Myspace will pays users. Sike! But Does!

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Well we all know how popular Myspace can be. It's the poster child for the whole Web 2.0 movement. It's been a great place to socialize, goof off, and network. Myspace has also been used for some bad things such as cyber bulling and a hang out spot for sex offenders. I guess nothing can be perfect. As an internet marketer we all view myspace has a huge potential source of income. But obviously social networking sites like Myspace really frown on marketing or making money with their network. Isn't the whole purpose of Web 2.0 is that sharing is caring? So damn it, share by allowing us to make money. lol

In any event as a marketer that's always peeved me. These guys are making millions if not billions of dollars in ad revenue and yet they stiffle the little guys that are trying to earn some money. I'm not totally cynical I understand there are people out there that would abuse the system as we've seen that done in other places. But I still don't think it justifies the no tolerance attitude towards monetizing social networks. But who cares what I think.

Well apparently does. How would you feel if I told you that a site like would pay you for doing things you already do on Myspace such as:

* Uploading Photos

* Uploading Videos

* Posting in your Blog

* Updating your profile.

If you're one of the billions of people living on this earth that needs cash to buy stuff you should feel very excited!

Whatever you're doing now on Myspace, is willing to pay you to do on their website. Bu Bu bye Myspace!

Okay myspace may not being going anywhere for a long time. But I think once people know they can get paid to use a social networking site you'll see a lot of converters to

Benefits of

– Get paid to use the site like you would on myspace.

– Get paid to refer others to do the same things

– It's totally free.

Negatives of

– It's just not as big as Myspace (yet)

– Your earning will vary from month to month and depends on how much they earn as a website.

Conclusion: has a lot of potential. Like anything new if you join early and start referring all your myspace buddies; You can earn a lot of money really quickly. For all you know may replace Myspace. And honestly I wouldn't shed a tear because I love the idea that a big social network is willing to share the profits with their users especially if you won't allow your users to market on your site!


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