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Hello All,

Sorry for the infrequent post in the last week or so. I went away to the Dominican Republic for a few days. Unfortunately it rained for a lot of that trip. But at least I missed that horrible blizzard that struck the north east.

In any event, I've decided to continue to do an "end of the week" post since some of you expressed that you like hearing from me regularly. Thanks, I appreciate that! However, I'm still trying to figure out what the format will be. The one thing I am sure of is that I will recap the work at home leads that were listed on job search page for the past week. Since I don't have much else to say today, I'll get right into that work at home job recap. lol

Monday 3/1/10


Quantitative Researcher

Internet Research Assistant


Keyword Researcher

Customer Service Agent

Bilingual Call Center Representative

Overnight Bilingual Customer Service Agent

Administrative Assistant

Pre-employment Verification Specialist

Tuesday 3/2/10

Office Assistant


Online Tutors

Data Entry/Quickbooks

Report Writer

Reservations Agent

Website Updater

Customer Relationship/Content Manager

Transportation Coordinator

Tax Researcher

Wednesday 3/3/10

Virtual Administrative Assistant

Mystery Shopper

Bilingual Customer Service Representative

Administrative Assistant/Office Manager


Administrative Assistant

Office Assistant

Editorial Researcher

Mortgage Customer Service Representative


Thursday 3/4/10

Virtual Sales Assistant

Coordinating Editor

Fashion Blogger

Reporter/Editorial Assistant

Wedding Writer

Appointment Setting/ Telemarketing


Menu Designer

Home Based Nurse Reviewer

Online Tutor

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6 thoughts on “Weekly Work At Home Recap”

  1. Eddy,WTH. You say you don’t have anything to say. How’d the vacation go? (Other than the rain) Pics? Your slippin’ man,your slippin’ 😛 Anyway welcome back,we missed ya. 😀

    • Dustin,

      My bad Man! I figured no one would really want to hear much about my vacation. I always have this mindset of just delivering information about working at home or scams and that ya’ll don’t really give a damn about my personal life. But maybe I was wrong. lol

      In any event, my trip was a lot of fun. Although I’m not in my twenties anymore so it’s hard for me to do back to back nights of hanging out and drinking. But apparently my brother-in-laws have some 20 year old genes in them because they were able to hang hard despite being in their 30’s as well. I opted out one night because I just wanted to be well rested for my trip back home.

      All and all, I had a good time and got a chance to be in the pool at least one day. I’m awful with taking pictures so I don’t have any for this trip. But next trip I’ll be sure to share some. In any event, it’s good to know I was missed by my loyal subscribers. So thanks for mentioning that. lol

  2. Welcome back, Ed. Hope that you made the best of your VACA. Recap = beautiful. As always, thanks for the fantastic service that you provide. Enjoy the weekend! – – > d.

  3. Good morning, Brother Eddy. Good job! I don’t know how you keep supplying so many sources for us. Welcome back, by the way. Glad you got out and back safely. Have a blessed day, mon ami.

    • Good Morning Big Sis!

      I have a great team of people working with me that make this happen. So the praise goes to them.
      I’m glad I got back home safely too. I was so concerned about the snow storm delaying my return home and I was missing my ladies so much. Speaking of which let me get off this computer. My princess just got up and and screaming for her daddy. I must feed the master. lol Take care Sis. Good hearing from you!

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