WHAFF Rewards App Review: Legit or A Waste of Time?

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Making money using your smartphone can be as easy as knowing the apps that can pay you for your screen time. You probably already know this and that's why you're going through several WHAFF Rewards reviews to know whether the app is legit or a waste of time.

Well, we have the truth about the app, and unfortunately it's not always pretty. So I would strongly suggest you read this shocking WHAFF Rewards review. You've been warned!

What is WHAFF Rewards?

WHAFF Rewards found online at whaff.com is an app that claims to pay people to download and test other apps. WHAFF Inc., Ltd was founded in 2011 and the app was later rolled out in 2012. But we neither know who owns the company nor their permanent address at this time.

How Does WHAFF Rewards Work?

Once you install WHAFF you can choose what app you want to download and test. But you'll have to do everything within the WHAFF App to ensure they actually credit you. They claim you'll earn money for:

  1. Downloading the app you choose.
  2. Using the app and completing the tasks that the app requires you to.
  3. Keeping the app on your phone and using it every day for a specified period.

Did you know you can also get paid to download apps on sites like InBoxDollars.com, Swagbucks.com and FusionCash.com? Well, now you know.

How Much Money Can I Make With WHAFF Rewards?

How much you earn depends on how many apps are available for download at the time of asking. In either case they pay anywhere between $0.0025 and $0.005 for each step completed.

You can also earn a few cents when people use your invite code to sign up.

When Does WHAFF Rewards Pay You?

Users say it can take a week or two to earn your first dollar and roughly three months to make your first withdrawal.

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How Does WHAFF Rewards App Pay You?

WHAFF rewards you with either gift cards or PayPal money. You'll need at least $10 to make a payment request, and they say you'll get your reward after three working days.

How Do I Get Started With WHAFF Rewards?

To get started, you'll first download the app either on Google Play or Apple Store. Once you have the app installed apparently you'll need a Facebook account to sign up. Then when you're all set up you can start exploring your options of making money.

WHAFF Rewards App Complaints

If you're anything like me and just hate getting scammed, then this is the part of the review you ought to read. We found some dirt on the WHAFF Rewards app which we think might help you decide whether the app is worth your time.

No BBB Profile

If you live and die by a Better Business Bureau rating, then you may want to pass on WHAFF Rewards. They are not listed with the BBB, so maybe that's a deal breaker to you.

Fortunately there are other companies that have a positive BBB rating. You may want to look into sites like InBoxDollars.com, Swagbucks.com and FusionCash.com where you can also get paid for what you already do online like visit websites, read emails, watch videos and other tasks. But if you want a real work at home opportunity that will pay the bills, check out My Best Work At Home Recommendation.

You can easily get banned

Perhaps there are two sides to this story, but quite a number of users got banned from using the app supposedly for reasons unknown to them. Well, their Terms of Use specify the rules you need to follow to avoid getting banned. But all in all several users complained of losing the money they earned after they got banned, with no chance of recovering what they already earned.

Where's My Money?

Some users say they completed what was required and never got credited. Then when you contact customer service they'll spin you around with all sorts of questions like what app you downloaded and for how long you've been using it. So it seems your business with the app doesn't end with you completing what's required. Sometimes you'll have to actually follow things up with customer service to get the damn pennies.

Don't quit your day job

People are pissed at how hard it is to make money using WHAFF Rewards. You'll need to bust your ass off making peanuts, and remember the apps you download require you to complete tasks every damn day. If you skip a day they won't credit you. So it's a lot of work for very little money, if what users are saying is true.

Is WHAFF Rewards Legit or A Scam?

WHAFF Rewards is not a scam, they do pay people to download and use apps. But the rules are very strict and if you break one you may lose what you've already earned. Again, there is no way you can rely on this to pay the bills. You'll be surprised at how hard it is, and how long it takes to reach the $10 payment threshold.

So with that said, it's always good to look at other options as well. You can make money downloading apps and doing what you already do online like watching videos, reading emails, playing games and more at sites like SwagBucks.com, FusionCash.com, InboxDollars.com. But if that's not what you're looking for and would prefer earning a living online, then you may want to check out My Best Work At Home Recommendation.

We would love to know what you think about WHAFF Rewards or any other work at home opportunity. So feel free to chime in on the comments section below. If you still have questions about WHAFF Rewards, you can find answers on their Terms page, or the FAQs page on the app.

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