Zirtual Assistant Review – Is Zirtual.com A Scam?

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Zirtual Assistant ReviewOne of the first things I did when I finally became successful making money with my websites is hired some virtual assistants (VA). It was one of those situations where I wanted to spend less time on things I didn't enjoy and more time on things that I did.

So giving those tasks to a VA just made “cents” literally for me and them. It gave me far more time to focus on activities that I enjoyed such as babbling here with you. Not surprisingly it also made me more money because I had more free time to try different ideas out. Unfortunately for you, I don't have plans to hire any new assistants because I have two wonderful ones in Denise & Callie that have been with me for many years. As much as my wife hates it, but she handles a lot of my “personal assistant” tasks as well. LOL

But fear not, there are plenty of other business owners out there that need virtual assistants. So if you ever wanted to become a virtual assistant you might enjoy the following review on Zirtual.com

Who is Zirtual?

We all know I'm not a great speller so you may think I've made a typo. But no, “Zirtual” is the actual name of the company. The company is basically a virtual assistant service that offers virtual assistant and personal concierge services to people all around the world. Zirtual was founded in 2011 in Las Vegas and has headquarters in San Francisco, CA. Their virtual assistants are referred to as ZAs (Zirtual Assistants)

What Do Zirtual Assistants Do?

Zirtual assistants are hired to do a number of tasks. They include one or more of the following:

  • Sending out birthday cards
  • Ordering flowers
  • Making travel arrangements reservations
  • Scheduling meetings
  • Conducting research
  • Making telephone calls
  • Coordinating plans
  • Sending out and responding to e-mails.

Whatever an assistant is usually tasked to do, you may be expected to do but from the comfort of your home!

How Much Do Zirtual Assistants Earn?

That's a good question! But alas the company is allusive about this. Based on the research I've done, it seems to range from $10-$15 per hour. But don't quote me on that! It seems to vary depending on the client and the plan they have paid Zirtual.com to hire virtual assistants.

What is Required to be a Zirtual Assistant?

According to their website, here's what they're looking for in a potential ZA:

  • Prompt responses to clients' questions and requests
  • Internet savviness
  • Strong organizational skills
  • Strong internet research skills
  • Strong communication skills
  • Strong problem solving skills
  • A high-speed internet connection
  • Solid phone access; landline or dependable cell phone
  • Availability during working hours to respond to and engage with your clients
  • Familiarity with standard assistant tools like Google Docs, GCal, Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook, etc.
  • Strong desire to help people and a positive attitude

How To Become a Zirtual Assistant

At the moment they only hire U.S. based workers. Sorry my international brothers and sisters. Eddy loves you though and you can check out my international options here.

For US based workers, you can proceed to work for this company by submitting your application by clicking here.

Assuming you can get past the application review, then there are a gang of other steps to get through which include:

  • Finish sample tasks that Zirtual Assistants would normally do.
  • Complete questionnaires about yourself & your experience.
  • Create a video of yourself responding to interview like questions and posting the video on Vimeo.
  • You'll have a one on one Skype video interview with a Zirtual Employee.
  • You must be willing to complete a background check.
  • There is a personality test.

There may be some other things I'm missing but as you can see it's very “comprehensive” to say the least.

Zirtual Assistant Complaints

As with any company there are always things that people won't like. It doesn't mean the company is negative or bad. It's just that no company is perfect and there is bound to be things that rub folks the wrong way. So it's better to know them beforehand so you can avoid them altogether or so you can make a better informed decision. Either way, let's dive into the cons of this company down below.

Excessive Screening Process

The Zirtual worker screening process is a little “cray cray” to say the least. Is this a virtual assistant job or are we applying to be FBI agents? The hiring process can be viewed as a gift and curse depending on which side you're on. As a business owner that has hired a few virtual assistants, I can tell you that it could be a nightmare if you have the wrong one. A lot of time is wasted training and filtering out bad folks. So I can appreciate that Zirtual does this for me. But as a work at home seeker the hoops that Zirtual makes you go through may seem excessive and not worth the effort. And I suspect that's exactly what they want so they can get a certain type of worker.

Allusive Zirtual Assistant Salary

I hate when companies aren't upfront about salaries. It feels shady and it's almost as if they have something to hide. We all have different lifestyles and needs. So it's very important to know beforehand how much money you can make with a company. You don't want to end up wasting your time and energy on something that won't meet your needs. Considering the lengthy process that Zirtual makes workers go through, I think it's a damn shame they don't just tell you beforehand what you can expect. Even a range on the salary is better than not knowing at all.

Lottery Chances of Getting Hired

Like so many work at home jobs the chances of actually getting hired by Zirtual.com is very slim to none. It's a huge reason why I just opted to be my own boss via My #1 Free Recommendation. I got tired of not hearing from employers or being rejected even though I was qualified. With that said, I've read that only 3-5% of the people that apply to Zirtual get interviewed and even less are actually hired. It seems like you have a better chance of winning the lottery or getting struck by lightning. But that does happen to people so you may be lucky.

Must Be College Educated

So let me get this straight, if you have years of work experience that doesn't matter to Zirtual because you didn't get a piece of paper from a school? I've always found this requirement to be ridiculous for certain jobs. Keep in mind I went to college so I'm not biased. But I've always been a big believer in judging people by their own merit and experience not by a piece paper. Because I can tell you from experience there are a lot of unqualified college educated workers out there. So it's a shame that Zirtual uses this to filter out people that may be great for their company!

So Is Zirtual A Scam Or Legit?

It's definitely not a scam. It's been around for a number of years, it has a lot of private funding and the business is a sound one. But with that said, it doesn't mean it's a great option for you. You have to consider the cons I've mentioned above and determine if any of them are a deal breaker for you. Ultimately that's up to you to decide.

I think there are a lot of hoops to jump for a position in which you don't even know how much money you'll really make. And let's say the rate listed above is correct, is it really enough for your needs? I don't like any glass ceilings on how much I make. And I certainly don't want any employer or company to determine my worth. I'd prefer to do that which is why I moved away from work at home jobs and decided I was better suited to be my own boss. Fortunately with my #1 Free Work At Home Recommendation, I'm now able to make exactly what I want from home and whenever I want it. It's that type of freedom no work at home job will ever give me. But to each their own.

I hope you have enjoyed my Zirtual Assistant Review. If so, do what thousands of other smart work at home seekers have done and become a subscriber by clicking here. And if you really like me you can stalk me… I mean find me on the following social networks, Facebook, Twitter or Google +. LOL Thanks for the support either way!

In any event, I would love to hear from you. Feel free to chime in down below in the comment section. Let me know your thoughts about this opportunity. Don't be shy, I won't bite you. LOL

Speak to you soon!

Eddy with a Y!

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