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Okay so as promised I've come up with a new work at home contest.

There have been so many of you who have commented about how much you love my little ole blog. For most of you it has either helped you avoid scams, find legitimate work at home opportunities or consider a new career path. Many of you have even gone so far as to share my site with your mamas, sisters, “ray ray & them”, friends and/or acquaintances. Needless to say, you have my deepest appreciations for doing this.

But let's face it, my heart felt thanks ain't doing diddly for you. Yeah, yeah it's cool and all, but I think you would rather see my appreciation in the form of the Benjamins, aka cold hard cash. So It's time for you to get paid for spewing all that good propaganda across the web. lol Until further notice, every month I will select 3 people to win $100 each.

Here's How This Contest Will Work.

– A valid paypal account is required so I can pay you.
(Unfortunately, If your country isn't one of Paypal's approved locations I can't pay you.)

– You need to be a an active subscriber of this blog.
(I'll be announcing the winner ever month on this blog so you should be on my list to get your money!)

– You need to spread the word about (Prefereably with links back to the site!)
(We've included some approved and recommended methods below.)

– You must post a comment on this page detailing all your promotion activities.
(You must include the links of places you've mentioned us. You can update us as often as you like.)

– At the end of the month 3 winners will be chosen to receive $100 each via paypal and announced on this blog.

Why Are We Doing This?

“Whatcha” mean why? Are you questioning free money? I bet you were one of those kids that would raise their hand and ask the teacher why we weren't getting homework today! If you must know, obviously the goal of this contest is to give our little hole in the wall a lot of exposure. But more importantly, it's about rewarding our loyal subscribers that continue to support this blog and spread the love. At the end of the day we all win.

So the more promoting you do (which should be documented in the comments below), the better your chances of winning. The great thing about this is that every month (until further notice), 3 of our loyal subscribers will get a chance to win. This should really give everyone a fair shot. So if you don't win one month, you may still have a chance the following month.

We've also made it pretty easy to increase your chances of winning by providing you with various ways to enter below that AREN'T limited to one platform. But feel free to brainstorm your own. Just don't run around spamming people! If you think a mention is appropriate in a given situation then do it. But if it's not, please don't force the situation to increase your chances of winning. Because trust me, it will have the opposite effect.

Examples of Good Entries

1. Links are better!

When you go out on the internet and make mentions of my blog, always try to create active links that people can click on like this: A good example of someone that has done this and happens to be one of our first contest winners is Lina B who linked back to us on the following page:

The following are examples of an entry that WON'T qualify to win: “Hi Eddy, I've posted a comment in” “Hey Eddy, I've emailed my friends about you” “Hey Eddy, I've told my friends about you.”

The second examples are not good entries for a number reasons. One, you need to provide the website address (URL) that you mentioned us not just the homepage of the site. This is just a matter of visiting the exact page you mentioned our site and copy the exact address. Two, Word of mouth & email referrals are nice but there is no way I can verify that you've done them except that you told me so.

So stick with making referrals on website pages and provide the EXACT page where you made the reference not just the homepage!

2. Multiple Entries Are Encouraged!

Enter many times a day, week or month as you want! In fact, the more entries the better your chances of winning. You can do the same type of entry as often as you like. For instance If you tweeted about my blog one day, then do it again the following day and multiple times a month. If you bookmarked one page on my site on one of the social bookmark sites listed below, why not bookmark more of the pages on my site. The contest is about getting the word out to as many people as possible. So run with it!

How & Where Should You Promote My Blog?

Everywhere silly. But if you're totally clueless on how to get the word out about our blog, don't worry, I have listed plenty of ways below. Ultimately this should be pretty easy because we provide such a wealth of free and useful content that you can reference in the methods below. Some of our most useful pages are as follows: Work At Home Companies, Work A Home Guide,Work At Home Scams. So use the resources below and spread the word to people that may be looking to avoid scams or find legitimate work at home. You're actually going to get paid to help people and how sweet is that! Just remember this, always link back to our site when possible since they will be weighed more in terms of selecting a winner!

1. Message Boards or Forums:

Forums are a great way to meet like minded people that can share advice or ask for help. Why not share some of the goodness we've created on scams or legitimate work at home with folks in need at these forums?
Yahoo Answers

2. Articles or Blogs:

If you own a blog you can blog about us and link back to us. If you're on blog you can also write a comment linking back to us if it's related to the article you're reading and will help other readers. If you don't own a blog, you can write an article or review that links back to us with one of the following sites:

3. Social Bookmarking

We have a lot of useful content that can help people such as our Work At Home Companies, Work A Home Guide and Work At Home Scams page. You can bookmark these or any pages you want on the following sites:

4. Social Media

You probably hang out on a lot of these sites to catch up with your friends or just to kill time. How about making some money socializing by letting folks know about us on these sites and how we've helped you or how it may help them.

5. Video

You know what they say, a picture is worth a thousands words. Well video must be worth a million. Below I've listed are some great sites where you can upload videos you could create about our site. A great free tool to create videos is

Hopefully the list above gives you some ideas. Remember you're not limited to the methods mentioned above. You could do some or all of them. Be as creative as you want. But please no tattoos or spam! Just be sure to come back to this page and let us know how you've been promoting our site and include the links to your efforts. You can update us as many times as you want. The more promotion you do, the better your chances of winning for the given month! So what are you waiting for?

62 thoughts on “Work From Home with”

  1. It’s nice to see a site dedicated to exposing work from home scams. There are so many ways to make money on the internet, but also a large number of scammers. It’s a shame to see people be taken in by them.

  2. Peace to all,

    I’m so excited! This may be the first thing I’ve ever won on the net.

    I want to express my gratitude to Eddy Salomon for guiding me to making money online resources, for encouraging me to ‘lunge forward’ with his regular posts and newsletter, for being a mentor, and showing me ‘ how it can be done’ by his own example. In every post Eddy shares a little of himself which makes his reads interesting and leave you anxiously waiting for the next deposit.

    Speaking of deposit, Eddy you don’t know how this $100 given away to me today will hopefully help my online business grow. It’s just the boost I needed during these hard economic times. Thanks to your success, maybe I too will be a success. Your kindness will never be forgotten.

  3. Peace to all,
    Well Eddy, the Ezine article didn’t work out, so I had to try another route. How about this? It’s my very first article at my new blog place and it’s all about your site. Thanks for the motivation and mentoring.

    See you in the winners circle….I hope. Good competition.

  4. Thanks Eddy! This is fun, educational, and challenging! One can never be bored in this place! I love it!


  5. Yo Eddy! Hey,
    I’m tellin’ you the truth as you already know better than anyone—–Maaaaaaaaaaan! that IVibelk is like an automated computer or something. You go IVibelk! you make the rest of us get busy, I feel like nominating you the winner myself! LOL=)

    Anyway, back to me, Eddy hopefully I’ll still get credit for this one. I don’t know if it’s linking back but I know I mentioned your site a few times in this blog by “knowledge” one of my alias please go to

  6. Hi Eddy! Yeah, I know, you wonder what happened to me right? I’m still here. I just haven’t had the time I wish I had to be sitn’ at my computer. Well, my posting engine is kinda idle right now because I still have to go to work (for now) all the time. Man!, I’ll be glad when I finally lock in some of these work at home gigs so all I’ll see 95% of the time is my computer screen. LOL.
    Anyway my friend I have done more than wish, I at least got in one more post for you, check it out at:

    I’m off tomorrow (Thursday) so I’ll work on it some more ok? yeah.


    • Nah, I totally understand. Trust me. You’ve done your thing with this contest. You’re good with all that you’ve already done. lol
      You definitely can take a break. lol

  7. HA…yeah I am pretty familiar w/Squidoo.
    Also I just twitted this site on Twitter @Letitia30 (I can put the url there hehehe)

  8. Hey Eddy,
    I would have given the url if it was allowed. See, MyLot has this rule about not copy and paste until you have 500 post on your record (they say it prevents unwanted spam on the site). Also, I tried to put in a url by typing it a few days ago (about something else) and after I hit the submission button the screen screamed at me that I couldn’t do that. Ha I was okay. So, I am very careful now. The last thing I need is to get in any web trouble. LOL
    Even a woman on there that was talking about a great site to earn money on, but we had to accept her as a friend so she could PM people with her affiliate link. MyLot seems like mylot does not like urls that are open. So, I figured the mention was the best I could do.

    • Hey Letitia,

      That makes total sense. They probably changed their policy because affiliates started abusing their site with too much self promotion instead of providing value. But fortunately you have a whole bunch of other resources where links are allowed. So make use of the list above and run with it (for example use Squidoo which I know you’re familiar with. 😉 )

    • Hi Letitia,

      Thanks for the mention. That was creative. The only problem is you didn’t give the actual url of the site which is After all the point of this contest is to get people to the site so we don’t want them guessing what the address of it is. But nonetheless good effort! Keep it up. Remember there are so many ways to enter this contest. Take advantage of them all.

      Ivibeblk, You’re on fire. I just read the following article:
      First and foremost thanks for the kind words and love. You really just made my day. I had a hater comment today and you’re article validated that I’m really helping people. So thanks. I love that you linked back to us several times and provided our full website address. Keep it up! You’re really just running with this and should serve as a model to others how easy it is to enter and the many ways you can do it.

      So keep it everyone and thanks for your entries!

  9. Oh, Eddy, when will this contest be over? I hope I didn’t overlook the answer. If so please 4give.
    Also are you constructing different contests and maybe rotating them? Either way I’ll end up with the answers ’cause I’m always checkn’ in. HollA!

    • The winners will be announced towards the end of the month. So sometime around July 24. But this is going to be an ongoing contest as long as I see people are interested in putting in the effort and energy to make this easy money.

  10. Hey Eddy!–It’s CrazieSexieKool on TWITTER! I know I’ve already been thrown’ shouts about how great I think your website is so now that I’ve read this whole page of comments, I tell you now I’m ’bout to blow up some posts to my page telln’ everyone about you and linking it all back to you for entries.Yeah, I’m in the game now buddy! HollA!

    • Watch out now! That sounds like fighting words! Go on with your bad self! Go and do your thing.

      I just want folks to keep the following in mind:

      1. Always try to link back to, This is always better than just saying Work At Home No Scams in your post. After all we want people visiting the site.
      2. I need proof. Some folks are mentioning places they’ve promoted us but I can verify it since they don’t provide the exact pages or it requires a login. So provide the links to your posts people. (The exception being tweets which I can easily find via your twitter name)

      Make my job easier so you can win. I don’t want to have to hunt down your mentions. lol In any event TLC… I mean CrazieSexieKool sounds focused! I like that.

    • IVibelk ain’t playing! lol You’re on fire. Keep up the good work. This entry was very good because it was a link back to the site and I’m able to confirm it by visiting your page. Some of your other ones I can’t such as your facebook mention.
      Your link to your ezine article is just a link to your login page. You should search for the live article on ezinearticle and send me a link to it not the one from your login area. But keep up the good work. You’re actually one of the few people taking advantage of doing many entries as possible.

      Folks step up your game! The more times you actively mention and link back to the better your chances of winning that money. Why stop at just 1 or 2 mentions. This is an easy contest, run with it!

  11. peace to all,
    Eddy, as I have said b4, you really are my work at home guru. This is the first site I view for new wah listings, encouragement and advise. You provide a great service for those looking for legitimate work at home ops. Therefore, it gave me great pleasure to announce your $100 free monthly give-away on: forums Ezine article Social Media several times

    and I’ve given you the credits using your URL on Tweetbucks until I get my blog/website up and running, smile. Many Thanx
    Now the games have begun, let us see who has won…………..

    • Great Job Everyone! As expected you folks are doing your “thang” with this contest! Remember the more places you mention my site, the more entries you get in the contest and the better your chances of winning. A good example of folks that are taking advantage are the folks listed below:

      Indo Contest

      Good luck and keep it up. And remember come back here and link back to the exact places you’ve mentioned my site so we can keep track of your entries.

    • Hi Debra, It is a very sad day. He wasn’t a perfect man and none of us are. But the impact he had in music and pop culture was unquestionable.

      Mare, I appreciate you being a long time member and sharing the love as you have. Please include the links to the community board messages you have posted referring people back to my site so you it can be counted as an entry. Unfortunately word of mouth doesn’t really qualify since I can’t actually verify that. So just head the topics where you referred back to my site and copy the address in the address bar and come back and paste it here so you can get your chance at my money. lol

      Continued luck to everyone.

  12. Hi Eddy,

    I have been a member for a long time now and I just love your site. It has helped me so much, from avoiding scams to helping me find some little things I can do from home to make some money. Hopefully some day I’ll be able to make a lot. I have told all my friends, neighbors and even people I don’t really know about you and your site, Work At Home No Scams. I am on a few community boards and hear of people loosing their jobs or having their pay cut all the time, so I have told them about this great site. Thanks for having such a wonderful (free) site!

  13. Hi Eddy,
    Since I won the last contest, don’t put me in this one. (maybe the next one? LOL) Since I won, I have basically been running around touting your site everywhere. I am trying to think how to give you props on my site without losing all my potential referrals to you! hahaha
    Keep up the great work!

    • Hey Ms Winner,
      You won’t qualify this month since you just won one. lol But remember this is going to be on going. So you can qualify next month and the months after that. So whatever entries you make will be considered for later months. I understand your concern about losing referrals. lol Just remember there are millions of new internet users every day, there are enough folks out there for all of us. There isn’t a limited supply. 😉

  14. Wow, nice to see the response so far. Thanks everyone that has entered so far. Remember the more times you promote the site, the more chances you get to win. So go crazy.

    LMAO Phil. I’m sure you’re going to do some good stuff with this contest!

    Dee I read your post and updated your comment so it links directly to it. I would be blushing right now if I was a shade or two lighter. But inside I am blushing. lol Don’t worry about me getting a swollen head. I have a remedy for that, my wife. lol

    Keep the entries coming people. Remember the more times you enter, the better your chances of winning. Run with this. It’s easy money. lol


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