Zurvita Review: Healthy MLM Opportunity or A Pyramid Scheme?

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Is Zurvita An MLM Scam?Whether you are looking to increase your energy, lose weight, or keep your body running smoothly, staying healthy can be a big deal. People often turn to supplements to help give them an added boost. But do they actually work? Many MLM companies like Zurvita not only offer these health supplements, but also provide a way to make money online working from home. But you're probably wondering if some of those positive Zurvita Reviews can be trusted? Or is Zurvita really one of those pyramid schemes we often hear about? Let's find out!

What is Zurvita?

Zurvita.com is a network marketing company offering health supplements. The company was founded in 2000 and is headquartered in Houston, Texas.

What Products Does Zurvita Offer?

The company offers 3 selections for its product choices. The first is its Zeal For Life energy supplement that comes in a wide variety of flavors. The company also offers a protein meal replacement shake and a weight management program. The weight management program includes the Zurvita Protein shake, Zurvita Cleanse herbal probiotic, and Zurvita Burn thermogenic fat burner.

How To Become A Zurvita Distributor

To become a distributor, you can enroll online with the Sponsor ID number of a current distributor or preferred customer. According to the company's compensation plan, the cost to join is a $35 enrollment fee that includes a Welcome Kit with everything someone needs to get started.

Zurvita Compensation Plan

Distributors earn 20% commission on product sales to customers and Wellness Pak sales made to recruit downline distributors. The company also offers other financial incentives such as Builder Bonuses, Car Program, Promotional Rings, and more.

In order to move up in ranks, distributors must increase the total volume of product sales they make each month.

What We Like

Know What You Are Getting: The company is clearly upfront about what is in their products. All ingredients are clearly listed on the website and all appear to be completely natural. There are no reports of any potential side effects from taking the products.

No Recurring Costs: Unlike other MLM companies, you don't have to have to keep buying products yourself month after month to stay active as a Distributor. As long as you can sell enough products to customers to keep the required volume level for your rank, you'll be fine.

Zurvita Complaints

Don't Quit Your Day Job: If you take a look at the company's income disclosure statement, you are going to find the terrible typical earnings made by most distributors in any MLM company. Which means you won't make squat. The average commissions paid out to a Zurvita distributor in a year is $880. I don't know about you, but I would have a tough time surviving with that kind of income. You may be better off with my Top Work At Home Recommendation.

How Do I Join? If you want to become a distributor online, you will have a tough time doing so. The company's website requires the number of a distributor or a preferred customer to sign up. If you don't know one, you are out of luck. You can't even buy any products either without this information.

No BBB Accreditation or Rating: Ratings from the Better Business Bureau are a big deal for many people trying to decide if a company has a good reputation or not. When it comes to Zurvita, the company has no rating or accreditation at the time of this review. This could be because the BBB updates company files from time to time, which appears to be the case for Zurvita. Its BBB company profile features a 2015 open date, even though the company began 15 years earlier.

How Much Is It Going to Cost Me? There is no information on the website on how much the products cost or what it's going to take out of your wallet to be a distributor. Why the secrecy?

Your Results Will Vary: Many MLM companies like Zurvita often make claims on how their product will work for you. But you shouldn't take their word for it. Because if you read the disclaimer at the bottom of Zurvita product pages, it clearly states that none of their product claims have been evaluated or proven by the FDA. And none of their products are actually intended to diagnose, cure, or treat any condition.

So is Zurvita Legit or A Big Scam?

Zurvita appears to be legitimate as a multi-level marketing company. The company sells three main health product supplements that claim to help you gain more energy and lose weight. But the company isn't upfront with its pricing and you can't be a customer or distributor online without knowing someone affiliated with them.

Based on their income statement, most of their distributors aren't making any real money with Zurvita. Running an MLM business takes a lot of energy, passion, and hustle to make sales. While it is possible to add on Zurvita as part of your multiple streams of income, you may be better off instead with my Top Work At Home Recommendation and my Work At Home Courses.

What are your thoughts on Zurvita? Leave your comments down below to tell me what you think. If you liked reading this review, please free to check out my other work at home reviews as well.

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17 thoughts on “Zurvita Review: Healthy MLM Opportunity or A Pyramid Scheme?”

  1. Dear Eddy,

    That’s a very thorough review on Zurvita and you have really covered all bases. I strongly believe your article will help people in their decision making. Thanks for the useful information I will come back to your website to learn more information. Keep up the great work. Wishing you great success!

    Your Friend,

  2. I am personally not a fan of MLM companies. Zurvita seems very difficult to join even if a person shows great interest and that is a big con for me. I agree with you that Zurvita may not be a scam. The financial incentives are appealing but the average low annual profit of their reps is big turn off. Thanks for the review.

  3. HI Eddy (with a “y”), Lol

    I’m actually a big fan of the MLM business model but one thing that i do know is that not all MLM’s are created equal. While this doesn’t seem like a scam, I’m a bit drawn back by the fact that their no rating with the BBB and the fact that they are not upfront with their pricing. Who knows, this may be a legit opportunity but it’s nothing I would be willing to invest my money in.

    Thanks for the review!

    • Hey Ian, It’s rare for me to hear someone that likes the MLM business model. But I guess to each their own. That said I agree not every MLM is crappy. The lack of a BBB rating I can take or leave. I think people overly rely on that rating and don’t really understand that the BBB is a for profit business where you need to pay to play. So I don’t fully rely on their ratings. But I appreciate your thoughts.

  4. Interesting review of Zurvita. There are a lot of scams out there, but this does not sound like one of them. While a person can make some side money, it doesn’t appear that a person could make a lot, or enough, to do this MLM as their sole means of income.

    I work a home business on the side as an affiliate marketer. Started over a year ago and have three websites up that I blog on regularly. Routine money is coming in and I am close to telling the wife she can quit her day job and work at home focusing on the sites.

    Thanks for the review!

    • Hey TD,

      It’s great to hear you’re having success with affiliate marketing as well. Thanks for sharing your insight.

  5. Hi,

    Thanks for the informative review.
    Multi level marketing seems to be taking the world by storm nowadays. It seems to be the future of home based income. But I think people sometimes confuse multi level marketing with easy money. Fact is MLM is a lot of work and requires a lot of dedication and discipline. But if done correctly, it can be quite successful!

    Thanks for sharing

    • I don’t know if an MLM model is the future of home based income since it still has a lot of negative connotations with many people. And unfortunately so many of the MLM companies are offering crappy products and overly complicated compensation plans. But it has been around and doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. But it’s definitely not the only business model or the best one for everyone.

  6. Zurvita was sounding really good to me until you mentioned that none of their products have been evaluated by the FDA. Shame on them! You also mention they have no rating or accreditation from the BBB and I’m very leary or a product with no accreditation or evaluation is like they are say “take our word for it”.

    Thanks so much for the information.

  7. Sounds like Zurvita is a typical MLM opportunity and not much different from others that I have actually tried in the past, such as Valentus, Tri-Vita etc. While MLM has it’s place online I tend to agree that it takes a ridiculously long time to move up in rank and start making any money at all. And when you do start making money it’s so little and takes so long before you will make some descent money that you don’t dare quit your day job any time soon. Enjoyed the post. Cheers!

  8. Hey Eddy,
    I previously dug into this opportunity at Zurvita. Looking at the company’s assets and how it got divvied out among all members, (easily found on the site) the facts were that a majority of the people that make up the membership, (found on the two lower rungs out of nine total) made around $376/year on average.

    In addition, I have always been leery of putting diet pills or weight loss drink concoctions in my body that are non-FDA approved. Many of Zurvita’s products are not! I certainly would not sell them in a business either. A client/customer has a serious and possibly fatal reaction to those pills you sold to him/her? You’d suddenly have some serious legal issues!

    And what’s with this invitation-only policy enacted by Zurvita? Imagine if a company like Wealthy Affiliate was run similarly? Yikes!

    Yes, the company is a legit MLM company for a person to earn money as with an actual product to promote and despite Zurvita’s business model, it is not a pyramid scheme. How much money could a person be able to earn though in this Zurvita venture? By the looks of things not a lot!
    Great review, Eddy! You told it like it is!

    • Thanks for your insight Jeff. I agree with you, I don’t feel comfortable promoting products like this because of the potential health effects.
      I don’t think we’d be liable as a distributors. But even still I’d feel horrible if someone got sick because of something I promoted to them. So I hear you.

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