World Ventures Review: Get Paid For Travel Or Is It A Scam?

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Planning your dream vacation can be stressful and take a lot of work. Trying to choose the best travel package online can be frustrating because they are so many travel websites available. World Ventures is a company that desires to eliminate that frustration with its exclusive travel search engine and discount travel packages through its membership packages. The company also has a business opportunity as well where you can get paid to help others find the best travel deal. But are the packages better than sites like Travelocity or Expedia or is it a complete waste of time and money? Let's take a closer look in my World Ventures Review.

What is World Ventures? is a direct selling company founded in 2005 by Mike Azcue and Wayne Nugent in Plano, Texas. The company offers discounted travel packages, car rental services, and more through paid membership plans.

What Products Does World Ventures Offer?

World Ventures offers three main membership plans for customers to choose from. The first is Dream Trips which gives members access to various luxury travel packages at a discount. Members can also acquire points through a loyalty program. The Gold Membership Plan includes extra benefits such as airfare discounts, transfers, and flight accident insurance. The Platinum Level Membership Plan includes all the benefits from the previous plans plus perks like resort credits, spa discounts, and late checkout.

So basically you're paying a membership fee to get travel discounts which I guess is no different than joining Costco.

World Ventures Compensation Plan

Those wishing to become independent distributors can sign up on the corporate website with a current enrolled Sponsor's ID number or contact the company directly for more information. According to the company's convoluted compensation plan, distributors earn direct commissions on travel package sales as well as bonuses for sponsoring new members. Other financial incentives include a Lifestyle Bonus Program, weekly bonuses, monthly residual commissions, Dream Car Bonus, and Dream Home Bonus. Distributors can also earn money redeemable towards training events and towards travel-related expenses. If you don't like the idea of having to decipher a compensation plan, then you may want to look at my Top Work At Home Recommendation.

To be considered active to receive commissions, a distributor is required to pay a monthly Representative Business System (RBS) fee. The Representative Business System features a personalized website, online training, and sales and marketing materials. If you don't like the idea of paying a monthly fee to earn money, you may want to look into Fusion Cash, and instead.

What We Like

Less Focus on Heavy Recruitment: You don't have to recruit people right away to keep your active status with your business. Many other MLM companies force you into sponsoring others immediately.

Exclusive Travel Search Engine: The company owns its travel search engine called Rovia. Plenty of customer reviews online that say that this search engine truly offers the best deals on travel packages compared to other companies.

World Ventures Complaints

Don't Quit Your Day Job: If you take a look at the company's most recent income disclosure statement from 2015, you will find that most distributors don't make much money. Approximately only 22.24% of all distributors made commissions, while 77.76% didn't make a dime. With the average annual income being $1,348.82, you may be better off pursuing other proven options like my Top Work At Home, Fusion Cash &

Mediocre BBB Rating: At the time of this review, World Venture has a C+ rating with the Better Business Bureau with no accreditation. The company's C+ rating comes from numerous complaints made by previous customers. The complaints allege that customer service was either hard to reach or completely unhelpful. Customers have also stated that World Ventures was not upfront on all their rules and regulations on their travel packages. However, these rules are listed in the company's Terms and Conditions, but are highly complicated.

Complicated Compensation Plan: Like most MLMs World Venture's compensation plan requires a phd to decipher. Furthermore, it features too many rules and regulations to keep track of. You are required to pay a monthly fee to be considered active and receive commissions. The company does not disclose what the percentage of commission you can receive from selling travel packages.

How Much Does It Cost? The company does not list any pricing information for any of its membership packages or travel packages on its website. Why the secrecy? How do you know if you're saving if you can't compare the prices?

Are You Really Saving Money? In order to access many of the travel packages, you must pay an initial upfront cost to join plus a monthly RBS fee. There is no way to tell how much the travel discounts are compared to other companies. The extra membership fees may take away from any available discount so it may not be worthwhile.

So is World Venture Legit or A Big Scam?

World Ventures is a legitimate direct selling company offering discounted travel packages for its members. The company offers numerous deals through its exclusive travel search engine and packages include a wide variety of perks. Distributors can earn commissions and other bonuses. However, you need to pay an initial fee to join plus a monthly fee in order to access many of the packages. The company's rules and regulations with its travel packages and its compensation plan can be overwhelming in trying to understand.

Very few people are making any real money with the company, so you may be better off pursuing other multiple streams of income. The average distributor makes less than $2,ooo per year. If that's enough for you to live off, you may want to consider Fusion Cash,, or my Top Work At Home Recommendation. In general, it's tough to make money with MLM opportunities. So it's always good to look at alternative opportunities that may be better suited for your financial situation. If you have any experiences with World Ventures, I'd love to hear them so please post a comment below. Don't forget to check out my other work at home reviews as well.

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