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Writedge Legit or Scam?I've been very blessed to make a living writing without any formalized journalism training. Most of the writing I've done has been for my blog. It just seemed to make more “CENTS” focusing on my own site rather than writing for others. So I've never written for any “content mill” sites. But clearly others feel differently because there are large amounts of people who write for content farms and seem to be satisfied with the income they earn from them. With that in mind I'd like to cover a company that pays you for your words with my Writedge Review. It may be an additional way to bring in some extra money if you enjoy writing but you decide.

What Is Writedge?

In a nutshell Writedge is a content mill where many authors sign up (for free) to write articles and get paid based on pageviews on their articles and Adsense revenue that is shared with the writers. Writedge has been in existence since May of 2013. Danielle McGaw and Michelle Harlow created the site. There is a sister site is Dailytwocents.com.

How do I Make Money?

The business model behind content farm websites like Writedge is to get as many freelance writers to write large amounts of articles that are geared towards various topics or keywords which will rank highly in Google. The more content produced, the more likely these websites will show up in search engines and thus make them money from advertisers that pay to be on their website. In turn Writedge shares a portion of the revenue with the writers for views on the articles.

Writers can also make money with Google Adsense where their Google adsense id is placed within the articles they produce on Writedge. However, participating in Google adsense is optional. Other ways you are rewarded is that Writedge allows you to include self serving links within your articles. This can be a link to your own website, affiliate links that make you money or social media links.

What Can I Write About?

Writedge has many categories to choose from. So you can write about damn near anything you want as long as your articles are at least 400 words.

How Much Do I Get Paid?

You are paid a 1/2 cent per one unique view. Also, if you participate in the Adsense revenue share part of it, your Google Adsense publishing ID is rotated throughout the site; therefore you will earn through Adsense too. In addition, there are contests and writing challenges to make extra money along the way.

How Do I Sign Up?

You can sign up here. Sign up is pretty basic. Register…then after you receive your confirmation email you can start posting. Your first five articles must be approved by editors before you are labeled – pre-approved status.


Like all website Writedge has it flaws as well. It doesn't mean it is a flat out scam. But there are things you should be aware of so you can make an informed decision. Some of these things may rub you the wrong way or not. Either way, It's my job to make you aware of them. So let's dig into them.

Low Pay

Did you happen to notice the part in this Writedge Review where I mention the pay was a 1/2 penny per view? First of all, is half a penny even considered money? With “pay” like that don't expect to make a full time income with this website. And it seems like making even some extra money would take a boat load of effort. The reality is unless you're an SEO genius and really understood how to drive traffic to these articles, it's going to be very difficult to make a lot of money with this. And if you were trained on how to get traffic, you'd quickly realize it literally makes more sense to send that traffic to a website you own and can make more money with which is what my #1 Free Work At Home Recommendation has trained me and thousands of others to do!

You Don't Control Jack!

You don't control the site and its policies when writing for a revenue share/content mill site. That could also mean changes in your income instantly if they decide to switch the rules on you. I can't tell you how many times I've seen people bitch and moan about their accounts being closed or money not paid because they violated a policy they weren't aware of or that a content mill switched the rules on them. When you're not the owner, you're at the whim of these content farms and complaining online doesn't usually help.

How Long Will They Be Around?

Content farms/ mill websites have taken a huge hit from search engines like Google in the past. Let's say you spend all this time and effort writing ton of articles for this site. But then Google changes how they ranks websites and now Writedge loses all their traffic and thus their income. Now all of sudden the website suddenly shuts downs because they're no longer making money. So, what happens to your articles and profit?? In 5 minutes flat, or less; all that time and effort is painfully flushed down the toilet! The only way you can avoid this situations is if you were paid a flat fee per article.

Or you could probably make even more money creating your own blog and monetizing it the way I do because of being a member of my Top Free Work At Home Recommendation!

$5 Threshold

There is a $5 threshold each month before you are paid. In most cases earning $5 within a given month would be easy for many of the other work at home opportunities I have covered and recommended. But when you consider you're being paid 1/2 a cent per view, it's going to take a very long time to reach that minimum payout amount. So you can literally be spending hours and weeks writing articles before you can make that $5. Considering the time spent on writing and publishing articles, it just doesn't seem to be worth the time. You could probably make more at fast food place or the various other companies I've recommended.

So, is Writedge legit?

Writedge has not been on the web that long really for me to say they are NOT legit. So far, (as far as payments are concerned), everyone has been paid. However, keep in mind the site is still young. That all said, I tend to be biased against content mills like Writedge. For the same effort you put in writing for them, you could write for yourself and probably make way more over time and actually control the website. So my suggestion would be to write for YOUR own blog or website instead of writing to make someone else rich. Time is money, and you should want to spend your time and effort on a more sustainable way to make money online.

Either way, I would love to hear YOUR thoughts and suggestions on Writedge or content mills like it. I know there are some of you that do pretty well with them. You all know how I thrive on your comments and feedback so don't be shy and share in the comment below!

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Until next time! 🙂

Eddy with a Y.

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