Weekly Work At Home Recap 03-12-10

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I hope you all had a great week! We had some nice weather at the start of the week here in NY. It was nice to get out with my family and enjoy the warm weather while it lasted. But mother nature is back in a nasty mood and we're back to the gloom. Her husband must be a real jerk because she's been in a funk for a few months now. Jeez!

Random Thoughts

So last week I told you I'm still trying to figure out what I would like to yap about in my new weekly posts. After some thought, I figured I would share some things I've noticed or experienced during a given week. As always I'll try to provide value. But I'm sure some of the stuff I talk about will be nothing more than my brain farts. In any event, for those of you who find my ramblings as interesting as watching paint dry, feel free to skip down below to the job leads section. However I can't promise I won't be talking about you. lol

Well off to my rambling.

The State of Home Training or Lack There of…

Is it just me or are people becoming increasingly rude? I was under the assumption that most of us were raised with home training and not in a barn. But I'm finding that this is not the case, especially when it comes to email etiquette. I probably answer 50-100 emails a week regarding work at home or scams. It can be tough because it tends to be the same questions. But worst still is the fact that some people are clearly visiting the site but choosing to ignore the information I've laid out to answer their questions. But I digress. What's really getting my goat is that out of nearly 100 emails per week, maybe 2-3 will take the time out to say thank you for a response. This totally bugs me out and maybe it's because of the way I was raised. But what do you folks think? Are "thank yous" no longer in fashion? Did I miss the memo? Should I stop teaching my little princess home training?

The Rise of Negative Nancism….

For the most part we have a lot of like minded and positive thinking people that visit this site. Often we get spammers or self promoters but I usually delete their comments so it doesn't take away from the experience I'm trying to create here. But every once in a while we have some haters or negative Nancys that pop up. Last week was no exception. There were a few comments from people downing some of the low pay scale opportunities I've listed on this site. Now look, if you're a loyal subscriber, you already know I'm quick to point out cons of any given opportunity. Because there is no such thing as a perfect company. All of them have annoying flaws. So I make it a point to acknowledge them so you can make an informed decision. A lot of times I'm able to work through flaws and that's probably because I have the mindset that you can make lemonade out of any lemon if you work hard enough.

But what "fezzes" me up is when someone who has clearly never made a dime online bad mouths an opportunity because it's not "worth their time" or "doesn't pay enough". Everyone is entitled to their opinions but if it's not worth your time or doesn't pay enough, keep it moving. After all I always include links to traditional work at home jobs as another option if these low paying opportunities aren't appealing to you. I totally understand that some people need a so called "real job" right away to pay the bills. No argument here about that, do what you have to do and focus on the traditional jobs. However, why bad mouth these other opportunities and make others feel stupid for giving something legitimate a shot just because you don't feel it's right for you? I just don't understand what others gain by doing this.

Folks, if you come across one of these comments, please don't let them corrupt your mindset or feel bad for giving an opportunity a shot especially if it's legitimate. Keep the following statement in mind. A lot of the haters are usually people that haven't made a dime online. So entertaining their feedback is like asking your accountant for penis enlargement surgery. It doesn't make any sense. (By the way, I know nothing about this type of surgery. I was purely using this as a funny metaphor. Don't get any ideas. lol) Taking advice from someone that doesn't have a record of success in making money at home will only help you mimic their results.

When I first started getting into this work at home industry, I eventually stumbled upon a get paid to read email site. I was fascinated with the idea of getting paid for something I already did. I read the information and learned that it would be about $.01 cent per email. Obviously I knew I couldn't possibly earn a living like this. So it wasn't like I was going to quit my day job. But I just wanted to see if it would work. Sure enough I made a few cents within a day or two of signing up. To me this was huge! I just made a few cents doing something online that I do for free! It was mind boggling. Whereas my family and friends laughed at this. It opened my eyes to a whole world of possibilities. What else could I get paid for doing online? How would I go about doubling or tripling the effort that earned me the few cents? It was because of that mindset I spent the next few years absorbing all the information I could about various work at home opportunities. If they were legitimate I gave it shot. I went from earning a few cents to eventually earning thousands of dollars per month and finally quitting my job. Now if I would have listened to my family and friends I would still be working for the man like many of them are. And that's no disrespect to them. Because many of them have benefited from my efforts and I'm trying my best to free them from their grind. But the point is where people saw an opportunity that was allegedly beneath them, I saw gold in them there hills.

You may have negative nancies in your life right now. Some of them may actually be your family members and friends. God bless them all because they usually have our best interest at our heart. But don't let them or any of the haters that may comment on this blog disuade you from giving things a shot or accomplishing your goals. If they haven't achieved the type of success you want in their lives then taking advice from them is as sound as Hillary Clinton becoming a stripper. I like Hillary but it's probably not the best move! Well neither is heeding the feedback of people who don't make money from home.

And that's the last of my random thoughts for today. Hopefully you enjoyed reading my babbling and you got some value out of it. If not, you probably already skipped down to the leads below and no harm was done. Cheers either way. If you have any thoughts on anything I've said here, feel free to chime in below. Until next week, love, peace and hair grease. ;)

Monday 3/8/10


Customer Care Representative

General Education Instructor

Marketing/Administrative Support


Research Assistants

Managing Editor

Virtual Assistant

Customer Service Representative

Call Center Representative

Tuesday 3/9/10

Pet Blogger


Customer Service Representative/Dispatcher

Clinic Coding Specialist

Business Instructor

Law Instructor

Restaurant/Catering Blogger

Wednesday 3/10/10

Administrative Assistant

Online Writing Tutors



Legal Writer/Editor

Health, Fitness, Nutrition Writers

Science Researcher

Office Assistant

Research and Analysis Assistant for a Psychology Book

Thursday 3/11/2010

English Editor

Natural Medicine Consultant


Technical Writer


Legal Article Writer

Bookkeeper/Administrative Assistant

Executive Assistant


Customer Service Representative

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37 thoughts on “Weekly Work At Home Recap 03-12-10”

  1. Eddy, just a word on being thankful. Yes most of us was thought the golden rule but how soon do we forget. The world seem to strive on the negative things but ignore the positive or anything that make sense. Keep on doing what you do even if the ungrateful ones refuse to take a few seconds to say thanks. We all learn from your random thoughts, it is a gift. God bless you keep up the good works.

    • Well said Ben.
      I totally agree with you. Don’t worry I never planned to stop because people are rude and have forgotten manners. I was just venting. The hope was it would get people to think about their actions and I see it has. So mission accomplished. lol Most of the people that visit here are very positive. So I feel very fortunate to be around folks like you.
      God bless you as well and thanks for the supportive words.

  2. Thanks Eddy for keeping it real! I found a business I am beginning to work at now but while looking, It was good to have a site I could go to and verify some of the crap that’s out there to see if it is legit or not. You do always put the pros and cons so I don’t think anyone should complain about the opps listed. I will still be checking it out to see what you have to say! Thanks Again.


    • RaNaye,

      You’re quite welcome. At this point in my life, I don’t know how else to do it. LOL Thanks for the continued support and understanding where a brother was coming from regarding my venting. lol

  3. Hello Eddy!

    Great Article! Keep em coming. I’ve been trying to search on your website for an article regarding Commission Blueprint; I’m sure you probably have one and I’m just unable to locate it, but if you could tell me where to look that would be awesome. I’m interested to hear what you have to say about it.


  4. Thanks for the great content. I’m always searching the net for content that will
    give me some new ideas for my own blogs and legitimate home businesses.
    Great blog and thanks for the great article.

  5. Hey Ed,
    Thanks for looking out for us totally clueless on what direction to ff with making money online, all of your advise helped. I’m doing it slow information overload just gets to you and makes you confuse. Advise you provided were valuable its easy now to screen out scammers and stick to those that has potential. Im in Asia and just staring to look around whats best. You have no idea how grateful I was when I stumble into your website all the advise I read from you site about online jobs (e.g. writing), surveys, shopping helped. Im not making money yet but I know I’ll get there with guidance and all the links in your website are different from the others. Mostly I get advertisement from them instead I guess thats just part of it. KEEP ON POSTING COMMENTS WHAT U DO IS HELPFUL. THANKS

  6. Hello ‘E’,

    Just wanted to chime in with an additional kudos for your continued stellar service. Hip..hip……keep on keeping on!

    – ->dj.

  7. Just took your words to heart, and if I haven’t thanked you for all the time and effort you have put in for the rest of us to benefit from here it is! Thank you very much for the amazing amount of information that you have compiled into one place and don’t charge any of us a dime for. This is a wonderful site and I hope you are greatly blessed for your time and effort! Thanks for the changes you have helped so many people make in their own lives simply by following your site.

    • Mindy,

      Aww thanks. I hope you don’t think the shots were aimed directly at you. lol I think most of the people that follow me regularly do appreciate the effort. Because they tend to participate here. I was really taking shots at those folks that randomly email me out the blue making demands of me and then not having the decency to say thanks for the advice. That being said, I still appreciate your kind words so thanks for taking time out your day to share them with me.

  8. I am fairly new to your site and have been enjoying your posts since last sunday. I don’t know how I got to your site, but I’m sincerely enjoying it. You honestly rock!!! Not only do you give great insight about opportunities but you do it in an entertaining manner. You made my day with the penis enlargement joke. I have been wondering about Wealthy affiliate for sometime now but now thanks to you, I have a better picture of their program. Thank you for these great posts.

  9. Don’t drink the Kool-aid people. Ignore negative people and their comments. Keep up the good work Eddy because you not only are a great encourager and an inspiration, you deposit good things into the minds of anyone who can keep an open mind. I know you were joking about stopping teaching Princess manners, and I sure do wish all parents would do the same. I used to work in a children’s clinic and about 90% of the children and their parents who came to this clinic had some of the worst manners you could imagine. Rudeness is become more the norm than the exception and how long does it take a person to reply with a simple “thank you” after getting their questions answered? You’re doing a tremendous service here; and your sense of humor is just the icing on the cake because it really makes my day whenever I can get a laugh, a smile or even a small chuckle because there already is enough to “cry” about on any given day.


    • Becky,

      Thanks for the kind words and the ENTHUSIASM (ALL CAPS expresses this by the way. lol)! I really do appreciate it. It’s always good to hear when I’ve inspired people to take control of their lives and try to be their own boss. I know too many of us have been told we couldn’t. So I’m glad you realize that you can! The fact you’re up to the tasks means you will succeed in time. I look forward to hearing from you when it happens! Keep it up!

      Big Sis (Ms. Edrena),
      You of all people can definitely testify to the lack of home training out there because of your past jobs. And you already know I would never stop teaching my daughter good manners. I know from personal experience that because I’ve always had good manners and nice disposition, I would often receive favor when I may have lacked things in other areas. Being nice and courteous can take you so far in life. The sooner people realize that, the better the world will be. I’m happy I can bring a smile to your day. I really hope there are less days of tears coming your way. Lord knows you deserve joy and lots of it!

      I’m glad someone got a laugh out of my penis enlargement joke. lol I had my wife go through the article and she was rolling. She said you really love acting a fool, don’t you. lol In any event, I’m glad you’re finding the information useful. I appreciate your continued support.

  11. Wow, sorry Eddy!

    I wrote a really long and heartfelt thank you to you as well as some experiences I dealt with. I submitted the comment but it never showed up! I’m sorry you didn’t get to read it, and don’t ask me to repeat it because I wrote like 8 paragraphs lol!

    Thank you for everything and I finally subscribed after months of lurking!

    • Thanks Monica!

      Don’t you hate when that happens? I just went through the same thing earlier today when I was responding back to someone here. lol
      In any event I appreciate the support and your subscription. I would have loved to hear your experiences. But I totally understand the energy required
      to re-capture a heart felt moment. lol Thanks for coming out your shell and chiming in!

  12. @Eddy Salomon:
    Thank you Eddy for your kind words. I like the way you write, you make things very understandable and clear.
    I know with out what you are doing that where I am wouldn’t be this far, so that makes you a extrodinary guide on this journey all of us have decided to take for one reason or another.
    Your teaching us all how to fish so we can be able to eat for more than just a day.
    I don’t have a blog. I’ve found several tutorials on blog writing and there is so much information out there that it can be overwhelming, it’s alot like going to a library that never ends.

    Thanks again for what your doing and your kind words.

    • You’re welcome Wendy! The praise is totally deserved. You have a great mindset, wonderful insight and a special talent. I pray that you do maximize on it it. Because I think the world would benefit from it. If you ever want to write a guest post, I’d be happy to give you a platform here on my site. I’m always an email away.

  13. I’m loving the stream of comments this post is getting,keep em comming 😀 Eddy,I loved what you had to say about the low paying opportunities out there. The one thing that I like to bring out to the naysayers (my family,friends ect ect) is that I enjoy what I’m doing. If you can’t stand a certain genre of work at home,let’s say surveys for example (My personal most hated) then just don’t do them and find something you can enjoy. Personally I like the writing ones like mylot,I have like 20 cents in my account because I haven’t done much,BUT I love doing it. Just recently I learned how to tether my Blackberry to my laptop so I can get internet wherever I have cell coverage. So of course I’m excited,I want to tell people how to do this,I’m going to go post it on a forum somwhere,OR,I could go to mylot (or another like site)and write up a whole article about it with a step by step guide,and then mabey post some links to my article on some of the tech forums. The point of what I just rambled on about was,I’m already going to write this article,right? So why not make some money while doing it? Alright,I’m done with my weekly ramble lol. Keep it up Sir Eddy.

    • Lynn,

      You’re welcome! I’m glad to be in a position to provide it. Congrats on taking action and already earning some cash. You’re just another example of what happens when people step up to the plate instead of crying that there aren’t any legitimate options out there.

      In terms of private responses, most people seem to just use the “Contact Me” link on the left when they do want to talk to me privately. In fact, I have received quite a few emails in private about this very post. So it doesn’t seem to be an issue. But if it is. I guess it’s just become very clear from this response. lol However, I definitely prefer that people come out their shells and engage in an online conversation. That’s pretty much the point to a blog. But I hear ya!


      That’s yet another perfect example of what I was talking about. lol I also agree with you about going out there and getting what you want when it comes to this work at home stuff. There is definitely a lot of give it to me. And then when you do you have some of these negative folks crying it’s not what they want. Go figure. lol

      In any event, I’m glad to hear you’ve taken action and made money. It’s always good to hear from folks like you. Maybe it will rub off on the naysayers. lol I’m also happy you appreciate my corny sense of humor. I really enjoy writing and I’m glad it shows in my articles. Thanks for the continued support.


      Thanks for the support all these months. I really like your comment because you’ve hit it on the head as well. You clearly understand the amount of energy and effort you put into this is in direct proportion to the amount of money you’ll earn. You’re a perfect example of this. You’ve decided that you only want some side money and have done enough to make that happen and you’re happy with it. That’s wonderful and the way it should be!

      But you’re right some folks want everything handed to them in a silver platter. Even when you give them the proper resources, it’s still not enough. Honestly I’ve stopped dealing with a lot of those folks. I can’t tell you how many comments or emails I delete from people who are clearly being lazy and not reading information I’ve already provided them that answers their question. I’ve decided that I’m only going to help folks like you who are willing to read, do research and take action.
      Because ultimately these are the type of people that will succeed in this industry. Judging by the comments there are a lot of you that fall in this category. So applaud you all. Thanks for chiming in Kathryn, I really appreciate your thoughts and totally agree with you!


      Me too! It’s great to hear from all these like minded folks that are finding success at various levels. It’s inspiring for me. I also agree with your point here. I think that’s what drives me crazy about these people crying about these opportunities. I provide so many different options that you can always skip the ones you don’t like. Obviously you’re also an example of this. This is one of the few industries where you can get paid for what you like to do. It’s just a matter of doing it.

      So I’m happy to hear that you understand this concept and you’re doing it! Make it happen Dustin!

  14. Hey Eddy,
    I’ve been using your website for a good couple of months now, as my full-time job doesn’t give me the hours that I desire. I have a few websites that you reviewed that I have accounts on an occasionally get surveys on. Like you have warned over and over, the amount you make is the amount of effort you put into it. I don’t exactly scour the internet far and wide and make that much money, but I make more than I did before I signed up with a few of these sites. I got my first check from Pinecone Research the other day for taking a fast and easy survey. Although I’m not a huge success story, and I don’t really want to work at home full-time, I have successfully made a little side money on slow days where I wouldn’t have made any at all.
    Some people just don’t like to do the research and they want everything handed out to them, which they think you should do. Instead you have provided great resources and information for everyone to have access to. The negative people are the ones that are going to wind up signing up with a scam website or getting frustrated because they haven’t researched things properly.
    I really appreciate the hard work and effort you put into trying to help other people avoid scams and instead make money. I never went into this expecting to make a fortune but I did make the same amount of money equal to the effort I put in, which is a nice little side of money. Thank you thank you thank you!

  15. Eddy,

    Your remarks about people who become experts in some field they haven’t tried reminded me of an experience I had a few years ago. I am trying to become a writer who gets her work published. As you know, this is a tough racket. I used to attend meetings of a writing group. There was, and probably still is, one woman who was a self-styled authority on all aspects of writing. She was not slow to tell the rest of us what we were doing wrong. Of course, she raised some hackles.
    Finally, I asked her what she had published. It turned out to be one cookbook, self-published, that she hawked at arts-and-crafts fairs. No wonder her advice wasn’t worth listening to.

    In regard to working at home, people should realize that if you are going to make any money at it you will have to hustle. A day job may not pay well, but the work is laid out for you. If you want to stay at home and work on your own time you are going to have to get out there and find it.

    I find your site the most useful, by far, of any that purport to help people find work online. I know you put in hours of work on it, and your recommendations are always valid.

    Thank you for keeping up this site. It has put money in my bank account. Besides that, it is fun to read.

    Eunice K. Riemer

  16. Hi Eddy,
    First, I want to thank you for the service you provide. I’ve been working with some of your suggestions and making some cash. So far I’ve earned from Short Task and Swag Bucks. I’ve also signed up with the Home Job Stop site. Too soon to report earnings at this time.

    On another note, if you’re looking for more responses, it would be helpful for viewers to have an opportunity to respond without going public.

    Thanks again. Your suggestions are helpful!

  17. Hi Eddy,
    Just happened to stumble on your site and blogs, excellent information. I really appreciate you sharing such valuable information with us. You are very gifted with writing and it comes across so sincere. I’m still searching for the right work from home job, trying my hand at a website, but things aren’t coming together as quickly as I was mislead to believe. Since I am not confident with blogging, the website venture is probably not for me. So I am investigating various leads from your site, trying to find my niche. With my administrative background, trying to find what I would enjoy doing. Thanks for all your information.

    • Hey Iris,

      Thanks for the kind words. I really appreciate the support. It really annoys me to hear that you were mislead into thinking running a website would lead to quick money because obviously you now know that is not the case. If it were that easy everyone would be doing it. At the end of the day it’s like any business. It takes time and hard work to build up. Hopefully you’ve created a website about something you’re passionate about because that is the key. If you create a website about something you already love, it doesn’t seem like work or playing the waiting game. For instance I love the chase of making money online so if I created a website and folks never visited it, I would have been fine. Why? Well no matter what I would have always been looking for new ways to make money online. It’s my passion. So writing about my experiences on my website would have been something I would have engaged in one way or another.

      That’s one of the keys to longevity with running a website. Pick an industry or passion you love because you’ll stick with it no matter how well it’s doing. The other key is to get traffic to your site. People often get hung up with creating a website, and that’s actually the easiest part. Getting the eyeballs to your website is the hard part. But if you get the proper training even that becomes a lot easier. So even though you may have been mislead into your current site, if it’s something you’re passionate about, keep at it.
      Just switch gears and get training information from people that you trust.

      In the mean time, continue to try to find a work at home job for consistent money and giving the non-traditional opportunities a shot. Between them both, you’ll bring in some decent money as you try to find your niche or build up your website. Good luck and thanks for the continued support.

  18. Eddy,

    I have only been reading you for a short time, but I wanted to say thank you for all of your hard work and inspiring insights. You showed me how to earn my first penny online and have opened a whole new world for me.

    To anyone reading Eddy’s site for the first time, open your mind and let the possibilities flow! Dont let the negative comments from any “negative nelley’s” out there stop you from trying to find your joy.

    Thanks again Eddy and dont ever stop!

    • Hey Susan,

      Thanks for the kind words and congrats on earning you first penny online! It’s a huge accomplishment that should be celebrated because 99% who have tried to make money at home haven’t achieved your success. So you’re part of an elite group of folks. Welcome to the club and may this lead to some big dollars! If anyone is on the fence about taking action, listen to your fellow work at home seekers like Susan here. Or keep doing what you’re doing and getting more of what you’ve been getting.

      Thanks again Susan. As P.Diddy once said, “I can’t stop, won’t stop.” lol

  19. Hello Eddy,
    I also agree with Wendy. She has figured out that sheis in charge of her income. I also do not wish to rely on someone else for my paycheck. The other thing she wrote that touchedme is she has learned to accept change to her lifestyle in order to accomodate her income. Well done Wendy.

    • Richard,

      I think you’ve hit it on the head. Depending on someone else for a paycheck, basically puts that person in control of your whole life and family. That never set well with me even before the financial issues of recent years. But I think we’ve all been trained to accept this as our only option from a very young age. But the fact of the matter is that it’s not and Wendy has eloquently illustrated this. That being said, I recognize that some people don’t want this responsibility and find it “easier” to be an employee the rest of their lives and that’s fine. Different strokes for different folks. However you can’t really complain about a given situation if you chose to be in it. Because at the end of the day there are always other options if you’re willing to take them.

  20. Eddy,

    I enjoy reading what you write. It’s always been helpful and full of honesty and encouragement. Your right about there being people out there who scoff at earning just a few cents or maybe a little more, but I am sure that’s because of the mind set of what a job is and how it’s defined.
    A job can be anything. There are lots of jobs that get done everyday and the reward or payment is that there’s one less thing on the to do list. These jobs arn’t seen the same way as the jobs that a person leaves the house to do, but in truth they are still jobs.

    Over the months that I have been out of the “normal” work force a change of view has occured in my thinking. In this society a job that we get paid for has been given established perameters and there is little room for any other kind of view.
    Somewhere along the line the majority have believed that they work for someone else in some kind of regimented fashion and at the end of a certian number of days they get a paycheck which then is subject to a long barage of complaints that it isn’t enough. This has always made me wonder when I have heard the compalints of these folks, what is enough?

    From these same people I have heard the following comments, you’ll never make any money working from home. You have to go out and get a job. You will never find a real job working from home. I have refused to let comments like these keep me from being willing to see a job as anything that offers me a possiblity to make more than what I started any given day with.
    While it’s true that it means that I have to look at doing my taxes different and that I have to keep records of everything I do make, it also means that I don’t have to spend hours in preperation to get to a job that may end up getting yanked out from under me at a moments notice.
    All of this kind of reminds me of finally getting to be the captian of my own ship and finally getting to explore new things and meet a whole lot of different people.
    That first penny I earned was huge for me as well.

    Here’s some of the other things this adventure has afforded me, it’s caused me to do better reasearch, it’s caused me to think way outside the box. In fact I think I’ve lost track of the boxes a few months back. It’s brought back a sense of purpose that I lost somewhere in one of those tradional leave the house kinds of jobs. I now keep track of trends in several different arenas because I’ve discovered that’s a great way to find some hidden job possiblities.
    In short my whole view has been altered and the realization that my sucess is completely up to me is an extreemly empowering thing.
    It has caused me to create goals that I didn’t have before, and it has also made me take a long hard look at what I really want. I am no longer limited by the thought of I have to get a normal job and if I don’t I’m sunk. I know I’m not sunk because I’m no longer a prisioner to a system that says I can only dance to one tune.

    So I want to thank you for what you do, for taking the time to keep this site going and for spending the time each week to search and research jobs that can be done at home.
    Here’s one final thought, with out a penny, dollars arn’t possible.

    • Wendy,

      You’re welcome. Wendy you so need your own blog! You consistently share words of wisdom and encouragement in such a wonderful way. Even I get inspired when I read your comments. lol You have such a great way with words and getting your point across. Where my writing style is like a kid finger painting, you’re like a MichaelAngelo! You seriously need your own site if you don’t have one already. Or you need to do some guest post for someone. (Hint hint. lol)

      In any event, I totally agree with everything you said. It’s funny how people don’t actually realize that about so called real jobs. I think you’ve given folks a lot to think about. Maybe now some of those naysayers will be less inclined to down these opportunities and think outside the box like you and I have. Because you’re absolutely right there is such a world of possibility when get out the “Matrix”. However from my experience, a lot of folks prefer to be in the Matrix. There is a belief it is easier or more secure. But I think the massive layoffs has thrown that theory out the window. But you’ve pretty much summed up my rambling with that one sentence which is worth repeating:
      “Without a penny, dollars aren’t possible!”

      You’ve given me a new motto! Thanks.

  21. I like what you wrote about finding work on line. Plus I enjoy it when you give us a glimpse of your home life. Thank you for hosting this site. I look forward to seeing you pop up in my email. It makes my day. Keep up the good work.


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