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Vegas Secrets

So as many of you know I recently won an all paid expense trip to Las Vegas for being one Wealthy Affiliate University's top affiliates. It was a great honor and I had a lot of fun to say the very least. I still think I'm recovering from that trip. lol There were some things that happened there that I have to share. I know what you're thinking. Eddy, everything that happens in Vegas is suppose to stay there. Don't start dry snitching now! lol But I'm going to break that rule. Here are some things I learned from my interactions with the other top affiliates. I hope it provides some inspiration or guidance.

1. Most of the top affiliates at this conference had humble backgrounds and have remained grounded despite being successful.

Sometimes there is a misconception that people who are rich or wealthy got there because of luck, their family name or a sex tape being released (a hem Ms. Kardashian…still love ya though. lol) But none of the successful affiliates I met came up like that (to my knowledge. lol). They all pretty much worked their way up from the bottom to achieve their level of success. It's like we were all trying to make up for the misfortune we were dealt in our earlier years. It shaped us to work harder than everyone else to reach our goals. It's also kept us all very humble. Sure chilling in MGM Skylofts and being chauffeured around in a stretch Cadillac Escalade limo is a lot fun. But at the core we were all still very humble regular people. With our without success these are people you would like and want to be around. They're not folks that are full of themselves because they have a little more change than most. I think this is why many of us are successful, people can actually relate to us and we to them.

2. We all became successful because we were in the business of helping people achieve their own goals first.

Obviously we all want to make money. But the money we made was a direct effect of thinking about how to add value to people's lives first. A testament to that was our second day in Vegas. We basically spent a whole day discussing how we could all improve Wealthy Affiliate University so that current and new members get even more value. It wasn't about how do we squeeze more money out of people or price hikes. It was how can we give people more of what they want and need to succeed. At that moment I knew I was around the right people. It really confirmed in my mind we all made it to this level because we're consumed with how to help people. Unfortunately many would be business owners/ affiliate marketers go about it ass backwards. They think money first and everything else next. Not surprisingly a lot of those folks fail because of this. Speaking to my fellow super affiliates was just a nice reminder that providing value first is still the recipe for long term success. Sure we could all easily use our internet marketing prowess to do just the opposite and still make a boat load of money. But it's just not how we all roll and that's nice to know!

3. We're passionate about what we do.

When I worked for the man I rarely did more than what was asked of me. I'm not really proud of that. But at the time I didn't feel I needed to do more than that because it wasn't my company. I just had a real problem busting my ass and getting nothing more than a slap on the back in return or the promise of a possible promotion. At the end of the day I wasn't passionate about what I did for the earlier part of my work years. Later in my career I changed that work ethic and did a bit more and it did pay off. However a lot of that changed because I was finally doing something I was passionate about, I had a great boss and a great co-worker who took me under his wing (Thanks Ja!). Even with all those changes, the effort I put in was only a fraction of the energy used for my own business. My business might as well have been my baby girl. I would spend ungodly hours nurturing, changing and growing her. But every minute of it I really enjoyed and loved because it was all my mine where I called the shots. Unlike my job I could directly see the impact of my work. Apparently many of us share this type of love for our "work" and I use that word "Work" loosely. Apparently we've all been in situations situations where we would forget to eat while working or we'd wake up in the middle of the night because of a great idea or how we all bring our laptops on vacation. lol It was literally like in a room of mirrors because we all had the same type of passion and stories illustrating the love for what we do. To the rest of the world, we're weirdos or workaholics. But to each other we were normal, type A personalities that love what we do.

4. We all have fears.

To my surprise even as successful as all of us are, we still have some insecurities that we've learned to work through or are still grappling with. My biggest fear has been losing it all and having to go back my past life of working for the man. I literally have nightmares about it. But Carson made a good point which had a great impact on me. He basically said if I lost it all, I would find a way to bring it back again. It's in my DNA. He argued you created your current success because you disliked your past situation of working for the man. If thrusted in it again, your feelings wouldn't change. You would still dislike it and find some entrepreneurial way of freeing yourself again. It was such a simple statement but it rang so true. I've been grinding since I was a young buck. Why would that ever change even if I lost it all? It was a real eye opening moment for me. It made me feel good to know that I wasn't the only one that had that fear and how they all worked through it.

5. We challenge ourselves constantly.

A lot of times you can get complacent when you become a successful business owner or even at a 9-5. But the folks that really excel, never feel satisfied. We're always looking to climb another mountain. It's a high that we can't shake and crave for like Pookie did crack. (For the urbanly challenged, NEW JACK CITY movie reference. lol) We all love hitting our goals and/or numbers. Once we've done that it's on to another milestone. We can't stop and won't stop. This drive is our battery and what keeps us going when others are ready to give up. It's a spark that we can all recognize in each other. It's like we use to say in the hood: "Real recognize Real". I may be out of that environment but I can still recognize that drive in other people that grind hard like me.

Well that's pretty much what I learned in Vegas. It was great to be around like minded people doing better or just as well as you. I know it definitely inspired me to really grind hard. You don't need to win an affiliate marketing contest to get this type of inspiration. Simply surrounding yourself with people that are doing what you would like to do in life should achieve the same effect. You can easily do that by frequenting blogs of people you admire or chatting with other successful people in forums. At the same time you must limit your contact with people who aren't in the situation you want to be. I have found when I surround myself with like minded people and folks doing better than me, I can't help but step up my own game and do well too.

In any event, I hope you found this little article helpful. It wasn't really meant to brag or anything like that. My hope is that you become just as inspired as I was after this experience. The sky literally is the limit. Meeting these other successful people with humble backgrounds is a testament to this. Anyone who is willing to learn, stay consistent and take action can become successful. None of these people let the excuses of life and failures get in their way. They just made it a point to grind hard until they reached their goals. So if we all can do it why can't you?

Let it marinate!

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