Work At Home Institute Review: Is it a Scam?

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work-at-home-institute-scam-reviewThe great thing about the internet is that it has provided a new way for all of us to make money. But it's also a great tool that the scammers use to take you from your money. So in my Work At Home Institute Review we'll determine which side of the coin this company is on. Judging by all the hype I've read, I think it's on the dark side. But read on to determine why I've concluded this.

What Is The Work At Home Institute?

The Work At Home Institute was started by Bobbie Robinson in about 2012. The site claims you will be typing ads online and that the income is easy and that you can start earning money the minute you sign up. Really? They also claim that no experience or education is required. Noticed how I mentioned the word “claim” a lot. Keep that in mind because I'll be digging deeper into those claims like a thong or wedgie in your butt. Yes, that deep.

How Much Money Can You Allegedly Make?

The “company” claims that anyone can make between $300.00 weekly and $6000.00 monthly. Uh… from typing ads? Really? I wonder why more people aren't just typing ads for a living then. I know people are able to make that type of money in time because of what My Top Free Work At Home Recommendation teaches. But it does take work. So I already know these claims are BS. This leads me to the complaints.

Work At Home Institute Complaints

Well if you haven't guessed, I'm not really buying many of the claims made by this company. And if you've read my reviews in the past, you know I dig up the stuff that folks like to hide or conveniently leave out. Most companies have some negative things about them. It doesn't make them bad or a scam. They're just things to be aware of to make an informed decision. But then there are companies who have complaints that are so jacked up, that you need to run for the hills. I'll let you make that decision after you've read the Work At Home Institute Complaints below.

Misleading Advertising

So the alleged premise of this opportunity is that you're getting paid for typing. Typing is such a subjective term. Damn near any online activities involves typing so you can skew this in many ways for “evil” purposes. (Enter evil laugh here. ) Well that's exactly what the folks at the Work At Home Institute are doing. The reality is you're not doing basic typing like you're hoping for. Instead you're really doing affiliate marketing and some of the tasks associated with that may be creating ads (aka typing ads) on to search engines like Google that you have to pay to advertise your ads. If people click on your ads and visit your affiliate link to make a purchase, click a link or fill out a lead form, then you make money and only then. You don't just make money by typing! How happy would you be discovering this after paying for this crap? What would you think of the legitimate industry of affiliate marketing if someone misrepresented it that way? Yep… I would feel the same way!

Additional Up-Sells and Fees

The initial sign up fee is (a one-time investment of $97.00). But apparently there are other hidden fees that popup. One of the fees that they hit with you with is a down payment that is required for “training meetings”. The total for just the down payment was a whopping $2,400.00. Yes, you read that correctly. Awww hell nah! Didn't they say no experience or education is needed? So why the upsell to this magical training? Why is it so much? I receive new up to date training as well as live support, tools, websites and access to experienced marketers for less than $2 per day with My Top Recommendation! So why would I need to pay this company thousands of dollars for less value? It just doesn't make any “Cents”, literally! Furthermore why don't they offer a free option like my My #1 Recommendation does if they're so confident this is something anyone can make money with instantly.

Training Videos Out of Date

As a member of the Work At Home Institute you will have access to the videos that alleged cover easy ways to promote your “typing” links. They also offer a course on the basics of internet marketing but nothing up to date. Apparently they add some other videos as well. That all sounds great but the reality is the video content isn't easy to understand and most importantly out of date. The videos tend to be overviews and miss the key components of “how to work the program”. So if you're a newbie, you basically have to fend for yourself. You're not part of a community where you can get live chat support from other successful marketers like in My #1 Recommendation

Identity Crisis

So apparently the Work At Home Institute has multiple personalities and seems there were many additional names for this company. Usually when home business opportunities are doing this, it's to hide some of their past shady activities so they try to rebrand themselves. Here are some of the other names this company has used:

  • Home Job Institute
  • Summit Mentoring LLC
  • Web Fortune Master
  • Summit Mentoring LLC
  • Work At Home Digital
  • Silver Chimney LLC
  • Web Profit Authority

This company has more identities than a schizophrenic. Sorry but that raises a red flag in my mind. No pun intended.

Refunds not honored.

Apparently many people have tried to get refunds after seeing the shady material provided by this company. But not surprising many people are not receiving these refunds.

Fake references & fake availability check

If you visit their website they reference some legitimate news websites as to give them credibility. But they've never actually been featured on any of these news websites. The logos don't link to any articles or videos proving they have been referenced in those sites. But it's a way to lure you into a sense of false security. They also have some fake security seals at the bottom of their website that links to nowhere as well. And as if that wasn't enough they're using some computer script to make it seem like they're checking for “work availability”. So what is actually real with this company? From what I can tell there is a real chance of you wasting money and being scammed!

So is the Work At Home Institute Legit?

I wouldn't touch this company with my enemy's 10 foot pole. Wow that sounded weird. But you get the point. Don't trust the positive Work At Home Institute Reviews you may have read online. The fact that this company misrepresents the legitimate business of affiliate marketing is enough for me to pass on this website. But then you couple the shady fake references, out of date videos, lack of a free option and the numerous other complaints I've covered, it just doesn't seem worth your investment or time. To make matters worse, when I compare it to my top recommendation, it definitely doesn't stack up.

If you felt this company sounded too good to be true and are looking for an alternative then be sure to check out:

My Top Free Work At Home Recommendation

I hope you enjoyed this review. Let me know by posting a comment down below. Until next time,

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