Work At Home $500 Bailout Package

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I try to make it a habit to avoid watching the news. I don't know about you but It tends to depress me. The media seems more interested in serving propaganda rather than giving us objective reports.

However in light of all the recent events, I've started to watch the news again. And I'll be honest with you. What I've witnessed has made me sick to my stomach. I can't believe there are so many good people losing their home, jobs and retirement income. Yet, we're spending billions of dollars bailing out the bastards that helped put us in this mess.

This bailout plan is like me catching a thief in my home and cursing him out. But instead of calling the cops or beating him up, I give him the keys to my house and few hundred dollars and tell him "don't do this again"! And by the way you can still keep the stuff you stole. Now ain't that a "B"?

I don't know, maybe it's because of The Bronx in me. But where I'm from, when someone screws you over, you don't reward them. Where I'm from you "catch a bad one" for screwing folks over. I guess this is why it's so hard for me to grasp the concept of a bailout plan for these corporate punks. Yeah, yeah I've heard how this allegedly will help folks on main street. But excuse me if I'm a little skeptical.

The fact I worked in Corporate America for so many years probably doesn't help my disposition. The years I spent there gives me a more jaded perspective because I saw a lot of how money was misused. I personally witnessed how good people like my buddies in the mail room or lunch room were victims of salary decreases or layoffs. Many of which could have easily been avoided by cutting the salary or bonuses of executives, who quite frankly were overpaid considering the value they brought. So when I hear about how we're bailing some of these folks out, it throws me into a rage.

My Version of a Bailout Plan

But I'm not going to cry over spilled milk. I've decided to be proactive and do my part and offer a little "somethin, somethin" for the regular folks that everyone seems to talk about but aren't opening their wallets to.

My $500 work at home bail out plan is real simple. Tell me what you think about what's going on in the economy and how it's affecting your family. In return, I'll randomly give 5 people $100! That's right! None of this nonsense of giving rich people money that will allegedly trickle down to you. I'd rather see the money go directly to you.

How To Get Your Money!

So here's all that is required.

1. You need to have a paypal account already set up so I can pay you. If you don't have one go get one now, its' free to do so. Just visit

2. You must leave your comment in the comment section below this article. Emailing me your comments won't qualify.

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5. Respect each other's comments. Don't attack each other in the comments below. What makes this country great is because it was built on our differences. Somehow that has been lost over the last few years. So let's respect each other's when writing our comments.

That's pretty much it.

My Bad…

I'd like to apologize to anyone that may find this post offensive because of it's political undertone. I know talking politics is like talking about money. But I just needed to air out my disgust. Hopefully the possibility that you may get a $100 will help make peace.

Shout it out…

Now that you know the rules, what are your thoughts about the bailout plan, the financial crisis and how it's affecting you?

And the Winner is…

The bail out plan is officially over. The people listed below have received $100 each via PAYPAL for sharing their thoughts about our recent financial crisis. For those of you that weren't picked, please keep in mind that in the last few months I've hosted several contests where I have gladly given money away. This will continue and you will have many more chances to get this money. So as long as you stay a subscriber you'll know about them.

I'm a firm believer in sharing the wealth. I already give to charities. But I think it's also very important to directly give back to people in my community (work at home community). My success is because of all of you! Contrary to popular belief, everyone that has been successful DIDN'T do it by themselves! They had help one way or another. And somehow people forget that when they get to the top. I just hope that my act today will serve as a catalyst for others to help each other out in any way
they can and never to forget that IT IS your responsibility to help those around you. If we all followed this human principle, there wouldn't be a financial crisis, world hunger or people without.

In any event, Here are the winners:

So these are our winners. Please feel free to congratulate them using the comment field below. It has been great to be able to vent with each other without the name calling and mud slinging that we've seen in the last few weeks. We don't necessarily all share the same views, color of skin or religion. But it's nice to know we live in a country where we can have our freedom of expression in an intelligent and cordial manner. It's these type of interactions that make me so proud to be part of this great nation of ours despite whatever issues we may have.

84 thoughts on “Work At Home $500 Bailout Package”

  1. Hey thanks for the response… You’ve gave me more than an answer to my questions, you’ve gave me hope and motivation to keep going and never give up in the work from home world..Thank you

  2. Hello everyone,

    I apologize Eddy for my late response. I was very excited and thankful to find out that I was a winner. I normally enter contest and things and don’t ever have the expectation of winning because I never do, LOL. For me, being chosen as a winner was confirmation within my ownself that things are looking up for my family. My husband is still having a hard time finding work BUT with the help of financial aid he has enrolled in school and will start in January. He’s gonna pursue a business degree and who knows maybe we’ll be in business for ourselves someday. And that’s not all. I was recently hired at IBM in the town next to ours and I’ve almost completed my second week of training. So that $100 dollars came in handy, had enough money to keep gas in the car! I’m really proud of my husband, its not easy for him to be the “stay at home” parent but he’s doing a terrific job. Thank you so much Eddy. May you continue to be blessed and be a blessing to others.



  3. You’re quite welcome Denise, Eleanor and Susan! I’m glad the money will be helpful to you. Hopefully I’ll be able to help many more of you with other contests and by finding legitimate opportunities to post here on this blog.


    Thanks for the kind words. May you and your family have a wonderful & blessed holiday season as well!


  4. Oh My Lord! Eddy, whenever I came to look at the feed tonight (2 am Dec. 1,) I saw that the contest was over and the winning names were listed. I started tearing up and I hadn’t even clicked on the name Susan yet, I was shaking thats how excited I was! I hesitated because I knew I was not the only Susan who commented I thought hold on it may not be MY name. Then I went to my email and saw the email from Paypal, Ok so the water works were turned on, It means everything to me! This may not seem like a big deal to some but the 100.00 will help for me to purchase some much needed meds. that I was just worrying about and maybe pick up some food. I still have not heard anything about if I was approved the food stamps so our appreciation goes greatly to you… Thanks again Eddy, I will not forget this and will keep your site part of my everyday routine.

  5. Congratulations to all!!!!!

    Karma has a way of returning…good or bad…embrace it! and then release…it’ll come back to you!
    Eddy, you have a magnanimous spirit….may you and yours have a blessed holiday season!

  6. Eddy, Thank you I am very excited to have been choosen. I can finally get my brakes for my suburban now and hopefully my hubby will install them. Again thanks for your generosity…

  7. it is true that the economy is not doing well at this time.however the one thing about a struggling economy is that it wont last forever.people are having a hard time now,try to keep faith in god & know that things will get probably noticed that when the stock market went way up so did prices,gas prices caused food & every thing else to go up.when the stock market fell so did gas prices,however prices for food & other things have not fallen as quickly.lets hope the market stays down.

  8. I am above and beyond angry about this bailout package. As someone who has been affected by the economy (both my husband and I lost our jobs), we have lost our home (we purchased on a lease option 2 years ago with 25k down, made out monthly payments, recorded the deed, and the person we bought it from didn’t make the payments to the lender), and we can’t afford to keep food in the fridge for my 4 children. Our government is doing NOTHING to help us!
    They are cutting school programs, medical programs, and allowing our states to go under, however they bail out companies such as AIG, Citibank and AMEX. This is unbelievable!
    The bailout should go to the infastructure of the US, not the companies whose CEO’s are making thousands of $$ on payroll!
    Our senators, congressmen and State Representatives need to feel the effects of this DEPRESSION and not recieve their paychecks! They are not hearing, or are simply ignoring the severity of this situation! Our foodbanks are EMPTY! Still they eat with their families!
    They are failing us miserably, failing our children with the right of education, failing our sick and incompacitated by not providing them with medical care, failing our ederly and poor by allowing charities to go under because the people who provided and donated (like me) can no longer afford to donate and now need the services they offer!
    I am disgusted and dismayed by how our government has shown no interest in the people, utilizing our taxes to pay their own salaries and the salaries of these bottom feeders who provide no service to me whatsoever!
    This needs to end, and our government who has been so out of control needs to be put back into line with what their jobs (that we provide and pay them with)!
    Consumer confidence isn’t down, people have no money you morons! Confidence in our government is down, and if they aren’t careful, they will soon have a revolt on their hands.
    Put the money back into us, the people they represent, get back to the roots of their jobs and remember they were to protect the people.
    We can serve on a jury and decide thee fate of another human being, well, why not create a jury of the PEOPLE to decide where this bailout money is allocated to! They won’t do this because then our voices will be heard, which they dont want to happen!
    It is rather unfortunate and I don’t see an end to this in the near future, right now we need to do what we have to in order to survive.
    We DO NOT have the support of the government, only each other to depend on, and we can NOT let the government put any more of us under. They need to stand up for the PEOPLE, not the companies that fatten their wallets…..every last one of out government does not deserve to make an income if the state is not. If the state of Nevada goes under, then so should ever Congressman, Senator, Representative, Governor, etc., should not recieve a paycheck. Furthermore, if this continues to escalate thoughout the US, no government position should collect a salary either.
    Let them feel what we are feeling, let them scrap the way we have to scrap….perhaps if they feel the pain we do, then they will understand and do what is right!
    God Bless everyone….since that seems to be all we have left….

  9. Hi, this is my first post since I subscribed. I really take pleasure in knowing this means more than a casual comment of the day or just a post to one of the many socials site’s bulletins!
    I subscribed late last night and was amazed, when I started reading through the feed, that so many of the same SCAMS, RIP-OFFS and SCHEMES, are ones I have been dealing with for the past couple years since I lost my job in 2006 and have problems getting and keeping a job, I started searching through the work from home programs, ideas, offers and even some promises. Just to run into at least 5 of those listed and discussed in this feed.
    Wish I had found this years ago!!
    I, a single mother of 3, have worked throughout my children’s growing years, a total of 24, without any help from their “deadbeat” father, well at least until 1999 when his “new” wife cautioned him he’d better face his responsibilities and pay up! Now before this I had injured my back in 1989, so bad, I had to be put in traction and admitted to the hospital for 9 days before the Doctor decided to operate. Thankfully during that time, my Husband was enlisted in the Navy so the medical cost were well taken care of. My 2nd back surgery was in Dec. 95 (ironically enough Jan 96 rang in a Divorce along with the New Year as well) and the 3rd, yes third, surgery was just over 6 months later early July of 96. Now mind you between my 1st and quite a bit past my last surgery, from “89” to “99”, I worked when and if I could all the while dealing with my limitations.
    I did have a supplemental income through Cash Assistance, and if I remember correctly the highest I ever received was about $605.00 per month, (to take care of my 3 boys, myself, the housing cost, bills and any non food items we may need) Medical, Food Stamps and the local WIC programs but because of the child support I received, when and if I received it, was never over $400.00 in any given month, all my assistance, except for the medical, was then adjusted to just over the poverty levels. They considered my income of under 14 thousand a year too much to receive assistance at a full benefit grant! Looking back I wish I making that now.
    I never liked having to live like that, the looks I would get ,the comments I would overhear from other customers it was like I just walked in from out of dark alley, whenever they would see the paper food stamps. Even the cashiers had attitudes at times and seemed to get aggravated whenever I would pull out those familiar food stamp booklets because the poor things had to count them out!
    After the switch to the EBT (electronic funds transfer) which automated the whole process by the use of the debit card in place of the paper in 2000, which was designed primarily to distribute benefits to the recipients more easily and it also made the whole shopping process a smoother transaction. That was ok for awhile until everyone knew what these cards looked like then it all started again. I would shop at odd hours so know one would see me. I felt so low, like I was no good! Like they probably thought I just wanted to live off everyone else.
    I did not enjoy living with nothing and certainly taking a hand out instead of working was not something I preferred to do. I did work as much as I could but 1 of 2 things always happened, my health would cause me to lose my jobs or my daycare was to unreliable and I had know one to watch my kids. I didn’t have one of those families that helped with the babysitting or even lending me money if it was needed. (and that was the last thing I would ever ask of them anyhow) My Mom passed years prior and my Dad live in a whole other state and he needed to be on Disability so he could not be of help either. So my boys grew up without that kid spoiling a grand parent we all see on TV shows.
    Throughout these times I fought the economy tooth and nail and tried holding onto a job that did not pay enough to stock my freezer never mind fill up my car’s gas tank (when I had a car) The last time I worked was July 2006. I was let go due to Company downgrades I guess. I ended up having to apply for Disability (which is a whole other subject in itself) due to the accumulation and deterioration of my mental and physical health and have been LITERALLY living on $200.00 – $250.00 a month for myself and 1 son still at home. Oh and that comes from the deadbeat Father. I mentioned earlier, the system allows him to make an easy $1600.00 a week while the judgment for back owed child support, for his 2 sons, who are now fathers too, the order was placed at $50.00 dollars a week. UUG! Do I think this Economy and Government is messed up? I sure do! Has it affected me and mine in a negative way? Let me explain it this way. Every time my son and I have to face nearly empty cabinets, a totally empty freezer, (besides ice cubes) and a refrigerator with maybe milk,a jug of water and a few, probably too old to eat anyway, left-overs. It really hurts! When I have to let my electric bill lag or be late on my already lowered housing payment because I had to chose to pay for my heart medication that week , I get scared! Or maybe when we walk to the store because I cant afford to even own a car and our feet are soaked by the time we get back to the apartment because of the holes in our shoes.
    It’s a wonder In not in a loony bin by now, maybe when I get one of those looks from someone seeing me going into the neighboring Salvation Army Thrift Store because I can’t even afford to shop for my cloths at Wal Mart I could hold my head up, because I definitely think this has strengthened my perception of things, heightened my awareness at least of the need to be frugal and yet still be honest! There are those who could not handle seeing how I live and would rather take the easier way out ignore the problems at hand then figure out a solution for the situations like mine and others like me.

  10. Hey John,
    Those CEO’s didn’t make bad decisions, they pocketed $millions$ in bonuses for what they did. The fat gubburment cats have to bail them out to save “themselves” from falling with the rest of america.
    The big 3 auto makers don’t deserve a bailout. They have been cheating us for years by NOT increasing fuel mileage. Yes cheating us. I had a 1984 that still to this day has a higher MPG rating than most anything.
    Wooooo 32 mpg highway, Wow! Try 40 MPG up hill anywhere, anytime. And the auto makers are still trying to wow us with 32mpg. BULL$*%&.
    Yeah sure they employ lots of people, but those people are helping cheat all of US.

  11. What a great way to voice what was is going on with the average person today. I worked for many years before I had my child and my husband has been in real estate for 27 years. We cannot believe how bad the real estate market is!! We have rental properties that are valued lower now than when we purchased them 10 years ago. So sad to see all the hard work just diminish!! I can’t imagine having money in the stock market right now. Any repairs or maintenance we have done on our properties are pretty much lost because the values have dropped so much. The banks aren’t going to help any body with their current mortgages unless they are 3-4 months behind in payments. That just seems crazy to me. Why not help now with lower interest rates or rewrite with better terms so you don’t get in the position of being behind in the first place! That is what is going to happen to us with our properties. Banks won’t even consider helping eventhough they received all this money until your credit is ruined and you have nothing left. Very sad and frustrating!
    Thanks for your time

  12. Hello. The “Bailing Out” of America is obvious White Collar Crime. Stealing from the poor to pay the rich.

    Think about it. If you own your own business or you are a CEO of a Corporation and you make poor decisions about how to run your business, wht happens? Your Business fails and you file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy….right?

    But not these huge corporations like GM, Ford, AIG, etc. The CEOs at these companines make bad decisions…their business fails….then the government comes in and says…”No worries, you are a terrible leader that ruined your company. Not only are we going to give you Billions of $$, we will also let you keep your job!

    It is a Crime!


  13. I really like the article, I like the fact that you are giving people a place to talk about this HUGE issue. I think most people feel the same way except the CEO’s who are now looking at making a little less money. What they don’t realize is that compared to them, we all make peanuts. However, I choose not to sit back and take the crap. I won’t buy certain products made out of this country, I won’t pay over inflated prices, if it’s too expensive I go without. I feel that we really are headed for a change but we need to make it happen. It’s places like this that are the best thing that can happen, people can figure out were to go and what to do now. Can’t change other people, can change our attitudes and way we live to fit the times. Life is about the journey not the destination! If it’s not working for you make changes.

  14. I agree with you on the bail out move. Those people took the money and practically went on vacation with it, spending money on hotel rooms, food and things like that. One big party with our money.

    I heard on television last night where, somwhere in New York, they were going to make the average person pay more money for transportation on their subways because they needed money. The bigwigs were talking about how there was no other way to make the money and that they were going under. However, the reporter held in his hands reports of how much these big wigs were making a year. $250,000 plus a year. Why couldn’t they take a pay cut? If they are asking all the little people to chip in by paying more and saying how sorry they were that they had to do this….if you’re so sorry, take a pay cut dude!

    That’s the problem with the economy. The little people are losing their jobs, having to pay more for different things such as public transportation and gas and the guys with lots of money are, well, still making lots of money. It’s not fair.

    My biggest problem with the economy and how it affects my family is health care. My family has 2 children with type 1 diabetes The average cost per month for all their supplies, plus medicine, plus visits to their endrocrinolgist are astronomical to say the least. $150.00 for a small bottle of insulin (they both take two different kinds)that lasts anywhere from 2-3 weeks plus the other stuff they need, plus us losing our grocery business because my husband had to have his toe amputated (for which we owe $10,000) and not being able to work the long hours even with me helping out basically put us in the poor house. But without the medicines my children would die and without the amputation of his toe, my husband would have ended up having his whole leg amputated so I’ll take the poor house any day of the week.

    When my children were younger, we could not get insurance without paying a huge size premium because they had diabetes and my husband has type 2 diabetes. With what we had to spend on their medicine, we could not afford to pay the large premium as well as the medicine for the one year it takes before the insurance starts paying for pre-existing conditions.

    Now they are older and even though my children all work, they can’t get the health insurance they need
    through their jobs because of, again, having pre-existing conditions. Luckily, we have found a mission that has doctors from a local hospital who volunteer their time and my children can go there and get seen by the doctor and get their medicine. All they ask is for donations. We try to give them as much as we can each time we visit, but we thank God that they are there to help us, otherwise, we would be in worse shape than we already are which is almost poverty level.

    I voted for Obama because he promised better health care for people like us who do not make a lot of money and who have pre-existing conditions. I pray that this is one of the promises that he can keep and that something can be done about it. Until then, we lean on the kindness of others and are grateful.

  15. Hi…Ive just stumbled upon your site in search of…you guessed it…a legit w@h opp.

    Well, if you’re still interested in feelings and concerns in regards to our economy, here goes….

    I feel let down, put down, shut out and spit on. Here, in the “greatest nation on earth” we have people starving just to ensure that their babies have enough to eat; where are the AIG powerhouses dining? We have educated, experienced workers being Left out in the cold w/o pensions, unemployment benefits and/or another option for income; how much of the “bail-out” funds have been/will be spent on the leisurely lunches for the Fat Cats of the Auto Industry?

    Has anyone paid attention to the news…instead of being brainwashed by the endless propaganda? Peel back the veneer to see what is really happening on Wall Street, in the White House, in Corporate America, on the greens at every country club across the nation!!!!

    The middle class…like Bohemia…is dead…you serve no purpose for the masses…you have no acheivements that benefit us…you have no………ugh…
    wait a sec…we ARE the ones that you rely obn in acheiving you bottomline!!! We ARE the ones whose backs are broken and brows are soaked from the CREATION of you mighty dynasties!!!!

    Yet, you persecute us…releive us of the very power to sustain our families…and convince us that those are rights tatwe have yet to earn? And still, we are the ones you expect to FIX your mistakes!

    Thats how I feel about the state of our economy, the “strange” decline in gas prices just prior to a wonderfully historical presidential election….(seriously a female and an African-American…WOW).

    Now, that Christmas season is upon us…pleae try to remember those that are on foreign soil tonight and their families that are missing them…those that have yet to recover form Hurricane Katrina and the many that have followed
    since…those who despite the cold are standing in loooong lines at food banks for their neighbors, parents, and thier babies that they themselves cannot feed and agencies cannot help and the government doesnot care enough to BAIL THE AMERICAN PEOPLE OUT!!!!

    Many Thanks to you for this site, the opportunity to vent, and my sincere prayers for those of you suffering with your head high…persevere!!!!….American ends w/ I can!!!!


  16. I don’t believe the goverment needs to bailout the Auto industries. They need to get rid of the private jets,the big fancy homes,and take a big cut in pay.
    If the goverment wants to help anyone it should be the lower and middle class people. Instead of giving all that money to corperations, they could send everyone making under $75,000.00 a year a check for $50,000.00. I am sure that would get the economy headed back in the right direction.

  17. I wanted to chime in again on the recent comments.

    1. My feelings on bailing out the AUTO industry varies a bit from my feelings towards corporations. The auto industry is still a major source of jobs for most Americans so I’m fine with the idea of bailing these folks out with a lot of restrictions though!

    A. It’s hard for us to swallow the idea of our jobs and factories being shipped elsewhere but it has to do with simple math. When you go grocery shopping you don’t necessarily buy the most expensive produce, you see what’s on sale or you use your coupons or savings card. It literally makes “cents” to do that! Well, big business is no different. So our government should make it attractive for the auto industries to keep the factories and jobs here by providing some type of tax benefits. Either way the government gets that money because auto industries will employ more people that have to pay taxes so its a win win for us all.

    B. Our auto industry has to step up their game and be more competitive with the foreign car market. We’ve fallen so behind and that’s why imports are outselling in this country. So another stipulation for bailing these guys out is for our auto industry to be making serious strides to make our cars more eco friendly and efficient. Ultimately we need solutions that don’t make us dependent on oil! There are so many smart people in this country, (May of you who visit this blog. lol)so you can’t tell me we can’t figure out a way to make better cars right here. After all we created the auto industry!

    C. Folks are right here about CEO bonuses. Another restriction would have to be that bonuses would actually be for a job well done. Period! The company shouldn’t be paying for frivolous company meetings in vacation destinations and flying CEO’s in private jets all over the place. There is a lot of fat that could be cut just by looking at those type of things. So before giving that money up, I would have an external auditor look at what could be cut aside from employees benefits because I know for a fact there are other options that they don’t explore because of personal greed.

    So I’m all for the bail out of the auto industry if its CONDITIONAL on some of the items I’ve listed above. But you can’t just give out checks without conditions. That’s like giving a crack head a rock of crack and getting mad that he or she smoked it.


    Thanks for bring up your theory. I’ve wondered about your claims as well. I find it very ironic that the prices of gas has all of sudden dropped out of no where with little mention by media as to why this happened and why didn’t it happen months ago when we were first heading into this mess. Maybe I don’t fully understand the economics of this but I do find it very weird as well.

    In any event, thanks for keeping the comments pouring in. I’m still finalizing the last few winners and hope to get them announced very soon.


  18. I just came across this today. I must say that I am with you. The bailout plan is burning me. Now, since this blog was last wrote, we now have the “Big 3” with their hands out!
    Now, the other day, I was watching the news and listening to these “auto bigwigs” try to explain why they needed the money. They said that they had to take pensions away from people, they said that they had to cut benefits and eliminate raises, and that hundreds of people had been laid off, with thousands more layoffs to come if they don’t get this money.
    Now what burns me about this is…Why don’t the CEO’s of GM, Ford and Chrysler cut their pay, cut their benefits, and oh, I don’t know, get rid of their private jets? How can you fly in on a private jet, stick your hand out, and try to convince somebody that you are broke?
    Now, how has the bailout affected me? Not in a positive way. I can not find a job, at all. The competition is very tough out there. The only benefit, is oh, my food stamps got raised from $30/month to $75/month for a family of 3.
    Maybe, if the CEO’s of the Big 3 and of WallStreet can go crying poor to the Capital, maybe I can go crying poor in my rusted out ’89 Chevy and cry poor and maybe they’ll give me some money too?

  19. I do not know if you are still doing the give away, but 100 hundred dollars or not this is my idea… The government created a problem and wanted to make sure that everyone was effected. They made gas prices so high that no one could afford to do anything except go to work. Food prices went up because gas was so high. So even if people were not affected by foreclosure etc. people still felt the the stress no matter what. Then “they” suggested there was a need for the government to get involved. So the gov. suggest the 700 billion bailout plan (which the president was allotted 100 billion of that to do with what ever he wanted). Yeah wonderful idea, NOT. To make it feel like the bail out plan is helping everyone “they” started to lower gas prices so everyone has all this extra money. And just in time for Christmas too. The government just pulled the wool over everyone’s eyes again. I am sure there is even more then all this going on. To tell the truth my family has not really been affected by all this financially, except we couldn’t go anywhere. I have yet to know one person being foreclosed on. I am more worried about what has been allowed to happen to my son and our government won’t do anything about it. . The government likes to keep us stress, distracted and sick so we do not realize what the real problems are.

    Thanks for the chance to comment

  20. Hello,
    I guess I will get right down to it. I am a 29 year old, who has bounced from job to job (I’ve had about 250)and now I am in college. I started college because I live in a town that wants to be nothing more than a retirement community, so we have no real jobs or careers that are worth while. Living in a small town I watch how the economy effects our town and can only imagine how hard this has hit every where else. I can’t believe that not only did they give a lot of money away to companies now we are looking at paying off the big 3 car makers. None of which have a real presence in America any more. They claim to have a high number of jobs depending on them,how many manufactories have been shut down in recent years? Why can’t the big 3 make cars that are competitive with the imports? I thought in our Constitution it was wrong for goverment to interfere with private companies. Why do we as a goverment have to fix the problems of major corporations that require more loyalty from their employees than they are willing to afford to them. When a company can file bankruptcy and pay a CEO a huge settlement (for a job well done?), which cuts off the pensioners money. Why should the guys who ran the company down get paid for it while the wage slaves pay for it? I am not a finacial genius but even I can see that you don’t reward the people who failed you, and bite the hand that worked for you.

    Thank you for letting me rant.

  21. The economy has turned on us. It makes it almost impossible to find a decent job. I know several people with degrees who are forced to work in low wage jobs such as Wal-Mart. The fact that they spent 4 years of their life getting certified in a skill, only to not be able to use it makes me sick.

    This has crippled my life. I am between jobs and find it unlikely that I’ll find a decent one. Either the jobs are all outsourced, or only in major cities such as New York.

  22. Wohoooo I subscribed!!! My father works for AIG, and those of you who have been following the news know that AIG was one of the giant companies that had to be “bailed out” by the government. My father has been an AIG employee for 23 years, and people are losing jobs left and right. He is old, still supporting 5 other people, and can not afford to lose his job.
    So in part, I think that the bail-out plan was a good idea, and should have been put into action earlier on.

    However, I don’t believe that what has been going on in the last several years was healthy for the economy. The oil prices have been jacked up, people have been losing jobs, salaries haven’t increased, you know the shpeal.

    In history it shows that raising taxes does not raise government revenue, so I hope that this tax raise that will occur does not adversely effect he economy by causing big companies to cut salaries and workers. I wish everyone the best of luck in the years ahead.

  23. Hi there!

    We live in the Panhandle of Texas and expect the recession will not hit here for another few years. It seems, like fashion and hairdos, this part of the country is about fifteen years behind. That is a good thing in this case, because it gives you time to prepare. I’ll give the readers some suggestions that I’ve researched. We are so dependent on the infrastructure most people wouldn’t know what to do if the people at the light company were on strike, or the water service was somehow inoperable, or their local Wal-Mart found a glitch in their supply chain. I say be eternally prepared for these should they happen. Be stocked up on non-perishable food items. Have five gallons of water, per person, per day ready. Keep a flashlight, candles and crank radio. Take a little plot of land and START A GARDEN (the book Square Foot Gardening is an excellent start for those with limited space)! There is nothing better than fresh veggies that you grew yourself. This is probably the most radical thing a person can do. The key here is self-sufficiency. Naturally such things as recession would not profoundly affect a self sufficient family. I wish everyone good luck.


  24. Hi Eddy

    What amazes me is how we seem to rob peter to pay paul. When does it stop? We take money from one department to bail out another. When does it end? There are 2 things that effect me. Gas prices and taxes. At least one of them appears to be going down…for the moment…

    Take care
    Jeff Casmer
    Work From Home

  25. I, along with everyone else, am definately feeling the pinch. My direct sales business has took such a direct hit, that I’m forced to find another way to raise some money. Since we homeschool our 3 kids, going into the work force is not an option. My husband’s job is up in the air, his company might or might not be bought out, no one’s sure yet… because of the stock market!

    So, while we’re praying that he keeps his job, praying for parties to come in, we’re also praying that I find another opportunity that fits in better with the current crisis. He’s joining the National Guard, for the bonus, and we’re praying he doesn’t get deployed, although, truth be told, financially, that would really help! And how horrible is it that I’ve even thought of that??

    And while we, and millions of other Average Joes are praying, Congress is sending millions upon millions of dollars of bail out funds to these companies!! Companies who aren’t going to give a dime to their employees, they’re going to lay them off. CEO’s who aren’t being forced to stuff their families into trash single-wide trailers, because they can’t afford anything better, and there’s no *way* they can buy right now. Instead, they’re whining because their retirement funds are dropping, while my 75 year old grandmother continues to work FULL TIME because she just can’t afford to quit!! And THIS is who the government is bailing out?!?!?!

    If they want to spread the funds, I can definately think of people who need it more.

  26. My life was already difficult enough, with an autistic child and my wife battling crohns desease. Then came the job loss. Here in Detroit everything is affected by the downturn in the auto industry and my job at the steel mill, that produces what is most vital for the industry was downsized because of slumping sales, was no exception. My unemployment has run out and the medications needed for my family seem to have instantly skyrocketed in price. So many people have had to leave the state to find work and we have come to the realization that we must too. I really hate to leave because I love this city but it will take too long for it to bounce back for us. I know that there are problems almost everywhere but here is something that you will not hear in the media. In Michigan the unemployment rate is just above 8 percent, in Detroit that translates to above 28 percent. Can you imagine that? Wish me luck and a prayer would be nice. I am praying for all of you, for your health and well being.

  27. I feel for you Linda and every other person who has shared information about themselves. All I can do is pray every day many times a day and be grateful that some friends that are helping me out and that my November rent and Blue Cross will be paid before the same is due in December. I also need co-pays for my meds and will have my petscan soon to see if the cancer has returned. Last they looked 5 months ago and there were noticeable nodes on the pelvic wall. I promise to pray for the people that are struggling here and everywhere. Not individually but as a group and thank Him at the same time for what we do have today. That’s all. Take care.

  28. Hi Eddy,
    I just found you yesterday, after surfing sooo many wah sites (and almost fell for one scam). When I read your main page, I thought “he thinks like me.” Love your pages. Hope I will soon have some income from some of the links!
    Now, I’m just “an old lady”…every time I get near the age for ss, they raise it. It won’t be much anyway, I spent most of my life raising 4 kids. They’re grown with families of their own, and yes, they’re worried. I survive because I live with someone else (cook, clean, do laundry) and get $250 mo in compensation for a job 6 hours a week. This economy may bounce back, but it’s doing damage in the meantime. I believe the government will not do anything for us little people until we all stand up and say “NO MORE!” Congress should have to depend on Social Security (not the golden fleece); bet they’d fix it then! Cut out the pork in bills. Can we fire them and hire new, uncorrupted people to Congress?? Finally, STOP bailing out other countries … they don’t like us and will never pay it back anyway.
    Thanks for listening, and big thanks for your web site.

  29. Last August I found myself in the ER at 6:00am, had every test known to man all day and was told I’d be staying overnight.

    I left for surgery at 5:00pm returned to my room at 11:00pm, where I found my mom sitting there and looking pale. I was already panicked because I couldn’t breathe and was waiting for the oxygen to be turned on and once in bed and settled my mom asked me if the Doctors had spoken to me. I told her I met the gyno and surgeons before surgery and the recovery nurse after the surgery and then she told me that they found cancer on my ovaries, fallopian tubes, small intestine and bowel, which was also stuck in the lining of my stomach. So lots of removing, cutting and re sectioning and they removed a 4lb tumor + 5lbs of blood in my stomach. If that wasn’t enough I would have another surgery because I was still in childbearing age, so they waited to do a Hysterectomy until they could speak to me.

    After 3 weeks in the hospital and 2 extensive surgeries I was home and a week later I started chemo for stage 4 and 5 cancer that lasted 5 months.

    It’s been a hard time. My mom was with me through every ugly step.

    I got on state disability about 2 months after my surgeries. I had it for a year and then I had to decide if I’d go onto federal disability which paid 1/2 and even though I was very sick, I didn’t like the idea of going on disability social security an it takes 4-6 months to get approval. So I went on the 3 month extended unemployment, which ended late October. I haven’t had any money come in since October rent’s. My roommate and a few friends are helping me with food, internet, cell.

    I am also enrolled at SMC, starting January 5th. My major is Business – Entrepreneur. My tuiton and books are free due to my year without any income and my illness. I will get Fafsa and scholarship money which I’ll live on and I expect that I will be making money from the businesses too.

    But for right now, while pur govenment figures out bigger issues and leave sus hanging, I need to start making money on the net for my 1/2 of the rent ($800) and Blue Cross ($187.80) and some food money My biz partner and cousin don’t have the money beyond the Internet and cell phone. My car insurance? I just thought of that.

    My heart goes out to all of us. We’re all feeling it and suffering. As a newbie to your page, what would you point me and the other people on this site to make some quick cash? I know there are alot of people wondering that because there’s alot of great informtion, but I need money now and then I will read every inch of this website! Please advise us and thanks, you seem like a very caring person :0)

    Caren Arseneault

  30. Myself, my husband and 4 year old son recently moved back to Northwest Indiana (AKA “The Region”) after being gone for 14 years. We were able to sell our home in Southern Indiana fairly quickly, though we made no money on the sale. Our main reason for moving back was “higher paying jobs”. I had spoken to many friends and family who said that due to the high number of retirees, the steel mills were hiring more people than they had in years. Not that working at a steel mill is anyone’s idea of the perfect job, but they do pay well. Well, it turns out this was true. The mills did hire alot of people. However, because of the failing economy, they have now laid off all of the new hires and are even letting go alot of the long time workers. We are renting a home for $1100 a month (which is about what it costs up here), plus all utilities, and my husband has yet to find a job. I would love to be able to work at home, but am still searching for something that is legitimate and pays well. For now my husband pounds the pavement every day armed with resumes trying to find something that will pay the bills plus leave money left for car repairs, Christmas, college for our son, etc…Sure there are jobs, but $8.00 does not pay the bills. All we can hope for is that things turn around soon. My father now lives with us also to help offset the high cost of living. It seem to me that if things don’t change, co-habitation with family members will be the only way to survive. (which would be ok with me as I am very close to all of my family)

  31. With the economy being down it has really changed my life my wife is the only one working at this point because I lost my job in the sales field. I was a car salesman for 6years. Its all i know its all Ive done since i’ve graduated high school. Now its really hard with just one person working to maintain a mortgage and all bills that come in. Its really changed things in our life but thanks to God he has always provided for us and we\’ve been able to continue to pay tithe and give offering and not lacked. We understand the principle of sowing and reaping. So to whoever reads this blog be encouraged and keep God first he will always bless you.

  32. With my big ‘ole heart, naturally I am touched by how our economy has affected everyone.

    I thank the good Lord that inspite of our economy’s crisis, He allows me to be a source of encouragement and hope to those whose path has crossed mine.

    Just a few days ago, someone told me how much of a blessing it was to have someone (me) who could offer hope and encouragement via the internet in such a profound way.

    Of course my immediate family has been affected by the grim condition that our economy is in. However, because of my optimism and positive attitude, I can look each day in the face and claim the best of every daily situation and circumstance. With that kind of hope, that is how I make it thru each day to look forward to another tomorrow, all the while helping others along the way.

    I’d like to encourage all to hold fast and take each day as it comes, don’t try to focus too far into the future, because we cannot handle trying to take care of next week, today.

    Love & blessings to all

  33. The economy does worry me and the direction this country is headed scares me. My husband is self employed as a home inspector and the economy can determine how he earns a living. Things have been slow and scary for us. The home market is not dead in Texas but its slow. The governmental powers that be put us in this position and bail everyone out but the people that really need it. Taxes are too high and depending on who is elected it will get worse. No apology is needed for bringing in politics because it seems our well being (money wise) and politics are all mixed up these days.

  34. Jim,

    No need for an apology. It was all in good fun. I would never want that job. Despite what I may feel about past or current presidents, running any country takes a strength that I don’t have. So my hat goes off to the people that have had that job and those that pursue it.


  35. ARRRRRG!
    Hello again!
    Was trying to whine again after reading more of your blogs, and a long winded post timed out (hunt peck typist).

    Eddy, would you run for pres? I want someone who makes sense to vote for. Thats all I can do cause I cant afford to to join affiliates or even pay for materials to go it alone. I don’t know how to make the transition to no-collar without income first.
    signed: down and out in the USofA

  36. Hi Guys,

    I just want to thank all of you for continuing to provide your insight about the economic crisis and how its affecting your lives.

    Many of your stories are sad and just confirm my suspicions that we’re all pretty much on the same page about this bailout. Next week I’ll announce the random people I have picked for our bail out plan.

    I am very happy to see that many of you have taken the opportunity to voice your opinion. For some of you this is the first time you’ve posted here or any blog and I’m glad you were brave enough to do so.

    I would like to think we created an open minded forum for you to do so. Gave yourselves all a round of applause for being able to state your opinions without resorting to attacking each other or pettiness. I think politicians can take a page from all of you!

    And finally thank you all for such kind words about my little hole in the wall site. I don’t claim to be perfect. I know there are many improvements I need to make on my sites to better serve you guys while balancing the need to earn an income.

    Sometimes it gets a little discouraging when I get a few “hateful” comments and email from people belittling the effort I put on these sites. Some people seem to prefer to focus on minor imperfections rather than the whole picture. But we’ve seen a lot of that in the recent weeks so it should come as no surprise. In any event, when I read the overwhelming positive comments, I know I’m on the right track. So thank you for taking time out your busy lives to share your thoughts with me. I really do appreciate it.

    Take care,


  37. Well let me start off by saying that the economy crises has taken a huge toll on me and my family. I am trying to work from home so I can put some extra money into my pockets. I am trying to save money so that my children can have money for college, not to mention that its hard to find a job around here where I live. I’m trying to help out my sister who is currently working a second shift job and can’t afford any daycare expenses, so I decided to try to find a work from home website so I can continue to help out my sister, and put a little extra money into my pockets. Thanks for the wonderful website, it really Great!!

  38. The bail out plan is another example of corrupt government.

    Why did the government bail out AIG? Check and see how many Politicians have their own money in AIG and you’ll easily see why they decide to save AIG over others.

    A better way to spend they money is a plan McCain spoke about and that’s the government should off taken the money and refinanced the bad mortgages out there at a fix interest rate. Foreclosure would go down, banks would have risk removed, and the average homeowner would then be able to get a grip on their finances too. No one gets free money but everyone starts to feel more confident and hopeful about their situations.

  39. Hi.
    I can easily empathize with all the replys. My jaws ache from thinking of “the bailout” paid by our tax dollars. I think the money mongers should be made to pay for it, they caused it. My 401 is now a 201 and dropping rapidly. I was laid off and have lost most everything. Even trying to sell the car cause I can’t afford it any more. Yes! the bailout is punishing the poor and to ad insult to injury, our presidential hopefuls only want to lower middle class tax leaving the bulk of Americans unemployed, broke, and homeless.
    Sorry Renee you seem to be fighting at the front whilst I wallow in the WAH scam mire. I just discovered I have been complaining to the scam-er trying to get somewhere.
    I will be homeless by Christmas regardless of finding a WAH job or 10. I cannot afford any more losses and this bailout is a slap in the face guarantee that we will have to pay for some fat cat error again and again…sorry now i’m just ranting, cant afford to do anything else.
    This seems to be a good site but then I have been surfing lots of seemingly legit sites so I’m skeptical at best.

  40. Hi Eddy

    I am mindful of the times that we are living in!
    Times that are very challenging and what is needed more than ever is a Sustainable Development Plan and not just a Temporary Bailout Plan!

    We want a long term economic plan for the World!

    Thanks for the space to comment!

  41. Hi Eddy
    I have noticed the economy crisis cause its hitting my parents pretty bad. So right now I’m using your website to earn some extra money to help my parents out. Thank You for this website its great and resourceful. Keep up the good work!

  42. ahh,the bailout plan!! yea right! id like to see those crybabies walk in my shoes,,ive been unemployed for about 1 yr.due to being a caretaker to my elderly mother,and i cant even get unemploment benefits! ooh! no! you have to suffer,ive contacted so many resources,even the white house,just trying to get a little help with my utilities,and start a home business,and im looking at forcing my mom into a nursing home,and ill end up homeless,,and then maybe ill go camp out on wallstreet,,it reminds me of a movie”trading places” with dan akroyd,,has anyone seen that? thats what they need,theyre good at talking the talk!! id like to see them walk the walk! they would trip for sure,ooh! i cant walk that far! please help pis*#@s me off..thank you for listening.

  43. Hi this is my 3rd time to try this, so far my comments haven’t went through.I think you hit the nail right on the head. Thanks for having such a wonderful site.I don’t work outside of home cause of back and neck problems which i am trying to get disability but the wait is long and no benefits in between. My husband is a self employed construction worker but the jobs are getting less and less due to the fact that people are having to make choices like buy food instead of getting their house fixed. I live in a small trailer its not much but its a roof over my head and paid for. If we had house payments there would be no way we could make it. It is hard enough just to live from week to week and buy food,gas and utilities and my medicine when i can afford it.The government shouldn’t bail out banks cause more and more are coming forward to be bailed out. The government should help its own right here in USA before providing help elsewhere. I live in Arkansas and there is not many job openings where I live and some places are laying people off right here at Christmas.So many kids are going without these days and its sad. I am 43 and my children are grown, I have a 25 yr old son who is living with me cause he can’t find work.My 18 yr old daughter is trying to find work but no one will hire here since she is pregnant but she wants to work to support her baby and she tried getting some government help but they didn’t offer much.The economy seems to be going down hill.I pray that the economy gets better.Thanks for all you do, I have found much information from your site since I have been trying to do some work at home surveys and stuff. Sincerely Sherry

  44. I agree with you in that the people who put the economy into this mess are all getting rescued by the government, this is sickening, especially when there is no bailout for me and my family. It’s a lie that this money will trickle down because it wont. I myself was laid off and have no unemployment checks or any assistance from the government. But because they are rich they have to be bailed out, I hate it. My life is looking scarier by the minute and I might have to declare bankrupcy from all the bills I have piled on. But I’ll try to keep my hopes up, and your story helped. I hope humans were all more like you. God bless you kind sir.

  45. Hi, I just stumbled upon your site while looking for legitimate work-at-home businesses, and looks like I picked a good time to do so!

    I worked for some time in the mortgage industry, one of the current “bad guys” who are taking a hit for what’s going on with the economy. While I tried hard to provide quality service and not contribute to the mortgage upheaval, unfortunately everyone was not so ethical, even some of my own coworkers. I had to get out of the business, because I grew ashamed of telling people what I did for a living.

    I am currently working outside the home, but even with falling gas prices, a half-hour commute each way is cutting into my paycheck and I hope to find something that I can do, even on a part-time basis to help make ends meet.

    Nothing really to add to your commentary (although you do make some very valid points and I agree with your assessment of rewarding those who need it least), I just wanted to introduce myself and thank you for your site.

  46. Hello all,

    I’m sick and tired of feeling like I and my family (low to no income) are being left out when it comes to the governments plans to get us out of this economic downfall. My family has no income, we live in housing so we pay no rent, we depend on foodstamps and selling some every month just to help with bills. One of our vehicles is up for repo. My husband can’t pass a background check for a stupid mistake he made out of high school. We have two six year olds and two four month olds. How in the world can either one of us try to find work when organization who is suppose to help needy families with childcare says we first have to find a job and then get put on a waiting list of 150+. I get upset when I hear people say well “at least you don’t have to pay rent, or you get foodstamps.” I HATE relying on the government to be my meal ticket and the way things are going…living in a small town where jobs are scarce, I feel hopeless at times. I don’t want my children growing up with expectation of this is all there is to look forward to. We all are feeling the effects our poor economy so why do I have to feel like I’m being left out of the plan for help?

    Thanks for listening

  47. Eleanor,

    It’s reading comments like yours that give me hope that there are still good people out there. With all the stuff going on it makes you wonder sometimes.

    So thank you for such an honorable act.


  48. Eddy,
    When you choose please don’t include me in. I still have my unemployment and my child support, my husband has a job, it’s a little tight, but there are many families who are suffering so much more. My family has a roof over their head, food to eat, and clothing the neccessities there are so many more who need the help. You my friend have opened a can a worms ;0) with your big heart.

    As far as I am concerned you have helped me and mine in so many other ways that are “Priceless”

    May your big heart continue to teach the law of abundancy….

  49. Things are bad for my family and I am hoping things get better soon. My husband retired early because of his health and I cant hold a job outside of my home because of my health issues. His pension and health insurance was enough 4 years ago for us to be comfortable. But now the company has tripled the amount we have to pay for health insurance and RX is costing us waaaaay more now. Thank goodness our house is paid off or I would be petrified right now. My siblings aren’t doing too well, brother-in-law lost his job and my sister is expecting. My other sister is going through a divorce and is actually wondering how she is going to feed her children!

  50. In my opinion, I feel that the government should have let those companies suffer the consequeces for their greed and bad choices. The “bailout” money would have been better spent providing grants for new financial companies to open. This would have provided new jobs giving people money to spend which would boost the economy and also provide an alternative to the failing companies because I’m tired of being overcharged for everything from interest rates to groceries because I’m having to pay for their mistakes.
    I have 4 children and if anything, this finanial crisis has been my incentive to take Eddy’s advice and “fire the man”, and put all of my effort into making my work from home job successful. It is also a good reason for all of us to vote!

  51. Hi Lela,

    Great analogy about the check book. I couldn’t help but smile as I read your comment. I’ve heard about trickle down economics since the Regan years. It didn’t work then and I doubt it will work now. Your own experience with your boss may be a testament to that. My boss kept getting raises too and he did the same song and dance as to why I wasn’t getting a promotion or raise.

    Like you I don’t claim to be an economic expert. But I do know how to balance my books and the math that is being pumped doesn’t seem to add up to me either.


  52. First of all, I’m not big on economics, but I do at least know how to balance my own checkbook. I do not and probably will never understand how a business can keep going without money to work with. Didn’t these “experts” see that giving the CEO’s millions of dollars was cutting into profits; and that cutting staff who really work didn’t help the situation either. It’s not rocket science, it’s balancing a checkbook. The only difference between mine and their’s is that mine has about seven fewer digits, which sucks.

    Having talked to other people about this whole situation, most of them are glad that the government has stepped in because of the trickle-down effect that this could have had. I’m not sure if I agree with them or not. When I worked in the business sector I was an underpaid, overworked grunt. I saw my boss getting bigger and bigger raises and listened to her explain why I was only getting a 3% raise. I finally had enough. I personally think that all of those overpaid CEO’s and board members should be responsible for bailing out their own companies and not the tax payers. Like I said, I can balance my own checkbook, so should they.

  53. Hello and thanks for all you do. I think the economy will turn around and I agree with other posters that those respnsible for this mess should be prosecuted. There should be laws or rules in place to prevent this from happening again and I hope that’s in the works.

  54. Why aren’t the people that were directly responsible for our economic crisis held accountable for their actions? The CEO’s of Enron and Worldcom are in prison for their ill deeds, yet Barney Frank and Chris Dodd are still foot loose and fancy free.

    No matter if they are from the Democratic or Republican party, incompetency is incompetency.

    Why in the world would anyone want to be the President of the United States in this time of economic downturn? Anyway, that’s my two cents worth.

  55. The economy is so bad and so many people are losing their jobs, sometimes you just don’t know where it will all end.
    We have two sons with families and we worry about what is going to happen to them and their families. One is working for Delphi here in Alabama, this company was a part of GM, it will be running out soon. The other one was just hired through a temp agency but what guarantee is there that he will even have a job later on. My Husband and I are both retired so we are looking at what things are happening and we wonder if all of our savings from all these years is going down the drain?
    I think that the ones who got us into this mess doesn’t need to be rewarded by a long shot. I guess I feel like you do where is it all going to end. Everyone is trying to get in on the band wagon with their hands held out for more. Now the big three auto manufacturers are trying to get in on the deal.
    What about all of the big white collar workers that received all of the millions when things went south? Maybe they need to tell them to give back over half of what was given.
    What about the small business people that are keeping the wolves from the door of a lot of people and their families? Since they are handing out all of this money maybe some of this should go into some sort of plan to help the little guy out who is doing a service for others.
    I’m sorry for carrying on so but it just makes my blood boil to see the situations going on around us with families losing jobs and going hungry just because someone has the bright idea of moving jobs out and not keeping them at home.
    Small business owners makes concessions daily and also provides work for others!
    Having owned a small business, if we stood with our hand out or even suggested anything like this it would be like the old days when the teacher would come around and swat your hands with the ruler.
    Thanks for listening and I am truly sorry for carrying on so but I am like a lot of people around here I could bite a ten penny nail in half!
    I just hope and pray that things will get better and I know that is all a lot of people have right now is hope for a light at the end of the tunnel!

  56. The economy has affected me in so many bad ways…I have never been in this kind of shape in all of my 47 years.
    I lost my job, but was blessed to find another one. Unfortunately, I will not be paid until December 12th. That leaves me approximately 6 more weeks with no money for food, gas, pet food or miscellaneous necessities. And to reiterate how I\’m affected…Not only do I not even have $1, I have no food in my freezer and the only thing in my refrigerator is a little butter and some salad dressing. In my cupboard there are 3 cans of green beans, 1 can of wax beans, 1 can of chick peas and a can of peaches. That is honestly, all the food there is in my house.
    I am so upset over the fact that so many large companies outsource their customer service representatives that it has made finding a job to work at my home nearly impossible.
    The state of the economy…well, for me, it just HAS to get better. That\’s all I have to believe in right now!

  57. Hi. this is my first post here on your website. I hve followed your advice and have been reading your website for a long time, I have only recently subscribed though. Anyway the economy hasn’t made it to much worst for my family than it already is. I guess once you hit rock bottom it is hard to go any lower. I still don’t like the Idea of it. To many people are having financial troubles and the government wants to hand the money over to the people who don’t need it. I don’t want to rant on your site though. I think that you and everyone else here rocks.

  58. Hi Guys,

    First and foremost thanks to all that have been participating.

    I am learning a lot from your comments. It’s sad to read about how many of you are suffering but at the same time it’s encouraging to hear that some of you are doing well.

    I’m going to some up my thoughts based on some of the comments you guys have made, rather than trying to respond to everyone.

    1. I do think the media tends to be an investigator of doom and exaggerating situations to make us all panic. It makes for great TV ratings and stimulates our herd mentality. Then we all end up making knee jerk reactions that ironically benefit certain people that know how to profit from it. However with that said, judging by the comments it’s not all smoke and mirrors. There are many of you who are suffering which is why I’m doing this bail out.

    2. The sudden gas price drop has made me livid as well. Where were these price drops a few months ago? I think most of us were still hurting then. I just find it ironic that all of sudden it dropped. I’m not an expert on this matter so maybe there is a logical reason. But either way it ticks me off that now that things are really bad it’s finally dropped.

    3. I do think the economy will come back up. We’ve been through similar situations in the past and things do get better. It’s very cyclical. However that doesn’t help pay the bills now.

    4. There may be a silver lining as Jon implied in that more companies seem to be more willing to give work at home a shot to help cut cost. So we should see a rise in work at home jobs or your employer being more open to allowing you to work at home. So the crisis may help us in the long run in that respect.

    5. I am also a firm believer in watching our own backs. It’s also the reason that drove me to work for myself and fire “the man”. I knew that as long as someone else had control over how much I make, then I was never free. I would always be at the whim of someone else. But not all of us will be able to do that. So I do believe the government has their part to play. But like Jeanne argued that can only happen by getting rid of people that use government for their own personal gains or atm machine.

    At the end of the day we’re all fortunate that we live in a country where we can have these intelligent conversations and express our disgust for some of the things we’re seeing. Our country isn’t perfect but no country is. But we’re all very fortunate to have the opportunities we do. So with that said we just need to continue to exercise our rights by asking questions, having intelligent discussions, voting and making people accountable whether their politicians, Joe the plumber or CEOs.

    In any event, thanks again to all of you for sharing with me. This goes to show we all can have intelligent conversations and disagree with each other without name calling or belittling each others point of view. I look forward to reading more of your comments and eventually picking 5 people to give $100 to.

    You guys rock!


    P.S. Thanks to all for the kind words about our blog. Welcome to all our new friends and thanks again to all the old friends that continue to support our little movement.

  59. I have been Unemployed since 1/2008, I have called, sent resumes, applied for positions with no luck. Now my Unemployment has ran out, with no job offer in site. The bailout plan sickens me. There are millions of families without health Insurance, jobs, housing, utilities and even food ( But us tax payers can just hand over 700 billions to the rich people to bail them out?!?!)
    They mis-managed the money they had already. How is it going to fix anything handing them 700 billion more dollars? ( Oh so they can mis-manage that too and then what?!?!) Do we hand them more money?

    I don’t see anyone bailout the families that don’t have a job, cant pay their mortgage, cant pay their electric bill, cant pay for daycare, don’t have health insurance and cant even buy food.

    So many families homeless. I just don’t understand?!?!

    Why doesn’t the government invest in the families and not the already rich SOB’S?!?!

    Thanks for letting me get this stuff off my chest.


  60. I am so upset at the condition of my country. I have been avoiding children because of it. I have been unemployed for the better part of the past 5 years because nearly every company you work for focuses on how they can make “cuts”. Quite naturally since sh@# rolls down hill — it’s the hardest workers that either goes first or takes the brunt of any pay cuts passed out by the WEALTHY CEOs. This bail out is to me, a COP OUT. I will call it nothing more. By the way– hi, Eddy, love the blog— I am a loyal reader going on 2 days in a row!


  61. Hi Eddy,

    I had worked in corporate america for over 20 years.
    I left because I got sick & tired of the big wigs making all the money while I worked my tale off for scraps. This economy makes me scared, angry, frustrated and disappointed. I never thought we would ever see our economy get to this point.

    I have been working from home full time now since June of this year. It has really been rough out here
    I do have steady part-time employment but I’m looking for a good full time position. My kids Christmas won’t be as big as they are use to this year. I just pray that in 1 week from today we as a country will FINALLY get it right and vote the right man in office that will deliver us the true ‘CHANGE’ that we can believe in & survive from.

    Thank You.

  62. Eddy,

    First I’d like to say I agree 100% with what you said about this bailout B.S. If any of us were to pull the crap they did, we’d be locked up. Not going on vacations and laughing all the way to the bank.

    As far as how the current economic crisis is effecting me personally, it really isn’t. I was effected by the rapid decline of my local economy here in Michigan long before this Wall Street mess.

    If anything, it may just may end up working in my favor, as terrible as that sounds. I just started a home based business that helps people satr home based businesses. That’s all I’m going to say about it because I’m not here to advertise. Just wanted to weigh in on the subject and to thank you, and everyone else who keeps this site going, for helping people, like me, to find legitimate work from home opportunities.

  63. I’m a brand new subscriber. This is a fine welcome.. Thanks

    I have mixed feeling about the bailout plan. If I truly thought it would help the little gal (like me) I might feel a little better about parting with the money. But I know that no matter what little relief it gives us, it gives the boys on Wall street a lot more. Here I am a middle aged mother of 4 watching my deferred compensation value (yeah, I got a gub’ment job) dwindle down to nothing. What really infuriates me most is the thought that after these bozos do such a lousy job they are still going to get bonuses. I always thought that bonuses were a reward for a job well done. To me, going belly up is not a job well done. There is absolutely no way a person who is taking my money to shore up his company should be entitled to a bonus. If they have money to set aside for a bonus, then they have the money set aside to pay their losses. It should not cut both ways. I want my part of the $850 million back. This also applies to the executive compensation issue.

    The country’s financial condition is hurting everyone, including me. I still struggle with buying gas, I’m afraid of what the utility bills will look like this winter and my paycheck could look a whole lot better. I’m very thankful for a few things, one is that when these crazy house schemes were going on I already had a house with a fixed rate and I resisted the temptation (regardless of how often Countrywide tried to entice me) to refinance for some exotic plan. They cost of everything is putting a strain on my already strained budget, On top of that I’m in the sandwich generation. I got the kids and the parents. I need my money. And I need peace of mind.

    Let me write Hilary Clinton and Chuck Schumer and tell them my tale of woe. Do you think I’ll get my money back?


  64. Hi Eddy –
    Where does one begin? It is all fine and good that the gas prices are dropping way down, but the damage is already done. Those who were unable to go to work because of not being able to buy gas are now suffering for a little paycheck or no paycheck.
    A single income in our home has taken a beating because of the higher expense of the gas crisis. You have to then stretch your budget to the limit in order to make sure everything is covered.
    The economy is no better because of lower gas prices and the government needs to stop sending money to aid other countries and keep it right here where it belongs to help the United States of America. The working class people need help and are losing homes because and are unable to provide the monetary support for their families because they have emptied their wallets for the gas fiasco.
    I know that we are not the only family that is feeling the crunch. We have seriously tightened our belts and are bracing ourselves for the next major “financial” storm.

    Colleen W

  65. Hi Eddy,

    I just wanted to comment on this crisis. I want to tell you about my 401k. I had planned to take out some of it to do Christmas shopping for my kids. I called and they told me that I still had to pay $600 into it before I could borrow. I was sick I couldn’t believe. So there you have it I have been screwed by this whole stock market thing. So what am I going to do for my kids Christmas and my son’s birthday is next week. Well thanks for letting me vent.

  66. Let’s see First, as mother in a blended family of 7 people hmmm do I need to say more…
    At the end of September my father finally closed the doors to the family business and I was layed off for the second time in my life. I drive a 99 GMC suburban that keeps having mechanical problems and before gas prices went down it was costing me $150 to fill that puppy up. A trip to the grocery store once a week is about $300. Our children range from 3 to 15, 4 girls and 1 boy. Can you imagine clothing 5 children. One of X spouses pays child support while the other gets away with murder. Taking the family out to dinner or to the movies is unheard of now. I am a firm believer in the scripture in the Bible that talks about how “man has dominated man to his own injury” Hey did I just describe the politicians you where talking about? The Bible also says that it is not for man to direct his own steps. Hmmm, the only comfort I have is that I don’t put my hope or trust in men made governments. My intent for pointing these references in the Bible is not to preach at anyone, or start a religous tit for tat (because the Bible also points out that the governments will turn on Religion, who do you think has the $$$), just to point out the times we live in are very much described in detail in the Bible and maybe those that are disparing so might find hope there.

  67. Hi Eddy,
    I’m a newbie to your emails, but have been working at home for the past 7 years, for a legitimate .com selling internet advertising.
    Anyway, the recent economy crisis has not affected anything i do or purchase. i am in the 50k income bracket with no mortgage, 401k, or investments. my opinion is that the recent economy woes is only felt by those with any of the above. i do not watch the news or read the newspaper because i feel if it dont affect me directly, its none of my business. the media has a way of putting those robots into panic mode because they think they should panic. if you dont subscribe or watch the media bs, you would not even feel the economy crunch. i haven’t!


  68. Hi there,
    I work from home and have already been feeling the pinch for about 3 years before all this, prompting my move to a more hospitable environment for my kids. In NJ I was paying three times the amount of taxes for a shoebox in a substandard neighborhood and now I am in a much larger home with much better schools. We are still struggling, but I can be sure that my children are getting a better education in NC. I think the economy will bounce back and we will have another boom with the stock market and the dollar rallying again. That kind of nonsense always seems to go on before an election. My main concern is healthcare and my inability to afford it. I really believe that the doctors and hospitals should come up with a better business model for offering people direct insurance through them, with profit for them. no middleman or lobbyists to lose profit to. The cruxt of it all is that we have to watch our own backs, cut down on our fuel consumption and do our best to help our own economy. We need to get rid of the waste in government, weed out the Senators and Congressmen who do not show up for votes and get rid of them. The government is hired for us and they are failing us – it’s time to fire who is there and get in new, untainted blood.

  69. It’s like American express, membership here has its privileges. LOL

    I find the bigger the organization, the more waste there is and that’s in both the private and public sectors. And the little people end up paying for it.


  70. Thanks for the response Eddy.. I’m glad I’m one of your subscribers…usually I’m a silent reader but with this opportunity, let’s say it’s the right time to get out of the closet…LOL

    Malaysia is a beautiful country but sometimes how they running it made me sick..wasting money on stuff that really don’t matter or important…the latest issue is giving 5billion of tax payers money to save a government linked company. 5B is really a huge amount if you ask me.

  71. Hi again Life4Hire,

    Thanks for being the first one to chime in.
    I guess incompetence has no boundaries and affects us all no matter where we are.

    Yes, rss subscribers count.

    Thanks again for your comment.


  72. First to comment! This proves that I subscribed to your post! LOL

    i don’t really know about economics but I’m sure there’s many people panicking out there. I’m not from US, but here in Malaysia, the stock markets are going down down down…

    I agree with you on putting money to good use. You can’t imagine how much the ministers earn by sitting there doing nothing here in Malaysia. I don’t intend to lie but recently they sent ministers from all over ministry including technology to go to Taiwan to learn agriculture. How wasteful that is? when they come back, I doubt they will do it themselves…better to send the farmers to go there to learn…


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