WildTree Review: Is it a Scam or A Good Company?

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Is WildTree A Scam or Not?As a person of Caribbean descent (Haitian), I love me some herbs! Oh wait… when I say herbs, I don't mean the kind you smoke! LOL I'm referring to herbs and spices. To me food that isn't seasoned or marinated might as well be cardboard because that's what it taste like to me. So what does all this have to do with anything?? Well apparently there is a company that has turned their love of herbs and spices into some green (the kind you spend). So today that what we'll discuss in my WildTree Review.

What Is WildTree?

WildTree was founded in 1996. The company offers natural food seasoning, sauces and various other products with no preservatives. They claim that all their products are non-processed and not artificially flavored. In addition WildTree products are all certified organic. WildTree is listed with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and has a positive rating at the time of this review.

The WildTree Herbs Business Opportunity

WildTree uses is a direct sales business model. Basically, that means you can make commissions on selling the WildTree products to others. You can also earn a percentage of cash from the people you refer and what they sell. When you sign up, one of the first things you will be doing is setting up your first home party launch. If you don't like the idea of selling or recruiting people to make money, you should check out these sites: Swagbucks.com, Inboxdollars.com, Surveyjunkie.com or Fusioncash.net instead.

What's The WildTree Compensation Plan Like?

As a WildTree Herbs Consultant you can make up to 32%, based on your sales. You will also make 40% plus 12% on any sales your referrals make. They also have promotions where you can earn more money and bonuses. Unlike many MLMs the WildTree Commission structure seems pretty straightforward which I like. You don't need the rosetta stone to decipher it.

How Do I Sign Up As A WildTree Representative?

You can sign up on the website Here. A fee of $49.95 is required at that time because this is a business opportunity not a job!

WildTree Complaints

I wanted you to be aware that just because a particular company may have complaints doesn't necessarily mean they are a scam. Most all home businesses have growing pains and must endure learning curves to grow and thrive into a well established company. That said it's important to know what shortcomings a company may have so you can make an informed decisions. Unfortunately most of the WildTree Reviews you'll run into won't give you the full story. But I will so you're not blind sided.

Home Parties

With WildTree, the parties are actually labeled as “tastings.” These tastings take up a large portion of your time. You also have to keep in mind that most of the WildTree Tasting Parties are scheduled during the evening. So this may be difficult for some people if you have a full time job or kids you have to get ready for bed. If you've hosted any type of event you know there is usually a big ass mess to clean up after all the cooking and tasting is over. So you have to factor that time in as well. It also seems like you'll need to host a lot of parties consistently to make this scalable. So if you don't mind putting in a lot of time and energy before you start making money, you will be a good fit.

But if you don't like the idea of hosting parties to earn money you have other options like Swagbucks.com, Inboxdollars.com, Surveyjunkie.com and Fusioncash.net which pay you for things you already do online.

WildTree is not something that can run itself online 24/7 once it's set up. So for me, that's a turn off. I prefer an online business where I can run it anywhere and at anytime and that it can work for me even when I'm not on the computer. If that's your desire too, you may want to…

Check out My #1 Free Work At Home Recommendation!

Sign Up Costs

There is a start up cost of $49.95 for their starter kit. Many people are under the misconception that because a company requires a fee to get started that it's a scam. That's absolutely not the case here. This isn't a job. It's a home based business. Any home business requires start-up fees. For example; you can't start a Dunkin Donuts business without any money. How would you open the store, pay rent, pay for marketing, employees, etc.? So again when you're dealing with a business, sign up fees doesn't mean it's a scam! You need the supplies in the kit in order to start making money. But if the idea of investing any type of money to make money is something you're opposed to, then this isn't for you and neither is any business. You need to be an employee and that's fine.

No Paypal Payment Option

First and foremost I had to turn into Sherlock Holmes to discover the payment methods. I mean come on. If you want me to join your opportunity, why do I need to dig around to find out how you pay. That should be information you make easy to find. In any event WildTree does not pay via Paypal, which I don't understand! Most companies pay via Paypal with no issues. However they do pay via Debit card, mailed check or bank deposit. So those options are pretty good as well!

They are an MLM

Most people, when they see Multi Level Marketing, they automatically think “scam” and run for the hills. For a vast majority of folks, they've had bad experiences in the past with MLMs that no doubt has left a bad taste in their mouths. And I totally get that….as I personally have found some people in MLMs to be too pushy. With that combined with a complicated, sketchy pay structure, it just turns me off! That said, I don't get the same grimy feeling with WildTree as I do with other MLMs that are peddling garbage and border being a pyramid scam. Even though it may be an MLM it doesn't feel like the typical ones.

However, if that still turns you off you may consider searching for a work at home job instead. Work at home jobs take less work and are a bit more flexible. Another option to making money online are websites like Fusioncash.net, Swagbucks.com, Inboxdollars.com, and Surveyjunkie.com.

The Business Model

Like I said at the start of my review I love herbs and spices and savory food like crazy. But I don't know if I would endure a home party to get my fix. Most people will just go to their local stores to get the products that WildTree are selling. You can buy similar organic products in a number of different ways. So I don't think they have a unique selling proposition (USP). Having a USP is very important in sales or a business. The home party thing isn't something I consider a strong USP from the customer standpoint. So I think this would make it very difficult to make a lot of money with this business or to scale it up. But it's not to say it's impossible.

There is a quota per quarter – $350

Update: it is now $350/quarter vs “There is a quota per year. This in itself is irritating as hell….as making a go of a home business isn't challenging enough. They have to throw in a quota! A lot of people may see this and immediately decline on joining. It's very difficult to get your business off the ground and you're already putting enough pressure on yourself to make it happen. So I don't think you need the added pressure of a quota. But at the same time this is about sales and a lot of companies will put quotas on their salespeople to “motivate” them. So it's not a uncommon practice. That said it still turns me off and why I prefer My Top Free Recommendation where you can work at your own pace without the pressure of any quotas.

So Is WildTree A Legitimate Company?

I personally didn't find a lot of negative reports for this company. It definitely seems to be legit and viable! Again, I think it's going to be a difficult sale because the lack of a USP and the fact it relies so heavily on home parties. I'm pretty anti-social and can barely deal with myself let alone a gang of people being in my house. LOL So the home party factor makes this a no go for me even though I think their products are appealing.

If you feel the same way, you can try other sites like Swagbucks.com, Inboxdollars.com, Surveyjunkie.com and Fusioncash.net which pay you for things you already do online. Ultimately I prefer to have a lot more freedom and flexibility that a fully online business provides me. I can literally work anywhere. With this business unless you're good at recruiting other reps so you can make sales off them, you're going to need to dedicate a lot of time to tasting parties and face time.

Another factor to consider to be successful in any business is that you really need to have a passion for it. Because the honest truth is you won't make money right away. It will take time to build. So you want to be part of a business that you really love and would be doing for fun even if you weren't make money. So that's why you want to build a business around what you actually love. Fortunately that's exactly what My Top Free Recommendation teaches you to do! If you love cats, you can build a successful business around it. Whatever your passion may be, you can build a business around it with the proper training and support. So check out my #1 Free Recommendation if this spice business isn't up to snuff to you.

So what did you think of my WildTree Herbs Review? It would be awesome to get your feedback on this money maker. Or, if you have had any experience with them, chime in your thoughts! I would love to hear them down below in the comment section. 🙂

You can always catch me on Twitter, Facebook, and also Google+. Thanks for reading.

Eddy with a Y.

56 thoughts on “WildTree Review: Is it a Scam or A Good Company?”

  1. I am a Wildtree Team Leader and find a lot of info in your review to be outdated. Wildtree has herbs and spices but we actually offer meal solutions and lots of meal planning options. There is now an app and you can plan meals, shop online, and create your grocery list. All of my sales this month are from online orders.

  2. Concerning the comment about grapeseed oil being bad for you, I am wondering if the commenter isn’t confusing the oil with Rapeseed, also known as canola oil. That is terrible for you. Grape seed oil on the other hand is one of the healthiest oils, if you have to use oil. I’m not a WT rep. Am considering it. I don’t use a lot of oil. I prefer to use low sodium vegetarian/vegetable broth when I can instead of oil (doesn’t always work). But for sure, never eat canola, rapeseed oil or high fructose corn syrup. These are some of the reasons I am even looking at WT.

  3. one of wildtree’s founding products is grapeseed oil, it IS absolutely terrible for you no matter what this company preaches, that is reason enough for me to run for the hills, do your research!

  4. I am or was a rep I have not ordered in a long while can I still do so Do I need to order from a new rep let me know I want a few things for my personal use

  5. As a Wildtree Rep, I signed up because I was very impressed with the products offered: certified organic sauces, blends, oils, and marinades. The meal planning has been completely revamped. The attendee receives the recipe cards, actual sized Wildtree products that are needed to make 10 meals (feeds 4), other non Wildtree products to complete the meal (sesame oil, for example), ideas for additional recipes to use the leftover products, printed labels for the freezer bags (unless of course you want to prepare the meal the same day…easy peasy). Meal planning with a group is fun because you are interacting and meeting new people and getting all sorts of ideas. Plus, you are leaving that day with 10 meals for your family. You just show up with your protein and veggies, and zip lock bags. You don’t even have to prepare all the meals, or any meals. You can just order the type of menu you’d like, and you are good to go. I would show up anyway because, as I said, it’s fun.

    • Hey Mary, I’m happy you’re having a great experience with the company. It sounds like you’re more focused on the actual product than making money. That’s always a good sign because it means the products is actually good. Thanks for sharing your experience.

  6. Thanks for this great review. I fell in love with Wildtree because my family has peanut and treenut allergies and are gf. I couldn’t believe I could participate in a freezer meal workshop that was safe for my family! It sounds like a little thing, but it’s a huge deal for families like mine. I am a “part time rep”‘ meaning I have another job (I’m an attorney and criminal law professor), but Wildtree gave me the opportunity to interact with others in a different and rewarding way. I have 1-2 parties a month and hit $1,000-$1500 in sales each month. I also have access to a ton of free training and support. I was surprised how much of the training had helped me in my “real jobs”! I was a real skeptic, but Wildtree has been such a joy and a blessing!

  7. A couple of things…

    As someone who used to run her own freezer cooking group (which required hours upon hours of work and zero compensation), discovering Wildtree has been a dream come true. I am passionate about their healthy, natural products, and so very happy to have access to all of the freezer cooking workshop information at my fingertips. I am now freezer cooking again which is a huge blessing to this busy mom, and as an added bonus our dinners are healthier and I am making money doing it.

    I signed up knowing that even if I never sold a single item to anyone other than myself, I would have no trouble meeting the $350 yearly minimum just by purchasing freezer workshop bundles for me. Also you should keep in mind that the $350 is retail sales and the Rep gets a 20% discount when placing the order, so really, that only equates to $280 in purchases over the course of a year, or roughly $24 per month.

    I have held two freezer cooking workshops so far (the first one alone covered my yearly sales quota and then some) that I personally hosted, and I had enough people attend each time that my personal product bundle for the workshop was completely free with hostess credit. I don’t feel guilty asking my friends to support this business (as I would with many others that sell things you don’t really need) because I am offering a product that people actually need (everyone needs to eat – the healthier, the better) as well as the time saving option of the freezer meal workshop which is so beneficial for busy moms like me.

    I don’t know that I will ever hold tasting parties as that seems to me to be more like a home party where you ask people to just come buy the products, but I absolutely love and plan to focus on the freezer meal workshops because for me, that’s where it’s at. It’s less about making money for me than it is about helping people eat healthier and feed their families.

    Oh, and one last note regarding the startup cost…

    $49.95 is nothing! I have never seen a company, MLM or otherwise, where the startup costs were so low. Add to that the value of what’s in your kit and you have received products that are worth far more than the cost. One of the items that I received was a bundle of products sold as a set that alone retails for $49.50 which is nearly the cost of the kit. It also includes two full sets of catalogs which would cost $30 for a rep to reorder, some half size products, and a full set of samples to use for tastings at parties or workshops. The tasting kit was a huge, heavy package! Purchasing all of the ingredients in it separately would easily run you $100 or more. Purchasing the kit just for you to keep and never doing anything with this business would still be an excellent value.

    • Christine,

      Thanks for sharing. It clear you’re very passionate about the product and that’s always key for any business. I think people tend to find greater success in any business when they really do have a genuine love for what they’re doing instead of just being driven by money. The making money part does become easier because of this.

      In terms of the start up cost and sales quota, it may not be a big deal for certain reps. But I wouldn’t make a blanket comment that it would be nothing for everyone. So I differ with you there. Either way, I appreciate your insight.

  8. I love wildtree products. The products are nut free made in a nut free facility. That with being organic is their niche. The founder and her family are passionate people and the business started out of necessity. Having children at the time with serious food sensitivities and special needs was the reason wildtree products were developed. So in that area I love wildtree and what they believe in.
    I tried to be a wildtree rep a few years ago after discovering it at a local fair booth. The products taste delicious, the grape seed oil is a superior high heat cooking product. The website at that time and ordering process I found difficult to use. I know it’s been revised since that time. The product packaging and catalogs are well done. I could not get the tasting thing off the ground. I’m very private so having it in my home, with my pets and busy schedule wasn’t working. I thought doing a tasting at someone else’s home might work. That landed me with a day of prep and then lost money. The hostess provided nothing.

    The people who are thriving in wildtree leadership tend to be those who have left another multi-level marketing company. They work hard and at times pushed me harder than I prefer to be pushed.

    The initial investment is in products that you use to build your stock of tasting products. And like they say, if you don’t want to sell it, you can always eat it. They set you up with a mentor, if you like your mentor that’s helpful. My first I did not like, so I had to work to get assigned another mentor team leader. My second is a very successful wildtree leader. She works all holiday season doing tastings at holiday bazaars and expos. She earns all the bonuses, trips and perks to be found in the Wildtree world. She is supportive and knows her stuff. She is however from the world of multi-level home sales and knows what has to happen to make it work.
    I found I am not comfortable in pushing my products on my family and friends. I’m not sure you can do wild tree well without doing this. Once you have a customer they can return to your wildtree website to place re-orders or shop new seasonal catalogs. This is a great feature of wildtree.
    I wish I could have made it work for me. I also found the $350 annual minimum a bummer. I would like to have kept my status to purchase for myself and gifts. I love the grape seed oil. I work for an allergist now and making nut free products available to families of nut allergic kids would be lucrative. Im just not sure how to do it, without it being a conflict of interest. If I figure out a way to do so, that doesn’t require I get back into home tastings, I’ll try the rep thing again.
    If you haven’t tried the products you should, they really are great.

    Nice review Eddy. Good luck in your wildest wildtree dreams of success!

    • Hey Nicky,

      Thanks for your honest feedback about the company. Everyone seems to love the product and that is very important. Because it does make it easier to sell. Too often these type of companies are just about recruiting people to promote over priced products that people don’t want or need. But that doesn’t seem to be the case here.

      In terms of your experience from the business end, I can totally appreciate your feelings. MLMs and I don’t get along for a number of the things you struggled with. I don’t like harassing my family and friends. I don’t want to host parties in my home. And I don’t like being pushy. I like being in a business where people are actively looking for what I offer. And if you’ve happened upon this page right now, it wasn’t by accident. You were looking for something related and now you’re here reading my stuff. So I find doing business like this a lot better for me. There are definitely some people that are built for MLMs and they do well. But we all have to know our strengths and comfort levels. Then you try to find things that play up to this to improve your chances of success.

      In any event, thanks for chiming in. I appreciate it!

  9. Eddy thanks for the review. I’v been think about becoming a Wildtree rep for a little while now and I really found your review helpful. I love that a lot of the comments say they’re getting into this because they love cooking. I personally use Wildtree because I hate cooking and I can walk away from a meal workshop with 10 prepped meals that I now don’t have to think about.
    I wanted to share my two cents on the whole quota thing. Yes it can be a little stressful to have that $350/year hanging over your head but ultimately this is a business (honestly it’s one of the lowest selling quotas I’ve seen). If someone can’t sell $350 in one year they probably shouldn’t be doing this. Maybe direct sales isn’t their thing. Plus when someone is a rep you get automatic discounts. So to be eligible for these discounts they need to prove they’re selling to make it worth it to the company to keep providing their discounts.
    Keep up the good work……

    • Hey Tao,

      I’m happy you found the review useful. WildTree definitely seems to have a great business model and reps.
      In terms of the quota I still believe it’s unnecessary pressure that new business owners already have on themselves. So that’s my personal take. But given all the positive feedback the product and company receive it’s probably not too difficult to reach this unnecessary quota. lol

      Either way, I appreciate your feedback!

  10. This is a multi marketing tier business. You have to pay 49.95 to be a rep? Is this true? What happens when you don’t make your annual $350.00 quota? I would use caution whenever anyone asks you to pay for a job? I personally think these kinds of business models are unethical and these people spend millions of dollars skirting the laws and taking advantage of people that think the easy way is the best way. Get out of your house get an education get a real job and contribute to society in a positive way.

    • Hey Mark,

      This is a business not a job. So you’re not paying for a job. You’re investing in your own business. There is a big difference. Too often you get the bad advice that anything that requires an investment is a scam. And it’s nonsense. People just don’t seem to take the time to differentiate starting a business vs getting a job. So it’s not an unethical. That said not all companies are great and you want to start to do business with. Some of them have really crappy products, confusing commission structures, poor training and pushy tactics which make their business a bad fit. So it’s important to do your research to find the good companies.

      Getting an education doesn’t guarantee getting a good job. And not everyone wants to be an employee. Our society has just brain washed people into believing that’s all people can be. But there are many people that are successful business owners that break out this mold. A job isn’t the only path.

    • Eddy, …You write well. Really appreciate your reply to Mark’s Oct 23, 2015 comment. Particularly how you addressed his last ‘statement’. Thanks for a answering someone’s unfounded (and, in my opinion, somewhat immature) rant WITHOUT contempt.

  11. Hi Eddy with a Y, I came across your site while looking for reviews on Wildtree products. I didn’t even know it was a direct sales co. till I read your review. Although I am not the least bit interested in another direct sales company, (been there, done that, lost my ass) I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciated your honesty and integrity in your review of this company. It is a real turn off to me when someone from one company gang bashes another company. I felt you maintained your integrity through the whole review. You pointed out the good things and simply stated the things that you personally didn’t like. I felt you were saying “Hey, this is not for me but you may be interested”. NOT!! Your only real gripe is the $350 yearly quota. My opinion on this is, sales reps are not selling a product. They should be selling the benefits of that product. How can they truly know the benefit if they are not using the product themselves. I can see how a rep could easily spend that much and more on her own personal use. Also, when shopping for a gift, why not buy from your own store? The $350 yearly quota is so doable. I was in a company that required $2,000 a month in order to get paid on my downline. I see $350 as a mere pittance. Most start up kits are just that. Something to help you get started. It has been my experience that if you are planning to go gang busters, which I personally don’t know any other way, then you will need more than what is provided in the start up kit. To me the $350 quota is simply the cost of doing business and staying in the company system. This is just my oponion and you know what they say about opinions. I mainly just wanted to say “Good job on the review Eddy with a y.

    • Hey Debbie,

      Thanks for the kind words. I really appreciate it.
      I respectful disagree about the quota. I just feel it’s unnecessary pressure for reps that are in MLMs. But I understand the business reason behind it. You’re right some people will be able to hit those numbers with no problems. But others won’t and I think those folks already have enough pressure they have on themselves trying to get their business off the ground. So I’m just adverse to quotas like this from a personal standpoint. But I get them. Either way, thanks again for your feedback. I really appreciate it!

  12. The $350 sales requirement is more of a goal for the more serious reps. You get a great discount if you are a rep, and one tasting or work-shop easily surpasses $350, so it is not hard to do at all. Some reps join just for the discount and easily spend $350 a year on their own products which is no different than the grocery store, and it’s all natural, organic, non-GMO, no preservatives, not to mention Wildtree offers a growing line of gluten free products!! I love Wildtree and it has proven to be a great source of supplemental income for my family!

  13. I went to a Wildtree Freezer meal workshop in July and FLIPPED for the healthy, delicious products and the concept of menu planning and prepping of the meals for the ‘party’

    I signed up that night to become a rep because it fit my life to a T. I’m a busy mom that needed help getting out of the drive thru and getting real dinner on the table. This helped me do it. Now I get to help others discover and do it too!

    I know it sounds like a pitch but the reality is I’m really passionate about the products and that it’s not just a party it’s productive and helpful!

  14. thank you for your review. I went to my first Wild Tree party Monday night. I came home with 10 (Count them TEN) meals ready to go into the freezer and a smile on my face. I too normally despise MLM sales, but this was easy, fun, NO pressure and a product line that I was impressed with. Nobody asked me to become a rep, but I am considering it just based on the merits of the product line. I have already shared the product with 3 friends and I have no financial interest in the company. PS … We cooked the first dinner tonight and my family loved it!!!!

  15. I came across your post while trying to find reviews about Wildtree. I just became a rep and one of the many reasons is that I love to cook! One thing that’s new since this review is our Freezer Meal Workshops. We create menus and give simple step by step instructions to make 10 meals you stick in your freezer to thaw and cook for busy nights. I have to say that as someone who has tried many MLM companies this one is better to me for many reasons. One is the low $350/year quota. I can order that just for myself in a year! Also the gluten free line has been expanded to where now out of our hundreds of products only 24 contain gluten. I would love Wildtree even if I wasn’t a Rep, but I’m a Rep because I love it so much. It’s made cooking healthy food for my family so much more convenient than grabbing the way too salty frozen meals off the shelf at the grocery store. Just an FYI from my personal experience.

    • Hey Jess,

      Clearly you love the product and believe in it. That’s important for any business to succeed. The quota is still unnecessary in my mind which is always going to be my knock against MLMs. But this one is definitely better than most out there. So I wish you success!

    • I was considering becoming a Wildtree rep just for the start up package (lots of goodies at a low price). Luckily I placed a large order from them first. And by large I mean almost $400. It’s been 3 weeks and they still haven’t even shipped the order. It’s a shame that what sounds like a good company has such horrible execution. I’m extremely upset with them and would recommend finding another company.

    • Hi Kristen,

      I would contact the Wildtree Rep you ordered with. It sounds like they held your order and did not place it right away. Depending on where you are in the US, the LONGEST you should have to wait is 10 business days, much faster if you are on the East Coast. (I am a rep based out of Colorado and always get my orders in 7-10 business days).

    • Sorry to hear about your shipping delays! Unfortunately, they are moving home office locations and shipping is on delay right now due to this and is at the max 10 days (business days) from the time your order was submitted. Under normal circumstances, shipping is 3-5 days, they have a great turn around. Did you submit the order or did your Wildtree Representative?

    • Kristen,

      Have you called home office? I have been with the company for years and never had an order take that long. Also, if I have ever had any concerns the HO has been very helpful.

  16. Thanks for the review! I’m in a Direct Selling company now and was approached about becoming a Wildtree rep as well, so I’ve been doing my research on the company and reading reviews. I love to cook and bake, and I want my family to eat as healthy as possible. I’m all for having treats and snacks, but hopefully, Wildtree will give me some healthier alternatives. And, teach open-hearth cooking classes, so holding cooking workshops wouldn’t be much of an issue for me. Once you break down the $350 quota, it comes to $29 a month, which is a lot less than my quota with my other DS business.

    Looks like I’m signing up to become a rep! Thanks again for the review!

  17. Hi! I had never heard of Wild tree until about a month ago, I went to my first Wild tree tasting last night and left excited and accomplished, I had prepared 10 meals in 2 hours and enjoyed wine and girl time! I now have 10 healthy meals for my family, I think the concept is great and I feel with any thing there is just work behind it. If you are excited about the products as a representative and you fully explain others the concept behind Wild tree you could be very successful! Thinking of becoming a representative myself. I am in another “in home party” company and I have to sell a minimum of $200.00 every 3 months. $350.00 is nothing.

    • Hey Kristen,

      Thanks for sharing your experience with us. I agree any business is going to require a lot of hard work and you need to be excited about the niche you’re in otherwise you will give up when the going gets tough because it will. People can also tell if you’re passionate about your business vs just being desperate to sign folks up. So I totally agree with you.

      I don’t agree that $350 is nothing for most new people. It’s not impossible but it’s definitely a challenge. But that’s the nature of any business. If it weren’t everyone would be a boss instead of an employee. Thanks for chiming in!

  18. I used to be a Wildtree rep. They have great products. One of the biggest selling points is that they are all natural and are now offering a gluten free line. I did okay with it, however, being from Kentucky where everyone enjoys fried and fatty food, this didn’t goe over that well. Very successful up north and in California. 🙂

  19. I’m not much for Tupper-ware parties Eddy, but I Like the New Look of your Page. I mention that because I just revamped my own site, though not yet close to your style and look. Sure looks Fresher though…

    • Hey Roger,

      LOL at your “Tupper-ware” comment. Yeah I’m not big on home parties either. Thanks for the compliment on the refreshed look and feel of my site! I was wondering if anyone would notice. LOL Glad you like it!

  20. I didn’t know people still did home parties. I would like to try some without going to a party and listening to a whole presentation. (been there)

    • Yeah apparently home parties is still a big way to do business for many of these MLMs. Obviously it must work. But I just find them annoying. I’m sure there are reps that will chime in that can possibly send you a sample or something.

  21. Interesting concept. That would involve real planning because you’d have to also have small appliances at the ready possibly. Clean up would suck too cuz I know how I am about my kitchen but to clean a hosts kitchen after.a low. Sale or no sale party would. Pi** me off. Lol! Nice idea for someone who regularly entertains or has an established circle of friends. Thanks as always for the review Eddy!

    • I hear ya Samone. I’m so anal about keeping my house organized. And it drives me crazy when company is over and my house is out of wack. So this would totally mess with my OCD ways. LOL Thanks for chiming in. I appreciate the support!

  22. Thanks for another great review! I also love spices and organic makes it even better. However, I am with you on the tastings and $350 yearly sales being a turn off. These types of things only seem to work if you either have tons of family, to guilt into purchases, or access to lots of people you can coerce into coming to your event that plans to slowly extract all the money out of their pockets. Not my style.

    Thanks again!!

    • Thanks HKFan, Yeah those cons turned me off too. I just know my personality and this doesn’t go with it. I wouldn’t want to just invite people over with the intent of selling them stuff. I know when the shoe is on the other foot, I haven’t liked it even if the products are useful. But ultimately that’s why not every opportunity is right for everyone and that’s fine.

      Anyway thanks for chiming in. I appreciate it!

    • $350 a year is nothing. That is one tasting/workshop. I agree to an extent on the tastings. I have been to some parties (not wildtree) where their presentations take almost an hour. I am in an out of my tastings in 90 minutes or less and most of that is mingling with guests. My presentation is maybe 10 minutes. People are too busy to be hanging around for that long.

    • It may be nothing for you Mindy. But it may not be to someone that’s new. I know most people struggle just making the first dollar with a new business within the first couple of months. So several hundred dollars is very challenging.

  23. I love to cook, so this sounds like a fun, and kind of unique, opportunity, but unfortunately I don’t have the kind of time it would take to make this profitable. Great review, though! Maybe once I get my kids out of the house, I’ll give it another look!

    • This would probably be great for you Margaret if it didn’t require so much time. But you’re right, it’s something to explore later on.
      Thanks for chiming in. I appreciate it!

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