Package Forwarding & Reshipping Job or Scam?

Package Forwarding & ReShipping Job or Scam pic

Seems like for every person that seeks legitimate work at home opportunities there are thousands or more that want to scam them out of their hard earned money.

Unfortunately this is the reality of the situation that we must face and deal with. We take this very seriously on our blog. With the economy being in the state it is, None of us can afford to be investing money in scams when there are actually legitimate work at home jobs. We list pre-screened jobs every day on our work from home jobs page here.

Recently we've had an onslaught of positive comments and thanks from many of you who were able to avoid scams such as wire transfer and check cashing because of articles you read here.

So with that in mind I just want to introduce yet another scam to avoid.  By the way, this is a real scam. This isn't one of the cases where you tried a work at home opportunity and couldn't make money so now you're calling it a scam. This isn't one of those misrepresenting rebate processing, typing, data entry or survey lists. The following scam is the type that will not only lose you money but you may also end up losing your freedom. So listen up!

So what is Package Forwarding or Re-shipping Work At Home Opportunity?

Unfortunately, it's not working at home for UPS, FED EX, DHL or the USPS shipping packages. This so called opportunity is more like a variation of wire transfers or check cashing scams. It's no surprise that the scam artist wouldn't deviate much from other successful scams. After all, "if it ain't broke, why fix it?".  But from time to time they make some slight variations to see if they can sucker even more people like us.

So here's how it works in a nutshell. Re-shipping also known as "package forwarding" usually starts with an emailed job offer. Just like the common Nigerian scam, these so called "employers" offer up phony contracts and other documentation to make them appear legitimate.  They may even reference legitimate company names and physical address in their emails (like Microsoft or some other major company you already trust.) Once they have lured you into a sense of security, the packages are shipped to your home at no cost to you. You are provided with instructions to reship the packages to another address (Usually a P.O. box) Once you have reshipped the package you report back to the company so you can get your check.

Sounds good, right? You just need to sit there and wait for your check now. But guess what? It's not a check that arrives at you door. Instead it's your local boys in blue (POLICE) or if you're really lucky, the feds (F.B.I.). And what they're bringing you is a one way ticket to "club fed" aka prison, jail, the slammer, etc. You're now considered an accessory to a crime and may be even found "guilty" of receiving and shipping stolen property.


Identity Theft With A Twist Of Lime…

Most of us have heard about identity theft. Usually the victim is one person whose identity has been stolen. However no one really talks about another element of it which comes into play with today's scam. Reshipping or package forwarding schemes actually double the adverse effects of identity theft. It creates two victims, the person whose identity has been stolen and a person who becomes a package forwarder or re-shipper. The reason is that when you re-ship these packages on behalf of these so called legit companies, you're actually shipping stolen merchandise to the real criminals who stole someone's identity. Now when criminals commit identity theft or credit card schemes, they know not to ship the stolen goods to their homes. It's a really dumb way to get caught. So this re-shipping "job" was hatched to easily move stolen goods using us as a unknowing  mules. This is also the reason they tell you to ship to a p.o. box. This way they can't be traced when you finally realize you've been punked. Except no one is laughing when everything has been figured out.


So What Should You Do?

First and foremost, don't feel embarassed if you are a victim. Desperation and lack of information leads a lot of us to become victim of work at home scams. Unfortunately it's sort of a rite of passage many of us face before finding success. So don't beat yourself up about it. Become proactive and learn from this mistake.  Here are some action steps to take:


1. Don’t accept packages for people you don’t know. So if you're coming here asking if company x is legitimate because you're considering shipping packages for them, just stop in your tracks. If it sounds like the scam listed above, that's what it is. Don't let your desperation cloud your judgement. Just remember scam artist will often use legitimate company names and websites to throw you off. But that doesn't matter! If it has anything to do with re-shipping items, you know it's a scam! 


2. Stop all communication with con artists who try to solicit your help in reshipping items. Again don't let anything throw you off. 


3. If you already have the stolen merchandise from such a scam artists, don’t mail it! You should return it to the merchant as soon as possible and explain the situation to them.


4. Keep all correspondence (e-mails, faxes, receipts, invoices etc.) related to these scams. You want to build your case that you're vicitim here too and weren't the originator of the scam.


5. Contact Postal Inspectors at 1-877-876-2455 of click here to file a complaint online. They’ll help you return stolen items back to the proper owners. 


6. File a complaint with as well for good measure. 


7. If you have already fallen victim to this, you may want to be proactive and report all the details below so others can avoid it. Include any emails, names, addresses, etc. The more information you can provide, the better it will be. This way when people do a search online, this article will come up and help others avoid this scam! Remember that's probably how you came to this article. So do your part to help others as well!


How To Find Legitimate Work At Home Opportunities.

Even if you have fallen vicitim to this scam, the good news is that you've landed on this site which is well known for helping people find legitimate ways of earning money from home. With that in mind you have a lot of options here. Visit our Work At Home jobs page which is updated with pre-screened, no out of pocket jobs!

We also have a recommendations page where I list various types of work at home opportunities outside a traditional job that can earn you money right away. So click here to visit my personal recommendations page.

Research is the key to success in this industry. If you get in the habit of researching any company before you work with them, you'll avoid most scams. We make this easy with our scam video listed here. There are also other scams listed there that you should read. This way you'll be able to indentify other scams that should be avoided. Knowledge is power, and the more you know about the industry the better your chances are of success. So be sure to read our Work At Home Guide here as well. 



The only forwarding you should be doing is sharing a good joke or an informative article like this one. So the moral of this story is to do your research! You don't need me to figure out what companies are scams, just follow the steps in our scam video by clicking here. You'll know just as much as I do. I'm not some magical scam guru, I just do my research using the techniques in the video and you can too!

Hopefully we saved many more of you from becoming another victim of this twist on identity theft. I'll say it again for good measure, don't get involved in something like this. I don't care if they said Jesus thought it was a good idea. It's not! You've been warned!

If you're looking fo traditional jobs, try visiting our jobs page. If you're looking for our personal recommendations of ways to make money quicker than waiting for a traditional job and want more advice, visit our recommendations page. If you've like what you've read and want to get more of it, be sure to become a subscriber by clicking here. You'll learn about more scams, new legitimate companies and get weekly pre-screened job leads. So be sure you take advantage of this free information.

At the end of the day,  you do have a lot of options, if you're open minded! I know how desperation sets in when you've been spending months or even years searching for a work at home job. But don't allow your desperation to cloud your judgment. There are plenty of little and big ways to make money at home that don't involve traditional work at home jobs. You just need to be open minded and willing to give them a shot. Fortunately you landed on this page and you now have access to this information. So don't cry over spilled milk.You live and learn. Even out of bad situations, good things can arise. The fact you're on this page is a testament to that. Stay positive and move on.

I hope this helps either way! 


  1. Julio says

    I just got this offer let me know what you think…

    “Good day, dear applicant, thank you for your interest, we are
    considering you for the position, now you can find out working details
    and start with the hiring process!
    My name is Catherine Green and I’m the Manager of WORLDSHIPPERS.
    Our company can propose you the position of: Shipping Representative.
    You can find more information about wages, working hours and duties in
    the attached file (Terms and Conditions). I also attach Application
    To register:
    1. Read the specifications and descriptions of the job in the attached
    file(Terms and Conditions). If you have any questions – ask or respond
    with a confirmation.
    2. I will send Application Form to you. Please fill it in correctly,
    sign it and fax it to: 318-553-5187
    3. When you fax or scan and send the Application Form write me to
    confirm it, this is very important.
    4. This position is fixed by Labor Contract so you should expect to
    receive it after all these steps are made.
    The procedure is simple and takes up no more than 2 days.
    We are at the beginning of the process.
    I’m here to help.
    Our website is

    Best regards,

    Catherine Green

    Worldshippers Company

    Please contact me if you have any questions:

    Fax: 318-553-5187



    Due to the increased number of packages being shipped by online stores (such as Best Buy, Walmart, Dell) and the resultant damaging and mishandling of merchandise, WORLDSHIPPERS Company. is hiring personnel with high standards to check and confirm the quality of the shipping process. And you can do the work from your own comfortable home office!

    1. As a WORLDSHIPPERS Shipment Representative you become part of the WORLDSHIPPERS international team. You will have an opportunity to get a stable income from home.

    2. A Shipment Representative is an important element in the system of delivering ordered products to our customers. That’s why attentiveness, responsibility, detail orientation are very important criteria of employment.

    3. As a Shipment Representative you will receive and check packages for their content and quality, confirm the order information matches the specification on your personal website account. You will learn how to send and track packages, and how to contact these various delivery services to resolve any conflicts.

    4. This position is full-time. You remain home between 9 am and 6 pm on normal business days to receive packages. Usually you are informed of deliveries via e-mail. To prevent packages being missed you should stay at home during the specified time (from 9 am to 6 pm).

    5. You ship a package using Company funds or prepaid shipping labels and you do not need to use your own money. Ship the packages out from your nearest post office.

    6. If you need to pause or stop your work, you should notify your manager in 2 weeks minimum in advance to let order department complete already existing orders and discontinue any new orders to your location.

    7. You must have a reliable computer with Internet access and a printer to print out shipping labels. If you received damaged merchandise, or if the package doesn’t match an original order, you need to inform your manager and the order will be re-shipped to maximize the quality of our services to our customers.

    • says

      Thanks for sharing Julio,

      It’s the same scam we’ve seen here many times. The names may change but the scam is always the same. And it should be avoided as usual.

    • says


      It doesn’t matter what the name or website is. If you’re doing what’s described in the article above and the many other comments listed, then it’s a scam and you should follow the advice in the article above if you want to avoid any potential issues.

  2. Paul says

    I have copied and pasted an application below that I received, I followed up and accepted the employment and was about to accept the first shipment then I ran into this, Phew!!!

    After reviewing your details, we would like to offer you a work-at-home part-time Shipping Clerk opening with a delivery company. Whether you are seeking a new career, or just to hone your skills, don’t hesitate to apply today! We guarantee, NO payments or investments are requested from candidates, NO other equipment or materials are necessary!

    Job Responsibilities:

    - Picking up shipments routed to your home address;
    - Inspecting and reporting the condition of items;
    - Assembling, packing, and labeling new shipments;
    - Arranging new deliveries and reporting their status;
    - Documenting items shipped by submitting transport details.

    General Requirements:

    - Basic computer proficiency;
    - Ability to manage multiple tasks, basic data entry and email skills;
    - Great interpersonal and time management skills;
    - Must be highly organized and dedicated to excellence;
    - Must be 25+ years old;
    - US residents only!

    You are eligible for:

    - A fixed salary and bonuses for personal results and accuracy;
    - Flexible work schedule;
    - Friendly dispatcher support by email and over the phone;
    - Reimbursement of all general expenses.

    If you are interested in the Shipping Clerk position, please respond with the best number to call you. Selected individuals will be invited by our HR managers. Please note that even if you haven’t received an invitation to proceed with the employment procedures, we will keep your info in the database and you will have a priority for future openings.

    — Best regards,
    Basia Long

    • says


      Thanks for sharing this! I’m so happy you found my site and was able to avoid this. You probably just helped many more people avoid this nonsense.

  3. Kiekie says

    Has anyone else heard of send-it-off? I’m convinced it’s a scam now (thank you!) just wondering if anyone else has found this one.

    • says

      Hey Kiekie,

      No I haven’t but if it involves shipping some packages you already know it’s a scam. The company could be call Santa’s Claus’s company & It wouldn’t matter. As long as the job involves re-shipping things it should be avoided. Don’t worry about the company name, website, etc.

  4. hbug says

    I got my 1st package on the way when I came upon this. I havr returned everyone of the packages and have contacted the guy by the name of Bob Brown and told him to stop. He did reply. So they should stop coming,

    • says

      Feel free to share the emails and job description you replied to so others can avoid this nonsense. Either way I’m glad you can came upon this article and it helped you. You’re very welcome. ;)

  5. says

    Avoid It is a scam. It is not legit. They may sound legit, but like Eddy Salomon has had said. It is fake. If it was that easy to make money everyone would be doing it, but I told my supposed “boss” that I receive fraudulent postage and this is what he replied back with

    “Hello Caylie, I understand your concern, I have checked, those two labels were given by customers. Please hold the parcels until the situation will be cleared up. I have passed this to our security, they will take care of dishonest clients. You have nothing to worry about, it does not address you as private person. That is the issue of the company and we are already working on it. As we are dealing with huge variety of clients sometimes there are problems arising, and we strive to sort them out as soon as they basically arise. That is actually not a “big” problem, but it is an inconvenience of course. However that mustn’t stop us from operating on the schedule, so I must ask you to continue with the work, as to accepting and keeping sending the packages out. That is indeed an inconvenience but in business things do happen. Thank you”

    You see, they can make it sound like they are professional, but they cant make an explanation.

    • says

      Hilarious Caylie!
      I gotta give it to these scam artists they are very creative and convincing. But fortunately we all know better now. Thanks for sharing this scam with us!

  6. says

    I was a victim of a reshipping scam, as well. If it doesn’t seem legit and you were ordered to shred the invoices from the packages or you keep on questioning whether this job is really legitimate. Don’t fall for it. Thankfully, I received a notice from the postal inspectors that the pre paid shipping labels I was receiving from the said company were in fact fraudulent and out of date postage. I now owe up to 196 dollars to those packages for postage due. Company’s like this can really ruin you, your sense of self, and more importantly financially ruin you. Anything that sounds to easy or good to be true don’t take part in it.

    • says

      Damn Caylie,

      You should confirm if you really have to pay for those packages. You were a victim of a scam and shouldn’t be held accountable. I would dig deeper and ask around. Either way thanks for sharing your experience. It’s an unfortunate situation. Please share the name of the company, including any emails so it helps others avoid this nonsense! Thanks.

  7. James J says

    US Logistics Manager Position Open Pro Carriers Int. is an international logistics company with main office in Denmark. We are seeking top 7 employees to expand the number of our representatives on the US territory. This vacancy is home based, and entails receiving, examining, splitting/combining and getting ready items to be shipped out to various company’s customers outside the US. The job will also entail using a company’s web panel to document/print packing and shipping activities.

    Hi Jams,

    My name is Christine Madsen and I am HR Department representative.
    PRO Carriers LLC is located in Denmark and we ship various goods from US to our customers in Europe and Asia that do not have possibility to shop by themselves. Most of US shops don’t provide international delivery for our European customers. We specialize in providing the opportunity for them to shop at US online stores by having our own shipping managers within the US that can reroute packages abroad.
    For this job you would have to receive packages delivered by domestic service UPS, FedEx and USPS at your home address, inspect them and report to us. After that we provide you with the shipping info along with the shipping label. Processed packages have to be taken to the Post Office. This is a home based position with no additional fee. Pure salary of $50 per package processed. $1800 is a roughly amount for the trial month. After that the amount will increase at least twice. Delivery hours are 9am-5pm, but every package has a tracking number, so you can plan your day. Moreover, your relatives are able to accept packages while you gone, so you don’t need to stay at home all the time.
    You can find more info at the company’s website:

    If you’d like to proceed with the hiring process I will send you the application documents and give more detailed information.

    Christine Madsen
    Anhänge27. Mai

    an mich

    It was nice talking to you.
    Here’s the employment agreement. Please fill it and email back. Also please scan or take a photo of any goverment ID with your name to confirm your identity.
    After that your account manager will provide you an online account at company’s logistic control panel, necessary for work. Please include his email in your contacts – Mark Lund –

    Christine Madsen

    Mark Lund
    28. Mai

    an mich
    Hi James,

    My name is Mark Lund, shipping department cheif. I will be your supervisor.
    Thank you for joining our team. I hope you will be a great asset to the company.
    Your personal account has been created at the company’s website


    Here you will receive your future tasks, tracking numbers etc. Please check it regularly.
    We’ll provide you with tracking numbers and further instructions. I will guide you through processing of your first packages as soon as they appear at your Control Panel.
    You will see a FAQ page in your control panel. Please read it carefully, this is a step by step manual, you should be aware of it before taking the action.

    Also let me know if your address in the system is correct.

    I am depressed , can any one tell me what to do now ?

    Thank you

    • Erin says

      I was almost scammed by this same company. So glad I looked here first! I feel like an idiot for sending them my info. I’m worried about them having anything, especially my photo ID.

    • says

      Hey Erin,

      Don’t feel like an idiot. Sometimes desperation leads astray. But now you’ve learned a lesson and you’ve discovered this website which will help you find legitimate ways to make money and avoid other scams. I would invest in some identity protection just in case so if any accounts are opened in your name you’ll be aware.

  8. Nisa says


    LTS POSTAL SERVICES LTD is pleased to offer you a job as a Mail and Packaging Manager .
    We trust that Your knowledge, skills and experience will be among our most
    valuable assets. Should you accept this job offer, per company policy you will be
    eligible to receive competitive benefits. Please read the enclosed job offer .

    If You accept this job offer your starting date will be July 21.
    Fell free to call +5856337478 us if you have questions or concerns or we can provide any additional information.

    We are a large European enterprise, and we are going to launch a USA job position in order to supply our clients with high-level services. We need a Mail and Packaging Manager who can start and handle our business needs in the USA.
    > What we’re require:
    > 1. A PC with permanent internet connection;
    > 2. Skills enough to use computer;
    > 3. Availability by phone or e-mail during working time five days a week;
    > 4. High communication skill;
    > 5. 10-12 business hrs free weekly;
    > 6. Skills enough for multitasking.
    > 7. Receive incoming delivered up to 20 lbs at your home address NO PO BOX
    > 8. Merchandise consolidation and stacking materials are (provided by the company);
    > Salary and benefits:
    > For this work you’ll receive $40 for each item shipped. The minimal monthly quantity of the packages is 20. These conditions are valid for the first working month. The price for each package will be increased up to $50 after the first month of successful work.
    > Employee is also entitled to bonus for every completed order.
    > This position includes possible career growth with the salary and bonus raise.
    > It’s neither network marketing nor a sales job, and doesn’t take any money out of your pocket to commence.
    > If You are interested in this vacancy, please contact us by e-mail and get further information concerning the position and the company.
    > Yours faithfully,
    > Mila Revivian Personal Resources Manager

    The telephone number is a NY number and the contact person there is Nikolas Stiles (although he uses an email account James Westover! The website says there are based in Lithuania!

    They even have a very professional website. :(

    I ran the website address into this site ( and it showed that the website was new and from CHINA. UGH, paranhas!!

    • says

      Thanks for sharing. A lot of the scammers use professional websites and real legitimate company names to fool people. But it’s still easy to spot their scam once they reveal the job.

    • Sharif Attia says

      I have contacted by the same exact company, now i know that i am not the only one!

  9. says

    I asked for more information and had a reply from HR
    DearMy name is Emily Katz and I am an HR assistant with Shop Ship, LLC. I have received your e-mail request for more information about the position of Mail Clerk in our company. Please read further details of this job offer. If you have any questions after reading the email, don’t hesitate to contact us by phone 954-239-5838. Shop Ship, LLC is an online mail management company with brick-and-mortar presence in Florida. Besides regular mail services, we offer online mail forwarding services to our international customers. Many American retailers do not offer the option of overseas delivery. We help our customers to get an American postal address for making purchases and then get their orders delivered anywhere in the world. We work with international businesses that buy and sell goods in the US and people who travel on a regular basis. We are always seeking to develop our services further through a number of strategies based on innovation. We create value for our customers by going far beyond the ordinary mail forwarding or brokerage services. We do this by utilizing the most up-to-date technological solutions and through efficient warehousing and human resources management approaches. Our remote employment approach allows us to maximize the number of addresses in different states that can be offered to our clients. This also enables us to reduce our storage expenses, to be more competitive and keep our business green. Job details. Mail Clerk position is an excellent chance for people who spend a lot of time at home – such as retirees and full-time parents – to earn a good income or supplement an existing income by processing client mail at their home address. We also accept business owners who work from private office addresses. This job doesn’t require an expensive training or paying any startup costs. You can work from any location in the US except Alaska and Hawaii. Duties: • Stay available to receive parcels and correspondence at your address from 10am to 6pm Monday to Friday. • Inspect for damage, process and repack parcels • Ensure mail contents match the order, upload images of the mail contents • Forward mail to customers (shipping labels are prepaid) • Submit reports and keep your online account up to date Requirements: • Have access to reliable transportation to reach your nearest post office • Be trustworthy and reliable, be able to work with minimal supervision • Deliver excellent rates of service to customers • Experience in delivery/logistics is a plus, but not mandatory. • Have access to a PC/laptop, digital camera, printer and reliable internet connection • Be able to handle packages that weigh up to 30 lbs • No other employment is allowed besides self-employment with daily presence at your address Compensation: • Base salary is $2,000/month • Bonuses of up to $500 are available for handling over 50 orders per month All expenses for shipping, as well as internet use, packing and gas, are reimbursed by our company. You will be on our payroll and all applicable taxes will be withheld from your paycheck. You will receive a W-2 form at the end of the year, showing your wages and tax. Safe and Secure. You will be safe and secure while working for us. The parcels contain everyday items such as, electronics, clothing, auto parts or sporting goods. We handle only fully paid shipments and we never deal with any customers that cannot be verified as a legitimate business. This is all clarified during our phone interviews with the customers, after which they must send us two types of ID as well as a 1583 form signed by a notary. How to apply: Please complete the enclosed application, and return it to this email address. We advise that you read through the employment contract carefully before you submit your application. If you would like to know more about us, how we operate, our practices and policies, please visit our website by clicking on the link in the application. — Sincerely, Emily Katz, HR assistant, Recruitment department, Shop Ship, LLC.

  10. says

    Date: Mon, 7 Jul 2014 23:58:58 +0000
    A reputable startup is looking for Fulfillment Associates. The job requires no professional skills beyond elementary computer skills and capacity to deal with letters and shipments.

    Totally right for stay-at-home moms, retirees and also business people who reside in the personal workplace during working hours.

    Accept mail from USPS, UPS, Fedex at your location
    - Repack mail
    - Photograph the contents
    - Read and assign appropriate shipping labels
    - Deliver mail to local USPS locations
    - Stay in touch with your supervisor through email, and phone
    - Daily submit tracking numbers via database

    What’s needed:

    - A resident of the United States with postal address
    - Possess communication and computer skills
    - Be able to show self motivation and strong work ethic
    - Be able to move up to 20 lbs
    - Valid driver’s license and available vehicle

    This is a permanent position with a direct deposit of up to $2,000 net per month.

    Should you become interested in the position, go ahead and reply to this e-mail preferably with your CV, and we will contact you at our earliest convenience.

  11. Y. says

    Another to beware of is RPE logistics. Almost fell for it, but thanks to this site I ended employment right after I signed the contract. Filled out an employment application, received job description, even a contract with an official company stamp on it. Then came that gut feeling and I decided to do some research on Quality control inspector employment from home. After this site I sent several emails (no reply), called the numbers given only to get a busy tone. I filed a report with the agency listed above. Just really upset because I provided a copy of my license.

    • says

      I’m so happy you were able to avoid this scam because of what you’ve read here. You did the right thing! In terms of your license you might want to invest in some identity protection to ensure no financial accounts are created in your name just to be on the safe side. Thanks for sharing!

  12. Kristina H. says

    Oh no! I just sent my first package yesterday! and I have another one I was planning on shipping tomorrow. I am glad I came across this page. I am going to follow the steps you provided first thing tomorrow. I feel so foolish. I hope I do not get in trouble. I had no idea. I did feel like something fishy was going on but i asked so many questions and was somewhat desperate, hoping it was legit. The company i was contacted by was American Shopping Logistics. Her name is Ann Holloway.

    • says

      Hey Kristina,

      It happens to so many people because of that desperation. We stop listening to our instincts because we want a work at home job so bad. But that’s how they get you. Either way, I think it’s early enough where you shouldn’t have any issues. Just follow the advice in the article above and you should be fine.

      If you can find the job description and emails that were sent to you by the scammer, feel free to come back and post it here so it helps others avoid it.

    • Cliff says

      I was contacted by Ann Holloway also from American shopping logistics, she has shipped items & I haven’t had time to ship them to them, but when I google the addresses they are all PO boxes in other places. She threatened to call the police on me so I sent a nasty gram & she straightened up. I’m not trying to get in trouble for any of this crap

    • says

      That’s a smart move Cliff. Try to return whatever they shipped you to the vendor and report this person using the links I described in the article above. If you have any emails or “job description” from this fake company, please post it here as well so others can avoid this nonsense.

      Thanks for chiming in!

  13. says

    I was recently contacted by this company about a Logistics Manager position. I went to the website helpus and did the app and submitted my resume. In a few days they contacted me with a phone interview and after that they contacted me saying that I had the job and that I needed to sign a contract agreement. After that they said my supervisor will contact me within 1-3 days with all the details of the job. He contacted me today telling me that I have to stay home from the hours of 9am-5pm Monday-Friday to receive packages. I will be sent a printer, ink paper and a digital camera to do the job. I have to open packages and take pics of the items for reference. I can be paid by check or direct deposit at the end of every month and I can contact payroll if I wanted to start with bi weekly payments. They also said I would receive a company cell phone as well. They said I would fill out W9 or I9 forms and state and federal taxes will be deducted form my pay for taxes and I will also have health, dental, and vision insurance as well. They also reimburse you for gas with $250 monthly. The supervisor name is Edward Eastman and the hr manager name is Gerard Stone and they are based out of Fontana ,CA. I haven’t started receiving packages yet but hey seem to real and very believable with saying they deduct taxes and health insurance and company cell phones. Anybody would believe this job is legit I am very skeptical since I have been reading these messages. Do you think this job is a scam as well with the info I have just told you.

    • says

      Hey Elma,

      Yes it’s a scam. Once you hear your job is going to involve receiving packages and then sending them elsewhere it doesn’t matter what else they say or make you do that sounds legit. It’s a scam that should be avoided. So follow the steps listed in my article above.

  14. lorna luc says


    • Cionne says

      Would you post a link to the job listing? My best friend actually works for Indeed and I can send her the link with these complaints so she can have it removed.

  15. Tierra says

    I feel so foolish! I received what I thought to be a job offering of receiving and shipping items ( which I thought would be art at first due to the email address ) Everything looked legit . I googled the email address and it came up with a legit looking website with a lot of art sculptures and paintings . I was told that I would get get paid $2400 a month +$25 for every parcel that was sent from me. It also said every package would have the tracking info with it .I electronically signed a “legit looking” contract and gave my name and address . 2 days later, which is today , well technically yesterday now which was the 24th of June 2014, I received two boxes, neither had my name on it but someone else’s with my address! It just felt like ssomething was not right about what was being sent, and one of the packages was one that was not expected at all! I am suppose to recieve two packages tomorrow and as soon as I do I am sending them to to the local police station. I can’t believe I fell for something so stupid! The email address is and the lady states her name as Jessica. I hope this helps someone!!

    • says

      Hey Tierra,

      Don’t feel foolish. It happens to the best of us. It’s almost a rite of passage many of us go through before finding something legitimate.

      At least this scam led you here and now you’ll have other options and you’ll learn how to avoid other scams like it.

      You’ve also probably just helped many other people avoid this by sharing your experience.

      So thanks for being brave enough to share with us.

  16. Murad says

    I applied a job from Indeed. The company name is ASDForw, LLC. They sent me the contract to sign but I didnt. However , I put my name ,address,dob , and phone number when I am applying , would that be a problem ? Can they do identity theft with those info ?

  17. TW Cantu says

    Has anyone heard of ASDForw, LLC at 80 Broad St in New York, NY? I received a job offer from them after applying for a Shipping Assistant position that they had listed on INDEED. I can not locate any specific company information and they have a virtual online office that you are suppose to work through n They also have a lengthy confidentiality contract that you must sign before starting any position

    • says

      It doesn’t matter what the name of the company is, where they are located, their website address, etc. If the job sounds like what I’ve described above, you better avoid it.

    • lorna luc says

      me to I found the same job on indeed and they had me do the same thing…. right now im just scared I would love to know if they really are legit.

    • says


      Of course they’re not legit. Read the article above and the many comments listed. This isn’t a legit job. Follow the advice listed in the article if you’re scared and want to avoid any issues.

  18. T says

    I was a Victim of this “Pick and Send” company. Thankfully with the help of the local police and FBI, they were able to pin point my credit card fraud to a “New Hire” that lived 15 miles from my home that accepted a job from this s*it company. Beware of what you do online. There are so low life people out there that are taking what we work so hard for and please beware of jobs that you are applying for…If it sounds too good to be true, IT PROBABLY IS!

    • says

      Hey “T”

      I’m glad to hear you were able to get some type of resolution with this scam. Unfortunately when it comes to the work at home industry there are usually more scams than there are legitimate opportunities and it’s why my blog exists. As long as people do their research and let their common sense dictate their actions online, you can avoid most of the scams as I’ve done for many years. Either way, I’m happy you were able to come out of this pretty well. Thanks for sharing your experience.

  19. A M says

    I responded to a job listing in Craigslist for a company in Wisconsin Called Pick and Send LLC. I was contacted by Amy Davis (heavy accent) and the job application was very “short and simple” but i completed it because they didn’t request any personal info. Then she contacted me and indicated they would need a copy of my drivers license so that’s when i started doing scam research. I’m glad I found your article. I am currently working form home but I wanted to see if I could find additional income supplement. I’m glad I second thought those people.

    • says

      Hey AM,

      Thanks for sharing this with us. I’m so happy you thought to do your research and you found our website. At least now that you’re here you’ll be able to explore the various legitimate options we have listed and covered here. Welcome to the site and I’m happy we could help you avoid getting scammed.


    • says

      Hey Lisa,

      Thanks for sharing the additional information. I’m happy to see the BBB has posted about this recently and it’s good to see a member of the BBB on my blog. As you can see by the hundreds of comments, we’ve been helping people fight and avoid this particular scam for years. So thanks for chiming in!

  20. Fatima young says

    Wow, this is amazing. I thank you so much for this page Eddy. I was recently contacted by a David Landon who claimed to be a Human Resources Manager for Packaging Plus LLC. about a Quality Inspector position. Needless to say I was extremely skeptical about this. So I looked up the website and of course it seems legitimate. They even have the position posted on the website. He sent me the job description and employment application. It seemed simple enough and a bit too good to be true. Even though I was skeptical, I still filled out the application because I have been unemployed for 10 months now after working for the same company for 12 years. I figured as long as they weren’t asking me for any money I was in the clear. Not even 48 hours after I filled out the application, I received another email stating that I was hired. I really couldn’t believe that. Even though I have a lot of experience in my field it was just too good to be true. He emailed me a contract wish seemed legitimate too. I haven’t received any packages yet from this company or should I say this scam. I am so glad I found your page before I became an accessory to any crime. As if the long term unemployed don’t have enough to worry about!! We are being preyed upon! Packaging Plus based out of Wilmington DE is a Scam!! Please beware everyone!

  21. Dawn D says

    Wow, I’m glad I found your page…..I was seriously considering this offer. This one was shipping packages to Poland. But it sounds like it is the same as what you are talking about here.

    • says

      Hey Dawn,

      I’m happy you found us too and avoided this nonsense. Definitely check out some of my other articles and options. This industry is very shady so it’s important that you only focus your energy on things that have actually been researched and vetted. And that’s all I do here on this blog.

      So I’m happy this scam has led you here and you weren’t a victim.

    • Ndan Thomas E. Inyang says


      I am informed that the company is in Czech Republic but the following phone numbers had been calling me from connecticut, United States, I have those numbers.

      The phone numbers that I am receiving, that are sending me packages are coming from 2 different locations 203-491-1644, Newtown, Connecticut, and the other is 203-632-6754, Naugatuck, Connecticut.

    • arricot says

      NDAN try to keep them for more than 2minutes on the phone You will not get pay the only way for you to get paid it’s stop them from what they are doing to honest people like you.The last time thy called me I said I have some one in the other line who want to asked you some questions AND THAT WAS THE END OF OUR CONTRACT

    • arricot says

      They sent me an email that they saw my resume on Indeed looked at their offer it was very tempted for someone looking for a part time job I’am a provider i needed extra income to support my family these people took adventage of it to run a scam on me they succeed because they offered me$2,275 +$25 bonus each time I processed a package. I did 21 packages before the month When it was time to get pay anyone will answered the phone or replied the email I sent to them.After a week of waiting that’s when i realized i have been puncked It’s not funny when somebody is making fun out of I can not return any of these Item stolen maybe by these hoodlums.

    • says

      Thanks for the further details.
      This is definitely the packaging scam I described above.

      I’m sorry you fell victim to it. Unfortunately many of us have become victims of work at home scams. But the good news is that it led you to this site and we’ve provided you with a lot of legitimate options to explore. So all isn’t lost.

      Thanks for sharing the information. You have probably helped many more people avoid this.

    • arricot says

      Please Stop I realized now when they on the phone with you they are rushing to go since you are with them now try to keep them more you will see what is going to happen I’m happy That I can help to stop them hurting other like you do the same.They will not pay you How long you have been with them?

    • arricot says

      And Now I’m starting receiving Empty packages from Russia With the same label That I sent to but different Careful.Like Eddy said they just using your name and address to scam people credit cards.

  22. Brian says

    I recieved a job offer thru email to be a package handler, I know its a scam now that I read this article but the funny thing is that I googled their company name and it was a legit Jamaican cargo company. The guy said something about payments thru paypal or direct deposit. should i be worried?? the company is called exec direct aviation ltd

    • says

      Hi Brian,

      I’m glad you discovered this article. The scam artist reference real companies all the time. That’s to throw you off the trail. But once you hear anything about receiving and shipping packages it doesn’t matter if they said they worked for God, it’s a scam.

    • Tortelainey says

      What if they pay you (in cash) return all communications and never ask you for a dime? Still a scam?

    • says

      If I rob a bank and pay you to drive the get away car, is that legal?

      The answer is the same. Even if they are paying you you’re willing helping move stolen product and screwing over someone’s identity.

      If you’re fine by that than continue to do this. But when the feds coming knocking, don’t say I didn’t warn you.

  23. Mac Jones says

    Just a question, is there any way I can report these people?
    Gordon and Spencer sent via I applied for a job thru INDEED, got an email back from Susan Spencer… Before I submitted the form I google searched the company and nothing came up so I thought something was odd then… Another thing is when I received the email on Fri 3.21 the company link work, but when I went back to check, the links are all now showing Page cannot be displayed error like the page never existed… I pulled the headers off the email and have IP’s, though I know headers can be edited…
    This sucks because its feeding off people that already don’t have jobs, so Im sure some don’t do the research like I did before submitting on their fake website… Is there anything I can do, don’t want this to happen to anyone else…

    • says

      Hey Mac, By providing the information you did it may help others avoid this company. A lot of times people learn this is a scam because they did a search and someone’s comment from this article comes up.

      So you’ve helped in that respect. Any other emails you received that you can post here would help too. Other than that you have all the places I listed in the article above to report these folks to.


  24. Valencia Dobbins says

    Reshipping Company – Fraud – Chace Forward Inc., CCF – offering Distribution Assistant. Do NOT RESPOND!!!

  25. Ashley says

    Eddy! What now? Do people normally get visited by the police after this? How do I protect my identity? I kept all documentation and emails. everybody…when you see GLOBAL ACCESS LLC it is a scam. Melvin Scott poses as a Human Resource Manager.

    • says

      Ashley, Don’t worry. Just follow the steps I listed in the article above. Everything you need to do is already there.

      Just read the article in it’s entirety and follow what I’ve advised. It’s that simple.


  26. Ashley says

    Hello I am working as a shipping and receiving clerk for Global Access llc. Have you heard this
    Being a scam? Im shipping to Russia no po boxes

    • says

      Ashley, did you read the article above? I don’t even need to know the name of the company. If you’re doing what’s described above in the article and the other comments listed here, yes it’s a scam. And you need to follow the advice we laid out above.

      I know you want to hope and believe this is the one legit repackaging company, but it’s not.

      The doubt you’re feeling is because you know something is off with this company. Sorry.

  27. Say Mayne!! says

    They tried to get ya boy but thanks to this webpage I stopped immediately.

    Here is the link they sent me:

    • says

      Thanks for sharing that and including the website. These scam artist have stepped up their game. That website looks official and would fool anyone until you read what the job is about.

      I’m happy you avoided it! Spread the word!

  28. Heather says

    Here is the other page that they just sent me:

    Another thing to look for is whether or not there are misspellings in the emails you receive. If it is a reputable company, they will more than likely have editors/proofreaders for any official emails being sent out (i.e. job offers and applications). The email I just received had at LEAST 5 misspelled words and used poor grammar.

    • says

      Thanks for sharing Heather! I’m notorious for spelling and grammar errors. So I’m happy most people reading this website don’t judge my legitimacy based on that one small element. LOL

  29. Heather says

    Just received an email from a man named Greg Walsh. It was a shipping proposition that offered $1,100 a month plus $25 per package that was examined and shipped. When I did my research this was the page that came up

    It offers detailed explanations as to why there need to be overseas shipping coordinators. I replied to the email asking questions about the job, but after doing the research and seeing the vacancy listing, the first question I asked myself was “Why didn’t they just refer me to the link with the job listing?” I haven’t done anything more that respond to the email. Hope this helps anyone else looking into this!

  30. Amanda Mier says

    Hi, I was searching for the legitimacy for a company that asked me to
    work for them at home reshipping merchandise. I read your article and it
    seems it’s a scam. The company name is OVER SEA PACK. Base on what I learned here, I’ll better not respond. By the way, thank Eddy for the work you do. I’ve been looking for a work doing at home, I’ll check the web site you recommended. Amanda

    • says

      Nope. If it sounds like most of the traits I listed here, it’s the same crap. Don’t try to justify it’s legitimacy in your mind. Scam artist will always make variations to the scam.

  31. Elizabeth Gonzalez says

    Hello Has anyone heard of Secure Shopping Co? I worked with them for about a month and I didn’t research good enough about the scams or shipping and receiving. I told the company it was a scam and they sent me a certificate of international registration from the company, I researched the company and no listings came up. I called the number and the owner of the company picks the phone up. I was receiving and shipping like stated above shoes, motorcycle parts,etc., he called me and said I will be getting paid with 24-48 hours. The hiring packet looks legit, the registration looks legit…I don’t know. I do have every email, every message and saved numbers for in case. Any advice or ideas or has anyone heard of this company?

    • says

      Hi Elizabeth, what you need to do is already listed above. Don’t allow your judgement to be clouded. It doesn’t matter what the company name is, if it’s following what we described above, it’s a scam.

  32. Jennifer Burton says

    Hi Eddy. I got an email asking me to accept packages and mail them to the address that they provide me. They didn’t ask for a ssn or anything other than my name and address and phone number to txt and/or call. I am allowed to open them and its supposed to be art supplies and things of that nature. The $ to mail them to the address they provide is enclosed in the package along with my weekly wages…. is this a scam? I am very skeptical but if im allowed to open it, and I know what art supplies look like because I am an artist myself, and they also said they will need me to do some art supply shopping and mail the supplies to the address that they will supply. They said those packages will be money only to do the shopping along with my wages. I don’t know what to do on this……

  33. Danny Chong says

    i had already sent most things they sent me. i however followed the steps on here. maintained all records of shipped items and the employment agreement and application forms.

    • says

      Well that’s good Danny. Can you share more information about the scam such as the emails, people that contacted you, address, etc. This way folks searching can find this information and avoid these scam artist.

    • Danny Chong says

      they will ask for id through email, now that I look back it seems so stupid of me to do so. the application will look legitimate, that’s the scary part. and they leave no contact number however. so that’s something to look for first. they are from out of state. like Kansas or Arkansas, Mississippi somewhere in the usa

    • Danny Chong says

      I contacted and was contacted by the FBI, They told me to keep the records and to try and keep anymore packages still being sent in. The company has deleted my account I can no longer log in to work this is all within 2 hours of me filing a report

    • says

      Danny, Sorry to hear you fell for this. Don’t feel stupid. It happens to a lot of people that are looking for work at home. Most of the scam artist do a great job of making things legitimate and it doesn’t help that our judgement is clouded because we’re dying to get a work at home job. But it’s a lesson learned.

      I would encourage you to share the name of the company, website, emails, etc so others can avoid it!


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