Where’s Eddy?

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Where's Waldo or Eddy?

Hello All!

I just wanted to let you all know that I'm still around despite some recent circumstances. But fortunately it's nothing too serious. Here's what's been going on.

1. My site was hacked.

It's usually not a big deal. I've had it happen several times with my other sites. Usually Hostgator tends to be able to fix it and get the site back up in a day or so. But this time around was longer than expected because of some design issues. At the time, I can't say I was a very happy camper. But now I see it was a blessing in disguise.

It led to a redesign, that in hindsight was sorely needed. I took note of some of the comments from people who liked the simple temporary default WordPress theme that I used for a bit . But I think my current design retains this simplicity. Sometimes you need a change and let's face it most of us don't like it. But then circumstances force you into it and you're pleasantly surprised. My previous design was like an old pair of ragged boxers that are comfortable but have holes in them. You know you should get a new pair but never do. Then your wife calls you out on it or she buys you some for Christmas and you're sort of forced into it. That was probably one of those analogies you didn't need to visualize but totally applies to my former website design. =)

2. Short-handed

Aside from the technical issues, I'm also down a team member. My virtual assistant Denise recently had a beautiful baby girl. So she hasn't been able to post new job leads. Actually some of technical issues further prevented her from getting work done as well. Either way, I'm sure many of you are missing her work and have a better appreciation for the leads she does find on a daily basis. But family is always first in my book and I'm sure you guys agree as work at home seekers! 😉

So that's been the major reasons I've been missing like Waldo. But now with the technical issues being resolved I can start writing some posts again. Well that's all for today. Enjoy your weekend!

Let me know what you think of the new redesign. I'm hoping it makes things easier in terms of navigating through our vast information. But one thing that hasn't changed is that you'll only benefit from this site if you take the time to READ it, and take action. Sorry, that's never going to change. LOL

In any event, thanks for your patience and continued support. It's always appreciated!

46 thoughts on “Where’s Eddy?”

  1. Eddy, glad to see you are back despite the hack incident. You provide a great service here and I find your articles very informative and helpful. Keep up the good work, friend!

    • Thanks Sam. It’s great to be back and missed. I’m happy that you do find value in the information provided here. Thanks again for chiming in and your support!

  2. Like the new site! nice and streamlined! Somehow makes picture of you look better too! 🙂
    Dragons keep flying1
    Be blessed a lot Sir E.

    • Damn! That’s how you know a redesign is a good thing. It makes the author look even better. lol

      Thanks DragonFlight.

      P.S. I hope that doesn’t mean that my previous design made me look butt ugly before. lol

    • Thanks Shollum! I told you that other theme was temporary. The color was driving me crazy. I felt like I was in black and white movie. lol I’m happy you like the new design. I kept your comments in mind when I picked it! So thanks for chiming in! =)

  3. Hi Eddy! I like it. I like the “Making dollars and cents on the web.” It makes it real to people that might get overwhelmed by the web and when they see your site, they say “Oh I can do that!” “One small step for Mankind!”
    Love to you and your family

    • Hey Rachashael!
      So you like the tagline? I think it does a good job of summing up what you can expect here. I’m glad you can appreciate it. Thanks for the feedback and love! Right back at ya! =)

    • Thanks Melissa! I totally agree. I didn’t realize how overwhelming the old design was until I made this live. I feel more confident sending people to the site that they will easily find what they need.

  4. Morning Eddy, I am new to your blog and find it very helpful. I am glad nothing major happened and I do like the new design as well. Have a great day and a fabulous weekend.

    • Morning Greg!
      Thanks for the kind words buddy. I’m happy you’re getting value out of the blog despite not being active the last two weeks. lol
      I’m glad you like the new design. As someone new to the site, do you find it easier to navigate?

      Thanks for the concern and support. It’s appreciated. Have a great weekend as well!

    • I do find it easier to navigate… everything is just a mouse click away… I love the work at home job I have now but it is nice to check out other options and see whats out there… I am glad I found your blog as it gives a no nonsense, honest approach to looking for work at home positions. Thanks again.

    • That’s great to hear Greg. Hopefully the redesign will help others find a perfect work at home job like you. You’re right you can never have enough options to make more money.

      I’m curious, what is your current work at home job?

    • I do direct customer marketing for Melaleuca The Wellness Company, post ads, advertise, assist in setting up shopping accounts, I am making pretty good money, not where I want to be yet but I have over 30 years of management experience and find that it takes at least 3 years to build a profitable business. It is not easy, and doesn’t happen overnight but I am doing ok with the residuals I make. It really pays for my products every month and right now that is good with me. I love what I do and Love telling other people about our products. But again it is not easy and it does not happen overnight as some people would like to think.

    • Awww.. Ok so you have a home based business not a job. People often confuse the two. I know Melaleuca very well. It’s a good company. So people can do really well with them and a lot of folks love the products. We reviewed them a while back here:

      It’s good to hear you’re doing well with it. Like any business it takes time and it’s not easy. But the rewards are usually great for the folks that can stick through the pain. You have the right attitude.

      Keep me posted.

  5. Hey Eddy, so sorry your site was hacked 🙁 However, change is good sometimes. Hope you’ve been well. 🙂 I do like the deisgn! Hope you have a great Friday and weekend!
    I addressed you as Eddie, before I read over my post before clicking the post button!! LOL


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