Work At Home As An “Ad Typist”…Oh Really?

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So what is this so called "ad typing" nonsense? Well sit back, relax and get extremely comfortable and I'll tell you all about it. It holds a special place in my heart since that's my only work at home career. So you know it must be good.

Millions of people are searching Google and other search engines for answers to their problems. And then there are tens of thousands of companies that have solutions to many of these problems via their websites, product or services. These companies recruit people like you and I to help them find folks that yearn for a solution so they can provide it. The company you're affiliated with gives you free tools such as the ads to type and a website to send people. They maintain and create the website so you can focus on typing ads.
(They don't charge you money for any of this or to work with them! Yeah!)

As an "ad typist", your duty is just to connect people who are searching for specific products, services and information with the websites that offer them solutions who you're affiliated with. You achieve this by typing free ads, articles, emails, message board posting etc. When people search the internet they'll eventually find one of these ads, articles, message board posting, etc. Depending on your affiliation with the company you're working with, they pay you for the following:

1. Having some one visit their site. (Pay Per Click)
2. Having someone fill out a form on their site. (Pay Per Lead)
3. Having someone buy a product or service. (Pay Per Sale)

The companies you work with will be able to track your work because of the special free website they provide you which is unique to you. This is the website that you'll include in the ads you type.

Hey, I Think I Can Do That!

I'm pretty sure you can! Well my friends, this "ad typist" opportunity is actually referred to as affiliate marketing or internet marketing. (Yeah that was sneaky of me but bear with me a second.) Affiliate marketing is called affiliate marketing because you're affiliated with a company that pays you as described above. It's also known as internet marketing because your work is all internet based.

If you want to see how easy this is, watch the following video where I walk you through it in less than 10 minutes.

A Work At Home Career That is Actually Available? You don't say?

Nearly every website you visit has an affiliate program. So there are literally thousands if not more available work at home career opportunities as an affiliate/internet marketer than any typical work at home job. You could visit any site right now and email them to ask if they have an affiliate program. And I guarantee that 99.9% will say yes! Isn't that a change?

Instead of spending hours applying to jobs that most will not get, you can literally sign up to be an affiliate of your favorite website or any website for that matter within a few minutes and start working within a few hours if not days. Sorry for the initial trickery. But most of you would have assumed that you couldn't do affiliate/internet marketing just like many of you thought you couldn't make money with surveys, get paid offers, etc.

Isn't this like those annoying MLMs or Home Business Schemes?

Nope it's not! Too often job seekers are associating this work at home career with health related MLMs or home based business opportunities where you're selling over priced health products to your family and friends to make money and asking them to do the same.

That's not what affiliate/internet marketing is about. Whereas with MLMs you're pretty much trying to force people to buy what they don't need or want, affiliate marketing is just the opposite. Millions of people search the internet looking for answers to their problems every day. They're looking for information, products or services to resolve their issue. Think about how many times you've searched Google looking for an answer or product. That's probably how you found this site and that wasn't by accident. Well imagine the millions of people that are searching for solutions, product or websites every day! Imagine if you could make money helping just a fraction of those people! Keep in mind that all your simple task as an affiliate/internet marketer is just to connect them with the companies that resolve their problems by typing free ads, articles, message board posts, emails, etc.

The Perfect Customer Service Home Based Opportunity

For me when you consider this, affiliate/internet marketing is more like customer service. Because you're providing people solutions they've asked for. It's like selling ice cold water to someone who lives in the Sahara desert where it's 100 degrees in the shade. There is no selling involved in a situation like that! Someone that lives in a desert doesn't need you to convince them to buy ice cold water. They're ready to buy because they have a problem that you're fixing!

Whereas in most home business opportunities where you're selling health products, how many people do you know are willing to spend $20 on some magical "safe" cleaning product when they can go to their local supermarket and get it for $1.99. So when you consider this, then affiliate marketing isn't really sales in the traditional sense because you don't need to sell people on solutions they want and are actively search for.

The problem with most home based businesses or MLMs is that they want you to be a pushy car sales man. Their philosophy is if someone is looking for a mini van then sell them a Range Rover and convince them that buying a mini van is unhealthy and a Range Rover is better for your family even though it will cost you $50,000 more. Then get your family and friends to go and sell other people Range Rovers even if they can't afford it or need it. I know that's a drastic example but that's how so many of these home business and MLMs work.

Eddy, I Just Want A Job.
Whether you know it or not you've been brainwashed into believing that's what you want. "What you talking about Willis?" I'm not brain washed. I want a job because I want one BUDDY!" Oh really? Consider this. Since elementary school we've all been groomed to work for someone else. You were told you need to get good grades and finish high school so that you can get a good job. You need to finish college so you can get a better paying job. Even our childhood games were tailored to a job mentality. Why is it we all played house and pretended to go to work for someone else but never pretended to be the boss? Because no one told us that we could be the boss. They said you were only good enough to work for others.
Well I'm here to tell you, you've been lied to. You are good enough & SMART enough to be the boss. Many of you have probably been in situations where you're working for someone else and you think to yourself, "How did this person become a supervisor? I'm smarter than them, I work harder and get more done. But yet I'm working for them and they're making WAY more money than me." Well you're absolutely right, you are probably smarter than them. But because you've been brainwashed for years by your family, friends, school and society you decided that being an employee was the best route for you. Knowing all this, do you still think you're only good enough for a job? Do you think that's all your family deserves?
Personally I think they deserve more. But with that said I understand you have bills to pay, kids to feed and need money now not later. Fair enough, Don't worry. If you continue to read this article completely, I promise by the end of it you'll discover how you can get several work at home jobs with little to no competition. Best of all you'll be able to do this while training to be a successful affiliate. So stay tuned or you'll miss it.
But Eddy, A Job is Easier …
Oh really? So you're telling me having a boss that tells you much you'll ever earn for the rest of your life is easier? Not being able to go on vacation with your family whenever you feel like it is easier? Working for a boss you're smarter than is easier? Working with co-workers that gossip or get away with stuff you can't is easier? Being scolded for taking sick days to care of your child is easier? Searching for work at home jobs that aren't readily available is easier? Commuting in traffic or crowded trains where people are rude and obnoxious is easier? Kissing your idiot's boss's butt to get a .25 cent per hour "raise" is easier? Being rejected or fired from a work at home job because your baby may cry while your on a call is easier? Being rejected from work at home jobs because you don't have your own telephone line is easier? Not being able to get a work at home job because you live outside the U.S. is easier?
If that's your idea of being easier then "Golly Gee Whiz", affiliate/internet marketing is going to be a walk in the park. Because guess what? You're not going to have to deal with any of these situations. But the fact that you have done so for all these years has already proven you're strong enough be your own boss. Honestly when you think about all these situation that you have endured, how hard could a little ole' work at home career as an affiliate/internet marketer be? I'll promise you this, it won't be any harder than what you've already been dealing with!

I Don't Know Eddy, I Still Don't Think This is Something I Can Do…

Why do you think you can't do this? Were you born knowing how to do your current job? I would guess, probably not! Chances are someone sat you down and taught you how to do your current or past jobs. They told you the right way to do your job and the wrong way to do your job. And if you were lucky, someone even showed you how to do your job faster and better. But even with that there may have been some times where you thought to yourself, I'm never going to get this. But yet you were determined to keep at it because you had bills to pay or kids to feed.
Well guess what? Affiliate/internet marketing is no different. There are other internet marketers such as Kyle, Carson and the other members of Wealthy Affiliate who can teach you how to get started. They will literally hold your hand through the process just like with the jobs you've had in the past. There are also going to give you the tools and material you need to be successful.
I remember there was a job I took with a huge company. I thought to myself this is going to be great. This company seems to have their stuff together. Then on my first day I was sat at my desk and just told to get started. I was thinking to myself, I've been lied too. No one sat with me and told me what I should do first. There wasn't even a manual on how to do my job and use the tools that were part of my job description. I pretty much had to learn my job on my own. My co-workers provided limited assistance but it wasn't a lot. Needless to say it probably took me close to a year or more to really understand how to do my job effectively.
In hindsight I know this affected raises and promotions I could have received if someone had held my hand. Even with my work at home career as an internet/affiliate marketer. I went through the same thing. I had no one to lean on. By the time I found the guys at Wealthy Affiliate, I had went through a lot of mistakes and frustration. But it gave me a better appreciation for their site and it's why I recommend it so highly to new people that are afraid to get into affiliate/internet marketing.
But you know what? Seeing is believing. So I've decided to create a video so you can see what people are saying about their careers as affiliate/internet marketers.

Yeah, Yeah, But Work At Home Jobs Are Guaranteed Money!

"Excuse You?" Let's be real with ourselves. If there are so many work at home jobs available out there, why aren't we all working at home? Why would anyone ever want to commute? Why is everyone getting scammed? Why have you been searching for weeks, months or even years and not landed a single job? It's real simple, they're not easy to land therefore they're not guaranteed money! Most of the time, you have to be as lucky as a little green leprechaun with a four leaf clover and rabbit's foot to land a precious work at home job. Or you have to chase after the ones that are actually available like Medical Transcription (Typing), Programming etc. But that involves training that can cost thousands of dollars and can take up to a year to complete. It's well worth it in my opinion, but you may not have that type of cash or time. Then you have a career such as affiliate/ internet marketing where you literally have thousands of available openings. You can get started right away and training is easily attainable. Chances are you'll be making money if a few weeks. Seems to me the choice is clear. But I'm a little wacky like that.

OK, So How Do I Get Started?

Well just do what i did in the first video of this article. Start with the work at home companies that I'm assuming you're working with based on my past recommendations such as fusion cash,, etc. They all have referral/affiliate programs. Many of you are already making money with them so why not refer others that are looking for a legitimate way to make money. It shouldn't be too hard to find these people since you visit work at home sites. Just refer to the first video on this page for ideas.

But again keep in mind you're still not going to make hundreds of dollars per month just doing the above. To really expand your efforts you'll want to work with more companies that go beyond just working at home. You'll also want to have many more free techniques than the one I showed you and more importantly various type of affiliate income coming in. I may have started with the simple steps listed in that video. But I quickly expanded when I saw I was making some money doing it like that. I guess I needed proof that it worked. But then I thought to myself there must be a better way to reach more people so I can make more money and that's where the training that Wealthy Affiliate provides, comes into play.

Need Someone To Hold Your Hand?

I would love to personally help each one of you with this career. But honestly I'm already spread thin between helping you good folks here on my blog, raising my new baby girl and just working as an affiliate myself. But don't cry, dry your eye. You can still learn everything I know about affiliate/internet marketing from the Wealth Affiliate guys (Kyle & Carson). If personalized one one one help is what you need then Kyle and Carson are the guys for you. I can't tell you how many times I've harassed them with my annoying questions and they're always willing to help me out. (They don't actually find my questions annoying. But I would.) And when I feel bad for harassing them I just ask other wealthy affiliate members on their forum and folks are always willing to help. I know for many of you this is important. If you think you get a lot of support from me here on this blog. Then you're going to think I've been very lazy when you join the Wealthy Affiliate forum.

Wealthy Affiliate is perfect for beginners.

– If you need someone to hold your hand with this career then join Wealthy Affiliate.

– If you need to be able to email someone with questions regarding being an affiliate then join Wealthy Affiliate.

– If you want to finally make larger amounts of money and aren't really interested in paid surveys, get paid offers, reading email then join Wealthy Affiliate.

– If you're looking to eventually quit your job and fully support your family then Join Wealthy Affiliate.

– If you've spent months searching for a job and haven't made a dime doing so or landing one, then join Wealthy Affiliate!

Now with that said, please note that Wealthy Affiliate is not free to join. it's about $1 day ($39.99 per month & can be easily canceled at any time). Kyle and Carson have put in a lot of blood, sweat and tears into their site. There is so much easy to follow information on the site that took them months if not years to compile. You also have to keep in mind all the ongoing time they spend helping would be affiliates get started by individually answering their emails and questions. Not to mention they have a very active member forum where other members are helping each other with advice, tips, etc. This isn't like some cheesy typing, data entry or rebate processing ebook or system where you pay $47 and they say here go read this ebook, Make money but don't expect that you can actually email me for help or with your questions.

If that's what you want, then by all means go and invest in that. But Wealthy Affiliate is about personalized one on one help, tools and easy to follow steps to help you start making money at home in weeks. As a matter of fact, I might as well just show you. Please watch the video below:

Wealthy Affiliate Tour

Any of you that have been a long time subscriber know that I don't often recommend spending money on anything. I think I can count on my hand how many paid type of things I've personally referred to people. So when you consider that, you know I must think it's a good investment.

Personally I think spending about $1 per day is worth discovering how to finally work at home and support my family. But that may be too steep for some of you. If so, just focus on the other opportunities I have introduced you to. Then save that money and then invest it in Wealthy Affiliate. I feel confident that in a few weeks you'll double, triple whatever money you've invested in Wealthy Affiliate.

Doesn't Affiliate/Internet Marketing Require Lots of Money?

No, not to become an affiliate! You can literally go now and sign up to be an affiliate with any company. They don't charge you because it only makes sense to have a teams of affiliates out there referring people back to their sites, products or services. They make more money because of affiliates so you'll never be charged to work with them or for the free tools they provide you such as website. But in terms of training you could learn trial by fire like I did. Or you can pay as little as about $1 per day to speed up the process and Get Training From Wealthy Affiliate which will help you make even more money as an affiliate for various companies. One of the things I loved about Wealthy Affiliate is they provide you with various FREE ways to expand your affiliate income. So even if you don't have a lot of money they have you covered.

"You So Crazy Eddie!"

When I was growing up in the 80's, there was this electronic sales man named "Crazy Eddie" that was always on TV. I always felt kind of special because he had my name. In any event his whole gimmick was that he must be insane for the prices of his products. Well many people think I'm pretty crazy when I tell them I left a job earning $90,000 to work at home as an affiliate/internet marketer. I totally understand their reaction. After all, who in their right mind would leave a sure thing like that? But then it dawns on them. Wait a minute, "how much money is Eddy really making to be able to afford to leave that type of guaranteed salary behind and still be able to support his whole family?" Things that make you go Hmmmmm? Would he really risk putting his family out on the streets especially when he has a new born if affiliate marketing wasn't a successful work at home career? Ok, you let that marinate in your mind for a minute… I'll wait.

The answer is hell nah! Of course I wouldn't. I was able to leave the rat race because working as an affiliate/internet marketer had surpassed my job income. Now I don't say all this to brag. If it sounds like that, than I apologize. I just want you to really understand how a work at home career as an affiliate/internet marketer has impacted my life.

To bring it home, please consider my humble background. I was raised by two Haitian immigrants that barely spoke the English language. (Pops still has a heavy accent that makes it hard to understand him sometimes but gotta love him! LOL) I was a young black man growing up in the inner city of The Bronx where I had friends hanging out on corners drinking and smoking & just getting into things that my immigrant parents pretty much stopped me from enjoying.. I mean enduring. I went to college but to my mom's dismay never officially finished. And finally I spent a good portion of my working life as low skilled data entry clerk for a hospital that my whole family worked at (Good job mentality). Sound familiar to some of you? And yet despite those humble origins, I was able to eventually break free and earn thousands of dollars per month as an affiliate/internet marketer working for no one else but myself.

So my question to you is, why can't you? What makes me more special than you? Absolutely nothing. The only difference I see with myself and a lot of people I talk to is that I was just willing to walk the path less traveled and invest in myself by Joining A Company Like Wealthy Affiliate.

If a door was closed to me. I looked for another way in. If someone told me I couldn't do something, then I would have to do it just to shut them up. (My wife can attest to this! lol) But more importantly I had to believe in myself when no one else did. As much as I love my family and friends they were some of the people that motivated me to prove them wrong. God bless them all. Like many of us they were brainwashed into believing that a job was my only option. So that's what they would drill in my head and beat down on my dreams of working at home for myself. I remember this one moment in particular where this manager I really admired had heard about my little side career as an affiliate marketer. He asked how much time I spent on it. I said as much as possible when I'm not working here. And he said I should calculate the hours I spend on my side career to see if it's worth it because I could probably spend that energy there at work and make more. I knew his heart was in the right place because he did help my career. However his statement was like being "pimp slapped" because all I could think was, I'm going to prove you so wrong.

Well thank goodness for the Lord's little seed in me that wouldn't allow my dream of working for myself die. Everyone's negativity about my career as an affiliate/internet marketer was like tons of fertilizer to my dreams and just motivated me to do well. And fortunately it all worked out. I really do love my "haters" because without them none of this would be possible and I wouldn't be here today helping good people like you work at home.

For some of you that are brave enough to embark on a career as an affiliate marketer, you're going to have a lot of naysayers. And that's fine but just make sure you take their negative energy and use it as fuel to succeed. Don't get angry with these folks. They have your best interest at heart. But when you do succeed because you will, be sure to bring them up with you, like I'm trying to do here in this article. Everyone can live their dreams if they're willing to believe that they're more than employees and invest in themselves.

So there you have it. That's my story and my work at home career. It's the only one I need now and I've finally revealed it to you in a long excruciating article. Thanks for bearing with me this long if you're still reading.

"I'm Living in Never Never Land"

And no I don't mean with WACO Jackson. Living in Never Never Land to me means:

  • I will never have to chase after a work at home job again.
  • I will never have to feel that frustration of not hearing back from an employer.
  • I will never have to spend hours on job sites or forums searching for a job lead like a needle in haystack.
  • I will never have to worry about getting scammed by some ebook, get rich scheme, home business opportunity, or check cashing scam.
  • I will never have an boss tell me what my hours are.
  • I will never have a boss tell me when I can take a vacation.
  • I will never have an boss make me feel guilty if I couldn't work because of a family emergency.
  • I will never have to beg or convince an incompetent boss that I need a raise because I was worth more.
  • I will never miss the moment that my little girl Brianna walks or talk.
  • I will never have my child raised by a babysitter.
  • I will never have to worry that companies are laying off people.
  • I will never have to worry about being fired.
  • I will never have to commute in a crowded stinky NYC train at 8am with people that should have taken a shower but for some reason smell like "oh my damn!" early in the morning.

So that's my life in "Never Never Land" now and I'm loving every minute of it. A work at home career as an affiliate/internet marketer has been so good to me that this year my and wife and I have decided that she'll take a year off work to stay at home. This way we can both raise our daughter Brianna together. I guess I would have "never" been able to do that with a work at home job either.

What do you guys think? Is this the type of life you want to lead? Well if it is, take action and Join Wealthy Affiliate. Isn't $1 dollar per day ($39.99 per month) worth being at home with your family? Honestly ask yourself, has what you've been doing the last several months or years brought you any closer to your dream of working at home? Or have you just become more frustrated, jaded, disenchanted and/or hopeless? Judging by many of the comments and emails I have read from many of you, I think you guys are ready to make a change. You just need to take a chance on yourself.

In any event, I've babbled enough. Sorry that this article was so long. But this is something I'm very passionate about because it was the only work at home career that gave me the freedom I now enjoy. It's one that I've actively taught my best friend, sister and even ex-coworkers. All of which are now making extra money at home. I wish i could personally mentor all of you like I do them. But I just don't have the time or resources, so the next best thing is Kyle, Carson and all the members of Wealthy Affiliate. Hopefully I've demonstrated to you that a work at home career as an affiliate or internet marketer is something that anyone can do and more importantly is one that is actually available. Are you all going to make thousands of dollars per month like me? I would love it if you do. But even if you only made a few hundred dollars per month, wouldn't it be worth it?

Look if any of you have any specific questions or apprehensions about joining Wealthy Affiliate or a work at home career as an affiliate/internet marketer, please post them below. I'll be happy to answer them as best as I can. Like many of you i was very scared or even skeptical that I could make money. So I'm always happy to share. Good Luck, either way! It would be nice if all of you decided to become an affiliate marketers but sadly many of you are going to totally ignore this article and do what you've been doing and getting more of what you've been getting.

There are going to be those of you who will continue to chase after jobs that don't exist, buy ebooks promising you data entry, typing or rebate processing "jobs" or worst giving up all together.

And then there are going to be a few of you that decide to break the awful cycle and give affiliate/internet marketing a chance.

I wonder which person you'll be?



Many of you have asked some great questions since originally posting this article. So I've decided to compile the questions & my responses in this section. If you have any more questions about a career as an affiliate/internet marketer or Wealthy Affiliate, please just post them below or feel free to email privately and I'll be happy to answer them.

1. Can I see proof of your success as an affiliate/internet marketer?

Sure, watch the following video of my earnings for various affiliate companies I work with.

Video of My Affiliate Income

Ready To Start Your Work At Home Career As An Affiliate? Click Here Now!

2. Do I need my own product to have a successful work at home career as an Affiliate/Internet marketer?

Click on the play button below for my response:

Ready To Start Your Work At Home Career As An Affiliate? Click Here Now!

3. Once I become a member of Wealthy Affiliate will they try to up-sell more stuff or will my membership cover everything I need to be a successful affiliate/internet marketer?

Click on the play button below for my response:

Ready To Start Your Work At Home Career As An Affiliate? Click Here Now!

4. On average how long does it take to start making money as an affiliate/internet marketer after being trained by Wealthy Affiliate?

Click on the play button below for my response:

Ready To Start Your Work At Home Career As An Affiliate? Click Here Now!

5. Don't you need a mailing list or a website with tons of people visiting for you to have a successful career as an affiliate/internet marketer?

Click on the play button below for my response:

Ready To Start Your Work At Home Career As An Affiliate? Click Here Now!

6. How much time do you have to put into your career as an affiliate/internet marketer?

Click on the play button below for my response:

Ready To Start Your Work At Home Career As An Affiliate? Click Here Now!

7. What's the difference with Wealthy Affiliate and various ebooks and other sites about affiliate marketing? Aren't they all the same?

Click on the play button below for my response:

Ready To Start Your Work At Home Career As An Affiliate? Click Here Now!

8. Isn't Wealthy Affiliate just about getting other people to sign up for wealthy affiliate or can the techniques taught be used with other affiliate programs and companies?

Click on the play button below for my response:

Ready To Start Your Work At Home Career As An Affiliate? Click Here Now!

9. Will I be just working for Wealthy Affiliate or can I pick other companies I want to be an affiliate of?

Click on the play button below for my response:

Ready To Start Your Work At Home Career As An Affiliate? Click Here Now!

10. Why do I need to become a member of WA when I can just search Google for free information on affiliate marketing?

Click on the play button below for my response:

Ready To Start Your Work At Home Career As An Affiliate? Click Here Now!

11. Will I be earning money while training to be an affiliate/ internet marketer?

Click on the play button below for my response:

Ready To Start Your Work At Home Career As An Affiliate? Click Here Now!

12. Does Wealthy Affiliate offer just regular work at home jobs?

Click on the play button below for my response:

Ready To Start Your Work At Home Career As An Affiliate? Click Here Now!

38 thoughts on “Work At Home As An “Ad Typist”…Oh Really?”

  1. @Callie:
    Hello there. No, no more bricks, but like that game, “pin the tail on the donkey?” I think I had the tail of the donkey pinned onto me today (something that happened early this morning on the job). Only thing it did, in spite of the unfairness of it, was to strengthen my resolve to get my WA membership and get settled into the business of learning what I need in order to become successful enough to jump ship. I won’t spend even ONE second over when it comes time to move out! I will hit the ground running!

    I’m waiting on a bonus that will come through in about 3 weeks because I want to take advantage of the annual membership plan rather than month to month, as it will save me $120.00 annually off the monthly cost. I also know that they’re also planning to increase their membership fees soon, so I want to lock in on the special $29.99 deal that’s currently offered before that happens. I just hope they don’t do this increase before my bonus kicks in.

    Thanks for agreeing we keep in touch. It seems to make things easier when one has a “partner in crime.” 🙂

    See you later Callie! A blessed rest of the night to you.

  2. Hey Edrena,

    It’s nice to meet you too! I hope you keep up the excitement … and try not to get any more bricks dropped on your head … ouch! lol

    But then again, the kinds of bricks that Eddy drops are good ones. He is definitely one to listen to and heed advice from. 🙂

    Sure … we can stay in touch.

  3. Hey Edrena,

    Actually affiliates have multiple ways of getting paid. I covered it in the first half of the article above:

    “Depending on your affiliation with the company you’re working with, they pay you for the following:

    1. Having some one visit their site. (Pay Per Click)
    2. Having someone fill out a form on their site. (Pay Per Lead)
    3. Having someone buy a product or service. (Pay Per Sale)”

    So pay per sale is one of the many ways. But in any event, let’s answer your second question. Yes you can still earn commissions from the purchases you make with your own affiliate link. Often time affiliates give themselves discounts by doing so since you know you’ll be earning a commission. lol It’s a common practice. Some companies frown against this but not many.

    Great question though!


  4. Eddy, I have a question regarding the affiliate members of WA. I know from what I’ve read and have had explained to me that, marketing affiliates get paid when someone they’ve referred to a site makes a purchase from one of his/her affiliate sites, but my question is, if an affiliate him/herself should make a personal purchase from that same site, will that affiliate still be paid the usual and customary fee just as he/she would’ve been paid for referring someone else? Thank you. If this has been answered before I apologize, and I promise you, I did try to find an answer before posting the question. 🙂

  5. @Callie:

    Without humor I think I would dry up and die. Hello young lady, and a very good day to you, Callie! Thanks for your warm and sincere well wishes. I see that you,also, possess a beautiful sense of humor. The traits I first look for in others include honesty and a sense of humor!

    I’m downright excited. I’ll be able to purchase my subscription in 3 weeks so that I can begin to learn and EARN! Yeaaaaaa!

    I know this is a G-rated web site, so I sure hope I don’t get banned from here by Eddy for using a bad word on his site. Ponzi! Wow! We all know that Eddy would never endorse a Ponzi scheme or anything like it.

    Callie, last night I was up until 4:30 on this site and the Wealthy Affiliates site going back and forth between the two, reading and trying to see what I might be able to accidentally learn before I get my subscription started. I’ve been sort of looking into this since I first set fingers & keyboard onto this site, but just didn’t understand what Internet marketing really is. Eddy, bless his heart and his great patience, finally dropped a ton of bricks on my head and that is what awakened me to the wonderful opportunity this could be for me. What he did was, he took time to break the information down to the lowest common denominator, and like Rip Van Winkle, I awakened from my twenty year brain dead state, which was caused by a string of mindless, boring, hateful customer service jobs; and when I understood the concepts of affiliate marketing, the wheels began to finally turn again. I’m really excited and eager to begin.

    Lets try to keep up with how we’re both doing as we individually enter into this new venture [if that seems okay with you]. I’m sure your sense of humor will be a very welcome beacon of light for me as I begin this exciting new journey. The blessings derived from becoming successful with this opportunity will be a great benefit for a new cause I’ve just become a part of.

    Any way, to each and every one here, much success is my prayer for you. May the road rise up to meet you, and may the wind be always at your back. May you live as long as you want, and never want as long as you live.

    See you later Callie–nice to meet you!

  6. Hey Edrena,

    Girl, you are to funny! Good humor makes my day … everyday.

    I do know you mean business in regard to your newly found internet marketing with WA. And for that, I do wish you all the best with it. 🙂

    Keep the laughter flowing … it does a body GOOD!

  7. Well Mr Eddy Salomon, you finally made a believe out of me, and the strangest part of this is I have no idea what an internet marketer is. However, after reading everything you’ve written and viewed your videos and listened to you audio answers to FAQ’s, then spending all night between your site and the Wealthy Affiliates web site, I’m sold! All I need to do now is pray those dead brain cells that were killed by the monotony, sameness, and utter hatred of my current job can be reawakened or rejuvenated, because the WA opportunity will require more of me than what is required of me right now. Y’all pray for me!

    Have a blesse day all, and thanks again Eddy for taking so much time to help me to get over my wrong-thinking about affiliate marketing. My real distaste was in the misunderstanding that it was something like Am-Way or some other MLM type thing. I was almost thinking it might be some king of Ponzi deal (shame on me, and please, no laughing anybody!) LOL!

  8. Hi Lynn,

    I’m really happy you find our site to be so helpful. I’m also very proud of you for deciding to embark on your work at home career as an affiliate.

    I love your attitude. It’s like you’re not going to take failure as an option and because of that, you’ll succeed like I did.

    I totally agree with you. The cost of living is getting crazy. My wife and I thank God everyday for this career because it’s pretty much shielded us from these crazy prices. But it’s true, now more than ever is a perfect time to get involved in this career.

    How great would it be if you and your husband can stay at home together? And better still raising a new bundle of joy together. Trust me when I say it;s the best thing in the world!

    In any event, I’m sure with time, dedication and persistence you’ll do well. Congratulations again!


  9. Hey Eddy….All I can say is simply fabulous!!! I am buying WA on Friday, and am eager to start. I will probably be on the computer till 3 in the morning!!! I took your advice and I am going to do it. I read all I could read on that site, since I am not a member yet. With gas prices these days, it’s better to stay home then to commute to work. My husband is a truck driver (thanks gosh he don’t have to pay for diesel) but it would be nice if I can get him off the road. If this hopefully works out with WA how I want it to (cause I will, I will make it) we will hopefully having a little one soon to. Yippie for me. I am so thankful I found your site. It has helped me tremendously. Thanks so much Eddy. I really appreciate it!!!! 🙂

  10. Hi Lynn,

    Good to hear from you again!
    Congratulations on obtaining a Medical Transcription job!

    I keep telling folks it’s the only clerical work at home job that is available in large numbers. And folks like you keep proving it. So great job!

    In terms of WA, I’m not sure if you read the article above and watched all the videos ( ) in detail but I think they speak for themselves on how I’m doing with my career as an affiliate.

    Wealthy Affiliate has helped me master a part of affiliate marketing that I struggled with and I’m still benefiting from what I’ve learned. I’m actually going to put into practice some of the things I learned for a new project I’m working on. I’m just trying to find the time because my new baby girl is taking so much of my time of late. (The joys of being a new parent. lol)

    But it’s still been worth the investment. Let’s put it this way, I haven’t cancelled my membership yet. Recently they made it even better by introducing this thing called WA Gold which is where Kyle and Carson are now paying people who participate on the forums helping each other. The forums were helpful prior to this but now everyone is even more active because you’re making money for it. So I’m going to take advantage of that and try to participate in the forums more. It’s just another way to make money and it’s also great for the new members who haven’t started making money yet to help them get started.

    So that’s my take. Trust me you’re not going to get scammed. I know you’ve been around my blog for a while and you probably know I don’t personally recommend opportunities unless I believe in them and they have actually helped me make money.

    It’s not in my best interest to promote scams to my loyal subscribers. In any event, I hope this helps.

    Congrats again on your Medical Transcription job.

    It’s just wonderful that you’re not just stopping there and considering a work at home career as an affiliate. I am all for making more money at home!


  11. Hey Eddy It’s Lynn again. I got that job for a Medical Transcriptionist…Yeah me….but I want something more. I would love to know how you are doing on WA…and just wondering if you made any money yet on it or not. I just dont want to get scammed out of 29.99. Let me know…Thanks so much!!!

  12. Hi Ruthie,

    Thanks so much for the kind words. We really appreciate visitors like yourself. I’m happy you found our site too.

    If you haven’t already done so, be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss out on anything we may cover:

    In terms of your question, affiliates are worldwide.
    It’s one of the few work at home careers where its not just open to Americans. I know how frustrating that is for so many of my international visitors. But there are companies in nearly every nation that have an affiliate program you can join. I also believe many of the affiliate networks that we Americans join are available to international folks as well.

    The easiest way to find out is just email the companies you’ll consider being an affiliate for and just ask. But I know for a fact there are more than enough companies out there in various nations that you’ll be able to work with.

    But thanks for that question. It was a good one. Hopefully you’ll be able to start your training sooner than later.

    Take care and good luck.


  13. Hello there Eddy, thank God i found your site. Recently I was interested in internet/affiliate marketing. Your site is a good help with all the useful info’s it had and your success story is really inspiring. I live in the Philippines and I was wondering, is being an affiliate only exclusive for countries like US? I have a medical condition that keeps me mostly at home. I’m 24 years old, my parents and my sister who lives in California provides for my medicines and basic needs. I surf the net everyday just to kill time. I believe this affiliate thing can help me to earn extra money even if not that great just enough for my medicines is quite a help. I’m already bugging my sister to purchase me a membership in wealthy affiliate, she said she’ll pay the site a visit, and what’s worst is she doesn’t believe that this works. You are a living proof! I already told her about your site.
    Hope you can enlighten me with this I’m a newbie and I’m so excited to start being an affiliate. Thank you and God bless…

  14. Hi Dean,

    Thanks for your kind words. I’m happy you appreciate our effort here. I am also extremely happy to hear that you’re exploring a work at home career in internet marketing. With the right training and persistence it can help you lead the life style you deserve.

    In terms of Google Nemsis, I don’t really review too many internet marketing products for a number of reasons. The main reason is that most of the people that visit my site are work at home job seekers. So they tend to have a job mentality. From my experience that tends to mean they have little interest in internet marketing products or opportunities. So reviewing those products here would be an exercise in futility. That’s why I have another blog to discuss that type of stuff.

    Now with that said since you’ve asked, I’ll give you my opinion. I’m always looking at these products because I’m very big on investing in my career education because its helped me earn thousands of dollar per month. So when these things come out I buy them because I’m hoping they’ll teach me something new I can apply to my career to help me make more money.

    But like with any work at home opportunity I did my research. I visited some internet marketing forums and the two arguments were the following. The information being covered is the same stuff you can find in other internet marketing courses or membership sites for significantly cheaper. And the other major complaint was that the Google Nemesis program has some features where apparently they host some sensitive data related to your internet marketing business. It was argued this data could actually be used to compete against you instead of actually helping your career. So that’s all I heard in terms of this site.

    I’ve purchased Project X from Chris and some other products and I was happy with them. I just passed on Google Nemesis because I wasn’t convinced that it would teach me anything that WA and the other internet marketing membership sites have provided me.

    Honestly most internet marketing products are re-hashed. That’s why I prefer memberships sites over ebooks because with membership sites the content is being updated regularly and you have the interaction with other users who bring you up to speed on developments in the industry that can help you make more money. But to each their own. I know ebooks are more appealing because they’re cheap.

    In any event, I hope this helps. It doesn’t matter if you join Wealthy Affiliate or not. Obviously I think it’s one of the best. But its more important to get involved in this career instead of wasting time competing for work at home jobs that aren’t readily available in great numbers. The fact you’re exploring this career will put you ahead of the curve and hopefully you’ll share my success in this career.

    Just make sure whatever resource you pick, you do so because you believed it was the best and not just because it was the cheapest.

    Hope this helps.

    Good luck.


  15. Hi Shirley,

    Thanks for your questions.
    Trust me this is a real career and nearly every site you visit engages in it (CNN, ABC, Google, etc). So it is the real deal. Now with anything good it does take work. I don’t want anyone to think it doesn’t.
    But once you get your training it becomes easy and second nature like a job you’ve done for years.

    In terms of the time frame, I probably made my first few dollars within a few weeks. But the thousands of dollars that I earn now ( took years to build. But my caveat to that is that I do what most people do. I tried figuring it affiliate marketing own my own. I would jump from forum to forum, article to article trying to learn affiliate marketing. I did this because it was free to do. lol

    But I eventually learned that it was actually setting me back because I was getting conflicting information and all of it was scattered about. Had I actually bit the bullet and invested in some ebooks or membership site like Wealthy Affiliate, I would’ve learned everything I needed faster. This would have also lead me to earning the money I do significantly quicker.

    But even with that said, some of you will learn faster or slower than others so my experience is unique to me. At the end of the day, you just need to be committed to learning this stuff like all of you were committed to learn your past jobs. Putting a time frame on this will just set you up for a downfall if it doesn’t happen within that time.

    My mindset was that I would master this come hell or high water. No time limits, no nothing. It was either this or work for someone else the rest of my life and that wasn’t an option. lol

    In terms of being a professional writer. If you’ve read any of my blog posts and articles you’ll know immediately that my writing is anything but professional. It borders babbling at times. lol But for the most part, people want to be able to relate with real people. In some industries being a “professional” writer that writes in a scholarly tone works against you because people view you as some corporate entity that can’t be trusted.

    But then with some industries that tone is perfect. So it depends on what type of industry you plan to focus on. Affiliate companies don’t make you take a writing exam. lol Most of them give you ads, articles, etc to promote their sites. So that tends to resolve that issue. But it’s always better to add your own flare and style.

    Once you become trained in being a successful affiliate, focus on an industry you love. Why? Because you’ll be able to walk the walk and talk the talk. For instance I know a lot about gadgets so I know the terminology very well. So my writing would be different than it is here. It’s not so much about being a professional writer (although you should have your basics down. lol) It’s more about relating to the people you’re trying to help with the company’s products, services and information you’re affiliated with.

    Hope this helps.


  16. Okay Eddy this sounds to good to be true! How long did it take you before you started seeing an actual income coming in? Also I only write for my own pleasue aren’t these companies going to want professional writers?

  17. Hello Eddy. First of all I would like to thank you for providing us with such great work at home leads. It’s like gold to find a website like yours. I am really interested in becoming an Internet Marketer. Right now I am doing a lot of research about this career, and I come across a few interesting websites that offer training in exchange for a fee. I see that you recommend Wealthy Affiliate, and I’m actually thinking of signing up with them, but I recently received an e-mail about a product called Google Nemesis. I did a Google search on it, and apparently it’s a software developed by Chris McNeeney, the author of such programs like Day job Killer and Project X. Anyway this program suppose to teach you about enhancing your skills as an affiliate, and in finding niche keywords, in order to generate traffic. I don’t really know anything about these things, i started my research about Internet Marketing since I got that e-mail. I checked out your website to see what is your advice about it, and I see that you strongly recommend this career. Do you know anything about this program called Google Nemesis? If you do could you please let me know how it works. Does it worth the 77$ monthly subscription fee? Does it really revolutionize the Affiliate business as it claims? I would really appreciate if you could answer me, because I don’t want to waste time anymore, I want to give it a try to become an Internet Marketer and I would like to start it up the right way, with the best program, that can teach me how to generate money quickly. Thank you in advance for your reply.

  18. Hey Eddy,

    Normally, I do not like to be pestered, but in your case it’s all good and well appreciated 🙂

    I did view your earnings video. You should have seen how big my eyeballs got when I saw your points … lol!

    I’m even more motivated to get started. Thanks for sharing, the info was helpful.

  19. Sounds like you got it Callie!
    Now do you understand why I was pestering you to give it shot? I just think in the past I did a poor job
    of really explaining to you and others how great of a career this could be for anyone if they’re willing to learn and invest in themselves.

    But seems like I was right to spend months trying to write this article because it has a done a better job of explaining this career. I’m just happy to see you’re going to give it a shot as well. I’m sure you’ll be successful with career like the other programs you’ve taken action on.

    I basically started just by working with a few companies I liked. Then when I saw it really did work, I invested in training to get even better. So I’m sure you’ll do great as you get your feet wet.

    By the way, I’ve updated the article above to include everyone’s questions and more importantly a video showing how much money I make with affiliate marketing with a few programs. Hope you enjoy it and find it useful.


  20. Hey Eddy,

    Ohhh, ok. Very well explained. I believe I understand now. WA’s program basically teaches the fundamentals of effective affiliate marketing which builds a strong foundation which can be applied to any one or a number of industries. I feel like the Staples commercial, “Now that was easy!” I just pushed that big button, did yaw see me? 🙂

    I’m glad to know that WA’s program includes more than just website techniques, and that it also covers all comfort & skill levels. Wow, this stuff is great!

    The research I did earlier has provided me with at least one excellent affiliate prospect so far. I’m looking forward to adding to my list! I gotta say, “Wow!” again … lol.

    I should have become involved with affiliate marketing a long time ago, I’d be wealthy by now.

    Thanks again Eddy, I appreciate the clarity and explanation, it helps tremendously.

  21. Hi Callie,

    I’m so glad you were finally able to watch the videos and really absorb the information. I know that once you did, you would realize that you are more than capable of doing well in this career.

    I’m going to upload my earning videos shortly since people want to see the proof. I think many will be shocked at how profitable this could be with time, dedication and the right training.

    In terms of your questions my responses are below.

    1. Wealthy Affiliate isn’t about promoting their website which I’m now gathering is what people may be thinking this site is all about.. Although that is one way to jump start your affiliate career if you want but it’s not a requirement! Their focus is really more about teaching you how to be a successful affiliate for ANY company not just them. So if you want to be a successful affiliate for Google, IBM, etc, they will teach how to do that.

    It’s not one of these programs where they’re trying to recruit you so you can recruit more people to be in Wealthy Affiliate. That’s how most MLMs and so called home business opportunities tend to work! That’s not the case. Their own affiliate program is secondary and purely optional. So I hope that’s clear.

    Now with that said if you decide like how I did this is a great site that everyone should know about, then yes they provide you with great affiliate landing pages which are optimized. But no company provides you with sites that are already ranked etc. The type of stuff you’re referring to is actually some of the lessons you’re taught so that if you chose to you can create pages that have all those qualities. They’re an internet marketing training website so they teach you how to achieve all that stuff you’re mentioning but that’s just one aspect of the things they teach. They have other more simplified ways of being successful that don’t involve any of the stuff you mentioned. This way all comfort and skill levels are covered. Hope that makes sense.

    2. I think I’ve already answered this question. But just in case, let me make it clear. WA is about teaching you how to be a successful affiliate for ANY company that you choose to work with, NOT just working for WA. So again everything they teach you is meant to be used with ANY other company. In fact that’s what they encourage you to do. Of course they’re happy if you decide to promote their program and most people do because they end up being very happy with their membership. But again,
    their affiliate/internet marketing teaching can be applied to ANY industry and company that YOU choose.

    So let’s say you have a passion for chocolate candy (like my wife does. lol) and want to be an affiliate for one of your favorite chocolate producing companies, Godiva. Then the principles that WA teaches you can be applied to that industry so that you’re a successful affiliate for Godiva chocolates, Hershey, etc, etc.

    Whatever industry or companies you decide to join as an affiliate, WA’s training will help you be successful. The great thing about a career as an affiliate is that you can work with multiple companies at once. I’m probably an affiliate of dozens of companies that are all related to my industry. But the principles that WA taught me are applied to each company. I could easily go into another totally different industry and apply the same principles there and be successful with some time and dedication. So I hope that is clear now.

    I’m glad you asked these insightful questions Callie. Hopefully it addressed some concerns and questions that others had but never asked. So thanks for asking. In any event, I hope you have what you need.

    I’ll upload my earning videos shortly and post them to this article so others can see. I’ve been meaning to do it. But I’ve been trying to enjoy the fruits of my labor this summer by taking my family on vacations.

    No sense in having a successful affiliate career if you’re not enjoying the money your making with the ones you love. I hope this will be the case for many
    of you very soon!


  22. Eddy,

    This afternoon I’ve been doing a bit of research on something related to online surveys that brought me back to this WA article.

    Since my original post on this article, I’ve viewed the videos and become more interested in affiliate marketing. You’ve shared plenty of good information to help boost myself into a “Callie, you can surely do this” attitude. I’m actually excited … lol, and want to seriously move forward with this.

    If you have affiliate paychecks to show … I am all eyes, lol! Not overkill at all. Quite the contrary in my opinion.


    1. Once the created WA website goes live, will it already be effectively optimized, have excellent page rank, Alexa rank, Google rank, etc. … or will that need to be done afterwards?

    2. Can another affiliate network program (with products/services) be worked with or incorporated into WA?

    I hope these questions make sense … lol. If you’ve already provided info that would have addressed these questions, or similar, that I may have missed, please excuse.

    Thanks Eddy, you’re a gem.

  23. Hi Jami,

    Thanks for chiming in. I’m happy you enjoyed my “cleverness” lol.

    In any event congrats on having a full time wah job that pays well. You are definitely an exception to the rule, so I’m very happy for you. Always good to hear when someone actually finds a work at home job.

    Next I must applaud you on the fact that you’re still considering additional means of making money at home. I’m a big believer in multiple streams of income so it’s nice to meet someone else that shares the same philosophy.

    Now in terms of the other products related to affiliate marketing, the reason I don’t actively recommend them is because they’re usually out of date and provide no personalized support. If you have a series of questions then chances are you’ll be sent to a support desk and not experienced internet marketing professionals such as Kyle and Carson.

    That’s fine for certain products but I think for a career like this it’s better to have personalized support. And the other reason why I like WA is the forum where you get even more support from other experienced internet/affiliate marketers. The other great thing about the wealthy affiliate website is that the forum members are always sharing new affiliate/internet marketing techniques with each other in addition to the updates that Kyle and Carson provide every few months which are included in your membership at no extra cost.

    What tends to happen with other ebooks/”systems” is that when the owner thinks of some new techniques they’ll create a new ebook or system then charge you again to have access to it. They don’t usually provide you with free updates. But with Wealthy Affiliate your updates come with your membership so you won’t be hit with an upsell in a few months. Your membership with Wealthy Affiliate is much more than some ebook that will become outdated in a few months with no support.

    So although I am an affiliate of WA, the real reason I recommend them is because I really feel they are the best. And trust me on that because I have spent hundreds of dollars every year buying the ebooks and magical systems many of you consider. I have to do that so I know what is a scam and can share it with you folks. I also buy these products to see if there are any new things out there that I should try.

    But for the most part I’ve cut down on buying that stuff because Wealthy Affiliate is also great in that they tell you what products are crap and why. So that’s yet another reason why I like them. I can get a real opinion about some of those products and not some fake review by someone just trying to make money.

    In any event, I hope this answers your question. At the end of the day, you have to do what’s best for you. If you join Wealthy Affiliate, that’s great. If not that’s fine too. The whole point of the article was really to introduce folks to one of the best work at home careers. So I’m just happy we can even have this discussion. It’s good to see that work at home seekers like yourself can truly see the potential I see in all of you and that you’re considering taking action with Wealthy Affiliate or whatever affiliate training product you’ll consider.

    So again, congrats to you Jami for considering this career and all others who have done so as well.

    Take care,


  24. Hi Eddy,

    First, thank you for the interesting and very clever article.

    While I’m by no means “green” to wah stuff, this is Greek to me, and you’ve made it a little less muddy.

    I do have a question though because I am still green in this field… are sites like typing2cash (keystrokes for cash), and, etc similar sites doing similar work such as WA? I’m a bit hazy on “what’s the difference”. Some of these sites make it sound .. well, easier than even you do. “Fill in this form and get paid…”. THAT sure sounds “too good to be true” to me.

    What’s your take on this? I’m really interested in hearing your reply (even if it is the same thing and you end up pushing WA LOL). Not sure what direction to take as I have a FT wah job now that is rather high paying and this would be “something to do in my spare time”.

    THANKS 😉


  25. Hi Lin,

    Thanks for all these great questions and your kind words.

    Let me see if I can address these questions as best as I can.

    1. I totally agree. Affiliate marketing works better when you believe in the companies you’re promoting. I’ve done it where you just promote whatever makes you the most money and honestly I did make money but it just didn’t feel right. So as I got older, wiser and trained by better people, I moved to a approach where I won’t personally recommend things that I haven’t tried or know people that I trust who have tried it.

    The reason is simple, when I’ve tried something I can tell you the good and bad about it and then someone who reads it can make a decision for themselves. It’s real and it’s not marketing at that point. It’s just me giving my assessment like I’ve done with countless programs I’ve discussed on this site. I think people appreciate that more than you saying hey buy product x, it cures cancer, will make you rich and you’ll be the sexiest person ever. There are a lot of affiliates doing that and making millions doing so, but personally I would have a hard time sleeping at night. So yes I think you should be passionate about whatever type of industry you’ll be an affiliate in.

    If you love cooking than be an affiliate of food related companies. If you love being a parent be an affiliate of parenting related companies. You’ll make more money because you’ll be real with people and they will appreciate that and be more willing to buy or try the companies you’re referring them too.

    2. You need a Mailing list and website to be successful! I have to totally disagree with this. There are so many free affiliate marketing techniques that don’t involve having to create your own website or mailing list. So this is false. Yes eventually I think it’s wise to get a website and start creating a mailing list. But it’s not a requirement as some will have you believe. When I first started I made pretty good money without any of that just by posting on free sites, etc. However eventually I stepped up my game and did create sites. But I could’ve still carried on without them and made money. But probably not on the level that I do now. But with that said yes you can still make decent money without it and probably faster in my humble opinion.

    Another thing to keep in mind is that Wealthy Affiliate actually addresses these advanced techniques by providing you with their site rubix tool which allows you to create your own website within 10 minutes. If you know how to use a word processing software, you already know how to use their free site rubix tool which comes with your WA membership. So just throwing that out there.

    3. Time wise. I only spend a few hours per day if that. The thing about affiliate marketing is that once you have your ads, articles or message board post out there, they pretty much work for you. It’s the only career I know where I can make money while I sleep, take vacations, goofing off with my family, working full time at another job (lol), etc.
    I think the most time I spent was initially getting started by learning how to really be an effective affiliate. It was harder for me back then because there weren’t great sites to turn to or people to ask. So I would learn little snippets here and there. Then I had to put it all together to make it work. So getting started is what took the most time. But when you have the proper training and pick an industry you have a passion for, it goes by relatively quickly. I think that’s why I love WA so much. It really just centralizes everything you need to know so that cut down on the learning curve and time wasted figuring out how to get started.

    You can’t get bored if you pick an industry you love. Personally I love the work at home industry for better or worst. I can spend hours babbling off about different ways of making money. Many of you are witness to do this in my long ass articles. LOL But you can tell I’m passionate about it. So spending a few hours talking about something I love is not boring. And you have to keep in mind the financial and emotional rewards. Yes it feels good when I make money referring someone to a program I believe in. But it feels even better when I read from people that my advice and referrals has helped them earn money:

    How can I ever get bored of doing that? So again this goes back to your passion. If you’re passionate about what you do, its fun. Remember this isn’t some job where you have to work for a company you hate like so many of us have done. You pick only the companies you want to be affiliated with. So that’s a huge difference. And also keep in mind there are so many different techniques with affiliate marketing that if you get bored posting ads for instance then try another one of the free techniques taught to you. Or create your own. Trust me you get real creative as an affiliate when you’re motivated to help people and want to make money.

    So I hope I’ve answered your questions. You’ve brought up great points. I definitely think working in an industry or company you’re passionate about is the key to your success. When I consult my clients and friends on starting their own website or getting involved in affiliate marketing, I always ask them this question. What could you ramble off about and spend hours on where you wouldn’t get paid right away but love to death? For one of my ex-coworker it was boxing so he became affiliates of boxing sites. Another guy I’m working with right now who is reading this (Hi Jean!) passion is fitness so we’re going to have him become affiliates of fitness sites. So its definitely important to be passionate because initially you won’t make money right away. But if you’re not passionate about the industry or company you’ll just give up and then you’re back to square one being a negative Nancy looking for jobs that don’t exist or giving up.

    So definitely keep these things in mind.

    And no worries about the questions Lin. I’m sure other people had them. So I’m glad you brought them out.

    Take care,


  26. Hi Eddy!

    Great post! Appreciate the sharing.

    I guess affliate marketing is good if you find a product you really believe in. I have come across some affliate programmes before, but because it had that get-rich-quick feel to it, I did not want to become a affliate and get more people caught up in the get-rich fever.

    I think it is profitable especially if you already have your own mailing list. For someone without their own mailing list, they would have to first create a website (or websites), attract people to their website, convince them to sign up as subscribers and then blitz them with these offers before getting any income. Am I right? So it would take longer then for most of us without our own audience?

    The other thing I am curious about is, how much time do you put in on an average day, and how do you feel about what you do? (I mean, besides the income). What I mean is, is it more for people who actually enjoy putting up websites? I am just wondering, say, if someone does not enjoy surfing the net, pasting in links here and there, or updating content on a website, they might get bored of it very quickly or fail to be productive.

    Plus, do you do websites on topics that you are passionate about, or (as what I have read elsewhere) some people say that it doesn’t matter what the topic is, as long as it brings in income. What are your thoughts?

    Sorry for my deluge of questions! I always appreciate your unique and very grounded perspective. thanks!


  27. Hi Dawn,

    I’m glad you enjoyed the information and considering taking action. Trust me I know what you mean about trying to concentrate. LOL When I was trying to write that article my little baby girl woke up 3 times. (As if writing the article wasn’t hard enough without her interruptions. LOL) Thank goodness most of my work takes place in the wee hours of the morning while she’s sleeping.

    But that’s the great thing about this career, I can squeeze it in when I can. So I’m sure you’ll appreciate that. As you read I was still working full time for my old company while being an affiliate marketer part time. In fact it actually helped me with my job because I taught my company’s internet department all the things I learned. So that’s another angle where this can work for people.

    In any event, let me know what you think of the rest of the article and videos when you get chance. If I missed anything you want to know, please don’t hesitate to post your question here.

    Take care Dawn.


  28. Lots of great information and I’m looking forward to reading it when I can concentrate (5 yr old litle boy demanding my attention RIGHT NOW ROFL) and I think this is something I really want to try this in the evenings and weekends on the side of my full time job.

    Thanks for sharing!

  29. Hi Colleen,

    Congratulations on taking a chance on yourself!

    You’re quite welcome and thanks for giving WA a shot.
    I’m glad you trust me but more importantly I’m glad you trust in yourself to invest in your career.

    It’s great to see you’re already taking action and with that type of determination, I know I’ll be hearing from you in the future with your first success story with this career as well.

    I’m really happy you enjoy the set up. I think they really did a great job of keeping it organized so people can easily follow through it. Some people have argued well you can find all the information wealthy affiliate teaches you for free. That might be true but its all over the place and not organized in as easy fashion as they have it there. And I think you’re a testament to that. Glad you’re already in the forum. Definitely make use of it in addition to the material that Kyle and Carson provide. It was very helpful to me to talk to other members.

    Especially when there are times you may fail. Everyone will help you get up, dust your shoulders off and keep you encouraged. Lord knows they did that for me a few times. So tap into that resource as well.

    Let me know when you go through the whole 8 week plan and if you have any questions that Kyle, Carson or other WA members can’t address. I’m always happy to share tips with my fellow internet marketing colleagues.

    There is enough money for us all to make with this career!

    Good luck Colleen and congrats on your new work at home career. I know you’ll be successful!


  30. Hi Eddy –
    Thanks for taking time to give us an indepth look at the workings of WA.

    These days, I think most people like to see a video portraying actual monetary gain. Do you know how many sales pages I see lately which portray copies of incomes dated from 2005, 2006, or even 2007?

    I just wanted to let you know that I have signed up for WA and have begun Week 1 training.

    I have to tell you that I am impressed with how this site is set up. There is alot of information to learn, from newbies to experts. But you will learn to do it correctly because I see in the Forum that people are earning money which means that they are being taught in a correct manner how to conduct their internet marketing.

    I will keep you appraised of my training and how things are going!

    Colleen W

  31. Hi Guys,

    Thanks for all your comments. I’m a little shocked with the response as I thought the article would actually fall on deaf ears. But I’m really happy many of you have been inspired and I can see some of you have already joined Wealthy Affiliate. So I’m going to look forward to hearing from those folks in a few weeks. Now on to your questions.

    Richard, If you’re interested in getting started then take action and join Wealthy Affiliate: It’s really that simple.
    Or if you want to get your feet wet just do what I did in the first video: You have options either way.


    Alway great to hear from you! I know you get my twisted sense of humor. lol As you and I have discussed in private, I think you’re very bright and you’re short changing yourself just going after work at home jobs. Just in the time I’ve known you, you’ve demonstrated skills to me that would make you an excellent affiliate/internet marketer. Hopefully the article was better able to relay this to you then my private emails to you have. But watch the videos when you get chance and post any question you may have. Hopefully you’ll see what I see in you and take a risk on yourself.

    Hey Colleen!
    As always it’s a great pleasure to chat with ya. I’m really happy you’re re-evaluating Wealthy Affiliate. I think in the past I did a poor job of really explaining how the site can help people work at home. And I’ll be honest with you. I was working on trying to write this article for months. I was really struggling with how to show everyone the potential I see in them. So I sat with my wife and she really help me address the many fears you all feel. I guess I’ve lost touch with those feelings. But talking to her gave me a better understanding of all the doubts you guys feel. So that’s why I was finally able to write this article and better explain how Wealthy Affiliate actually helps you.

    Now with that said, let me get to your great questions. I might have to update the article to reflect them.

    1. No you don’t need your own product. I guess I failed to make that clear in the article. The whole purpose of being an affiliate is that you’re promoting other people’s product, services or websites. So for instance with the MySurvey. I don’t own or run their website. They do, I’m just affiliated with them & they pay me for sending other people looking to make money without paying fees to their website.

    So no you don’t need your own product. But maybe in the future you’ll create your own product & then you can have your own affiliate program. But it’s not necessary to be a successful affiliate.

    2. Now in terms of Kyle and Carson only giving teaser information and then hitting you later for more money to get the more detailed information. It’s not going to happen captain. I’ve experienced that with so called gurus as well. But again that’s not the case with Wealthy Affiliate. Everything is revealed to you on the site. There is none of this upsell nonsense like those crazy infomercials. I’ve been a member since they had Wealthy Affiliate version 2.0 and now it’s 3.0 where they added more tools and information. But guess what? They didn’t charge existing members any extra money. So that’s not what they’re about if that was a concern for you or anyone else. Your fee covers it all in great detail!

    3. Well I’ll be honest with you when I first joined Wealthy Affiliate I was being lazy. I merely browsed through the information because I only joined to learn about a certain aspect of affiliate/internet marketing that I could never understand (Pay Per Click Marketing). I was also just too busy to actually go through all the information. But then things settled down and I thought to myself I better make use of this stuff since I’m paying for it. So then I went through the material which was really easy to follow. I took some action, failed a little. Came back and asked more questions on the forum and Kyle. I also went back and read more of the material. I would say within doing all that it took about 1-2 months to make my first profit using one of the techniques they taught me. But I was a member for months before that. So the lesson here is make use of the information right away and you can probably make money within the first 2 months or less. But realistically I think it may take anywhere from 2-4 months. I just think it really depends on the person. If you’re the type to read something and then go take action then it will be quicker.

    But if you read something and then have to think it through and talk to a whole bunch of people about it first before taking action. It will take you longer.

    I hope that answers your question. I don’t want people thinking this is some get rich scheme where it happens over night. I mean I’ve read on the forum where people were able to do that. But that was an exception to the rule like finding a work at home job (LOL, Sorry I couldn’t help myself. )

    Any way,

    I hope this addresses any further questions people may have had but didn’t ask. If you have any more keep them coming on this page so others can read them and get answers too.

    I can’t tell you how happy I am to let the cat out the bag. I’ve sat there for months reading people’s reaction to some of the opportunities I’ve introduced and people’s complaints that it wasn’t enough money. So now I can finally refer people to this article if they’re looking to make the type of money I enjoy.

    It’s like a great sense of relief.

    I’m very proud of all you for even considering this work at home career. Even if you don’t join Wealthy Affiliate and you’re just open to the idea of affiliate/internet marketing, I think that’s a great achievement because it means you realize that you’re greater than working for someone else and that you are capable of much more!

    So congrats to everyone that has read this article and has changed their outlook on themselves and their capabilities. You’re on the first step to doing greater things!

    By the way does anyone want me to create a video showing you some of my earnings as an affiliate? I didn’t know if it would be an overkill or provide some inspiration and proof to some folks that have doubts. Please let me know either way.

    Thanks again everyone for the comments.

    Keep them coming.

    “Your Fearless Work At Home Leader”

  32. Hi Eddy –
    On many occasions I have read your postings in which you enthusiastically make reference to Wealthy Affiliate.

    Today I read your posting and then decided to re-read through the site of Wealthy Affiliate.

    Do you need your own product or does WA provide you with a source of affiliate products?

    Is the 8 week training a hand-holding step by step treatment, so to speak? I have come across alot of these so-called “blueprint” programs and I am wary of them because I have found that many of these so-called gurus are shortchanging people as far as how much information they are sharing.

    I don’t know how long ago you started working with WA, but if you can remember, did you start earning an income within your first month perhaps? I am trying to be realistic to see what the potential of this program.

    Always a pleasure to read your postings, informative and straightforward.

    Colleen W

  33. Excellent information Eddy!

    I certainly learned some key points to affiliate marketing that I didn’t know … very interesting.

    And wow, it’s nice to add something about yourself in your posts. Had no idea you were of Haitian background.

    You already know your humor is always appreciated, just be crackin’ me up! I am an MJ fan, so the “Wacko Jackson” comment made me sad for a sec, but over it and all is well. 🙂

    Will check out the 2 videos to see what else I can learn about affiliate marketing.

    Keep the good posts coming!


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