Weekly Work At Home Recap 04/23/2010

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Eddy Chilling at the pool!

I'm back and It's so nice to be home chatting with all my loyal subscribers. I'm all recharged and ready to get back on my grind. It's funny, a few years ago when I was still slaving away for the Man, coming back home from vacation was so hard. But oh how times have changed when you're self employed. This brings me to today's random thought.


Last week my vacation to Puerto Rico was a lot of fun. My hotel was wonderful and I had some great time with my family. I spent most of the time by the pool or beach watching my daughter play ("Bee" being Silly,"Bee" Getting Ready to Jump In) and my wife ogling young men that obviously spend a lot of time working out. (I need to get my work out game up. lol) In any event, as I did this I had a lot of time to reflect on my life and all my blessings.

You see my wife and I are avid travelers. So vacations to islands weren't something new. We always made it a point to go away because we felt it was so important to our relationship. But when we both worked for The Man, vacations were even more bitter sweet because of all the time we spent slaving away to make others rich. I recall the days of planning vacations around "The Man's" schedule.

But once we got the man's "permission" to take time for ourselves and finally reached our destination, it was always worth it. I recall my wife would head to the beach dragging me a long. I know what you're thinking. Why would she need to drag you? Well, I'm totally not a beach person. One, I have a year round tan and two, the sand and seaguls shooting deuces on you like bombs aren't my idea of fun. But I digress. I would begrudgingly go to the beach, rent an expensive ass umbrella and just sit in the sand and watch the waves go by. It was actually very enjoyable when properly equipped. lol

But I clearly remember there was one vacation where I told my wife the following. "I promise that one day we're going to do this whenever we want. We won't need to beg for days off or dread having to go back home to work. One day we'll be able to visit any island we want at the drop of a dime."

Fast forward to present day and here I am sitting in the living room of my hotel suite over looking a pool and beach. I had to smile and be reminded of that little promise made a few years ago. I was just so thankful to know that we do live that life now. I was so overwhelmed with a feeling of appreciation, I felt compelled to say a little pray and thank God that he put a little dream in my heart and helped me make it happen.

The reason I mention this story to you is not because I want to brag. I tell it because I'm just a regular guy like you that made this life happen with a lot of work, blessings, support and a bit of luck. I'm no different than any of you. If I can achieve my dreams than obviously any of you can too if you want it bad enough and work towards it. Even before I got to this point, one thing I believe that helped me tremendously along the way was a great sense of appreciation.

I learned to be happy with every milestone in my life whether it was finding another way to make 1 dollar online or just finding a parking spot right near the entrance of a packed mall. I discovered that as I appreciated every little victory or blessing in my life, more of it would come. Too often we're all looking for a home run. But not enough of us are appreciating the fact that you're in the game.

So even if you're not taking fancy vacations YET, look at the other accomplishments in your life regardless of how small they are and appreciate them. I don't care how small or insignificant they may seem to everyone else. It doesn't matter. You appreciate them and magnify them in your mind. I promise you by doing this and applying hard work, you'll eventually reach your dreams as well.

Hope this makes sense. If not maybe some job leads below will. lol

Tuesday 4/20/2010

Legal Assistant/Paralegal


Medical Research/Writer

Proof Reader/Grammar Corrections


Virtual Assistant

Administrative Assistant


Copy Writer


Wednesday 4/21/2010

English/Spanish Bilingual Customer Service Representative

Internet Search Consultant

Book Research Assistant

Executive Assistant/Coordinator

Professional Editor – Finance Book


Technical Writer

Online Business Consultant


Tax Bookkeeper

Thursday 4/22/2010

Proof Reader

Customer Service Reservations and Services Specialist

At Home Agents



Web Copywriter



Content Writer

Technical Support Agent

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