Weekly Work At Home Recap 03-19-10

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Hey guys, hope you had a great week. Last week was crazy here in the North East. As if the blizzard of 2010 wasn't enough, then we were hit by the "Wizard of Oz" wind storm from hell. Trees, power lines, shingles and even cable lines were knocked off like dominoes. It looked like a mini war zone. Lord have mercy! Fortunately, all I suffered was a few leaky windows and a bad case of the shakes because my internet connection was down for a few hours.

It's not a pretty site to see an internet junkie without the web. My wife was very concerned for my well being because as she put it, "You just don't look quite right". lol What's really crazy is that this week has been perfect spring weather with warm temperatures and a lot of this bright orange stuff. I think it's called the sun. It's as if Mother Nature is schizophrenic.

I don't know about you but I think Global Warming is alive and well. Even Stevie Wonder would be able to see the effects. In any event, let's move on to my random thought of the week. Feel free to skip down to the job leads if you'd prefer not to read my mindless dribble.

Random Thought

Thank You….

So last week I was venting about folks that lacked home training and didn't say thank you after receiving a reply from me regarding work at home. Coincidentally I saw a huge rise in thank yous from my regulars and a few strangers. Let me start off by saying I really do appreciate that kind gesture by all of you. But I want to make it clear that message was directed at the random people that come upon my sites and then email me for help without actually taking the time to read my information. Then they have the audacity to probably use the information and not even express thanks. I was sharing a moment with my regulars because we have that type of cool relationship. I didn't mean to imply that folks like my loyal subscribers aren't grateful because I know you are. You folks already express your appreciation regularly by subscribing, lurking, private emails or via the comments you post here on this site. So my bad if you thought I was referring to any of you. That wasn't the intention. Obviously certain things get lost in the translation as you put them into text. So hopefully that clears the air for folks that may have been wondering quietly to themselves or to others in private conversations if I was taking shots at them. (;)). I wasn't. I was taking public shots at the other folks. lol

With that said, I do want to take this time to thank some people. First thanks to my loyal subscribers. It always amazes me that you folks think enough of my content although littered with grammatical and spelling errors to subscribe. The fact that you would sign up to endure more of my rambling which is cleverly disguised as useful content means a great deal to me. I truly appreciate your trust in me.

Next I want to thank the lurkers. I know there are a lot of you out there that read this blog religiously but don't publicaly comment because of your shyness or the witness protection program policies you must adhere to. It's all good either way. I see you and still appreciate the behind the scenes love and support.

On the opposite end of the spectrum I want to thank the extraverts out there that do actually publicly comment. Truth be told without you folks, my site would be a monologue. There is only so much of myself I can tolerate. So thank you for your willingness to interact with me and the other folks that frequent this site. Your comments are often entertaining, inspiring and educational. We all benefit from them. Excluded from all this praise are the spammers, negative Nancies, haters, folks that don't actually read the content and the self promoting folks that add little value to the discussion. I delete your stuff on the regular anyway so you're probably not even here to read this. Poof be gone.

Last but not least, I want to give a huge shout out to my virtual team of assistants (Callie, Denise, Jeanine, Jackie & recently Jonathan). They're the work horses behind the scenes that do a lot of the heavy lifting that makes your experience on my sites what they are. Because of their efforts I have been able to cut back how much I work and now have normal 15-16 hours work days. lol But seriously you may not hear about my virtual assistants but trust me when I say you benefit from a lot of the hard work they do on these sites. So thanks again to my FAB 5. "You complete me." lol

Again thanks to all of the groups of folks I mentioned above. I don't care what everyone else thinks about you. But to me, you guys really are the best!

Hope you enjoyed my random thought for the day. If not I'll put you out your misery now and introduce the job leads below. Enjoy!

Friday 3/12/2010


Naval History Bloggers


Medical Biller

Entertainment Writers



Scheduling Coordinator

Monday 3/15/2010

Academic Writers

Educational Writers


Hotel Review Writer


Customer Service Representative



Content Editor

Resume Writer

Tuesday 3/16/2010

Health & Wellness Writers


Proof Reader/Editor



Wednesday 3/17/2010

Data Entry

Article Writer


Certified Credit Counselor



Hotels Reservationist

Thursday 3/18/2010


Customer Service Representative

Customer Service Representative




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Online Chatters

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13 thoughts on “Weekly Work At Home Recap 03-19-10”

  1. @Lynn:, You go girl! (Sorry for the delay, somehow I missed this comment.) I’m very proud of you. You have a good attitude about the $5 you earned. HomeJobStop is a great site and why its on our recommended list.

    Glad I can make you laugh. The world is too serious. Sometimes we all need to be silly and be able to laugh. So I’m happy you appreciate my corniness. Thanks again for the continued support and I don’t plan to do anything but keep on trucking. lol So thanks again.

  2. I must admit Eddy, this blog entry was very funny. I was cracking up at your weird analogies XD

    I’m also glad for the thanks back! Keep on trucking 😉

  3. Just earned my second $5.00 PayPal Card from Swag Bucks. No, not getting rich, but I don’t mind getting an extra $5 for searches I would have done anyway. Have also found some good leads from HomeJobStop. Will keep you informed.

  4. hey! Just wanted to say great job on advise for us new at staying at home with our babies! I love reading your dialogue-its always entertaining. I like how you write what you are thinking. I’ve followed some of your recommends and really am enjoying it. Your last recommendation on focus groups looks promising-already have a lead for $50! So thanks again!

    • Thanks Susan.
      I’m glad you find me entertaining. My wife thinks I’m annoying. lol In any event, it’s great to hear you’re exploring the various options out there. I love focus groups.
      Getting paid to test new products and babbling with strangers is always easy money if you qualify.Come to think of it, I need to start doing more of them again. Take care.

  5. Hey Eddy,

    Mother nature schizophrenic – that was funny. Didn’t get a chance to respond last week BUT thank you for all that you do.

  6. Quite a picture Eddy. Looks like something that a person might see here in Missouri. We just had our state wide test warning recently getting us ready for the spring storm season. I’m not an official storm chaser but have been known to go out to have a look which isn’t recommended. I like to do that in an open environment. I’m glad you all made it through alright. There is awesome power contained in tornadoes. Have a blessed weekend with your lovely family.

    • Shannon,

      Great to hear from you as usual. Thanks. Hope you have a nice warm weekend. lol

      That picture may be from Missouri for all I know. I was just trying to find a picture that visualized what that storm felt like. lol
      I didn’t realize Missouri had consistent storms like that. I’ve watched those storm chasers on TV. That’s too much excitement for me. If I need excitement in my life, I head to the movies when the teenagers are out. lol But whatever floats your boat. I just don’t want to hear you ended up on the news Bruce for getting a bit too close to one of those storms. Stay safe.

      You’re welcome. I think the analogy fit perfect considering all the wild mood swing of Mother Nature of late. lol

  7. Hey Eddy,

    Wow, I didn’t realize you had it like that in terms of the weather. It’s a good thing it has passed on. Thank goodness for the Spring-like weather now. For days it’s been fantabulous here too! My sunny boy has been shining brightly and the temps have been in the 60s.

    As for being without net access … well, even for a few hours we already know it’s like being without air. Remember when I lost access for a few days and I was panicked out of my mind. Lol

    Very nice random thought thank yous. You are so very welcome. I count it a blessing to be a part of such an awesome FAB 5 team working together with the phenomenal Eddy. Yes you are phenomenal so don’t you dare go gettin’ all modest on me. Lol

    Keep up all the good work! You know I’ll be right here supporting your efforts every step of the way. 🙂

    • Hey Callie,
      Girl I thought I had told you about the weather here last week. I assumed it was all over the news and you knew. lol
      I agree, I’m so happy about the spring weather. It just sets you in a good mood! Your metaphor about losing access is like losing air is spot on. lol
      It’s sort of sad how much we’ve become dependent on the internet. lol

      In any event, thanks again for being a great VA! You are the bomb!

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