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So today I'm doing something a bit different. Usually I review new companies or scams. But a lot of times things change regarding some companies I have reviewed in the past. Usually I just update the past reviews. But that doesn't help the people who may have already read those reviews and moved on.

So keeping this in mind, I've decided to create new posts dedicated to updates on companies I may have reviewed. This way if you have forgotten an opportunity or were on the fence about it, the updates may help you. Either way I hope you find it useful.

So today we're talking about updates to the MySurvey opportunity. You can read about this company here and here. But this is basically a company that pays you for your opinions. No fees, BBB listed and has been around for a long time.

Patience is a virtue…

In any event, one of my pet peeves about this company was that it use to take forever to receive the prizes or cash that you redeemed. The other issue was that they didn't have a paypal option to cash your payments. The only way to get cash for your points were checks. Money is money but checks are annoying. You have to actually trek out to the bank or atm machine. Then you have to wait a few days for it to clear. But before you can even do all this MySurvey took weeks to send you a simple check.

Change is good…

Well fortunately MySurvey has heard my complaints and made changes. lol They have totally revamped their rewards area. You can now cash out your points via paypal and receive the cash within a few days. This applies to their other electronic gift options as well including amazon gift cards. So assuming you can get enough surveys or optionally get referrals, you can conceivable start cashing out in days instead of weeks. This is great news for those of you that need money right away. Check out the video below where I walk you through the new changes:

I don't know about you but I was super excited to see the new revamped rewards section. Now MySurvey is a viable option in terms of getting fast cash such as Amazon Work At Home Turk. That being said like any survey site the number of surveys you get will depend on your demographics. The reality is some demographics are more appealing to certain companies. It's nothing personal, it's just the nature of business. It's also not in's control. They're basically just a marketing firm that connects companies with the people they want to survey.

However there is a simple way to get around the demographic limitations legitimately. It's just a matter of referring folks you may know who wouldn't mind getting paid for their opinions. How hard can that be? I'm sure you probably have a lot of friends, family or co-workers that are always giving you their opinions when you didn't ask for it. At least now you have the opportunity to get paid for their "two cents". lol If not you can refer people you don't know like I do via your website and learning internet marketing techniques. Either way, watch the following video to learn how to use MySurvey's Referral program:

In any event, I hope you found this update useful. I really like the changes MySurvey has made and I just felt it was worth bringing up again especially for people that are always looking for opportunities that pay quickly. Now you can add MySurvey to that list for better or worst.

For those of you who have no interest in this type of opportunity whatsoever (Yes I see you sucking your teeth and rolling your eyes. lol), you can always visit our work at home jobs page. Happy now? lol

Enjoy folks. Let me know what you guys think of the changes. Have you taken advantage of it or plan to?

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  1. Thanks for sharing your experience Toby. I agree a lot of things have changed for the worst since they merged with Lightspeed.

    It’s a shame because it was really a great company in the past. But thank goodness there are alternatives like fusion cash:



    Thank goodness for competition! Thanks for sharing your experience. I’m glad some of the other companies I introduced you to are working for you. That’s why I always give a lot of options because usually some will fit a persons needs.

    Take care.

  2. I couldn’t find this article which I thought I’d bookmarked, so was kindly redirected here.   I just opted out of MySurvey, haven’t had nothing but aggravation from them.   I hope others continue to do well with them, but they have not been of any use for me, and I’m pretty patient (even the 7 cents for 7 disqualified surveys at Fusion Cash was something that was actually there), and I love MTurk now that I’ve become an ‘old pro’ at it, if I do say so.   But here’s what happened:   constant bombardment of ‘You have a survey waiting’, spamming several times a day with these, so I do these all even though I’m quickly disqualified and just get a single sweepstakes point.   That’s okay, it only took about 20 seconds, and maybe I’ll finally get a real survey, so I finally did.   Well, that took 30 minutes, which is all right, but I got no real points at all, only 1 more sweepstakes points.   And that’s where I do draw the line.   For real time spent, on a survey they took seriously and got real information, I don’t want just a sweepstakes point.   I emailed them, but then unsubscribed. That itself took a LONG time, and was a big deal with a bunch of steps.  

    Anyway, reviews of MySurvey have been mixed. Some people seem to be having good luck with them, and I’m glad to hear it, but even the penny that Fusion Cash gives when your demographic is not what they want is better than some sweepstakes point.   So maybe I lost a sweepstakes, but the tipping point was the dozens of emails every day.   Like playing lotteries, excepts the odds of winning anything anything smaller.

    Just my experience, I know, but it just didn’t work out for me like MTurk has really well and Fusion Cash does give the real credit in the occasional surveys I’m qualified for.

    Thanks, Eddy.

  3. Apparently MySurvey was prepping for their new site and that’s why the message I spoke about below was posted on their site.

    However, I’m here with Good news for those who were not aware …

    The new MySurvey site is live and has already amazed me! I cashed out points for an iTunes gift card and received the e-credit in about 5 minutes, rather than the few days with the previous MySurvey site. I was like WoW!

    I’m still navigating my way around the new site, but overall I love it! It does appear that new registrants and referrals are back in force.

  4. Hey everybody!

    Just wanted to swing on by with a quick MySurvey update that was just brought to my attention:

    Currently, MySurvey is NOT accepting any new registrations.

    I’m not sure how long this has been posted on their homepage but MySurvey asks that registrants “check back again in a few days …” so I’ll continue to monitor the MySurvey site for any new developments or updates.

  5. @Michele:
    I noticed that too about 3 months after joining them! They sent me a bunch of surveys worth no points asking me very detailed questions about my household, employers and how much effect I have on my companies decisions when purchasing electronics, software, etc. Then they suddenly stopped. They emailed me 4 possible surveys worth anywhere between $2 and $5. I’ve been paid $6 so far by them.

    • Hi Nichele,

      I really like MySurvey too. I just noticed on MySurvey’s site that they are a part of Lightspeed and they both are owned by the same company (WPP). Hmmm, I’d not seen that on the site before but it’s nice to know. With that in mind, it makes perfect sense that MySurvey would be in support of Lightspeed by sharing the love with the redirects.

  6. However, have you noticed that MySurvey also has changed to include so many surveys which are worth NO points? & it’s not like they are brief ones either. They are just as long as the typical 5-10 point surveys. Supposedly it’s so they can find out more about the participant to send more surveys your way … but I just keep getting more of the ones worth no points, & my time is too precious for that.

  7. I had a question regarding the survey sites so thank you for posting this one! My issue has ALWAYS been with the survey sites that you get started but they always manage to process you out before you finish so that you never get paid. So I start out well thinking that this is legit and then every single survey they find a reason to keep me from finishing. I was wondering if that was normal and hence why they are able to get most of my opinion without ever paying for it and if there are any sites that do not do that to you. I have taken 45 minutes of an hour survey and been cycled out because they got what they needed but didn’t want to compensate me for it. it is really annoying, does anyone else have that problem with the survey sites or just all but this particular one? Please let me know cuz frankly I am tired of wasting my time for no benefit.

    • Sherri,

      You’re welcome. There are a few survey sites that have this shady practice. My suggestion is to always research any company you join especially in this industry by following the steps in my scam video: If there is something shady like this, it will probably come up in the research. The reason I like MySurvey is because they always credit you with some type of points. So you don’t have to worry about that with this company. That being said just keep in mind you can’t really earn consistent money with surveys. They’re nice when you do get one, but it’s best to be involved in multiple streams of income like the ones discussed in my recommendations page:

      I hope this helps.

  8. I like the new electronic cash (PayPal) option because it is convenient. But $10 = 1100 points now. Before the update, it was $10 = 1000 points. That’s a 10% reduction in value of each point! I’d gladly wait a couple of weeks for a check in the mail to see a 10% return… I don’t feel the new rewards offerings are worth the convenience.

    • Hey Ken,
      I think the change in value is due to the fee that paypal charges but I know that paypal doesn’t charge 10% so that’s a rip. But credit card companies do the same type of nonsense with their reward point systems. So it’s not like this is a new phenomenon. That being said I don’t like it either but that’s how business is sometimes. I prefer dealing with this than waiting several weeks for a check and all the hassles that come with it. It’s just a matter of preferences.

      At the end of the day, it’s easy money for giving your opinion. So I’ll take it any way I can get it especially now that it’s faster. In fact I just redeemed two $25 iTunes gift certificates yesterday and it arrived nearly instantly.

  9. Hi Eddy,
    I have been following along with you and some others for a while now. I have been studying on line marketing for about 8 months now, but just having a problem with writing content for a web. I guess I,m not a writer, but it seems that’s about the only way to really make the big money. I understand the marketing and that what you really want to do is give everyone a lot of good content or information,stuff that they think is going to make their life better or some how save or make them some money. I owned 3 retail stores for 22 years, but lost everything, even my house, so I know what makes people want to buy from you. You need to help them in some way. Anyway until I can figure out the web stuff I have been making some money on the sights that you have recommended, so I want to thank you for doing this, and I hope that you continue to do well because of all the good info and hard work you are doing for all of us.

    • Hey Tom,

      Thanks for the kind words. I really appreciate it. Obviously as someone that has had so many years in retail you definitely understand the concept of “good marketing and sales”.
      It’s definitely about making someone else’s life better or easier. It’s not the other way around which a lot of people new to marketing don’t realize. So you’ve definitely hit it on the head which isn’t surprising to me.

      In terms of your writing issue, let me say this. I’m obviously not a trained writer. Anyone with a decent concept of grammar and spelling will see this within minutes of reading any of my articles. Most of them are littered with mistakes that drive certain people crazy. Trust me I’ve heard from a few of these people. But here’s the thing. Out of all the emails I receive on a daily basis I may get 1 or 2 emails every 6 months complaining about these mistakes. Most people simply ignore these mistakes because of a concept you already know. I’ve solved a problem they had, made their lives easier or helped them avoid something that would’ve been painful like losing money. When you’re able to help people get what they want, they’re a lot more forgiving about your own flaws. Because ultimately they have received something of value from you. So keep this in mind. You probably experienced this many time over in your years of retail. As long as you can get your point across, people will love you for the value you provide assuming you’re doing that.

      Although I’m no where near a great writer, I have improved every year because I force myself to do it every week. It’s like the saying goes, practice makes perfect. Or in my case it makes my writing a bit more tolerable to the scholarly types. lol So keep that in mind. You have a great number of years of experience. Don’t let a bit of a road block stop you from achieving success in another medium. It just takes a bit more work but the rewards are sweet.

      That being said, I’m happy to see you can appreciate the little opportunities I’ve discussed on this blog. It’s because you are open minded you will succeed at whatever you do. It may even be this online marketing thing if you can fight through this writing roadblock. Continued success to you Tom! Thanks for chiming in and sharing your comment with us.

  10. Larry,
    I was not responding to you specifically regarding MySurvey. I was just commenting on my experience with many survey sites that I work with on a daily basis. MySurvey has changed as I used to get checks and now they offer other options. I still continue to work with them and have no complaints. I, too, would like to have my own website but until that “ding” goes off in my head that tells me I am ready it is not happening. You have great things to offer regarding your online work and I am glad that I read your comment.

  11. I’m sorry that I didn’t make myself clear… When I said you can’t make a living doing surveys and on-line jobs, I meant quick 5-10 minute task type of “jobs” as opposed to actual on-line “work”. Taking surveys, PTC clicking, Turk tasks etc. will get you a little bit of money for doing the tasks, but you won’t be able to make a living by just doing the work alone. In order to make a living on-line, you’ll need to join several of these sites and use referral income to actually make a good wage.

    Of course there are many other ways to make money on-line too, and some can be quite financially rewarding. I know you’re a big fan of affiliate marketing for one. Or like you said, medical transcriptionist, contract programming, writing and editing, translating, etc. can all provide one with an income that would rival traditional careers.

    And I do agree with the whole multiple-streams of income approach. I’m involved with several survey sites as well as a few GPT sites, all of which has been giving me an extra $20-$100 per month. When I find the time, I plan to actually create a blog (or two) to help increase by referral base as well as to give me some advertising income. (I’m thinking of two blogs so that I can have one dedicated more toward making money on-line and the second more on my interests and incorporating affiliate marketing into that).

    • My bad Larry.
      That was my mistake. I totally agree with everything you’re saying.
      It’s amazing to hear you’re earning an additional $20-$100 per month doing these various opportunities. It’s yet another validation that this stuff works and does add up if you’re open to them. I think your long term plans will definitely pay off. Obviously it’s worked for me. So I’m very excited for you. The great thing is you’ll be able to leverage the money you’re currently making into creating a sustainable business. So you’re on the right track as well! Keep it up! I hope folks are reading what folks like you and Greg are doing and a light bulb is going off in their heads. You’re definitely an inspiration. Continued success!

  12. Thanks for the kudos and encouragement, Eddy. I would like to make a few comments about survey sites. They are not kidding when they ask for honesty and integrity. You will get bounced if you just plow though them. Honestly, I have gotten bored or distracted and then, boom, “you do not qualify…” Sometimes this is true based on my demographic but other times I have been at fault. Yes, I learned the hard way…who doesn’t?!? I am rewarded when I read the questions, ponder them and answer honestly. If I do not qualify then I know that it is not my fault. I just didn’t meet the needs of the survey, it had already received enough responses from people like me or that it was closed. I now know that there will be plenty of opportunities later. Last week was a slow week for me regarding surveys so I focused on click sites and the like. But then yesterday I got involved with 2 sites that will make me $20 for very little time spent. Ebb and flow. Also, I got a confirmation on a study I did a month ago and that I will be receiving a $55 Visa gift card. My point is that if you pay attention to them then they pay attention to you. Makes a lot of sense…and dollars, lol. I do like the sites that allow you a few points even if you do not qualify and I love the donation to charity option that some offer. My last comment on this subject is this – e-mail the site if you have an issue. Don’t make $10 and then give up. You make them money so they are invested in your continued success. This does not only apply to survey sites. Online income is easy once you get in the swing of things and to be honest, I am just getting started.

    • Greg,
      I totally agree with you. I noticed the same thing. If I took my time to respond well to the surveys, they tended to send me more assuming I fit the demographics. You definitely get in what you put in just like anything in life. I love the donation aspect of many of these sites as well. Just yesterday I used swagbucks to donate to the Tennessee flood fund.
      It felt great to be able to use my earnings to help others.

      In any event, you really understand the concept I’ve been trying to drill in people’s heads. A lot of folks are short sighted. They’ll look at the $10 they may earn from an opportunity as the end. But folks like you and I see it as a start pointing. That $10 could be re-invested into something else like a cd, learning, advertising, etc. But you need to have a certain type of perception to see past what your eyes just see. But that probably also explains why there aren’t many entrepreneurs in the world. They have a certain vision of life and opportunities that most people ignore. You’re on the right path my friend and you’re absolutely right it’s just a start!

      Think about it, I got in this industry by reading emails that paid me a few cents. Imagine if I viewed that as the be and end all. I would have walked away and would still be working for the man. But instead I saw the potential and ran with it like you have. So I can only imagine where you’ll end up in the future. You and may be having a laugh about how we started with a few dollars and look at you now. 😉

  13. MySurvey is good. I use the PayPal option now even though I lose a few points. They do pay promptly. SurveySavvy is ok in my book. I am a single man so I don’t qualify for many of their surveys. I have made 5 dollars since January and it took forever to receive my check. 5 bucks, maybe 1 hour work. Lightspeed rocks and so does Opinion Outpost. Those two offer lots of surveys and pay promptly – Lightspeed by PayPal and Opinion by check within a week or so (I think they are changing that). No matter, since using this site I have not been conned nor cheated when it comes to surveys. I wish would offer more ops though, I guess they are newish and I am sure will gain speed. Still I am receiving a PayPal deposit, a check, a free product or a gift card weekly. My monthly income is well over a $100 doing this and I am grateful. By the way, Global Test Market may seem like a drag but 1000 points = $50 and I am almost there. MyView has taken a few months but now I have cashed in for a $25 virtual Visa. Pinecone pays me a few bucks a month and now they have gone to PayPal. It works and it adds up, this online “self employment.” Just point me in the right direction, Eddy, and I will mine the gold, LOL.

    • Greg,

      You’re definitely running with these opportunities. I love your attitude and the fact that you’re taking action. It’s probably why you’re making money!
      Keep up the good work. I’ll continue to provide the path and you keep digging away! lol

  14. Thanks for the update Eddy!

    Shame on me for being so busy that I’ve not been to MySurvey in a while. Your update gives me ample motivation to swing on by and indulge in the enhancements! I can’t be leaving money on the table like that. Lol

    • Larry,

      I totally agree with you about getting credit for the pre-screen. I recently stopped recommending a survey company because it appeared they were using a pre-screen survey to get real data and not paying the survey taker. So MySurvey is definitely great in that respect. I’m always surprised how many more points they will give you after the prescreen. So it’s a well noted point.

      In terms of making a living online, I totally disagree with you. You definitely can make a living online. Granted it will never be with just taking surveys or something like that. But I make a living by coupling the little small jobs and referring other people to them. So it is possible if you take full advantage of the referral programs that most of these companies have. And even aside from that, you can also get a traditional work at home job such as customer service, programming, writing, etc and earn a living. All these non-traditional opportunities are a great starting point and can really add up.

      But you’re right in that you shouldn’t quit your day job right away. I didn’t quit my day job doing this stuff until I saw I was making consistent money for years and that the money earned was more than what my day job was paying. So obviously you do have to plan accordingly. However it is totally possible to eventually quit your day job working at home. It’s just a matter of finding the right opportunity to achieve this. If I can do it then anyone can do it. So that’s my two cents.

      In any event, thanks for chiming in and reminding me about pre-screening thing. It is actually very important to mention. I think in my actual review I did reference it which is probably why I didn’t discuss it here as something new in my update. Either way it’s a great point.


      Thanks for sharing your point of view but I definitely think it’s limited to a certain degree. Last I checked Survey Savvy still paid cash for surveys. But i could be wrong. My Survey is also paying you cash for the surveys as well. They’re just referring to it as points. 150 points is exactly the same as $1.50. Why they need to use a point system is beyond me. I don’t really care because at the end of the day as I showed in the video, the points are cash. There isn’t much jumping through any hoops as you can see in the video. You take your survey, get points, accumulate them and cash them out. I agree a minimum of $10 can be annoying but it’s better than a lot of companies I’ve seen. That’s how most non-traditional work at home opportunities work. If you’re not exploring many of them because of that you’re leaving a lot of money on the table. I’ll admit when I first got in this industry I found the whole minimum payout thing very annoying but you learn to move pass it when those checks do finally roll in. lol If I would have kept the mindset you’re in, I would probably still be working for the man and never have given these opportunities a shot. Perception is a very powerful thing and can sometimes hurt you.

      Pinecone research is a great company and already one we’ve recommended and reviewed here in the past. That being said, they make you jump through hoops to find an invitation to join. Why a legitimate company like this does this is beyond me. No other survey company makes it difficult for their survey takers to join. So that’s always been a black eye on this company for me. That being said I still recommend it provided you can find a join link. lol At the end of the day it’s like I always say, multiple streams of income are always better than none or one. If something is legit, I say go for it. The more checks coming in, the better.

      And finally I have no idea what privacy has to do with referring your friends. Referring friends is totally optional. It’s not necessary. That being said most of my family and friends love getting paid for something so simple. So I’ve never had a problem. If you went to a great movie or eat at an amazing place, you’ve probably told your friends about it. This is no different. So I don’t really know why you would view it any differently. I by no means am encouraging people to spam or annoy their friends. I would only mention something like Mysurvey if an opportunity arose.
      For instance when I first started mysurvey I used my points to get electronics. So one time I got an ipod. My co worker asked me how much did you pay for it? I told them nothing. Then basically explained about mysurvey. They were intrigued and joined. It was totally natural. Recently I mentioned on my facebook fanpage I had just used my down time to read emails and get paid for it. Then someone chimed in and asked how I did that. Then I sent them a link to hits4pay. So again another natural way of referring people that you know. I think people get all weird about referring people they know because they’re thinking like a greasy car sales man where you badger people. You don’t need to do that. So just keep that in mind. And at the end of the day it’s optional. You have to do what makes you comfortable. I for one am very happy to share anything legitimate that may help my family or friends. It’s like the saying goes, sharing is caring and it makes “cents”. lol

      Either way thanks for sharing your point of view. I really appreciate it.


      Welcome to my site. It’s definitely a lot of work to go through the material. But trust me when I say it pays. LOL I’m not sure how much of my site you’ve actually read yet but I make it very clear that many of the opportunities don’t pay that much on their own. But they do add up in time and when coupled with various other opportunities. We take the multiple streams of income point o view. A lot of folks have learned to think like this and most of them are making money because of it. A lot of these opportunities are just a starting point. Many of these things that you get paid for are probably things you already do for free. So you might as well make some money for them until you’re able to land a bigger paying type of opportunity.
      Some people do these opportunities while trying to land traditional work at home jobs: or as just some extra money. So it’s not meant to be an end all for your goals. It should be a starting point. Hope that makes sense. Good luck.


      Your’e welcome! I can’t front I’ve been treating MySurvey like a step child the last couple of months because I’m so involved in other opportunities. But when I logged in and was looking to cash my points for some target gift cards so the wife can shop for household items I was shocked to see the new rewards area. So I’m guilty of it too. Better late than never. lol However I’m there with you, I don’t like leaving money on the table with any of these opportunities but I guess that’s why you and I think very differently than most when it comes to this stuff. Enough of this chit chatting, let’s go get that money. lol

  15. Hi,
    Just started using your web site last week. I’ve been following your tips and doing alot of web browsing ( Lot Of Work!). I’ve got tons of places to do surveys from this particular web site but, they only pay pennies for the surveys? Am I doing something wrong?

  16. I tried My Survey and Survey Savvy and found them both to be more trouble than they were worth. I refuse to deal with any website that pays off in prizes or lottery entries, or any website that requires a minimum amount earned before payout. If these types of survey sites are not scams, they are close to it. Also, because I value my own privacy so highly I refuse to refer my friends to any website. The only survey website I use is Pinecone Research. This is a legitimate survey site that reviews products that companies are considering for market. They pay $3.00 per survey, check or PayPal. I prefer checks and they arrive two days after the survey is completed. In addition, whenever I have had a question or problem, the website host answers promptly and helpfully.

  17. Great update! I also wanted to point out something else that I’ve noticed about MySurvey… You had mentioned that for survey sites, you only get surveys where you fit the particular demographic that they are looking for. This is true, but with MySurvey it seems like they have a 2-tiered system. On some survey sites you get nothing, zero, zip, nada for attempting to complete a survey but are disqualified (because of demographics) part of the way thru. With MySurvey, however, they first present a pre-screen survey in which you will get the points listed, and may get a more in-depth survey for more points if you qualify based on the pre-screen survey. For example, in your first video people will notice that the reward points for the surveys listed are only 5 or 10 reward points (or a little less than 5-10 cents considering 1100 points = $10). These are what I’m dubbing the pre-screen surveys which are basically sent out to anyone fitting the “Male, age 34” demographic, for example. Then when you are taking the survey, they will begin to ask you more specific questions to see if you’d qualify for a more in-depth survey.

    Let’s say that one of those 5-point surveys is by a beer company… The pre-screen survey may ask questions like “How often do you consume alcohol?”, “Where do you pruchase alcohol?”, “What beer brands have you heard of?” etc. At the end of the pre-screen survey, you will get the 5 reward points no matter how you answered those questions. If the pre-screen determines that you are indeed a beer connoisseur in addition to being a male, age 34, they’ll say something like “Congratulations! You have qualified to participate in a survey from a major beer manufacturer. If you complete this survey, you will be given an additional 495 points (for a total of 500 points). Do you wish to continue?” (and either continue from the pre-screen survey or provide you with another survey link). Then the in-depth beer survey will ask more specific questions, perhaps based on a new beer-line that they are thinking of promoting in the near future. And when you complete that survey, you get the total 500 points (about $5) which is a whole lot better than the 5-cents.

    I really like how they use this pre-screen model… There are only a few survey sites that I know of that do it this way. For most survey sites, you may spend 5 minutes or more trying to qualify, but only to find out you get nothing in return. At least with MySurvey, you’ll get at least something for the time you do take to attempt to qualify. And those nickle, and dime jobs do add up if you stick with it. ClearVoice is another survey site that operates similarly. However with them, instead of listing the amount you get for a pre-screen, they list the full amount of the in-depth survey. If you fail to qualify with ClearVoice, they will say that you do not qualify, but give you a few cents (usually 5 to 10 cents) for the work you did complete when trying to qualify.

    One last thing to reiterate when it comes to surveys and other on-line jobs… You won’t be able to make a living off of them; however you may be able to pick up some pocket change every few months. Because of this, don’t sacrifice your main form of income just to try to take a few surveys… Getting a buck for an hour’s worth of work trying to qualify for surveys isn’t going to get you rich quick. Rather take the approach of doing these during your leisure time. If you watch TV at night, try qualifying for a few surveys while your watching TV, esp during the commercials… better to get paid a nickle doing a pre-screen survey than a whole lot of nothing watching a stupid ad for something you’d never buy.

  18. I am sooooo glad to hear this. I used them a couple of years ago and had my balance up to $150 and I could not cash out until I had $300 and I moved and lost my computer and I lost all that money. I will definitely use them again. Thank you Eddy for all you do for us folks.

  19. Again, you read my mind. I will always be looking for things to do. (My RSS feed starts today, because of your advice). Oh had I been wasting my time!

  20. Fantastic achievement Eddy. Guess people are surprise of the amount of points you have. This shows that we can do the same if we know what to do. Keep up the good work. Eddy is the best research and job developer I have seen in the internet Another fantastic Job

    You have a great day.


  21. I’m completely envious of the ridiculously high balance in your PayPal account! I can definitely vouch for MySurvey as being one of the best, but I think my favorite would have to be SurveySavvy.

    • Alexander,
      Don’t be jealous buddy. Anyone can do anything I do. It just boils down to training so you know how to get a lot of visitors to your site and hard work so that you always create quality content that people will appreciate and thus take action on your recommendations. That’s pretty much it in a nutshell. By the way I like SurveySavvy as well.
      We actually reviewed it on this site but I just find I get more surveys with mysurvey and now with their new reward section, it’s even better. But you know me, I say join as many legitimate companies as possible. It all adds up.

      You’re welcome. Definitely give it a shot.

      Thanks as always for the support. But you’ve hit it on the head. Any one of us can do this if they work hard enough. I’m nothing special. I’m just willing to invest time and money in myself to succeed. So if I can do it anyone can!

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