YooLotto App Review: Legit Rewards App or Scam?

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Smartphones are both a gift and a curse. But if you can make money on the go using your phone, I would definitely call that a gift. Chances are you feel the same and that's why you're going through several YooLotto app reviews to know if you can make money using your smartphone.

Well, we have the truth and everything you need to know about the app. Unfortunately it's not always pretty. So I would strongly suggest you read this shocking YooLotto App review. You've been warned!

What is YooLotto?

Yoolotto found online at yoolotto.com is a rewards app that claims to pay people like you and me to complete tasks like scanning lottery tickets, watching videos and playing games. Yoolotto was founded by internet entrepreneur Elmer Cha in 2008 and they are headquartered in Seminole, Texas, United States.

How Does YooLotto App Work?

Every time you complete a task on the app, you'll earn points in form of a virtual currency they call YooBux. Tasks include the following:

Scanning a lottery ticket. If you're a fan of lotteries, all you have to do is buy a physical ticket and scan it within the app. They claim if you're winning they'll let you know and if you're not, they'll still give you stuff.

Watching videos. You can also earn YooBux watching videos within the app.

Playing games. Games are not always available but when they do pop up on the app you can earn YooBux by playing them.

Daily Check-in. This is perhaps the surest way of earning YooBux every day. You get 1 YooBux just for signing in each day,

Referring others. If someone creates an account using your promo code, you earn YooBux for their effort.

How Much Money Can I Make with YooLotto?

$1 on the Yoolotto app is an equivalent of 100 YooBux. That said, how much you earn largely depends on how many tasks you can complete per day. A 30-second video earns you at least 1 YooBux. You would earn about the same playing games. The daily check-in bonus also earns you 1 YooBux.

At the time of writing this review you'll can earn 10% of what your referrals earn for a year, and each time you scan a lottery ticket you'll earn at least 5 YooBux.

Ultimately it's hard to earn more than $2 per day going by what people have said.This is especially the case if you're using only one device.

So obviously this is not something you can rely on as a real source of income. If you don't like the idea of earning very little money for a lot of effort, don't worry. You can make real money working part time or full time using My Best Work At Home Recommendation.

How Does YooLotto App Pay You?

YooLotto pays via either PayPal money or gift cards. Once you have at least 100 YooBox earned, you can immediately start the cashing out process which they say takes 3-5 business days.

How Do I Join YooLotto?

Joining is free and all you have to do is download the YooLotto app on the AppStore or Google's Play Store. You can then sign up with your email and a password. Once you verify your email you can start completing tasks and making money.

Did you know you can also get paid to download apps like YooLotto on sites like InboxDollars.com, Swagbucks.com and FusionCash.com? Well, now you know.

YooLotto App Complaints

If you're worried about getting scammed, then you may want to read the next section carefully and judge for yourself whether YooLotto is worth your time.

Where's the International Love?

You cannot use the app unless you are in the US or Canada. So if you live anywhere else you can't really take advantage of this opportunity. But don't fret, we got you! Feel free to check out our list of the best international work at home jobs here.

No BBB Profile

If you live and die by a Better Business Bureau rating, then you may want to pass on YooLotto at this time. They are not listed with the BBB, so maybe that's a deal breaker to you.

Fortunately there are other companies that have a positive BBB rating. You may want to look into sites like SurveyJunkie.com that pays you to take surveys or InBoxDollars.com, Swagbucks.com and FusionCash.com where you can also get paid for what you already do online like visit websites, read emails, watch videos and other tasks. But if you want a real work at home opportunity that will pay the bills, check out My Best Work At Home Recommendation.

Don't quit your day job

It seems that a lot of people are making $1-2 a day with the app. If you can live off of that, then cool. But for most people, you may want to hold off on giving your two-week' notice for now.

YooLotto App Alternatives

If you don't like what YooLotto has going on, it's always good to know you have alternatives. Apps like SwagBucks, FusionCash and InboxDollars easily help you make money doing what you already do online on the go. You can also try the lottery app Lucktastic if you're a huge gambling fan.

Is YooLotto App Legit or A Scam?

Well YooLotto is not a scam, they've been around for more than a decade and people do get paid. But there's no way you can rely on this opportunity to pay any major bills. Chances are you'll need more than one rewards app to make ends meet.

So with that said, it's always good to look at other options as well, and having multiple streams of income. You can make money taking surveys at SurveyJunkie.com or downloading apps and doing what you already do online like watching videos, reading emails, playing games and more at sites like SwagBucks.com, FusionCash.com, InboxDollars.com.

But if that's not what you're looking for and would prefer earning a living online and having control over how much you make, then you may want to check out My Best Work At Home Recommendation.

We would love to know what you think about YooLotto or any other rewards app you have used. So feel free to chime in on the comments section below. If you still have questions about the YooLotto app, you can find answers on their Terms page, or the FAQs page on the app.

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