WildTree Review: Is it a Scam or A Good Company?

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Is WildTree A Scam or Not?As a person of Caribbean descent (Haitian), I love me some herbs! Oh wait… when I say herbs, I don't mean the kind you smoke! LOL I'm referring to herbs and spices. To me food that isn't seasoned or marinated might as well be cardboard because that's what it taste like to me. So what does all this have to do with anything?? Well apparently there is a company that has turned their love of herbs and spices into some green (the kind you spend). So today that what we'll discuss in my WildTree Review.

What Is WildTree?

WildTree was founded in 1996. The company offers natural food seasoning, sauces and various other products with no preservatives. They claim that all their products are non-processed and not artificially flavored. In addition WildTree products are all certified organic. WildTree is listed with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and has a positive rating at the time of this review.

The WildTree Herbs Business Opportunity

WildTree uses is a direct sales business model. Basically, that means you can make commissions on selling the WildTree products to others. You can also earn a percentage of cash from the people you refer and what they sell. When you sign up, one of the first things you will be doing is setting up your first home party launch. If you don't like the idea of selling or recruiting people to make money, you should check out these sites: Swagbucks.com, Inboxdollars.com, Surveyjunkie.com or Fusioncash.net instead.

What's The WildTree Compensation Plan Like?

As a WildTree Herbs Consultant you can make up to 32%, based on your sales. You will also make 40% plus 12% on any sales your referrals make. They also have promotions where you can earn more money and bonuses. Unlike many MLMs the WildTree Commission structure seems pretty straightforward which I like. You don't need the rosetta stone to decipher it.

How Do I Sign Up As A WildTree Representative?

You can sign up on the website Here. A fee of $49.95 is required at that time because this is a business opportunity not a job!

WildTree Complaints

I wanted you to be aware that just because a particular company may have complaints doesn't necessarily mean they are a scam. Most all home businesses have growing pains and must endure learning curves to grow and thrive into a well established company. That said it's important to know what shortcomings a company may have so you can make an informed decisions. Unfortunately most of the WildTree Reviews you'll run into won't give you the full story. But I will so you're not blind sided.

Home Parties

With WildTree, the parties are actually labeled as “tastings.” These tastings take up a large portion of your time. You also have to keep in mind that most of the WildTree Tasting Parties are scheduled during the evening. So this may be difficult for some people if you have a full time job or kids you have to get ready for bed. If you've hosted any type of event you know there is usually a big ass mess to clean up after all the cooking and tasting is over. So you have to factor that time in as well. It also seems like you'll need to host a lot of parties consistently to make this scalable. So if you don't mind putting in a lot of time and energy before you start making money, you will be a good fit.

But if you don't like the idea of hosting parties to earn money you have other options like Swagbucks.com, Inboxdollars.com, Surveyjunkie.com and Fusioncash.net which pay you for things you already do online.

WildTree is not something that can run itself online 24/7 once it's set up. So for me, that's a turn off. I prefer an online business where I can run it anywhere and at anytime and that it can work for me even when I'm not on the computer. If that's your desire too, you may want to…

Check out My #1 Free Work At Home Recommendation!

Sign Up Costs

There is a start up cost of $49.95 for their starter kit. Many people are under the misconception that because a company requires a fee to get started that it's a scam. That's absolutely not the case here. This isn't a job. It's a home based business. Any home business requires start-up fees. For example; you can't start a Dunkin Donuts business without any money. How would you open the store, pay rent, pay for marketing, employees, etc.? So again when you're dealing with a business, sign up fees doesn't mean it's a scam! You need the supplies in the kit in order to start making money. But if the idea of investing any type of money to make money is something you're opposed to, then this isn't for you and neither is any business. You need to be an employee and that's fine.

No Paypal Payment Option

First and foremost I had to turn into Sherlock Holmes to discover the payment methods. I mean come on. If you want me to join your opportunity, why do I need to dig around to find out how you pay. That should be information you make easy to find. In any event WildTree does not pay via Paypal, which I don't understand! Most companies pay via Paypal with no issues. However they do pay via Debit card, mailed check or bank deposit. So those options are pretty good as well!

They are an MLM

Most people, when they see Multi Level Marketing, they automatically think “scam” and run for the hills. For a vast majority of folks, they've had bad experiences in the past with MLMs that no doubt has left a bad taste in their mouths. And I totally get that….as I personally have found some people in MLMs to be too pushy. With that combined with a complicated, sketchy pay structure, it just turns me off! That said, I don't get the same grimy feeling with WildTree as I do with other MLMs that are peddling garbage and border being a pyramid scam. Even though it may be an MLM it doesn't feel like the typical ones.

However, if that still turns you off you may consider searching for a work at home job instead. Work at home jobs take less work and are a bit more flexible. Another option to making money online are websites like Fusioncash.net, Swagbucks.com, Inboxdollars.com, and Surveyjunkie.com.

The Business Model

Like I said at the start of my review I love herbs and spices and savory food like crazy. But I don't know if I would endure a home party to get my fix. Most people will just go to their local stores to get the products that WildTree are selling. You can buy similar organic products in a number of different ways. So I don't think they have a unique selling proposition (USP). Having a USP is very important in sales or a business. The home party thing isn't something I consider a strong USP from the customer standpoint. So I think this would make it very difficult to make a lot of money with this business or to scale it up. But it's not to say it's impossible.

There is a quota per quarter – $350

Update: it is now $350/quarter vs “There is a quota per year. This in itself is irritating as hell….as making a go of a home business isn't challenging enough. They have to throw in a quota! A lot of people may see this and immediately decline on joining. It's very difficult to get your business off the ground and you're already putting enough pressure on yourself to make it happen. So I don't think you need the added pressure of a quota. But at the same time this is about sales and a lot of companies will put quotas on their salespeople to “motivate” them. So it's not a uncommon practice. That said it still turns me off and why I prefer My Top Free Recommendation where you can work at your own pace without the pressure of any quotas.

So Is WildTree A Legitimate Company?

I personally didn't find a lot of negative reports for this company. It definitely seems to be legit and viable! Again, I think it's going to be a difficult sale because the lack of a USP and the fact it relies so heavily on home parties. I'm pretty anti-social and can barely deal with myself let alone a gang of people being in my house. LOL So the home party factor makes this a no go for me even though I think their products are appealing.

If you feel the same way, you can try other sites like Swagbucks.com, Inboxdollars.com, Surveyjunkie.com and Fusioncash.net which pay you for things you already do online. Ultimately I prefer to have a lot more freedom and flexibility that a fully online business provides me. I can literally work anywhere. With this business unless you're good at recruiting other reps so you can make sales off them, you're going to need to dedicate a lot of time to tasting parties and face time.

Another factor to consider to be successful in any business is that you really need to have a passion for it. Because the honest truth is you won't make money right away. It will take time to build. So you want to be part of a business that you really love and would be doing for fun even if you weren't make money. So that's why you want to build a business around what you actually love. Fortunately that's exactly what My Top Free Recommendation teaches you to do! If you love cats, you can build a successful business around it. Whatever your passion may be, you can build a business around it with the proper training and support. So check out my #1 Free Recommendation if this spice business isn't up to snuff to you.

So what did you think of my WildTree Herbs Review? It would be awesome to get your feedback on this money maker. Or, if you have had any experience with them, chime in your thoughts! I would love to hear them down below in the comment section. 🙂

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