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Birthday Gift

It's that time of year again. It's what I like to consider in my home a national holiday, my birthday. lol I'm turning the big 35. At this age birthdays don't have the same zest they did when I was younger. It's not because I'm sad I'm getting older. It's because I've learned to appreciate every day I wake up regardless if it's my birthday or not. In my mind, everyday is a great gift to me because I'm doing what I love and have the joy of being home with my family.

So I plan to celebrate my birthday as I did last year which is by giving away money to you good folks. I've already been blessed many times over but I know many of you aren't as fortunate. Giving away a financial gift just seems like the right thing to do considering my own blessings. That's the way it should be when you're doing well. It's sad that we live in a society where being like this is an anomaly. But being selfish is the norm and acceptable. Well I'll flip that nonsense on it's head today.

Because unlike the banks and big business, I know you folks could actually use the money. With that in mind, let's discuss how you can win my birthday prizes this year. If you entered last year, this should all sound familiar because I basically copied and pasted most of the details below. Being this age makes you lazy. lol

How To Enter:

1. Post a comment in the form field below this post about how has either helped you find a job, make money online or avoid a scam. The more details you can provide, the better. So if you've found a job or made money because of an opportunity on this site, detail what you do, how much you've made, who you may work for, etc. If you've avoided a scam describe what scam you avoided and how we helped you avoid it. Was it because of our scam video, an article you read here, comment, etc. ?

2. You'll need a valid paypal account so I can pay you.
(Unfortunately, If your country isn't one of Paypal's approved locations I can't pay you.)

3. You need to be a an active subscriber of this blog.

The Prize:

3 people will receive $100 each.

Improve Your Chances of Winning!

You can get more entries by linking back to the contest, my blog or any articles you want via your twitter updates, facebook wall, blog, website, message boards, forums, article directories, etc. As long as it's an active link that I can verify then it counts towards your entry. Just be sure to include the urls (Website addresses) or screenshots of where you have linked to us in your comments below along with how we've helped you make money or avoid scams. Remember they have to be active links on your sites and I have to be able to verify this.

By the way, my name is spelled EDDY NOT Eddie. You can guarantee being disqualified by misspelling my name. lol But seriously don't misspell my name, it's annoying and on this website enough to spell correctly. lol

For those of you that don't have a website but would like to increase your chance of winning. Click here to Watch the following video on Blogger and how you can create a free website in a few minutes without having to be a tech geek like yours truly. Then click here to learn how to add a link back to us on your new blog. If you need any other help with your new blog you can click here. This will give you good practice anyway. Maybe you'll end up creating some blogs on different interest you have or help you with your budding affiliate marketing career.

The End

The contest will end 11.17.10. The winner will be announced that day along with the money being paid out. So as long as you're a subscriber, you'll be one of the first to know.

That's all folks. Enjoy my birthday gift to you and keep the following quote in mind:

"Everyday you wake up is a good day and a reason to celebrate!"

48 thoughts on “Work At Home No Scams Birthday $100 Giveaway!”

  1. this sounds like a dream come true but usually dont fall for advertisments like this. it sounds like a miracle my kids and i need

  2. I am glad that I was part of your “birthday party”! Congrats to the winners. That includes you Eddy! On my quest to restart my blog with a different subject I ended up with two! Yes, for organizational purposes I had to! I’ve already received feed back and a thumbs up from someone else I consider smart and knowledgeable about this industry! Then I was approached by a website recommending Adhits! You betcha by golly! (Speaking Minnesota). Even if I didn’t want to talk about this website in my blog I would have no choice. This blog that I ignored and doubted so long has become my mentoring website! Wish me luck and happy online marketing to you and everyone here!

  3. Hi, Eddy! Happy Birthday to you as well!
    I’m just getting my feet wet and don’t have much to report. However, I did sign up for Swagbucks and have already collected my first $5 Amazon gift card! I plan to start Cash4Books very soon and put it place some of the book “collecting” techniques that you’ve mentioned in your article. I’m not sure if I’m ready to make the whole “affiliate” commitment but I’m glad that your site is advice-packed and that the research has already been done to make my decisions a whole lot easier! Cheers to you and yours!

  4. No matter how your “birthday presents” turn out, this is certainly a win, win idea of yours! Surprising? Not to much, coming from you. I’ve already gotten some great feedback about my first blog, from someone I consider really smart no less! Creating the birth of a second blog that just makes organizational sense. I haven’t even shared this on face book yet. It’s a lot like watching cement dry right now, but that only lends time to creativity and learning. May you have a fruitful birthday and many more!

  5. Happy Birthday Eddy!

    I’ve been reading your emails and tips on your website since September. I really enjoyed all the tips and encouraging words you give to your readers. However, when I first started, I was really scared. I was scared about getting scam. I thought I was going to find another site that ask you for your email and spams your inbox. I really appreciate your tips on signing up with ClixSense and YouData. I was really excited on the $2.00 I’ve earned from YouData. Every little bit counts. Thanks again for all your tips. Happy Birthday and many more.

    Stephanie Phim

  6. Hope you had a wonderful Birthday Eddy!!! I also think of my birthdays as holidays! I have only been recieving your emails for a couple weeks and just recently finished the 7 days of email. Since having my daughter in january, I have found it very difficult to find a job to fit around everyone else’s schedule. So I have been working toward putting each of your elements in place to get started. It is just hard to sit down to get it done with a baby and 2 other! I did get started with ChaCha which was a suggestion to your KGB post. Since I can log in whenever I can with ChaCha it is very convienent. I have made 10 bucks which is very exciting just seeing the progress! I am in the process of organinzing a daily schedule so that I can put each element into play to really start making money. I am leary on the affiliate marketing portion since I have been burned by that before. But I trust you and I am willing to give it one more try! Thank you so much for having this site and helping others. You give hope when hope is almost gone. Happy Monday and have a great week!

  7. Well, happy b-day Eddy!!!
    I am going to be honest, I am really new to this site. The messages that you have been sending me they are great, espcieally because they always have a link which has more details about the job opportunity. The sites that I have found on this site are not scams, and eventhough it does not pay alot it is still money.Also, thanks for being honest in your messages wether the site is going to pay alot or not. All I can say about this site is that is really great for people that want to make a little extra money. Thanks and Happy B-Day!!!

  8. Thanks for the ideas. I’ve been dealing with undereducation/overqualification and tight job market (it’s very hard to get my resume into consideration for stuff that pays like i used to because of the education, and its just as hard to get my resume into consideration for stuff my education supports because of my pay history being so high.

    I’m a semester away from completing my next degree which should put my resume back into the keep pile, and the ideas here seem like the best opportunity to let me focus primarily on school and find funds in the hours and minutes that class doesn’t take up.

    I’m new to the list and still shuffling through what works and doesn’t but already i’m signed up with chacha and (ChaCha was a comment to another search validation thing you suggested, but this blog is still what provided it.) These ideas include many that allow for earnings that are not employment…. meaning it can supplement UI.

    Again, thanks for doing, and researching this stuff, and being so free with your findings. Your work is a real public service.

  9. Happy Birthday Eddy. On the work at home no scams helps to found no scams home based jobs that I can work at home and spend time with my son.

  10. happy b/day from croatian living in germany and hoping to manage to finally start life back from zero 😀
    keep up the good work 😀 i am not chasing to win the award 😀

  11. Happy Late Birthday Eddy and good day to everyone!

    I have been following you for a couple of years now. I’m not very vocal and do not comment often but I do enjoy reading your post. I have learned a lot of great things from your site. The most important is the techniques to finding work at home opportunities and how to recognize scams. I have signed up for many things through your site. I have also found several great work at home opportunities that are providing me a full time income. I absolutely love your site and recommend it as a first stop to anyone looking for work from home.

  12. Blessings Eddy

    Our Lord has blessed you and you in turn have been a blessing to others who need the physcial support whoch God willoing to lead more improtnatly to Spiritual support.
    As you know I just had cataract surgery omn both eyes last week and my eyesight is not too good right now, please forgive my typing and spelling.. ha ha I am new to your site and have been SOOOOO impressed with your honest and ligitmeitate jelp in true work at h oime.

    Again Eddy, besides entering the contest, I really just waanted to wish you you God’s continued blesssings for you and your family. You rdeallyy do show our Lord’s love for others in their time of need.

    God bless you Eddy


  13. First let me say I hope you have a wonderful birthday Eddy! I have only been reading your blog for a few months, but I must say that I love it! I have been doing surveys for about a year now and really like it, but was looking for something more. After I sold my business a few years ago I needed something else to do. By trade I am an insurance agent and had my own agency. Now I stay home with my 4 year old grandaughter. Some days I think insurance was easier lol. But you have given me a lot of good information. I have joined Clixsense, Hits4Pay and Youdata. I have also started my own blog. I believe that saving money is making money. After raising three kids on one income, I learned how to cut cost. I figured there were more people out there like me or people wanting to learn. So I started a blog about it. Not much traffic yet but I know it will get there. So Mr. Eddy, thank you for this site! I have learned alot. Keep up the good work. And may your life be blessed this coming year.

  14. Happy Birthday Eddy. Thank you for such an informative website. I have been slow out the gate, but your website has helped me tremendously. I wish many more birthdays and continued success.

  15. This site changed my life! Like many Americans, I lost my high paying position in Management almost two years ago due to the recession. I had always been the primary bread winner in the house, and as such my wife of 18 years had no job, and no workforce experience to find one. Throw in the fact that I have three children, a poodle and a mortgage and, well I needed a new job! Unfortunately we live in a manufacturing community in Wisconsin that was hard hit by the economic crisis, and my prospects for new employment at anything more than a low hourly rate seemed pretty dim.

    Now for years I have been collecting and selling books as a part-time hobby, and had actually made some pretty good money at it from time to time, depending of course on how much work I put into it. Once I found myself unemployed though, I decided to recession proof myself and try to earn a living at my book business, and any other online endeavor I could find. One of my very first searches brought me to this website, and I thought I had hit the jackpot! Here were tons of researched and scam-free work at home positions that were actively searching for employees. However, as I spent more time looking into the positions, I just couldn’t seem to find anything that really fit my wants or needs. It was several days into my research here that I stumbled across the articles about affiliate marketing. Hmmm… I thought, this is something new, I might as well take a look.

    After reading up on the subject and familiarizing myself with the concept, I headed over to Wealthy Affiliate from a link on this site and signed up for about three months, which I spent learning everything I could! From there, I came back to and started looking around again, and that’s when I discovered the review of “This is perfect!” I thought, I love books, know lots about selling them online, and with my new found affiliate marketing skills I will be able to have some campaigns going in no time!

    Now I know this is the point where I’m supposed to tell you that this wasn’t easy, and that only through trial and error and countless hours of hard work was I able to see any results… But I’m afraid I would be lying! I started seeing results from the very first month from my various feeder sites and ppc campaigns for the book buyback site, and within three months was making hundreds of dollars a month at it! At that point I added a few more similar businesses and followed the same format, and low and behold, I was once again successful. So successful in fact, that I decided to cut out the middle man and create my own book buyback site;! It just launched about a month ago and I’ve already done enough business (and it’s the slow time of year right now) to pay back the software engineering I had to have done.

    And the best part? I’m getting ready to launch my very own affiliate program for my site, and start recruiting affiliates to draw customers in and earn great commissions like I did on my competitors sites! So a big thank you to Eddy for setting me down the correct path and introducing me to the training I needed (Wealthy Affiliate), and the business example I needed (cash4books) to get me to where I’m at today, which is recession proofed and thankful everyday for it! And the great part is I made money at it along the way, so it’s almost like I was being paid to learn how to setup and operate my own business.

    So what my friends is the moral to my story? When Eddy speaks, listen! If you really dig into his site and follow his advice and let it lead you to the partners he recommends, then with a little mental elbow grease and some original thinking the sky’s the limit! So once again Eddy, THANKS! And best of luck to all you fellow work at home folks out there, this is the right place to find all the tools you need for your success!

  16. Happy Birthday Eddy!

    I found your site a few months ago when I quit my job to go back to school full-time. I decided that instead of getting a part-time job, I would see what opportunities there were for working at home. I read a lot of your reviews, and I joined many sites, such as YouData, Inbox Dollars, Fusion Cash, My Survey, Survey Savvy, Opinion Outpost, Mindfield Online, Survey Spot, Hits4Pay, DealsNCash, and Swagbucks.

    The survey sites are probably my favorite so far. I’ve only been a member since this summer, but I’ve already made enough to cash out on 6 sites. I plan on using this money for Christmas, and I see what you mean about small streams of money adding up. The best part about the survey sites is that I’ve participated in several studies where they send you a food or household item to try, and you complete a survey when you’re finished. I think these are a lot of fun! The other great perk is that I’m starting to be asked to join sites that are by invitation only.

    I really want to learn affiliate marketing, and I joined Wealthy Affiliate based on your recommendation. I haven’t done much with it so far because school and surveys keep me busy. However, I really want to focus on this more in the future. This has amazing potential, and my dream is to be self-employed.

    I think you’re doing a great job with your site. I always find your articles very inspiring. I haven’t been scammed yet, and I feel that I have you to thank for it.

  17. happy b-day eddy!
    you and the site are wonderful so i’m not surprised that you are a fellow scorpio. will write a longer comment soon about how helpful you have been to me.

  18. Happy B-Day Eddy!
    Yes, this site is an inspiration. Just look at all these stories.
    Hopefully I ‘ll have my own success story to post here soon.
    I hate going to my job every day. What I need to learn is to be grateful that I have it. I truly believe that only then will I be able to rise to the next level and leave my job to someone who will enjoy doing it. This site gives me the hope that that is possible.
    I’m sure this was said elsewhere, but I remember it from the Twilight Zone movie….lol….”Where there is no hope, there is no life”. Thanks again Eddy… and the rest of you!

  19. Eddy,

    Twice in the last month you have saved me time, effort and money. The first time was on 15 October when you ran a post emphasizing the importance of training for making a career as an affiliate marketer. I was thinking of signing up with a website that, for a fee, would do everything needed to set anyone up in affiliate marketing. I was suspicious, but it seemed to be the easy way to get into the business. Your post put everything in perspective, and I didn’t take them up on their offer. In addition, you generously offered to guide me over any rough spots when I do the smart thing and start with Wealthy Affiliate University.

    The second time was on 29 October when your post concerned ways to make money on the web taking surveys, ad clicking and other short, easy work. Since I needed money in a hurry, I read the post carefully and linked back to the original articles you wrote about these sites. I took your advice and set up a separate email account to handle this traffic, and have been thanking my lucky stars ever since. I got a tsunami of emails, not all of it relating to the work. It seems that these sites release others that claim to be connected to this work. Most of them are junk, and a few of them are real scams. I’m glad they have been segregated from my personal mail.

    I read your posts every week. They are always interesting, and sometimes they keep me out of harm’s way.

    And Happy Birthday!

  20. Hi Eddy,
    I have never posted on these before. But i wanted to wish you a Happy Birthday. Mine is on the 15th of this month. I get to hit the 30. Oh boy. Still don’t feel that age. lol. I have been enrolled in your programs for about 2 weeks or so. I have joined every site you have made available to me and Im enjoying it. Not making a whole lot but of course its more then what i was making before. I know the pay will get better the more i work for it. A few dollars a day here and there helps out alot. Im a single mom of two kids so theres alot of things needed. I had to push my daughter out of diapers because things are so tight. I hope you and your family are doing great. And i also hope that you are enjoying your birthday. The best birthday for me is spending it with my kids. Just in case i get to be one of the lucky people, The email i signed up with is, the one i signed up on here with is my pay pal email account. Thanks so much for the chance to see how a person can make real money on the internet and not get took.

  21. Happy B-Day Eddy!

    I’m a BIG fan of the website. Been following/reading since August (usually multiple times a week) but I have just “subscribed”.

    What originally brought me to your website was your article on “Package Forwarding & Reshipping Job or Scam”. I was looking for another source of income since my wife’s hours were/are being cut at her job. I found a job on Craigslist- Denver looking for someone to perform a “Clerk Position”. I read the job description (sounded relatively simple) and sent them a resume. They responded with a request to complete some attached forms. What sent up a red flag was a request for a copy of my driver’s license. I responded to the e-mail stating that I had completed the forms; however, I had a few additional questions and could they please call me. I tried to reach them through the phone number included on the e-mail (only it was just a fax line). Meanwhile, I decided to do a little digging on my own.

    That is what brought me to your website. After reading your article, I felt like a fool. I am a financial analyst professional with over 10 years of experience – yet I almost fell for that SCAM! Your article informed me about the scam. Additional research on your website taught me how to lookup website domain names. I searched for that company ( and discovered that the website was only 5 weeks old. That from a company that boasted “Over 15 Years of Excellent Customer Service”. Thank you for helping me steer clear of that potential disaster.

    Since I “found” your website I have been able to use the information you provide in many different ways. I have been able to make some extra cash as a survey-taker with both MySurvey (scam-free) and Survey Savvy (scam-free). I have set up an account with (scam-free) and I am waiting for my first assignment. I learned about the “Gigs” section on Craigslist and I currently have a resume in to someone looking for an article writer. I also perform work as a Search Engine Evaluator with Leapforce (scam-free). I learned about this opportunity through your “Weekly Work at Home” blogs. I am also in the process of getting set up with Fusion Cash (scam-free). All of this while maintaining my full time day job.

    But the one I am most excited (and also anxious) about is becoming an affiliate marketer. Your article on Wealthy Affiliate opened my eyes to a new world in the internet. It also gave me a vision to become – as you are – self-dependent with respect to income. I understand the hard work and commitment it takes to be successful and I am up for that challenge. However, I am also a bit nervous and a slow mover. I am still gathering information about the industry as whole. But I would not even be thinking about this without YOUR help and this website.

    I sincerely thank you Eddy for helping me find an extra job, make some extra money, and avoid an embarrassing scam. You rock! Take care and keep up the good work.


    P.S. – Ever thought about writing a review about Leapforce? They are a legitimate work-at-home company. However, it was difficult to research information about them (actual experiences from employees). Perhaps an article from you with some additional comments from readers, like myself, would help others. There are definitely both pros and cons about being a Search Engine Evaluator.

  22. Happy Birthday Eddy Thank you and Thank you for helping me to make money on the internet and the different free programs that are available for me to make money online

  23. Eddy! You’re the best! And I really mean that! I’ve been checkin’ you out for more than a year. You give great insight and you’re true to this! I mean you really do care about people! Wow, you must be at the computer almost 24/7!! I’m ready to start taking your advise and checking out some at home opportunities. Hey, you have a great Birthday and be blessed!!


  24. Here it is. I stopped on last years page to wish you a happy birthday lol. I would have found this if I would have looked a little more lol. Happy Birthday again!!!
    I love the site! Awesome work!
    I’m a laid off employee like a lot of people in this country. I have recently become a single father, so I’m looking to make my bucks at home and spend my time raising my children.
    I’ll keep you posted on my hopeful success.
    Take care and I wish everyone great success!
    I hope you have had a wonderful birthday Eddy!


  25. Hi Eddy. I’ve been reading your posts for over a year. It has helped me to spot a scam and haven’t yet fallen prey to one. I keep reading to help maintain my scam-spotting I.Q. and I must say I really enjoy your positive attitude. Well, happy birthday Eddy!

  26. Seriously, how long have I been here? When I joined this site I took it as seriously as a pair of shoes I keep just to see if they fit next year! Sure enough after researching for a year on my own with absolutely no results I started paying attention! Luckly, like you Eddy (notice the correct spelling!) I refuse to spend money joining anything! If anything I have perseverance. So here I am but with a completely different life than I had one year ago and I anticipate my life will be changed again by this time next year, but ONLY because of this website! It has taken me from, how to make money at home to what are my creative possibilities? Money has become a byproduct of my new attitude toward my talents!
    I started with clixsence and mylot. There were two to three others I left just because they didn’t work out for me. I haven’t kept track of how much I’ve been paid just by reading and learning everything found here but I know it’s more than I would have ever made on my own. But more importantly I’ve been able to take charge of my life! I am not at the mercy of the Corporate Policy anymore!
    This site has never led me to a scam. As a matter of fact, when time is tight and I only have a short time to do anything I turn to clixsence for a second. I’ve made $12 there, I’ve been paid once! This, just for a time filler! I check Mylot for a good discussion waiting for something like water to boil. For being an easily distracted person it’s amazing I don’t get distracted these days. I’m not chained to my computer either. I spend 10 hours a week working at a local department store. This is where I see my friends, family and neighbors. The 10 percent discount on everything in the store, one I shop at any way is a great bonus! I know exactly what’s on sale when to boot! But I am also a Marketing Assistant at home of all things! Who knew! Prudential Ins. and Target are benefiting from my assistance. I read and edit WebPages for continuity with something else getting pulled together for me. You can’t outsource me! Coming from the increasingly outsourced Customer Service field to India I had no idea how to translate that into another career. Three months ago somehow that was done for me. Again, my new creativity.
    Being less than 10 years from retirement age I don’t have to wonder what I’m going to do with it! Talk about thinking “out of the box”! All because of this site.
    I’ve learned most people are afraid of change. That included me! When you control your own “change” there is nothing to be afraid of. I am looking forward to my next ventures, the first being a blackberry I can use as a modem to connect with the internet almost anywhere I am! Then comes Wealthy Affiliate.
    I joined Wealthy Affiliate the first time for a month. I began to think I was in over my head. I don’t think that so much now. Then and only then did I trust anyone enough to actually pay for anything on line, so I clicked on the link provided here! It’s entirely possible that in the near future I’ll decide the little department store job isn’t what I really want to do! This is all because of this site!
    I’ve recommended this site to anyone I think needs it. It’s amazing the number of people who make the decision not to bother with it without even looking at it! So I tell them to at least bookmark it. They could very easily change their mind one day. I can relate to this thought, I had it bookmarked for an entire year. “Only fools rush in”.
    Eddie, since being active here I have witness only your sharing of your knowledge, compassion, and a willingness to help surpassed by no one I have ever met or spoke to in my life! I consider myself privileged to be a part of this site and to include it in all that I do in the future! So, what I planned on doing in the near future, here is my new website/blog!,Text1,Followers1,BlogArchive1,Profile1&section.footer=&securityToken=Ta4vI0uC59Q07FQyuMOXzCibV9k%3A1289402875013&security_token=AOuZoY4yWnI_wRft3Bih59kd_sC3oPalgQ%3A1289402875013
    Sheesh, this has only taken one entire day! But then again my day wasn’t wasted, was it?
    Wishing you a very Happy Birthday and may you have many more happy, healthy birthdays!
    You asked for it!

  27. Happy Birthday Eddy!

    I have been a subscriber of your site since i had gotten laid off a couple of years ago. I like this site alot and have also learned alot since becoming a subscriber. I signed up with and i have made some money with that, and i have just recently signed up with instant cash sweepstakes and swagbucks. Thank you for all the advice and tips you have given to us readers. Thanks again and I hope you have a great birthday.

  28. Happy Birthday from one of last year’s winners.
    Good Luck to you all!
    tons of good information here and a site owner that pays attention to his flock…..

  29. Happy Birthday Eddy,
    I love your web site It has helped me avoid so many scams its not funny… Im currently getting licensed to do relative foster care out of my house so i will have more time to do research on at home jobs I would love to start something Im just not sure what but when im ready I know your site will guide me in the right direction

  30. Hello again, Eddy!

    I’m just chiming into say Happy Birthday!!!! And, thanks very much for the good work you do here for others on your site!!

  31. happy birthday eddy! many more too! my mother’s maiden name is eddy, small world.
    any way thank you for this website. i have been scammed so many times. but siince i have found this site i have learned so much. thank you!
    i would like to know if there is any gaming sites that a person to play and get paid too, with out paying into it? and instead of a blog, can you give me any hints on where i can go to make my own website please? i would like to sell books and misc. instead of ebay. thank you again

  32. This site has helped me a lot. Not only on scams, but on reality itself. I now know that there is no such thing as a “miracle job” that will pay you hundreds of dollars per day with no or little experience. and are two small money making sites that I am a part of, thanks to This is the only site I trust, and it’s the only that really puts the effort into helping people in need of work. Every site, except this one, that I’ve visited has been a scam. All they want is ten dollars here, another twenty there, and before you know it your the one paying THEM. They talk about how much they make a year, but what they leave out is the fact that their making their income from YOU. So anyway, I’ve seen about 10 videos on how to make money online on this site, I consider each and every job that is posted on here. This site is the only one I trust, I just wish I knew about this earlier!
    P.S. Happy birthday! 🙂

  33. Happy Birthday, Eddy!
    I just subscribed to your blog, but I have been following it via Facebook for about a month. Because of your website, I have joined Swagbucks, Instant Cash Sweepstakes, YouData, and Clix Sense. So far, I’ve rec’d $2.11 from YouData, and I’m clicking my way towards $7.00 on Clix Sense. I am a stay-at-home single mom, and I do daycare out of my home to make ends meet. But lately, the ends haven’t been meeting, and I came across your website while I was researching ways to make money so I can stay home with my kids, and continue my online Medical Transcription courses. I love the multiple streams of income idea! Keep up the good work, and enjoy your special day!

  34. Thanks so much for your site. I’ve been following you since earlier this year and have joined Swagbucks and Mylot cause of your reviews. I’m still looking for a great freelance opportunity that I qualify for but I’m checking every week that it comes out. Thanks so much for all that you do!

  35. Well I think I’ll exclude myself from winning this contest; since I did win last year. I’ll continue to spread the “…No Scams” gospel regardless of any monetary incentive.

    Eddy ( with a “Y” ) !!! For the past two years you have been a huge source of inspiration, motivation, honest feedback, and most importantly a dear friend. My past and continued growth is largely contributed to you. You’ve helped validate my efforts to be more of a real person and less of an “affiliate link”. So for the person you are and the continued support you give to not only me but everyone who happens to come across your site I THANK YOU!!

    … oh and Happy F’N Birthday “E”… it’s all glass half full from here.

    Phil ( philsfault ) Ames

  36. Happy Birthday! I’ve been a subscriber since I found you through and enjoy reading your posts. I had thought about signing up for that program that was in beta where you make their money and eventually would be able to get something from it. Thanks to you I did not sign up and actually I can’t even remember what it was called because of your post. I totally put it out of my mind. I’ve only been a subscriber for a short time, but I enjoy all your posts!

  37. Hi Eddy!! A big Happy Birthday to you! I celebrated my birthday last week so I’m a fellow Scorpio! (I won’t tell you my age, tho! Let’s just say, I’m a few years older than you and leave it at that!) Anyway, I’m an American living over here in Ireland for quite a few years now and have been very frustrated at the lack of work at home oportunities over here. I know we are much smaller than the U.S. plus the state of the current economy doesn’t help matters. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been scammed until I found your website. I don’t sign up for anything until I check here first! I’ve had some good luck and bad luck. Unfortunately, most of the work at home opportunities are limited to the U.S. and Canada. But I perservere! I just launched my website last week: and would like to be able to include links to your site. Is that ok? I’m still working out the kinks but at least it’s up and running! I also became a Wealthy Affiliate through you and absolutely LOVE the program! So let me just say a big THANK YOU for all the great information you provide!! I haven’t made any money yet but it’s only a matter of time, right? I’m determined to make it work!!

    Happy Birthday, Eddy!!


    • Hi Alanna,
      Thanks for the birthday wishes! Trust me I’ll never ask a lady her age. My mother raised me better than that. I also don’t want to get knocked out. lol I’m sorry about the international work at home dilemma. It’s a complaint I hear a lot which is why I created our international work at home page: You might want to check it out if you haven’t already. Unfortunately work at home isn’t an option everywhere as it should be. But I’ve read the rest of the world is catching up in that respect. I think the affiliate marketing route is definitely a good option for you since it’s usually borderless. So I’m confident if you stick with it, you will succeed. It is only a matter of time. Trust me.

      Great start on your site. You can definitely link to me there or wherever you choose. Thanks again!

  38. Happy Birthday Eddy!

    I can never thank you enough for the wonderful service you provide. Having had in excess of 20 years as an HR professional, after leaving my last brick and mortar job I decided to go it alone; use all that knowledge and experience to become an Independent Contractor. I gave it my all; research, social networking, etc. At times I was putting in up to 18 hours a day but didn’t mind because I thought I was building a profitable work at home business. At the beginning, it was a labor of love; eventually it was just laborious. Just one successful placement would have given me the motivation to continue but alas after two years, I threw in the towel; just couldn’t compete with the “big boys.”

    I starting researching work at home jobs but found mainly work at home scams or ridiculously low paying jobs until the day I came across your blog. That day has changed my life forever! Since becoming an “Eddy fan,” I’ve found authentic work at home jobs and have enjoyed a steady income ever since.

    God bless you dear. Please keep up the good work; you’re helping more than you’ll ever know.

    • Kandy,

      Thanks for the birthday wishes and thanks for sharing your story with me. It’s always great to know when one’s efforts are leading into tangible results. Thanks again. By the way, you’re the first visitor to wish me a happy birthday! I might have to give you some more “cool points” for that. lol

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