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Birthday Gift

Well it's another year and thanks to the grace of God I survived it! lol And because I'm so grateful, I'm giving you the gift of cash!

Yep you read that right! For my upcoming birthday (November 10 if you want to mark it on your calendars. lol) I'm giving you a gift! It's my way of saying thank you for continuing to support my little work at home operation. I've been able to earn a full time living at this for nearly 3 years now and it's because you folks put your trust in me and take action on my recommendations and ads which pay the bills! So in my mind it's only right I share a bit of the love back to you. Unlike a lot of successful people, I know I didn't achieve my success on my own. There were a lot of people that played a part including the supporters, naysayers, family, friends, my wonderful team, and many more folks. So thank you!

So let's discuss how you can win my birthday prize this year. If you entered last year, the following should sound like a broken record because at my age I don't have the brain cells to come up with new material. lol

How To Enter:

1. Post a comment in the form field below this post about how has either helped you find a job, make money online or avoid a scam. The more details you can provide, the better. So if you've found a job or had success with one of my non-traditional recommendations, detail what you do, how much you've made, who you may work for, etc. If you've avoided a scam describe what scam you avoided and how we helped you avoid it. Was it because of our scam video, an article you read here, comment, etc. ?

2. You'll need a valid paypal account so I can pay you.
(Unfortunately, If your country isn't one of Paypal's approved locations I can't pay you.)

3. You need to be a an active subscriber of this blog. If you don't know what that means, just click here and follow the steps in that page.

The Prize:

2 people will receive $100 each! (Nice right?)

Bonus Prize:

In addition to 2 people that meet the requirements above. I'll selecting ONE loyal Facebook Fan for a $50 prize. So if you haven't visited or Liked our Fanpage, it might be the time to do so especially because we post new job leads there daily and some other stuff that isn't necessarily posted on this blog. We'll announce the winner of the bonus prize only on our fanpage.

How To Dramatically Improve Your Chances of Winning!

You can get more entries by linking back to the contest, my blog or any articles you want via your twitter updates, facebook wall, blog, website, message boards, forums, article directories, etc. As long as it's an active link that I can verify then it counts towards your entry. Just be sure to include the urls (Website addresses) or screenshots of where you have linked to us in your comments below along with how we've helped you make money or avoid scams. Remember they have to be active links on your sites and I have to be able to verify this.

By the way, my name is spelled EDDY NOT Eddie. You can GUARANTEE being disqualified by misspelling my name. lol But seriously don't misspell my name, it's annoying and on this website enough to spell correctly. lol

For those of you that don't have a website but would like to increase your chance of winning. Click here to Watch the following video on Blogger and how you can create a free website in a few minutes without having to be a tech geek like yours truly. Then click here to learn how to add a link back to us on your new blog. If you need any other help with your new blog you can click here. This will give you good practice anyway. Maybe you'll end up creating some blogs on different interest you have or help you with your budding affiliate marketing career.

The End

The contest will end 11.15.11. The winners will be announced that day. So as long as you're a subscriber, you'll be one of the first to know.

Good luck Ya'll!

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