Work At Home Outlook for 2009

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2009 Work At Home Job Outlook

Happy New Year and good riddance to 2008! I am not going to torture you and re-live the events of 08. There are enough websites and TV shows that did that. 2009 is here and we need to move forward with a fresh start. As you can see by the new design of the blog, we're taking this very seriously. Out with the old and in with the new is our motto.

With this in mind, I want to give you my picks of what the top work at home career choices will be in 2009:

1. Medical Transcription (Typing)

2. Programming (Especially iphone apps)

3. Translators

4. Tutors

5. Affiliates

6. Graphic and Website Designers

7. Writing / Blogging

8. Sales

So how did I come up with this list? Elementary, my dear Watson, elementary. Actually, I've based this list on the hundreds of jobs we've posted on this past year. They were consistently available in large numbers. Of course, most of them require specialized training. But that's just reality. If you want to work at home then you need to get the skills that are in demand. So if you are serious about working at home, at least now you know what the landscape may be like this year.

Bad Economy Equals More Work At Home Jobs

We all know the economy stinks more than a baby's diaper right now. So with that said, I just think there will be a larger number of work at home opportunities available this year because of the failing economy. Many companies are looking at ways to cut costs. Laying off people isn't always ideal. But allowing certain type of employees to telecommute just makes "cents". It will save the company money while increasing productivity. But before you start jumping for joy, keep in mind these positions will probably be given to existing employees. Telecommuting is still a touchy subject for many companies that have a traditional mindset. It's seen as a privilege rather than just another way of conducting business. So if you're currently working offline and your job can easily be done from home, you may want to approach your boss with a telecommuting proposal. You can argue that it would save them money and many other companies are doing it instead of laying off employees. If you want to sweeten the deal for them, offer taking a pay cut. After all, you're probably going to save yourself tons of money because you won't be spending it on commuting, meals and other expenses associated with offline work. If you present a good argument with articles to back your proposal and you're actually a good worker, then they may be willing to give it a try. Trust me when I say the timing couldn't be better. What do you have to lose at this point?

Scams To Watch Out For in 2009

Wouldn't it be great if 2009 was the end of work at home scams? But that's not going to happen so I have to cover the work at home scams that will continue to be big in the new year. Honestly, the scams won't vary much this year. I think many of the old scams will be just as prevalent in 2009. Scam artists like to label them with new names, but they all tend to follow a similar pattern. So just be aware of this in the new year. If it smells like an old scam, talks like an old scam, walks like an old scam but calls itself a new opportunity, it's still a scam. So here's a list of scams that will probably come up again:

1. Cash Gifting/ Cash Leveraging

2. Package Forwarding

3. Fake Check Cashing, Wire Transfer & Bookkeeping Scams

4. Any type of rebate, coupon processing or any variations

5. Identity theft.

Final Word

For the love of God, do yourself a favor in 2009 and AVOID paying for any survey, mystery shopping, typing or data entry work at home opportunity products. Most of the time, the sites that are selling this information are totally misleading you. Furthermore, you don't need to pay those middlemen. Most of the legitimate work at home websites provide this information for free. Check out our top list of free and legitimate work at home sites by clicking here.

And finally, be aware that generic typing and data entry jobs aren't going to make a huge comeback in 2009. They're pretty much extinct. I know you hate when I say this, but the truth hurts. There isn't a huge demand for these jobs because it's not really a specialized skill anymore. Your best chance at working at home is focusing on careers that require specialized training, running your own home business, multiple non-traditional work at home opportunities or becoming an affiliate.

So there you have it, my outlook on the work at home industry in 2009. Keep in mind that's just my two cents. I could be wrong about many of these things. So what do you think 2009 will bring for this industry or the world in general? And let me know what you think of our new design.

24 thoughts on “Work At Home Outlook for 2009”

  1. Hi I am 20 years old, a single mom of an 8month old who has a few medical problems. I was going to school for a while and grants helped fund our expenses and living while I looked for a job. But people just arent hiring anyone. Then the state lost funding and I can no longer go to school right now until I can afford it. But thats the issue!
    Not to mention I was recently in a car wreck just a few days ago and now my car is totaled (thank god my son wasnt with me!!) . Im in great need of a good stable job, steady income. Im not looking to make thousands a month. Just enough to get us by. Im not a greedy person and I believe money makes one become that way (experiences with family). Im great at wording things when I need to, I speak more than one language (no spanish lol) AMAZING with animals and knowledge of them. Fast typer, and can find anything online. Except for this….
    I have stumbled across your website and I see so many suggestions for so many others, and it makes me wonder… is there anything for me? I have alot of experience in alot of random things like art, baby products and care, computers, internet, and my passion is animals. If you could help me it would be greatly appreciated! Thanks

  2. I have been going through your site and unfortunatly have not located any kind of work job business that I can do, I have been in construction all my life, and this computering, internet thing is shall we say over my head, actually there is I think a lot like me whom need the income but from where????????

    • Ernie,

      I’m sorry. I don’t know what to tell you. Nearly all work at home jobs require computer and Internet skills. So to make that transition, you might want to take some local adult continuing education courses. Learning this stuff isn’t hard as long as you don’t let it intimidate you. It just involves reading and practice. You weren’t born knowing how to do construction, you were taught and learned it. This is no different. Don’t be intimidated. Just learn the new skills you need to pay the bills.

      I didn’t know anything about the Internet when I first came online. But with reading and practice I’m doing pretty well with it. So anyone can learn it. When you do, you’ll be able to take advantage of many of the legit opportunities available on this site like thousands of others who use the site. Hope this helps.

  3. Hi Eddy, this is my first search for at home work…..I have found your site to be very user friendly. Thank You!!!! I hope to make good use of all the info you have provided. My husband has just now become unemployed for the first time in 34 years, I am very handy with the computer and phone so I started searching for my own job and here is where I ended up….wish me luck!!!! We need work….Thank you again for all the information….

  4. Hey Eddy
    I just want to say thanks. I’ve been searching Hot Jobs daily for a job (of any kind) and stumbled upon your website today. You’ve been a great help and I’ll check this site out daily now. You mentioned money wiring in your list of scams and I just wanted to pass on that I actually received an email offer to do this and receive really good money. But I check out all offers with the BBB and try to find out as much as I possibly can and I couldn’t find any information on them. So I asked them the questions and haven’t heard from them again. Scam?

    • Hi Darlene,

      You’re welcome. I’m glad you find the site useful. I would encourage you to read our scam page from top to bottom:
      Any wire transfer or check cashing work at home opportunity is a scam, So just avoid it, period. The BBB is cool starting point but they don’t list every company. Quite frankly, they’re usually late to the party. Google on the other hand is constantly updating their search engine. So watch the video on my scam page and you’ll be more in the know of all the latest scams using Google. I would use that technique and the combination of using the BBB. But I would never purely depend on the BBB. I know its advice that everyone spews but it’s limited in my humble opinion.

      There is a lot of good information here on this blog so be sure to make use of it, you’ll avoid a lot of nonsense and find different ways to make money at home you’ve probably never considered. Our work at home guide is a great starting point:

      Good luck.

  5. Wow, I’m glad I found this page. I was just poking around Google to research Ameriplan and found this. It’s been helpful! Thanks!

  6. I agree Gary. I use to be one of those job seeker type.
    But then I realized a job would never give me the freedom that I want. So I started focusing on owning my own business. But not everyone wants to do that. Some people would be just happy with a job. So different strokes for different folks.

    But you’re absolutely right you can’t have too many streams of income during this time or any for that matter.


  7. My problem is still with the “work at home JOB” – I know this is not for everyone, but for me it’s all about escaping from a job altogether. Running your own business lets you say where, when and how you work – and it takes any limits off your earning potential too! But I do have to agree that 2009 is only going to see more interest in working from home in general – you can’t have too many streams of income at times like these.

  8. Glad you liked the new design Manuel!

    Sounds like you have the right mindset for 09! Because of it, you will eventually be able to transition into working at home full time like I did.

    You just have to keep it at. Don’t let obstacles or some road blocks stop you. If it’s in your heart to work at home full time, it will happen in time. The fact you’re open to trying non traditional work at home opportunities already puts you ahead of most folks that won’t. So here’s wishing you the best in 09! I’ll do my part to keep those opportunities coming.

    P.S. You’re welcome! I’m happy to be in a position to help you guys out where I can.

  9. Love the new look, Eddy! I’m hoping this is the year I can transition into working at home. I understand it may take long that to fully make to the transition, but I plan on getting the wheels in motion. I’ll start with the Survey’s and other non traditional methods, then work my way from there. We’ll see how it goes.
    Thanks for all you do, Eddy.

  10. Thanks “Las Mujeres Rojas”,

    You have a very keen eye there. lol I think I can live with the “AT” being a different green.
    But I’ll slow down the featured articles scroll. You should have seen the original speed. It was at 2 seconds. I increased it and thought it was at a good speed. But I agree, it could be slower.

    Thanks again,


  11. The background and border color green doesn’t mesh with the green in the word “At” in the Web site’s name. Also, whatever javascript carousel you’re running for the featured articles, it’s running a bit too fast.

    ¬°Buena Suerte!

  12. Great face lift … love the new site look Eddy!

    Wow … I must say I’m surprised that Virtual Assistance and Customer Service/Call Center jobs did not make your top picks list for ’09. All were very popular last year, and earlier years as well.

    I personally think available work from home jobs in these areas will definitely surpass themselves this year and beyond!

  13. Hi Shawna,

    Thanks for the kind words.
    I think I tried to implement Google search on one of my sites when it first came out and I didn’t like it. But I think it’s improved greatly since then so I may have to revisit it. I have a search box up there but it definitely isn’t as effective as I would like. I end up using Google to find articles on my site. lol

    In terms of affiliate networks, my advice is to go with the ones that demonstrate the best personalized attention and have the type of offers you’re interested in promoting. I work with big ones and small ones. I find that the smaller ones are more flexible and will actually get back to you right away. It never hurts to have to be part of too many networks. Sometimes I put them against each other. lol I contact one network and let them know that their competitor network is offering more for a given offer. Can they beat it? If so I’ll promote for them. So that’s another way to make more money with some of these affiliate network.

    This is assuming you’re a seasoned & trained affiliate that already understands the basics and have a proven record of success.

    In any event, I wish you success in 09!


  14. Happy New Year Eddy!
    The new layout looks great! Have you thought about putting a google search box in to make it easier for us to search your site? I don’t know what that entails but it could come in handy.
    Do you have any comments about affiliate marketing sites like ROIRocket or EasyHits4You? Should I spend any time studying them? Sometimes I feel like I am wading through a swamp when it comes to finding reliable sources for referrals.
    Thanks for all you do!


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