What Work From Home Job Pays The Most?

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What work at home job pays the most?

This is a question I often I get here at WorkAtHomeNoScams.com. There are also many variations of it as well. What work at home job can help me earn $1000 per month? Or I need to earn X amount of money I did off line at home, what jobs can do that?

I understand the motivation behind these questions but I can't help but shake my head. It's not because I'm a cold hearted bastard. It's more because there is an inherit implication that the regular rules of engagement don't apply in this work at home industry.
Let's say I respond that the highest paying work at home job is a nude web cam model performing sexual acts in front of strangers? Do you think you qualify for this job? Or better still, would you want this work at home job? I'm not really that great at math (or spelling and grammar for that matter) but I'm pretty certain that 95% of you would pass on such a job. Lord knows I would and I have a pretty high opinion of my sex appeal! Just kidding but you get the picture. My point is what difference would it make informing you that position is the highest paying job in the industry?

Hard Questions To Ask…

Your line of questioning needs to change if you want to be successful. Here are some of the real questions you need to ask yourself.
1. What are the highest paying work at home jobs for my skill set and experience?
2. Are there even work at home jobs available that fit my skills?
These are important questions to grapple with because too many new work at home jobs seekers are under the misconception that normal qualities like hard work, experience, training, references and interviews don't apply in this industry to land a high paying work at home job.

The Bad News…

Well I don't want to be the bearer of bad news. But the reality is that most of the qualifications that are necessary offline to get a high paying job are applicable online. So if you wouldn't apply to be a CEO offline, don't think of trying it as a work at home job either regardless if it is the highest paying job!
As I alluded in the questions earlier, if you want to be successful at landing ANY work at home job, let alone one that pays you what ever magical figure you have in mind, first and foremost determine if your skills even apply online. Again, it's time for another reality check. Some skills just aren't applicable online. If your job was to pack groceries at your local super market, or being a brain surgeon, how pray tell do you see this happening online? Common sense would dictate it's not a feasible skill for working from home. So like many of the scams I warn you about, it's a matter of using that grey matter in your skull to think this through logically.
I would argue that most jobs online require one or more of the following; computer and/or telephone skills. If you're lacking these skills, it's really going to be hard for you to land any work at home job. To that end, most of the jobs that do pay the highest tend to require more experience and a higher level skill set. This really should come as no surprise to any one that has looked for a job offline. In general people with more education, experience and higher specialized skills tend to get paid the most. Although right now we're living in a bazaar o economy where people with these requirements can't get basic jobs let alone the ones that pay them more. But all things equal, usually that's what determines how much money you earn offline and again ONLINE. So ultimately it doesn't matter what the highest paying work at home job is! If you don't have the desire, experience, skills or willingness to invest the training that will provide you these assets, an employer is not wasting their time on you.

The Good News…

My suggestion is "get in where you fit in". Focus first on jobs that are related to your given experience and skills if it applies online. To increase your income, later you should acquire the experience and skills that "pay the bills". In other words, focus on the industries that seem to be in demand from a work from home stand point by taking offline or online courses. If you have no clue which employment industries to focus on, you're in luck! We've already identified some work at home careers that we have found to be in demand based on the frequency of availability across our various job boards. You can check them out by clicking here.
Or you can do what I did and say to hell with a job all together, I'll just start my own business. My calling as it turns out was affiliate marketing. I had a passion for helping people and finding ways to make money at home. So I built a site around it. Then I learned skills that helped me monetize this passion. But that doesn't necessarily have to be your path. There are a lot of legitimate businesses out there many of which we have reviewed here. Most are going to involve some type of sales but I have quickly learned that sales isn't a dirty word. When done properly sales should be more like customer service. Your job is getting in front of people that have a certain need and providing them products you sell that meet their needs. People love folks that solve their problems. They don't view them as nuisances. Think about how many of you feel about me and this site. It is very different than trying to sell ice to an eskimo. Too often people end up doing just that when they have be trained the wrong way. So starting or getting involved in a business may be a better option for you if you find that none of the available in demand jobs meet your financial needs or interest.
It's all about being flexible and making adjustments in this industry to succeed. Too many of you are trying to force a square peg into a round hole. What you should be doing is finding a square hole that you fit in. Make "cents"? It will if you think logically.
In any event, I hope this little rant proves useful. Consider it some tough love. At the end of the day I want all of you to succeed. But at the same time you need to understand that working at home pretty much requires a lot of the same qualifications and expectations necessary to succeed offline. Don't let all the hype that is pervasive in this industry cloud your judgement. Ultimately I believe that's a big part of the reason why so many folks are misinformed about this industry and end up approaching their job search in the wrong way. Hopefully now you have a better leg to stand on in your work at home job search.
Let me know what you guys think. Am I off base? Does this make sense? Was it helpful? Chime in below.

18 thoughts on “What Work From Home Job Pays The Most?”

  1. Thank you for the kind words Manda! You made my weekend. I’m glad you found our blog. I’m confident as you continue to read it and take action you’ll be well way on your way to working at home.

    If you want to stay up to date on any new articles, jobs or opportunities we list, please be sure to become a subscriber here: http://www.workathomenoscams.com/subscribe

    We also list jobs daily here:

    and you can find my top personal recommendations here: http://www.workathomenoscams.com/recommendations

    I hope this helps you get started in the right direction. Again thanks for the kind words!

  2. Eddy, You are a God Send.   It is so nice to get straight information from someone about how to work from home.   This blog is exactly what I have been looking for and needed!   Thank you so much!

  3. Joann,
    You’re very welcome. Sometimes situations that may appear bad initially are a catalyst that may bring us to a better place in our lives. Obviously you understand this and you have a great attitude. Couple your attitude with taking action and the sky is the limit for you. I’m happy you’ve stumbled on this site and I’m confident it will help you get back on track. May you have a lot of success!

  4. Wow, I have been searching and praying for ways to help my family and myself financially. I became disabled in 2010 and have been unable to work since. I have used up all my savings and now have no income. I have applied for SSI and it is still pending.

    But don’t think that is a bad thing. This situation has forced me to reevaluate my life’s plan and work harder toward making changes that would benefit me and my family. Thank you so much for all your hard work and congrats on gaining such great benefits from your altruistic offerings. As a Buddhist, I understand how important these acts in helping someone else become happy.

    Jo Chiles

  5. I am new at this site and I want to thank you for your articles. I work in Sales myself but, I’m looking for ways to make money from home. I’m also a voiceover talent and until I get the software learned so I can really start making money consistently with that I want to find legitimate work from home jobs. I’m glad I found this site.

    • Lisa,
      You’re welcome. I’m sure as you go through this site you’ll find everything you need to succeed and avoid scams. It’s just a matter of reading the vast information and taking action.

  6. I think you make total sense and I love the way you put everything. It’s entertaining and instructional. Oh and thanks for introducing me to clixsense that site is freakin awsome! I should be making you some money very soon, I hope.

    • Jessica,

      Thanks so much! I’m glad you can appreciate my style of writing and have a sense of humor. Sometimes people are so tight about this stuff.
      Congrats on clixsense. Just keep reading the site, you’ll find a lot more gems like clixsense here. Check out my recommendations page if you haven’t already as
      a starter: http://www.workathomenoscams.com/subscribe

      Continued success to you.

  7. @WPM Chicago:
    Hello, in answer to your questions; The company was Pharmaceutical Management Resources. I had moved a couple times which required time implementing my office from the start again. As well I was disabled from an injury a couple years prior and that was taking a toll on my being able to work which I still have today. To be fair to the candidates, I gave them over to a recruiter I trusted would see them through the placement process.

    If I could do this again…I would.

  8. Eddy:
    It’s been some time since I have written, but today I just had to. ALL of what you said is Right On.

    Back in 2004 to 2005 I worked from home. I worked as a Professional Recruiter for a company out of Florida. Although I had NO skills at this, I did have office managing skills, accounting, medical billing, etc. I recruited Pharmacists, Pharmacy Managers, Pharmaceutical Salespersons, Retail Chain Pharmacy Personnel, Hospital Pharmacy and recent Pharmaceutical Grads. Let me tell you…this was in no way easy as the competition is FIERCE to say the least. It required L…O…N…G hours on the telephone to find the right candidate, lots of interviewing each one qualifying their experience and education, job history, interviewing references (even recruiting a reference if the same profession), working graveyard shifts (because hospitals don’t close and many Retail chains are now 24hr), early early morning shifts, day shifts and evening shifts, weekends when called for. We recruited across the United States. It also required computer experience because you kept files on each candidate, mapped travel distances for prospective job locations, lots of note taking, early morning telephone conference meetings, and afternoon meetings, ALL of which were required, as you discussed candidates, getting help with problems, company updates, recruiting assignments, then there were one on one calls with your supervisors, and accounting for “what you are doing and have done”.

    This position was strictly “contract”, you were your own business AND it was ALL COMMISSION. We filed proper tax forms. Set up payment receiving in PayPal as that was how you were paid. Now the commissions were VERY GOOD, because you are recruiting professionals ranging in yearly salaries of $65,000 to well over $100,000.

    You started as a Junior Recruiter meaning that you were trained and worked with a Recruiter, you made $500.00 minimum for making a placement, your Recruiter made the full $1,000 to $1,300 because as a Junior Recruiter you need training and guidance on what to do and how to. Each interview you did is done on a conference call with your recruiter to supervise and if need be to correct so as to NOT say something that can come back and bite you, and also let’s face it…it’s scary at first until you build confidence.

    When I successfully filled a job order for say a Pharmacist with a hospital, I would earn a commission of $1,000 – $1,300.00 for just that one. Depending on the ranking position being filled…commissions jumped as high as $5,000.00 just for one.

    ***NOTE here: This was NOT just about recruiting, BUT building a relationship with your candidates ON TRUST and INTEGRITY. Because when you do what is upright before God and men…you RECEIVE FAVOR with both. A lot of my candidates came from “referrals” because I had HONESTLY dealt with their friend, co-worker, or classmate.

    All of this said…YOU ARE RIGHT….and when someone thinks that there is a Plug ‘n’ Play way to make money…well then HEY…I GOT AN OCEAN FRONT PIECE OF PROPERTY IN ARIZONA I CAN LET YOU HAVE “REAL CHEAP”.

    BUT seriously…when I worked that Work From Home Job…I LOVED IT. Because I LOVE talking with people, I VALUED the relationships with both candidates, co-workers, and the employers that placed their trust in me to find the RIGHT person to join their teams.

    Ok…I’ve talked enough. So…KUDOS to those that embark on the Work From Home and Way To Go to you Eddy!

  9. Once again you exceed expectations! The toughest thing about working online is telling friends, “no I can’t teach you what I do”! The second toughest thing is just because they have a cell phone, internet access and an e-mail address isn’t enough. They need to actually use them. My answer now to people who think I have time on my hands, “I have conference calls set up for that day. Thanks for letting me vent!

  10. Hi Eddy!

    I’m a new subscriber and thought this a perfect chance to say how much I love your site! This is a terrific article and not at all off base but in fact, right on target – and funny! I agree with what you said and with the general thinking that I am picking up from your other articles as well – I get it. I love your down to earth, honest attitude and the lack of hype!

    I’ve always had pretty good, real world jobs until I got married and had kids. I’ve been a stay at home mom for about 10 years and my youngest just started kindergarten this year, a bittersweet time. Naturally, we could use extra income but most jobs in the real world just don’t fit our needs. I need and want to be the one taking my kids to and from school and I cannot work evenings or weekends due to my husband’s work schedule. That pretty much rules out retail jobs. I’d rather work from home anyhow so I don’t have to worry about calling off when one of my 3 kids are sick (like today!) or has an emergency.

    I’ve been a member of MyPoints for a year now and love it. Now that school started, I’ve joined Swagbucks, IRazoo and some survey sites but am looking for other opportunities to generate a part-time income. I’m trying to get a routine going to make the most of my time since, you know, I have other things to do! I’ve dabbled enough in the past with Mary Kay and Avon to know that direct sales is NOT for me but are legit opportunities for the right person. I would always feel uncomfortable leaving brochures on people’s door, even after they asked for it!

    Your site is a great resource that I’m sure I will be learning more from. Thanks for all that you do. Have a great day!

  11. Eddy,

    This was good to read. I sat here nodding my head. The biggest problem is that I had to deal with in the change over was to get past the mind set of what working at home vs. working out side the home meant to me. It was hard because the word job has long been associated with going out there to earn a living. As the months have passed and I have changed my view I have discovered there are people close to me that still haven’t changed their view and I’ve had to deal with telling these people the same thing over and over, if I’m making money, I’m making money period.
    What I tend to see instead of the money that I bring in is how much money I’m not spending to go to a job out there.
    Often the money spent to have a job out there eats up a huge portion of what I made out there. Things like gas and clothes and sandwhich bags and new shoes all cost money. They arn’t recouped because the money that goes out the door for those things are part of what it costs to have a job out there.
    Those things along with how much time is spent away from what’s actually important in life often make that job out there an expensive money pit, after all if time is money and a person is spending most of their life working for someone else and going to and comming from that job, isn’t that alot of money/time going out the window in exchange for what that paycheck says they earned?
    When a person works at home they quit spending a good chunk of their time, which is worth money according to the common view that time =money, on getting to and from a job. The savings is rather significant.
    Here’s a thought, what are you worth per hour? Or how about this, what does job a, b or c pay per hour? Now take that figure and apply it to all the time spent outside that job doing things that have to do with that job but that there is no paycheck for. Now take all those hours plus the hours spent at that job and take the amount on the paycheck and divide it by the number of total hours spent for that job. The amount a person is making per hour ends up being alot less than what a person believes they are making per hour.
    Then look at what any home job is bringing in. Because all those extra hours going to and from and shopping for the accessories to do the job along with all the money and time washing clothes for the job are no longer applicable, the amount of hours you have to divide the amount of money being made working at home is less.
    Then do this, how many hours a week do you actually do the home job? Take that number and divide it into what the money comming in is. It becomes aparent that even if your making ten cents per task that if your doing 10 tasks per hour, you’ve made a clean 6 dollars and hour. Many jobs out there that people end up taking net them after all the costs associated with with a job out there are less than minium wage. I’d rather earn a clean 6 bucks an hour and than less than that going to a job that takes so much and gives so little in return.
    The biggest problem is that paycheck and the numbers it has on it. It’s hard to see the reality when the paycheck has a number that’s over 100 on it. It makes a person believe that the number is bigger than the money they will ever make at home could be.


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