Weekly Work At Home Recap 04-02-2010

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Hello All,

So how was your April Fool's Day? Did you fall for the many jokes and pranks being played all over the web? Or did you play some jokes of your own? I thought about sending out a post saying that I had sold my sites, but I decided against it. I've seen how those pranks can have an adverse effect on loyal users.

In any event, this week I'm stumped for a random thought of value. So we'll by pass it and jump right into the leads. But feel free to fill in for me below by writing your random thoughts in the comment box.

Have A Happy Easter (if you celebrate it)! I'll speak to you next week!

Monday 3/29/10

Customer Service Representative

Bilingual Call Center Representative


Customer Service Representative/Billing Administrator

Executive Assistant

Spanish/English Writer Researcher writer

Tuesday 3/30/2010

Technical Support Specialist/Programming Assistant

Science Curriculum Writer/Content Specialist


Resume Writer

Editorial Assistant

Data Entry

Administrative Assistant

Typist/Administrative Assistant

Wednesday 3/31/2010

Sales Representative

Customer Service Representative

ESL Teacher


Relationship Coach

Office Assistant

Seamstress or Tailor

Content Editor

Project Manager

Thursday 04/01/2010

Staffing Coordinator

Social Networking Promoter

Customer Relationship Manager

Program Coordinator

Copy Writer

Translation/Transcreation from English UK to French Canadian

Professional Resume Writer

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5 thoughts on “Weekly Work At Home Recap 04-02-2010”

  1. Happy Easter Eddy, and everyone else as well. Remember why we celebrate Easter, and be thankful for all we have because of it. I know I sure am. Everyone be safe on the roads this weekend and have a wonderful Easter!

  2. Worst Post Ever =P…

    You know every post you write gives me a little something to think about. Sometimes an entire article inspires me, sometimes just a single sentence. This post, not so much, but that’s okay because I know you spent all this week guiding me in the ways of “SEO” ( search engine optimization ), so maybe I’m to blame for this short post.

    Happy Easter Big E!! It’s all about your daughter now though, so share those quarter lb chocolate easter bunnies.


  3. I love this site — there is so much helpful/useful info. Thank you very much for putting your time into this site. I am trying to get some extra cash going so that I can eventually look into doing WA. So I am starting with surveys and found this site that has a link to Pinecone Research join site– you might have already posted this info, but I didnt’ see it when I searched your site for Pinecone.
    Again thank you for your time and for sharing your wisdom.

    • You’re welcome Rebecca.


      I hate you. lol Nah but seriously if I don’t feel inspired to write I feel it’s better not to. It amazes me when some blogs have new content everyday outside of technology and politics because there is always crap to talk about there. But to me I think it’s better to be silent unless you have something of value to add than to just hit your schedule of daily posts. That being said it may also be because of the holiday week and my brain shuts down. Who knows? lol

      Anyway Happy Easter to you too Big Phil! What’s this word “share” you referenced? It’s not really in my vocabulary when it comes to candy. lol

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