What Work At Home Seekers Can Learn from Lebron James!

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So this past week basketball super star Lebron James decided to leave the Cleveland Cavaliers for greener pastures in Miami, Florida. The decision to me isn't really all that interesting. The man did what was best for him in terms of business and his personal goals. When team owners treat players like cattle and trade them from team to team without any concern for the players and their families, no one bats an eye. But when the shoe is on the other foot, it becomes a nationwide catastrophe. The hypocrisy is sickening to say the least. But you know me. I'm not one to dwell on the negative. I have actually found something positive out of this situation that you should consider in your own life as you pursue working at home.

Stop your crying…

If you've watched the news, you've seen how crazy the reaction has been to a decision about a game. lol There are literally people who were crying and basically enticing violence because of Lebron's decision. (Shame on you Cleveland Cavaliers Owner Dan Gilbert!) For the city of Cleveland I can understand the reaction to a certain degree because their economy basically depended on Lebron and now that's pretty much taken a hit. So their reaction has SOME validity. But everyone else just seems to be taking the whole situation out of proportion.


Well venturing into the work at home industry can yield very strong reactions as well from people in your own circle. Like in Cleveland some of the concerns may be valid such as the concern of you being a victim of a scam or you throwing away a good job for this so called work at home pipe dream.

Grow a pair…

Here's the thing you need to consider, sometimes you just have to "man" or woman up and just make the right decision for you regardless if it's an unpopular one. Because ultimately you can't please everyone and live your life for others. If Lebron James would have stayed in Cleveland and continued to fail at bringing a championship he would have been just as vilified as he is now for heading to Miami. So either way he was in a catch 22.
You could choose to listen to the naysayers around you and continue to get more of what you've already been getting and not live your dream. Or you can take a risk on yourself and give this work at home thing a shot and see where it takes you. At the end of the day at least you can know you made a decision based on what you wanted to do and not what was dictated by others. It takes a certain type of character and personal strength to go against the grain. But the folks that do tend be the ones end up achieving greater things in life.

Time will tell all…

Success may not necessarily happen as fast as they want or hoped for. But sometimes because rebels have stayed the course they are rewarded for their belief in themselves. I don't know if Lebron's decision will pay off. However I have a strong suspicion that it will because he's surrounded himself with like minded and talented people. If you've read this blog long enough, you know it's what I'm always preaching you do in terms of training and such. At the end of the day what I want you to learn from this whole decision is that sometimes it's really tough to follow a different path such as work at home.
But if this is truly your dream, don't let anyone stop you. Obviously you want to take your time to make calculated decisions. However let them be based on what's important to you. Don't let others dictate them no matter how much you may love and respect these other people. Otherwise you'll always be living for them and not your dreams. I don't know about you but I'd rather go out trying things on my own terms then never trying at all because it was dictated by others around me.
So that's my take on this "situation" about a stupid game. Ignore all the smoke and mirror issues being flamed here. Instead, do what I've done and learn from it. Because if you view it from the perspective I've laid out above, it may actually guide you towards work at home success.

Your two cents please…

In any event, what are your thoughts about my take on this and how it can be applied to work at home? Is there another lesson you see here? Are you just as disgusted as I am that we as nation can galvanize on such a trivial sports decision but not on major ones like the economy and holding Corporate America accountable for the mess we're going through? Feel free to chime in professionally and respectfully below as you guys always do.

12 thoughts on “What Work At Home Seekers Can Learn from Lebron James!”

  1. Hallo Eddy

    You have taken a situation that has been blown out of proportion and put it into perspective. Great post.

  2. Eddy,
    As always, a great and informative post! I love your no bulls$#t approach on life situations and business. I always walk away from your postings with something to think about. If we listen to everyone around us, we may never reach our dreams/goals in life. Many years ago I surrounded myself with lots of negative people and boy was I miserable. Positive people like yourself keep people like me hopeful that one day I too can reach my internet dream. I work hard at anything thrown my way, whether it be work, play, education, family, etc….. If I fail it is my fault not everyone else’s. I see in many forums people want to blame everyone but the actual problem, themselves. For example, many people looking for work online think they can buy or join a program and it spits money at them. In reality, at home work especially marketing takes time, hard work, effort, education, and money to achieve great things. When people fail, their first instinct is to scream SCAM, but if they would step back and look it probably comes down to laziness or lack of education with such programs. I am so thankful I found your website. You have made me see things in a different light. With the hard work and expertise in your research, anyone can become more aware and educated in improving their work at home skills. Knowledge is a POWERFUL thing and my knowledge of this business has overwhelmingly increased due to you!! I have learned the more I know, the more I know I don’t know (lol). Like Lebron, if we let people stand in our way we may never know what being a “Champion” feels like. I refer to your site daily for inspiration, you’re like the Lebron of at home work education. I look forward to all you have to say for the years to come. Keep up the good work and may God bless you. The world needs to be filled with more people helping others, as you DO!!!!!!!
    Thank you

    • James,

      Man thanks for chiming in. I couldn’t agree with you more. It’s so refreshing to see others that share the same positive mindset and are willing to take responsibility for their own actions. It’s such a rare things nowadays like people that actually read. lol
      The people that are looking for programs that magically do the work for them drive me crazy. I don’t know what it is about folks that think the internet somehow equates to not putting in the hard work it takes to succeed offline. It’s silly. I also agree that folks don’t like looking at themselves in the mirror when it comes to the outcomes they get in life. It’s a sad thing.

      In any event, I just want to say thanks for the kind words. I really do appreciate it. It’s always great to hear about how people have changed their mindset with this work at home industry and other areas of their lives. I will continue to do my part to push everyone up so they can reach their full potential but at the same time keep it honest when I see folks passing the buck and crying about things they can change.

      So thanks for your support. I really do appreciate it. The world actually needs more people like you that are self aware and take action.

  3. It’s difficult for me to be too interested in professional sports probably because of the public reality of it! Media attention and the personal involvement of the public drives me nuts. The general questions like “Are pro players getting paid too much”. Winning streaks and loosing streaks are references that mean nothing to me. Give me university sports any day. These people do two things at once. They want an education and love their sport. This may be off topic but I think the media has a lot to do with public opinion. However, professional sports come to your back yard practically. Every news cast has set aside time to cover pro sports. Do they cover the state of the nation in every news cast? No. Is this because of the lack of public interest? Maybe. On the other hand when a game is coming to (insert your nearby city here) everyone talks about it well before the game, go to the game, and talk about the game long after its over. It’s a feel good thing. Just like when the movie theater came along. The state of the nation however is no fun. Everyone ignores it because it’s too painful to think about. I admire the university students desire to pursue what they are talented at and move on.

  4. If I were to address the nation right now, I’d say, “Look people, Lebron has made his decision. It is what it is, so for goodness sake, please just let the man live!” “Now, let’s all refocus our attention on far more important matters such as the oil spill, our economy, etc…”

    We all have a right to live and do our thang, regardless to what others think or say. It’s a shame though how far too many are fearful of stepping out of their comfort zone box to pursue those things which are for the betterment of their lives.

    Eddy, it’s interesting how you’ve analogized Lebron’s situation to the mental woes that surround working from home that tend to hinder many from following their dreams. I’m convinced there’s way more folks out there that should be working from home. Hopefully those who possess this dream will make their way on down the path and join the rest of us.

    I love how you brought out the fact that going against the grain does require a certain character and personal strength. So true! I’m so glad I learned early in life how meaningful my life is supposed to be and I’ve never been studdin’ anyone who may have tried to stand in my way with words or actions contrary to me reaching my destiny.

    There are times when I wish I could personally encourage everyone to have a zeal for life, a passion for following their dreams, a determination to not give up, an overall positive outlook, etc. But unfortunately it’s impossible to reach everyone. But I’m thankful for the ones I have been able to reach thus far, and looking forward to others along the way. Well, I can go on and on but better close now. Not trying to write a novel here. lol

    Thanks Eddy for yet another inspirational post!

  5. Eddy,
    I’m glad to read that you think the whole LeBron James hoo-ha is ridiculous. It certainly is. The whole thing is another example of corporate and media misdirection. The idea is to engage the attention of the mob so that they won’t think about what you’re doing as you pick their pockets. Keep them upset over trifles and they won’t have time to figure out that you are robbing them blind. Make them think it is expected of them to vent their emotions and they will not realize that you control their lives.
    I am reading “The Big Short” by Michael Lewis. It is an account of how the present recession was engineered by corporate crooks who not only did not go to jail, but are using the millions they made to float even more efficient ways to fleece the public. And idiots in Cleveland burn LeBron James’ shirt in the street.
    Keep up the good fight, Eddy. People read your blog. Maybe you can let a little light into this darkness.

    • Eunice,

      I think you’ve hit it on the head. Obviously stuff like this doesn’t get discussed on TV because the media would basically be lifting up their skirt and showing everyone their goods. lol Misdirection has been used so many times in history. But with the advent of television it’s almost a norm and people can’t even recognize it anymore. That being said I don’t necessarily think that this is the situation here. Because this situation with Lebron was being discussed a full year or two ahead of the event because of the impact it would have in the coming years.

      In any event you’ve sparked my interest regarding this book and I’ll take a read. Because nothing you said sounds far fetched. There is a whole history of business men that profit of tragedies since the great depression and on. So I know for a fact someone big is making tons of money or will be in the near future because of this recession. But I digress. Thanks for chiming in. Hey someone would argue our little discussion here is a misdirection from the original point of this article. lol Thanks again.


      You already know I’m totally there with you. I just want to shake people and say get a grip already. Why aren’t you this mad about all the shady stuff happening in this country the last several years?

      In terms of the work at home stuff I agree with your points as well. I think sometimes people use others as an excuse to mask their fears of failing at this industry. It’s easier to say my wife or husband thinks it’s a bad idea so that’s why I’m not taking action then it is to say I’m afraid to fail. But like you said you need to be a stronger person to say screw it, I’m going to give this a shot and follow my destiny. Everyone else will have to follow suit with me or get out my way. Fortunately for you and many people that frequent this blog, you had that type of personal strength to do it. Because obviously it has paid off well and will continue to!

      I feel you about wanting to inspire everyone to push forward with their dreams. But you’re right you can’t reach everyone. Some people don’t want to be reached and some have let fear and past experiences paralyzed them. The best thing you can do is plant the seeds of encouragement and hope it grows. I have found the way to water the seeds with some people is to live your life and serve as an example of what they could achieve. You have to just use different approaches on certain people. But even with that some people are just hopeless and will have to be casualty. It’s sad either way because everyone has the potential to achieve greatness if they remove the obstacles out the way. In the mean time just keep doing what you’re doing Callie because trust me it does have an impact even if it’s a smaller one. Every little bit counts in my book.

      I agree that the media definitely fans the flames in a lot of these situations. But that’s what they’re paid to do. And you’re right they’re basically responding to the public at large. It’s become abundantly clear that the public doesn’t want to focus on things that really impact their lives. But maybe it’s because there is a sense they have little control over that important stuff. I think a lot of times people are looking to the stupid box for escape. So that really explains folks fascination with all this nonsense. It would be great if this energy could be better used. Because I’m confident we would have a very different world if we did. In any event, thanks for chiming in.

  6. I am not a sports fan, being not a guy although I do like a little football. But, Why do we always have to be in other peoples’ business. If that man wants to move, let him move and leave it alone.

    In business, if you want to get a work at home job, get a work at home job. I am working on this now because when the winters are cold and icy (Montana) and I am getting older (59) and you get a lot of strange behavior from so called sane people on the job and now add the economy and anything else that is anybody’s guess to add to the pot, it is a wonder you have a job at all in the “workaday world”. I nearly starved last winter, I couldn’t get ahead because everything shuts down in winter. Do you think that you are going to get loving kindness and support from you friends and relatives or even help. Think again! So make your choices and in the summer, don’t go fixing these peoples fences or help relatives that don’t help you. Help yourself because the sad fact is, you won’t get support and help from the people that want to poo poo what you do.

    Thanks Eddy, you are pointing me in some good directions. Good Job!


    • Rachashael,

      I hear your point about the Lebron situation. Personally I could care less about the lives of celebrities, politicians or athletes provided they can do their jobs or nothing they’re doing is adversely affecting me, my family or society as a whole. The problem is if you decide to be in the public eye you’ve also made a deal with the Devil to be under a microscope for better or worst. So folks being in your business is part of the job description. And in this situation Lebron openly welcomed 10 million people to be in his business. So it’s a bit different here. But I hear what you’re saying. I don’t see why anyone really cares that much about these strangers. lol

      In terms of your work at home situation, that really hit me that you nearly starved last winter. That is scary! That’s not something any human should have to worry about especially not in this country that has more than enough resources to care for it’s citizens. In terms of your family, it really saddens me to read what I’ve read. I don’t want anyone to think that I’m encouraging distancing yourself from your loving family members. If you have family that love and care for you, that’s great. It’s a blessing and should be viewed as such. I’m just arguing that even with their best interest at heart, they may not always provide the best advice or support you need venturing into this industry. So you have to take what they say with a grain of salt and do what’s best for you. Ultimately, I have written an article to better detail my point. So hopefully it sheds more light on my view when I release it. That being said I really hope that you do have a loving support system somewhere even if it’s not your family. Because everyone does need that in one way or another in this often cold world. Thanks for sharing your views. I really appreciate it!

  7. Great post Eddy. We often forget that “business” (and life) contains a bunch of humans and humans are prone to emotional reactions. If you’re not careful, you can let those emotions cloud your own judgment in pursuit of your goals. I personally have immersed myself in the study of affiliate marketing for the last 3 months and am not listening to anyone that would try to deter me. Simply, they do not know what I know. And sometimes people can be “well meaning” but if they do not have the same information as me or the same life goals, then why should I listen?

    By the way, speaking as a Cleveland fan, I do not begrudge James for moving to what he thought was the best opportunity. If he had blown out a knee Dan Gilbert would have held a press conference to say how much he appreciated LeBron and then cut him! I do, however, challenge the WAY he did it. There were a lot of people in Cleveland absolutely in love with the guy and for him to announce his decision on national TV felt to them, right or wrong, like it was a slap directed at them, and yet another example of how Cleveland is downtrodden, especially in sports. I felt he could have spared the PEOPLE of Cleveland that kind of pain by being more low key about his decision to go.

    It would be like having a sales job that you hated because of management so on your way out, you mistreat all your customers that allowed you to make a living all those years.

    I understand that its just business between management and employees but your customers (and his fans) were nothing but supportive and they deserved more gentle treatment

    But as far as how he treated ownership…..to me that’s millionaires arguing with billionaires and that part of the story is a a non issue. LOL.

    • Hey Jeff,

      I’m happy to see you chiming in on this one. I’m glad you can see my logic here and are applying it in your life.
      In terms of Lebron’s delivery it’s definitely the only thing I can really see how people can criticize because there was too much theatrics. That being said I do appreciate he used the money from the sponsorship of the interview for charities. At the end of the day, the media was making it a huge much to do anyway. Lebron was just doing exactly what the media was doing and using the opportunity but I think his use was better because of the charity angle. That being said he could have just wrote a check and achieved the same goal. So at the end of the day I agree about his delivery being in poor taste.

      I guess what we can learn from that aspect in terms of work at home is when you do ignore the naysayers who may try to dissuade you from your dreams, do so in a respect way. lol Thanks for chiming in Jeff!

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