


Research Assistants

Managing Editor

Virtual Assistant

Customer Service Representative

Call Center Representative

Tuesday 3/9/10

Pet Blogger


Customer Service Representative/Dispatcher

Clinic Coding Specialist

Business Instructor

Law Instructor

Restaurant/Catering Blogger

Wednesday 3/10/10

Administrative Assistant

Online Writing Tutors



Legal Writer/Editor

Health, Fitness, Nutrition Writers

Science Researcher

Office Assistant

Research and Analysis Assistant for a Psychology Book

Thursday 3/11/2010

English Editor

Natural Medicine Consultant


Technical Writer


Legal Article Writer

Bookkeeper/Administrative Assistant

Executive Assistant


Customer Service Representative

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