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To my great delight there are lot of you who are making some decent money at Amazon Mechanical Turk. I know because of your comments and emails. So thanks for sharing that because it helps me know what is really working and popular with my visitors. If you don't know about Amazon Mechanical Turk, you need to check out my review so you can get your share of the money that so many of my other visitors are currently earning. Reading the review will also help you better appreciate the company I'm covering today.

More than clicking…

Some of you know Clixsense as a website that pays you for basically clicking on ads. Depending on your mindset you like the idea of earning a few cents for something you already do (viewing ads), or you feel it's a total waste of time. To each their own I say. But it seems like Clixsense wants to especially cater to the folks with the latter mentality by providing various higher paying activities.

So recently they've introduced a new way method to earn money which is completing small online tasks like the ones we discussed in the Amazon Mechanical Turk review. These tasks are like quick mini-jobs that take a few minutes to complete. You are paid per task instead of per hour like a traditional job. The tasks can range from simple data entry, internet research, tagging pictures and some other relatively easy web based task. They're available to anyone that is a member of Clixsense.

Just in case you're confused or you're like me and prefer to see how this all works, watch the video below. I start it off by showing you how you typically earn money with Clixsense just as an FYI and to tease you. But then I get into the task stuff. So be patient. In total the video is less than 8 minutes long anyway. Enjoy.

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See the potential?

Well if you're an Amazon Mechanical Turk worker you're probably very excited about what you saw because of some of the nice advantages I highlighted in the video. And if you're new to the whole crowd sourcing task site stuff, you're probably very excited too. If so, just click here to sign up and get started!

Remember it's free and you don't have to upgrade to the premium membership. Although you probably will in the future. But right now, start off with the free membership and see how you like this opportunity. Doing these little tasks can really add up. Just read the comments in my Amazon Mechanical Turk article for confirmation of this.

Hopefully you see the value in this opportunity. It's something you can do while you're still searching for a higher paying traditional work at home job or while you're trying to build your business. Everyone has free time that they're probably wasting on TV, surfing the web, socializing on FB, etc.

So make better use of it today by taking advantage of Clixsense's Task opportunity!

I'd love to hear from you guys (especially folks that already work Mturk and love it.). Let me know if you like this opportunity and plan to take advantage of it. I hope you do. Good luck either way.

By the way if this wasn't your cup of tea and you'd prefer a traditional work at home job, please visit our work at home jobs page here. If you did like what you read and want to know when we discuss another opportunity like this please become a subscriber by clicking here. It's free and I promise I won't bite or spam you with nonsense.

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