Here’s the $50 I Promised You…

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Last week, I brought my baby girl home and because of the lack of sleep I decided to give away free money to my loyal subscribers. LOL Well not really, I just wanted to share the joy with you guys emotionally and financially because that's what our family is about here at You were asked to do something you probably do on a regular basis which is to provide your advice and insight about something you have a great knowledge of which is parenting.

My wife and I were surprised with the overwhelming response and thank you for all the well wishes. We were truly touched and impressed with the advice. It was really a hard decision but we finally narrowed down the winners of the 3 $50 prizes.

The Winners Are:

Winner 1: Carol Dickinson aka Mimsy

Winner 2: Charlene

Winner 3: Tiffany

Let's all extend our congratulations to these loyal subscribers! Hopefully they'll chime in. Your payment is on the way folks. Honestly I wish I could have picked all of our loyal subscribers that contributed because all the advice was great but a deal is a deal.

Affiliate Marketing Meet My Visitors, Visitors meet Affiliate Marketing…

Last week I set you up on a blind date with my good friend affiliate marketing and you probably didn't realize it. I hope you're not mad but you have to admit you were having fun. I saw the glimmer in your eye when I asked your experience about parenting. I could tell it was something you were passionate about and were happy to share with me. And what did I do on our date? I paid for the whole dinner. But I had a secret motive as most guys do on dates. lol The contest was my underhanded way of introducing you to how I make big money at home and you can too. In a certain respect, the people that won our first work at home contest were sort of engaged in affiliate marketing which is how yours truly makes his living. Affiliate marketing isn't really marketing at all. I know it's a dirty word for most work at home seekers. I'm always hesitant to speak of it, because I know it sends you running for the hills. LOL In actuality, affiliate marketing is basically the process of helping people find what they want and getting paid for providing them this information. I wanted advice about parenting and I clearly expressed this to you on my site which you happen to frequent regularly. The winners then went and provided me solutions and I paid them for it.

Affiliate marketing is the same thing. You literally just hang out where people are talking about problems they have and provide them solutions that you feel will help them and that you have a relationship with as an affiliate. For instance you folks are often looking for legitimate ways to make money at home. I know companies that provide legitimate work at home opportunities because I've gone out and looked for them for myself and tried them. These companies are usually looking for more people and who better to ask then the people that already work with them? So they offer a referral program also known as an affiliate program. They literally pay you to help more people like they helped you.

Most of you do affiliate marketing every day. You're constantly giving advice to your friends, family, people at the grocery store, on blogs, message boards, etc. But you're not getting paid for it. You're doing it because you just do and like helping folks. Well bless your little heart. But I bet you never realized you can actually make money doing it, like I do. So this is just something for you to keep in mind. I'll create a separate post about this very soon. Affiliate Marketing is how I make my money and why I eventually stopped looking for a work at home job because this was far easier and more profitable to get paid to help people. Wouldn't you want to do the same? One final thought about this; Affiliate programs are free to join, easy to find, involve no waiting to hear back from an employer and can be started today and making you money right away as well. Can that be said for a work at home job?

Mo Money, Mo Money, Mo Money…

Ok back to our recent contest exploits. One thing I noticed about our first contest here at was that it really motivated people to turn out like never before. I would like to think it was because you guys really love me and wanted to just help my wife and I. But I know a major part of it was the financial incentive. Hey, I'm not hating on you for it. After all, that's what this blog is about! So let's keep the money flowing! After some deep thought, I've decided that I will be holding many more contests in the near future so that all my loyal subscribers can get a chance at making money at home.

After all you're the reason I'm making money so why not share it with my loyal subscribers. Now, it's literally going to pay to be an active member of this blog. So if you're shy, you may want to shake that off because it may actually cost you money now. LOL

So stay tuned. Don't worry, I'm still going to provide you with the great free content on finding work at home jobs, avoiding scams and alternate ways of making money, etc. But unlike searching for work at home jobs, at least now when you're searching and reading this blog, you'll have a chance to earn some money as well. Let me know what you guys think about this idea. Seems to me it would provide everyone a fair shot of actually making money at home. I wish I could hire you all but this is a solution I think will help many of my loyal subscribers.

What do you guys think? Do you want to learn how to finally make big money without dealing with the frustration that comes with searching for work at home jobs and having employers ignore you? Are you ready to stop trying and actually doing something where you make money instead of hoping for it?

9 thoughts on “Here’s the $50 I Promised You…”

  1. Congrats to you and your wife…..
    You have always been a person I could count on for a honest Opinion.
    Thanks so much for that…
    Ill keep tuned for more..

  2. Hey Callie,

    Thanks for chiming in. I hope people are realizing the potential here and are getting excited. It just takes a change a mind set and taking action. Callie is a perfect example of this has recently had some success taking action on the advice I have provided.


    You have a very positive attitude and that is the start to everything else. The one common thing I’ve noticed about people who don’t reach their full potential is that they are negative nancies. They’re always complaining about problems and not looking for solutions. They never see the silver lining in anything so it perpetuates more negative things in their lives. Trust me I was one of those people until I decided to look in the mirror and look at myself and ask am I really doing all I can to make my dreams happen? When you folks do that and answer themselves honestly then that’s where things start to change.

    So I’m glad a can be a little spark of inspiration and hope for you. Just take that spark and turn into a big fire of at home income. =)


  3. Hi Eddy,
    It’s almost like you can read my mine. God do work in mysterious ways. He gave you the sign to show me that he was there for me and so were you. What a Blessing that is to me. Whenever some one do you wrong, God shows you that there are really good people in this world that will do you right and is on your side just like himself. Oh Glory, he is there for us and I appreciate every minute. I have really had some falls this pass week and God let me know he is there to lift me up and all I have to do and depend on him. Thank you Jesus!!! I was so happy when you said you have other things in store for us. I said alright, that is God speaking through you and letting me know that I am not alone and that you will help me to keep some kind of change in my pocket no matter what. I never ask for much, just a way to keep going because I know he will make sure I meet all my needs. Thank you Eddy for the great gift that I never expected. God do look out for all of us. Charlene

  4. Hi Mimsy,

    Thanks for chiming in. I’m glad you’re all for more contests. Hopefully everyone else is too.

    Again I really appreciated the advice you provided and that of everyone that participated.

    It was a great experience for my wife and I.


  5. Congratulations to Mimsy, Charlene, and Tiffany! Lots of great advice and tips ladies.

    I’m sure you ladies can agree that it is such a blessing to be of help in simple yet benefiting ways. 🙂

  6. Hi Charlene,

    I’m sorry to hear about you being laid off.
    I guess my timing was right. God doesn’t allow us to go through anything he doesn’t think we’ll come out better for.

    Sometimes things we think our negatives are really blessings in disguise. God has a funny way of working.
    I remember a year ago, I was down and out. The feds had hit me with a crazy tax bill for my website businesses and I had to take out a huge loan to pay it.

    It made me discouraged like why should I even try to run my own business when they’re going to do me dirty like that. So for months, I just walked around the house with a defeated mentality despite my wife’s best effort to encourage me to get back on my grind. I decided I would go the “job” route.

    So I located a work at home job and even went on an interview and everything. I swore I got the job. But the lady never got back to me. I was devestated. I was more than qualified for the job but she still didn’t hire me.

    But something snapped in me and I said to myself, “Oh hell nah!”. I got back on my work horse and started investing in my education again to help me grow my business. I also asked for advice from other people that were successful so I could basically follow what they do and be successful as well.

    And we all know how this story ends, I eventually quit my job and I’m working at home full time raising my baby girl.

    The things is I could’ve easily let that “hater” employer and my experience bring me down. But I’ve always been like that. I love when people tell me I can’t do something because it motivates me to shut them up and prove them wrong.

    In that job situation I felt slighted like you’re not going to hire me? Do you know what I bring to the table? Oh hell nah. lol So I took it as a personal attack on my value and decided that I would never allow anyone do that to me again and made my own path.

    So keep that in mind. God always has a plan for us even when you think he may have foresaken us.

    I’ve seen it happen so many times in my life.

    I hope this helps.


  7. Eddy,
    Thank you so much for choosing me as a winner of your baby advice contest. I’ve got loads more free advice totally worth the price I charge! For anyone who’s been looking to make money online, they know that something that’s free can cost you loads of bucks!!

    There were some marvelous ideas submitted and I know the decision couldn’t have been an easy one. I’ve been reading your website for a few months now and I felt like it was just time to return the favor of some solid advice.

    I love the idea of more contests, if nothing else, it brings people out to communicate with one another!
    I love it and the extra money is always welcome!

    Again, many thanks for the scratch- and please keep us updated on the joys of being a daddy.

  8. Hi Eddy,
    You seem to always be there whenever I need you. I have just gotten layed off from my part time job with the only income that I had and have been praying something, anything would come along and here you are again, there for me. I was layed off due to a snitch in the company. I said no-way and I thought he was there to help me just like he said he would, only to find out that he was trying to get brownie points. You are a real Blessing coming from above when I am down in the dump. I said maybe God is testing me. I was trying hard to save the money that I needed to take the class that I want so I can start my own business and then this happens. How cruel can a person be? I said, well God will pay you back for all your wrong doings on the double. Because I am going to turn it over to God and let him take care of him. I don’t know Eddy, I am so disappointed in that situation. It’s like, how could you hit me in my back like that? That was really dirty but Eddy I know the Lord sent you to me to make me know there is more good things coming to me. Thanks Again and May God Bless you and your Loving Family. Charlene


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