Package Forwarding & Reshipping Job or Scam?

Package Forwarding & ReShipping Job or Scam pic

Seems like for every person that seeks legitimate work at home opportunities there are thousands or more that want to scam them out of their hard earned money.

Unfortunately this is the reality of the situation that we must face and deal with. We take this very seriously on our blog. With the economy being in the state it is, None of us can afford to be investing money in scams when there are actually legitimate ways to make money online. In fact we list many legitimate and free Legit ways to make money online here.

Recently we’ve had an onslaught of positive comments and thanks from many of you who were able to avoid scams such as wire transfer and check cashing because of articles you read here.

So with that in mind I just want to introduce yet another scam to avoid.  By the way, this is a real scam. This isn’t one of the cases where you tried a work at home opportunity and couldn’t make money so now you’re calling it a scam. This isn’t one of those misrepresenting rebate processing, typing, data entry or survey lists. The following scam is the type that will not only lose you money but you may also end up losing your freedom. So listen up!


So what is Package Forwarding or Re-shipping Work At Home Opportunity?

Unfortunately, it’s not working at home for UPS, FED EX, DHL or the USPS shipping packages. This so called opportunity is more like a variation of wire transfers or check cashing scams. It’s no surprise that the scam artist wouldn’t deviate much from other successful scams. After all, “if it ain’t broke, why fix it?”.  But from time to time they make some slight variations to see if they can sucker even more people like us.

So here’s how it works in a nutshell. Re-shipping also known as “package forwarding” usually starts with an emailed job offer. Just like the common Nigerian scam, these so called “employers” offer up phony contracts and other documentation to make them appear legitimate.  They may even reference legitimate company names and physical address in their emails (like Microsoft or some other major company you already trust.) Once they have lured you into a sense of security, the packages are shipped to your home at no cost to you. You are provided with instructions to reship the packages to another address (Usually a P.O. box) Once you have reshipped the package you report back to the company so you can get your check.

Sounds good, right? You just need to sit there and wait for your check now. But guess what? It’s not a check that arrives at youR door. Instead it’s your local boys in blue (POLICE) or if you’re really lucky, the feds (F.B.I.). And what they’re bringing you is a one way ticket to “club fed” aka prison, jail, the slammer, etc. You’re now considered an accessory to a crime and may be even found “guilty” of receiving and shipping stolen property.


Identity Theft With A Twist Of Lime…

Most of us have heard about identity theft. Usually the victim is one person whose identity has been stolen. However no one really talks about another element of it which comes into play with today’s scam. Reshipping or package forwarding schemes actually double the adverse effects of identity theft.

It creates two victims, the person whose identity has been stolen and a person who becomes a package forwarder or re-shipper. The reason is that when you re-ship these packages on behalf of these so called legit companies, you’re actually shipping stolen merchandise to the real criminals who stole someone’s identity & credit card information. Now when criminals commit identity theft or credit card schemes, they know not to ship the stolen goods to their homes. It’s a really dumb way to get caught. So this re-shipping “job” was hatched to easily move stolen goods using us as a unknowing  mules. This is also the reason they tell you to ship to a p.o. box. This way they can’t be traced when you finally realize you’ve been punked. Except no one is laughing when everything has been figured out.


So What Should You Do?

First and foremost, don’t feel embarrassed if you are a victim. Desperation and lack of information leads a lot of us to become victim of work at home scams. Unfortunately it’s sort of a rite of passage many of us face before finding success as I did with My #1 Free Legitimate Way To Make Real Money At Home. So don’t beat yourself up about it. Become proactive and learn from this mistake.  Here are some action steps to take:


1. Don’t accept packages for people you don’t know.

So if you’re coming here asking if company x is legitimate because you’re considering shipping packages for them, just stop in your tracks. If it sounds like the scam listed above, that’s what it is. Don’t let your desperation cloud your judgement. Just remember scam artist will often use legitimate company names and websites to throw you off. But that doesn’t matter! If it has anything to do with re-shipping items, you know it’s a scam!


2. Stop all communication with con artists who try to solicit your help in re-shipping items. Again don’t let anything throw you off.


3. Don’t Send It!

If you already have the stolen merchandise from the scam artists, don’t mail it! You should return it to the merchant as soon as possible and explain the situation to them. Don’t let them intimidate you or worry about any physical retaliation. These guys are cyber thugs and punks. They don’t want any of you. Trust me they have more than enough victims they can target if you decide to do the right thing.


4. Cover Your Ass!

Keep all correspondence (e-mails, faxes, receipts, invoices etc.) related to these scams. If the boys in blue or feds coming knocking on your door, you want to build your case that you’re a victim here too and weren’t the originator of the scam.


5. Start Snitching!

The scam artists know you’re going to feel embarrassed or “stupid” for falling for this scam. They’re actually betting that you’re going to stay tight lip for fear of ridicule. That’s the worse thing you can do. Here’s a news flash most of us have been scammed before finding something legitimate as I did. It’s nothing to be ashamed of. That said, you spread the word! Doing so will help protect others.

  • So contact the Postal Inspectors at 1-877-876-2455 of click here to file a complaint online. They’ll help you return stolen items back to the proper owners.
  • File a complaint with as well for good measure.


6. Invest in credit monitoring and identity theft protection.

Chances are you were required to fill out some bogus job application or other paper work where you provided some personal information. You may have even sent in copies of your driver’s license or other id. Either way all that information can be used to open up lines of credit in your name which can obviously be used to buy more merchandise. Then the cycle starts again and they’ll have someone else shipping stolen goods they buy with your credit.

So my advice is to invest in some credit monitoring and/or identity protection services ASAP! It’s literally an investment you can’t afford not to have after you’ve become a victim. These con artists can sell your information on the black market and you’ll never know when one of them decides to start using it. So you need to have a trusted credit/identity monitoring company that for you 24/7. Otherwise you can hurt your own credit and lead to other issues.


How You Can Help Fight Back!

If you have already fallen victim to this, you may want to be proactive and report all the details below so others can avoid it. Include any emails, names, addresses, etc. The more information you can provide, the better it will be. This way when people do a search online, this article will come up and help others avoid this scam! Remember that’s probably how you came to this article. So do your part to help others as well!


How To Find Legitimate Work At Home Opportunities.

Even if you have fallen victim to this scam, the good news is that you’ve landed on this site which is well known for helping people find legitimate ways of earning money from home. With that in mind you have a lot of options here.

Don’t let this experience get you bitter and give up on your dream to work at home. This scam has led you here so take full advantage of the options that we have researched that can make you money safely.


How To Avoid Being Scammed Again

Research is the key to success in this industry. If you get in the habit of researching any company before you work with them, you’ll avoid most scams. We make this easy with our scam video listed here. There are also other scams listed there that you should read. This way you’ll be able to identify other scams that should be avoided. Knowledge is power, and the more you know about the industry the better your chances are of success.



The only forwarding you should be doing is sharing a good joke or an informative article like this one. But I’m actually dead ass serious. Send this article to as many people as you can. Post it on social media and help others avoid this nonsense. If you stay silent, you’re just helping the people who scammed you. So keep that in mind.

Hopefully we saved many more of you from becoming another victim of this twist on identity theft. I’ll say it again for good measure, don’t get involved in something like this. I don’t care if they said Jesus thought it was a good idea. It’s not!

Don’t try to rationalize it. Chances are if you’re asking if a company is legitimate, you probably already suspect it’s a scam and it usually is.

I hope this helps either way!  If you find this article useful and would like to hear from me with more information on legitimate ways to make money or scams to avoid then consider becoming a subscriber like thousands of others have!

Until next time,

Eddy with a y

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RM - September 19, 2015 Reply

I just wanted to say thank you for this article! today I was about sign a contract with a person claiming to be represented by a legitimate company looking for package forwarding agents. I was a bit skeptical and while researching the legitimacy of the “business”, I came across this article. THANK YOU AGAIN!!

I will copy and paste the first email that was sent to me so others can see exactly what I’m referring to…

Hi R***** M*******!

WWD Logistics LLC is searching for officers who wish to try themselves as a forwarding agent.
Our corporation is searching for staff members who are determined and eager for work.
As an Member of our Firm, you will get career growth and extra bonuses, next to your salary.

Your tasks:
– General shipping activities
– Cell
– You will maintain the smooth logistics and warehouse

– 3-4 hours per day

Your qualities:
– Punctuality and trustworthiness
– Honesty and ability to work independently
– American citizenship or work permit
– Legal age

Interested? We look forward to getting your response via reply.

After which our Special staff will get in touch with you, to provide you with extra information about the job.

Best regards,
Barbara Coker

… what a bunch of frauds… beware people, and thank you again Eddy for shinning a light on them!

    Eddy Salomon - September 20, 2015 Reply

    You’re welcome RM! I’m happy you were able to avoid this garbage because of the work we do here. Thanks for sharing the email here as well. Please be sure to share this article with others.

    Kevin - September 21, 2015 Reply

    What email address did they send from since I think this is the same email they sent me from careerbuilder

    Eddy Salomon - September 22, 2015 Reply

    It doesn’t really matter. You know it’s a scam.

Kathlena Reed - September 19, 2015 Reply

Dear Applicant,

Thank you for your e-mail. Your application was received and I believe that you have what it takes to perfectly fit into this position. You have been selected as the successful candidate for the position of a Payroll Coordinator. This job simply entails the preparation of paychecks for a medium company of about 250 contract payees weekly after the taxes and deductions have already been made. You will undergo an online training and you will be provided with the check printing software including a user license.

You will be required to purchase the under-listed supplies from or any available nearby store for this job. You are to keep a detailed record of all expenses incurred on the purchase of these items as you will be fully reimbursed along side your first salary at the end of the month

I’m thinking this isn’t the same exact email, but it’s close enough to leave me very suspicious.

Let me know what you think!


Linda G - September 5, 2015 Reply

Oh my god I believe that I am involved in this scam and I am wishing I had done a search and found this page last month. I’m working for the Forwarding Group and I report Samuel Emerson who is my supervisor, is listed as the HR Manager. I received an email that got my information from CareerBuilder with the job details and link to apply online. The website appeared genuine and even has other name brand stores and vendors. The email said that the company was expanding rapidly and had a need to outsource the shipping for the company. I had to complete a application and after being accepted, I also had to complete an Employee Agreement much like the one that I have done for other jobs. I was confirmed officially hired after that and I was given a user ID and password for where I would login to check for incoming packages and download the information and shipping labels. I was supposed to be paid 2000 a month but I could get a extra 500 if I shipped them out with in 24 hrs. I shipped out 8 packages over the month and when I tried to sign in a week ago I all of a sudden, could not sign in and of course, I was supposed to be paid for the first time a couple of days ago. I even sent a few follow up emails checking on my access and first check since I was thinking that it was just a glitch and something was incorrect when I first started but it was fixed. I was laid off in October 2014 and my Unemployment stopped and I have been working part time as a cashier and really needed the money until I got back to work in my field in. I even passed on another part time opportunity because I believed it. I have bills comimg due that I had already made arrangements on and I don’t know what to do. They even have my account information since I was supposed to be direct deposit. OMG this is horrible and I am not a criminal.

    Eddy Salomon - September 5, 2015 Reply

    Hey Linda,

    I’m sorry to hear you fell for this. I wish you would have found this page sooner as well. But better late than never.
    I would recommend you follow the steps I listed above to help you avoid any issues.

    Reinaldo Gibert - September 8, 2015 Reply

    Hello Linda,

    Good night,

    I was also scammed by the same company for which I worked the entire month of August. It was that same guy, Samuel Emerson, who wrote me from this address Forwarding Group HR Department who made me whole recruitment process and was a woman named Linda Jones who served as my supervisor.

    These are some of the e-mails I received from this company.

    Dear Reinaldo,

    We reviewed information received from you and would like to inform you that you meet our requirements and we made a final decision to employ you.

    We remind you that base pay for this position is $2000 per month + $500 bonus for prompt task completion.

    In order to become our employee, you are to sign the contract.

    You may download it in PDF format at Employment Agreement in PDF link (6 pages).

    It is also available in JPG format:

    Employment Agreement 1st page
    Employment Agreement 2nd page
    Employment Agreement 3rd page
    Employment Agreement 4th page
    Employment Agreement 5th page
    Employment Agreement 6th page

    Please download the contract and attentively familiarize yourself with all paragraphs.

    After that, you are to print it, fill out by hand, take a photo or scan it in high quality and email us the copies.

    Keep the original in a safe place.


    Samuel Emerson
    (443) 276-8208

    Dear Reinalod,

    We received your signed contract and a copy of DL, they are accepted.


    Samuel Emerson
    (443) 276-8208

    Dear Reinaldo,

    I’m okay.

    We accepted your info, now you are officially employed.

    You will receive first packages in 2-5 business days, we will give you update on them and send further instructions.


    Samuel Emerson
    (443) 276-8208

    Linda G - September 8, 2015 Reply

    Yes those were the exact same emails that I received. I have already saved mine and filed the online form for the post office this morning and I am about to file the second form for the government site momentarily. I still have the shipping labels on my phone that I downloaded from ship panel. com and I am hoping to use them to get the packages back to the rightful owners. I had them as a double check as I was shipping the packages so I could make sure that I had the right labels on the right box. But maybe I can get them back to the correct owners.

    johnathan greene - September 9, 2015 Reply

    oh my god…i believe i have been caught up in this scam and it seemed so legit.i quit my first job because i thought this was a real lucritive opportunity for my family and i.the company is called forwarding group and i have been working for these guys for a month and im heart broken at this point because i have bills piling up over my head and have no money to pay my rent.oh my god

    Eddy Salomon - September 9, 2015 Reply

    Damn Johnathan,

    I’m sorry you quit your job because of this nonsense. I would recommend you follow the steps I’ve listed above ASAP.
    And you need to get out there and find something offline quickly to pay those piling bills. Maybe that first job will take you back. I’m so sorry you didn’t find this site sooner.

Ben Turner - September 5, 2015 Reply

Hi Everyone,

Here are the names of 3 other companies that, while they look legit, are total scammers. Just thought that you and your readers might like to know…I too, fell victim myself, as I, just as many of you are, am unemployed and need to find work, however, we cannot let that situation cloud our judgement here… We must remain vigilant and w/Eddy’s help, we can help put a stop to this crap, or, at least deter another honest person from falling for it…

-Linxu International Group-They are from China and claim to be legit, however, after your bogus website is set up, they steal credit card info and clean it up through bogus website purchases, you then, through your LLC, are to keep 10% and send them 90…Yeah right!

-The next one’s listed are all packaging/re-ship scammers:
-Safe Fulfillment, LLC-Unfortunately, I feel for this one and shipped a few things before I realized that it was a scam.

Finally, these last 2 are virtual assistant scams:
-Moon, LLC-Fell for this one too, but got out before it was too late…
-Sun, LLC

I advise everyone to stay away from these clowns, regardless of what kind of garbage they might feed you…

Hope this helps, folks…Take care and God bless!!!


Jan - August 29, 2015 Reply

My husband received an email from Forwarding Parcels Company. Even when he was telling me about it, I knew it was not legit. Did my own research. He received the following email:


This is an HR manager of Forwarding Parcels company. We found your email through employment agency.

We need a Shipping Clerk in our organization who has to inspect the content of the boxes, make reports and send them to the destination..

You will get $2500+ monthly. With this post you will also get a full social package.

The list of minimum conditions are:
It is enough to be 21, be careful, honest and reliable person with basic PC skills for this part-time position. People with document management experience are preferred to all others. This post does not require your relocation.

If you are interested in this vacancy, please inform me about this by your answer at :

Thank you,
Forwarding Parcels Company


Thank you for your interest in our company. We are pleased that you considered us at this stage of your career planning.
We only accept applications submitted via our on-line system.
To do this and for more details about the position, CLICK HERE, learn the job description and FAQ and fill out the online application form.
Submitting your application:
Once you have submitted an application, you can no longer make any changes. Please note that information cannot be modified once submitted.
Hearing from us:
If you have applied for a specific post, we will contact you as quickly as possible, either by telephone or email. Please wait for us to get in touch with you.
I look forward to see your application on-line as soon as possible.
Cynthia Nolan
Forwarding Parcels Company, LLC
Phone (410) 469-1724
Fax (410) 472-5607

Their website looks legit, but anyone can create a website:

I looked up their contact info. Lists a Baltimore, MD address. I googled businesses at that address and what do you know, no such company listed at that address.

I checked the phone number listed: TEL: +1 (410) 469-1724, it’s a cell phone.

Hopefully, I have produced enough evidence that my husband won’t go through with it.

Leonard E - August 26, 2015 Reply

Wow! safe I just received the offer after falling for the scam exam and giving my information. but I was then sent more paper works to proceed but I decided to make a little research about them and I found this and other articles

Susan Eckert - August 18, 2015 Reply

I, too, fell for it. Out of work for a very long time, and desperate for money, I fell for it. As soon as I realized what might be going on, I stopped reshipping. I had only been doing it a couple weeks when I decided to do some research online and find out what was going on. My gut started to bother me–like, “What is wrong with this picture”. Sure enough, I found this site and I just wanted to kick myself. What was I thinking? Who knew that I would get caught up in something like this. I’m pretty smart normally, and skeptical, but when you need cash, you are blinded to the truth. Anyway, the company is called Arion Forwarding, LLC out of Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. They have a web site that looks authentic, they have a physical office with phone and fax numbers. They have a page on their website that encourages people to “find a career with Arion–being a Quality Inspector”. I was recruited through an email where they got my resume from It all sounded so upfront and legit. I got a supervisor named Patty Collins who would tell me what to do when packages showed up at my house. She would send me a new label and I would take it to the post office and ship it, after opening it and taking a photo of it, & sending it to her via email. They even had a Task Panel page that I logged into to see what was on it’s way to me. I reshipped six items, before I realized what was going on, and stopped immediately. This was just a few days ago and I am terrified that I will get arrested now. I don’t know what to do about this, since I did send six things out over the past three weeks. Screw the money. I just don’t want to see the police pull up to my house. I am so afraid. I did keep everything (correspondence with Ms. Collins and a Tyler James who recruited me). I even set up a spreadsheet that I have that had everything about the packages you could get. (columns for tracking #s, dates shipped, dates I received the product, when I got the label, and kept it up to date with where the product was (tracking) along it’s way. Two of the products went to the Ukraine and i was told because consolidating into one box, several things, cut down the cost of shipping directly. How I fell for that is beyond me. Dear God, I’m a criminal and I didn’t even know it. Help. Do I go to the police and tell them about this? I think maybe I should before they show up at my house first. I’m terrified right now. I’m a law abiding citizen and this just can’t be happening!

    Eddy Salomon - August 19, 2015 Reply

    Hey Susan,

    I’m so sorry you were a victim of this scam. Like you said when we get a little desperate things like this happen and the con artist will prey on us.
    All you have to do if follow the steps I laid out in the article above to protect yourself. The police don’t want to arrest victims but you want to be proactive.
    So follow the advice listed in my article.

Victoria Thompson - August 11, 2015 Reply

I recently got involved with two drop shipping company scams. Express Product Mover ( and Shipping Express Management. I had a gut feeling that they were scams but went with it anyway. After reading this and talking to my father who talked to the USPS. I immediately ended my contract with both of them. According to an USPS employee that my dad talked to “drop-shipping” is actually illegal in the US. I didn’t give anything personal besides my address to Epromover, however I gave my license to Shipping Express Management. How do I go about securing my license so they can’t order credit cards in my name or use my license to drive and commit traffic violations? My second question is what is the best way to go about sending back the items I still have but shouldn’t ship out? I no longer have the boxes the items came in, however I kept all the shipping labels that the items came in. I don’t think I can just tape them on another box and give back right? Is there a way to send them back to the company without having to pay out of pocket expenses? I’m on LOA (Leave of Absence) from my actual job. So I fell for this scam because it seemed like easy money until I can get back to work since disability pay isn’t my full amount.

    Eddy Salomon - August 12, 2015 Reply

    Hey Victoria,

    The scam isn’t really drop shipping. It’s basically just moving stolen products so I’m not sure why the postal person would refer to it as drop shipping which is a legitimate for of business that many companies employee.

    In any event, you can’t get your license information back from the scammers. If it were that easy to actually find them and they cooperated so easily they wouldn’t be in business. As I said in my article above you need to invest in some identity theft protection to stop at the very least them from creating new credit in your name. That’s what they want your license and other information for not to run red lights.

    I don’t have any advice for you about how to send the packages back. Try contacting the companies they were shipped from and see what they tell you.

    In any event, I’m sorry to hear you fell for this scam. As you’ve learned there is no such thing as easy money online just as there isn’t offline. At the very least you found this website and now you’ll be exposed to legit ways to make money. Thanks for sharing your experience, be sure to share this website with others so they don’t fall victim to this as well.

gp - August 2, 2015 Reply

hello guys i’m reading your comments and i think i’m involved in this scam right now, this company called skanderborg shipping suppose to be in Denmark, they sending me shipment and i suppose to repackage them and ship them. they suppose to pay me $2400 a month. i knew this was to good to be true. Gp

Boomer - July 29, 2015 Reply

Thanks for taking your time, and helping people. You are a jewel. I knew it was a scam, and your blog confirmed it. Again, Thanks.

    Eddy Salomon - July 29, 2015 Reply

    You’re welcome Boomer. I’m glad I could confirm this scam for you. Be sure to share this article with others so they avoid this nonsense.

teri - July 24, 2015 Reply

i have gotten several text messages and emails saying they found me on for a car wrap job and babysitting and assistant. they sent me a check to cash and send a portion to somewhere else. i didnt think it was legit. so i took it to the bank to show them the copies of emails and the check and they told me the check was not legit. i was sent two different checks from 2 different people. they are still in the fed ex envelopes at home. i will give you the numbers and emails next week.

mo - July 23, 2015 Reply

Received this: via
Erica Lee

The progressive and fast-developing company is taking on new employees in America. If you want to be the member of the stable company, which is dealing with shipment, you’re US resident, interested in the part-time job and don’t want to sit in the stuffy and hot office, so the door of our company is open for you. Advantages of this job: attractive salary in the amount of 300$ per week and convenient location of the job place – your home.
Salary: Basic Pay $ 200 – 300 per week

– To seat at home and wait for packages from different online shops, etc..
– To mail boxes to our company’s customers from abroad .
– To work from your virtual office and expect parcels will be sent to your house
– To rigorously follow regulations of your manager.

* No extra money required.

As this job is remote, so we will contact you by phone, email and Skype via your virtual office . That is why if you are ready to work with us please give us your email address, personal phone number and home address.
If you intend and want to be employed for this position, please let us know about your decision .

Xin Peng - July 22, 2015 Reply

Oh my god, I have been working with them for several months and I have no idea about this. I worked for two companies and both ended up with no payment to me and disappearing in any contact methods….

What should I do now? Will I be arrested when I notify the local police?

Christin - July 21, 2015 Reply

Thank you so much for this website. You do not know how much this has helped me. On July 9, 2015 I was sent the following email from Arion Forwarding Services LLC from a Mr. Tyler James… via
Jun 9

to me
We have found your resume in CareerBuilder database. We think that your professional background and abilities would perfectly match part-time position of
a Quality Inspector that is currently open.
Here are the details :
Position : Quality Inspector
Type of employment: Part-time
The following thing is required:
* 18 + y.o.;
* Diligence and ability to meet deadlines;
* Knowledge of Adobe Acrobat Reader and Microsoft Office;
* Computer literacy ;
* Ability to print and scan documents
The job involves collecting, distributing and repackaging parcels and mail as well as getting mail items to your local FedEx and/or USPS locations.
If you match requirements stated above and would like to occupy this part-time job opportunity, please email us your confirmation.
We’re looking forward to your reply with attached resume.
We will be contacting you soon.

Foolishly I fell for the scam after looking through their website at, looking at the BBB for their reviews, which I found none for, and desperately needing this extra monthly salary + of $2000. His following email was as follows….


My name is Tyler James, and I work at Arion Forwarding LLC as an HR
manager. We received your response and appreciate the time it took for
you to reply. I am the person, who is responsible for recruiting of
Quality Inspectors, and I’ll lead you through the step-by-step process
that will help you become a member of our team. We offer great working
conditions and promotion opportunities to best of our employees. All
Quality Inspectors have flexible hours, regulate hours themselves,
receive stable salary, including variety of bonuses and encouraging
promotions etc.

Stage 1
Take your time to read a detailed Job Description that can be found
attached to this email. Consider all pros and cons and decide whether
you are willing to join our company. If you decide to be part of our
team, fill out the application form (attached), and send it back to
me. We have received recommendations from your online recruiter, so
your application will be evaluated on the priority basis. Total
evaluation and initial screening will take 6 hours to 2 business days.

Stage 2
If your application is approved, you’ll receive another email from me,
confirming that your candidacy was approved for the Quality Inspector
position. I will also send you the Employment Agreement, and this can
be considered an official offer to become part of our company.

You’ll have 3 days to examine and sign the agreement, after which you
will have to send it back to me. If you are unable to sign and return
the agreement within 3 days, kindly give me an update with the reason
of the delay.

Stage 3
After we receive the signed agreement, you will officially become part
of our company, and your trial period will begin. Your personal
supervisor will be assigned and he will get you familiar with all work
processes and instructions. This same person will be providing you
assistance throughout the trial period and will control your work.

I have all confidence that you will easily go through all three stages
of the hiring process, so go ahead and start by downloading and
reading the job description. If you have any questions regarding the
job or the hiring process, you can always reach me by email. If you
provide your phone number, I will be able to call you ASAP. Looking
forward to receiving your Job Application!

Best regards,
Tyler A. James
HR Dept
p: (954) 837-6531
f: (954) 213-0246

I read a thoroughly attached contract and sent in my signature of acceptance along with a copy of Driver’s License. Fortunately, I have an active security alert on my account, so no worries there.

After about a week a was assigned a Supervisor Ms. Patty Collins. She communicated with me via email and their established Task Panel Website at Through email and the panel, I could see what packages were coming with tracking, the content, and whose name would appear on the package. I then would do my quality inspection by taking a picture, uploading it, and making a brief statement of the condition. Between hours and sometimes days, a shipping label would be avilable under the portal for me to ship via USPS or UPS and take another picture to confirm reciept of shipment and upload. It is then that the task would be complete. Unfortunately, before reading this and other scams about repackaging, I have sent the merchandise as directed by Ms. Collins. This included boxes of new shoes, Apple Ipads, camcorders, shirts, etc. My total shipments have been 16 out of 17 total tasks and oh how I wish I can go back and not have sent the first package. However, I have reported them to the USPS fraud department, IC3, BIzapedia, which shows they have a license number registered as and a base office out of Fort Lauderdale. For more information on that click this link and other legit companies they have used to appear legit. My further actions include contacting the BBB, my local police office, FedEx, and UPS.

I don’t know if I will also have to face consequences, but I am glad that I caught this sooner rather than later and will do my best to right my wrongs in this scam.

Again, thank you!


Mike - July 16, 2015 Reply

Hi Eddy!
Thank God for your website. I am currently unemployed due to a minor back injury. and received the email below… Thanks to your website you saved me a lot of heart ache.

Good afternoon Mr. Gomez!

I am the HR department manager assistant with Forwarding Group. We found your email with the help of recruiting agency.
We are looking for an organized and honest staff member and would like to offer you the position.

It is a remote position, therefore you will be operating from home. Your main functions are receiving incoming packages, checking the merchandise inside, reporting to the main office and sending the packages out.
We are a respectable company and will not ask you to make any payments to or purchase things from us. All materials and expenses are paid by the company.
No special habits or trainings required. Attentiveness, punctuality and self-discipline are the qualities we regard most in our team members.

If you are interested in the position, please reply this email and we will provide a more detailed information.

Position name: Shipping Clerk
Position status: part-time employment;
Pay: up to 2.500 $ a month

Yours sincerely,
Veronica Burton
HR Department Manager Assistant

    Eddy Salomon - July 17, 2015 Reply

    Hey Mike,

    I’m sorry to hear about your back injury but I’m so happy you avoided this nonsense. At least now you’re aware of it and know there are other legitimate options as I listed above. Thanks for sharing the scam here so others can avoid it as you did.

    MG - August 20, 2015 Reply

    I just got this email too. Thanks for the heads up. I figured it was a scam. Is there any point in forwarding emails like this to an authority of some kind? If so, who? Or is it pretty much untraceable?

    Eddy Salomon - August 20, 2015 Reply

    Hey MG,

    Forwarding the email doesn’t help. But posting it here will since thousands of people visit this page.

Christine - July 16, 2015 Reply

Reposting my comment from home page.

Beware job offers from ADN Logistics Services. They are one of these repacking scams. They almost got me, until they made the odd action of “hiring” me before I even turned in their application! They found me from CareerBuilder.

Emails came from and

Eddy, your site confirmed it for me – thank you!!


Dhaffau Leon - July 11, 2015 Reply

Dear Applicant,

Your Email was received and reviewed by my HR dept, after close consideration, you have been shortlisted and offered a job with our company.

My name is Chris Howard, I am in receipt of the vacant post you applied for. In search of, Front Desk Reps / Office Administrative Assistants. We require you to be sharp, friendly, flexible and reliable. Must have excellent organizational skills. looking for an assistant for general administrative issues such as scheduling, travel arrangement, basic problem solving and assisting coordinators with projects and tasks.

Your interest shall been considered if you are up to the task. You will start up firstly with the training process which would last for a week and then full start-up. This is just a formal mail to inform you that you have been selected for this Job and to get ready for start up. Appointment letter and others would be mailed to the address you would provide us to be delivered next week after the test of duty/Trust. Now let me give you insight to the Job in question, your duties, How to get started and your Benefits.

The company’s Home Business Unit is under URL change and it involves a very high re-organizational process that involves bringing all our online staffs to log-on on the same Network Online with their staff ID. Then after 7 business days each online staffs can have a log on ID/Password to get access to their duties online while still communicating with their supervisors.

Working from home with the company’s provided computer is a broad expatiation of how the online duty is performed working from home. You are required to use the equipment’s because there is a wide range of software installed on the system to protect data, ease duty, and also enhance speed and accuracy of duty online. The Company’s equipment that would be shipped to you is liable to be yours (Ownership) after a period of 2 months of working with the Company. We are not deducting funds from your payroll for Taxes; all Our Online staffs are expected to complete their taxes forms after payroll by themselves.

The Company is running the Online Recruiting as a temporary measure towards the completion of our Centers around United states, So most of our online staffs would have the first hand opportunity to apply to become permanent staffs when these centers are opened. So I can assure you that you have been offered a great opportunity to perform, giving your best to performing Data Entry duties in exchange for a good pay.

Please provide answers to the following schedule so we could update your folder on the administrative desk.

1. How many hours are you willing to Work per day ?
2. How often do you come on the internet ?
3. Payroll Interval… (Weekly or Bi-weekly) ?
4. Have you dispatch packages before ?
5. We offer $30 per hour.
6. Have you use airway bills to send packages or letters out through ups or FedEx before ?
7. Are you employed at the moment ?

Basically before you get started, the company would be providing you with funds to purchase some important software required for the duty in question and then you will be receiving equipment’s from the Company. Dell Notebook Laptop Pentium D Duo Processor , All in one Printer, Scanner and Fax Machine with a wide range of software already installed on the system against hacking.

Test of duty/trust would involve you handling funds on behalf of the company to purchase the needed software and also to handle the shipment of your mini office equipment. The test of trust is your first call to duty, this will be your first assignment before you begin your training, You will be receiving a payment in form of check or online banking from the company shortly and would be required to follow proper directions, Accurate deduction and documentation is expected from you. This would be the only payment you will be required to handle on your own. All other future payments would be forwarded by you to the company’s accounting details which will be readily made available for you upon your start.

IMPORTANT: Make sure you send your contact details and your answers to the payroll questions, so that it can be forwarded to the company’s accounting department for processing, also for you to be able to receive your test of duty/trust package.

Details should be sent in the format below:

Full name………….
Age: ……………..
Zip Code…………..
Phone #home………..
Cell #…………….
Bank Name………….

I look forward working with you as an online staffs. I will be waiting for your details response so that we can move on to the next phase.

Thank you for your time.

Hansan Supreme Inc.
Christopher Howard
TEXT : (702) 907-5877
CALL : (315) 221-8615

ang - July 3, 2015 Reply

i received the following message:
Hello Angelica ,

We are specialists in international parcel forwarding and courier services. We are glad to welcome you into our multinational team that comprises more than 500 employees from over 25 countries. McKinsey LLC is constantly expanding its activities and developing into new countries.

I am sure you will find the work of Mail Forwarding Manager exciting
and interesting. I will do my best to help you start your career with us successfully. McKinsey LLC is a great solution for mail forwarding, as many people prefer shopping online in international stores, but not all the shops offer international delivery. Here comes mail forwarding – we let our clients make purchases in any international shop and have the items safely delivered to their door without any risk or delay. Our customers can shop anything they want, except some restrictions like: huge packages (over 42 lbs), any kind of illicit or restricted items.

Being a Mail Forwarding Manager is extremely easy and comfortable, as you can use your own residence as your work office. Our services are completely legal and don’t require no initial investment or purchases. Besides, we reimburse all the expenses occurring in the course of your work, such as gas, printing, labeling, postal fees, etc.

We would like to see our Mail Forwarding Manager as an active, young and responsible individual, not less than 18 y.o., legally residing in the US. Basic payment includes $20 for each processed package, which makes your total monthly payment not less than $2000. In case you complete your work fast and accurate, the basic payment may be increased up to $25-30 per package from your second month, which will automatically bring you at least $2000 USD monthly. We also offer great bonuses to our best employees, depending on the results of their work. We also offer additional payment on busier days, holidays, etc. So basically, your income totally depends on how well you perform. And of course, we offer great career perspectives.

To know more about this position, view the Job Description file attached hereto. You can apply using the Application Form attached here as well. In case you have any questions, feel free to contact me!
Your application must be submitted by replying to this email and attaching your filled in Application Form.
Please note that only shortlisted candidates will be contacted further. Due to the limited number of candidates, we strongly recommend you to reply within 3-5 business days after receiving this e-mail.

I’ll be looking forward to hear from you.

James Adams
McKinsey LLC

Chris - June 17, 2015 Reply

Thank you for your website, it assisted me in avoiding a scam. My sister shared with me a great job opportunity her co-worker shared with her. My sister said she was going to wait to see if her co-worker actually gets paid in two weeks. I didn’t want to wait but I wanted to research the company, First I could not access the site due to a warning that it may be malicious site. Then I tried an internet search by name, and I found Pack Expert LTD. It states it is a global packaging company, but when I called the number for a Derrick Brown, no one answered & no voice mail. So I tried a review search of the company. That’s how I came across your website. I learned that this was more than likely an illegal business of identity theft.
I then did a Better Business Bureau search and found the following information…

This business is not BBB accredited.
Pack Expert, LTD
Additional Locations

Phone: (216) 647-0092 1660 W 2nd St, Cleveland, OH 44113 View Additional Email Addresses !

There is an alert on Pack Expert, LTD ! (this is in bold red letters)
Additional Complaint Information

This company first came to the attention of the Cleveland BBB in May of 2015. At that time a consumer reported the company had posted an online job offering for employment as a Forwarding Agent. Since then several consumers have reported receiving e-mail solicitations containing details of the offer along with an employment application.

Active as recently as May 14, 2015, the company website,, was no longer active on May 20, 2015. BBB is aware of two versions of the site. One references Pack Expert Ltd and includes a Cleveland, Ohio address. The other references Pack Expert LLC and includes a Boston, Massachusetts address.

BBB was unable to locate any filings for Pack Expert Ltd with the Ohio Secretary of State and building management at the Cleveland, Ohio address confirmed the company is not a tenant.

Similarly BBB found no filings for Pack Expert LLC with the Massachusetts Secretary of State and is in the process of contacting management at the Boston address.

BBB advises consumers to be cautious of replies to their online job postings. Some warning signs include:

* The position involves transferring money or goods.

* The company is located in another country.

* The position does not list education or experience requirements.

* All interactions and transactions will be done online.

* The offer promises significant earning potential for little effort.

Consumers should also be aware of the potential for being a victim of Identity Theft. For that reason BBB advises consumers to monitor their credit reports for new, unauthorized accounts that might be established in their name. A free report may be obtained from each of the three major reporting agencies online at

For more information visit

This review will be updated when more information is available.

    Eddy Salomon - June 17, 2015 Reply

    Hey Chris,

    I’m glad you did your research buddy. Sometimes even when people are presented with the facts listed on this page, they want to ignore it and hope it’s not a scam. But at least you know better.

    meme - June 18, 2015 Reply

    i am a student, and a few weeks ago i had a job offer online working from home recieving and re-shipping boxes back, and today 6-17-2015 i recieved the first 2 boxes. and the person is a Personal Logistics Manager for Future Parcel Group. and everything that was said up top is the samething with this job. from reading this up top i am scared. what shoud i do now?

    Eddy Salomon - June 18, 2015 Reply


    Don’t be scared. Just follow the tips I laid out in the articles. It’s pretty clear and straightforward.

Ashilay - June 17, 2015 Reply

OMG, I just got offered a job position as a “Shipping and receiving clerk for a company called M&G Logistic services LLC. based out of NY. I applied to them on and I googled the company on and and the company seems legit even has a website platform for employee’s that allows u to login and track the incoming and outgoing orders as well as schedule your daily agenda. On top of that the company emailed me documents about the company, requirements, and salary…. Im a single unemployed mother who really needs a job but after reading this im unsure about going through with this position. are all homebase shipping and receiving job a scam? what do u look for to know the job is legit or not?

Bonnie - June 16, 2015 Reply

I rec’d an email for a work from home opportunity with ADN Logistics….I was almost sucked in until I read this.

Candy - April 6, 2015 Reply

Thanks so much for this post you saved me from being in a world of trouble

Rickie - March 18, 2015 Reply

This is the follow-up e-mail with the application link Please be aware this is a scam:

Dear Applicant,

Thank you very much for your interest to begin your career with Worldwide Supply Express (WSE) as a Distribution Manager. As the next step in the employment process, you are requested to complete your application form on

Worldwide Supply Express (WSE) offers purchase and delivery services of goods internationally for more than 2 years. Our goal is to expand our operations in the United States due to increased numbers of orders by our loyal and ever-growing clientele. You will have an opportunity to receive a promotion to a Regional Manager within 6-8 months and operate a subsidiary or regional office in your city or state.

Your salary and benefits will include but are not limited to:
– US $2175/month + US $25 bonus per each shipped package (paid by end of first month);
– US $3250/month + US $25 bonus per each shipped package (paid biweekly after the first month);
– Flexible work schedule, leave & sick benefits.

Your main duties and responsibilities will include but are not limited to:
– Access your control panel at least 2-3 times a day to receive updates about the scheduled packages;
– Receive packages delivered to your residence by courier services and inform your supervisor;
– Process delivered packages and send them to the assigned destinations;
– Ensure effective verbal and written communication with supervisor and other team members.

Your privacy is very important to us:
– We are committed to earning your trust by safeguarding your personal information.
– All information you provide to us is securely maintained and is kept strictly confidential.
– Information is only gathered with your consent and is checked for accuracy.
– Information helps our team to contact you in a timely manner and prepare a contract.

We look forward to having you come onboard.

Phyllis W. Stutes
HR Department
Worldwide Supply Express

    Eddy Salomon - March 18, 2015 Reply

    Thanks for sharing all this info Rickie. It will help others avoid it!

    Rickie - March 18, 2015 Reply

    It is my pleasure, thank you for providing your website. I’ve attached another e-mail scam, warning, please be careful because these company also uses Careerbuilder please read below:

    Dear Applicant,

    Interparcel would like to offer you an exciting and profitable opportunity as a Package Manager. We have selected your resume on website and believe that your skills and experience will add value to our team of dedicated employees.

    Salary & Benefits:
    – During the probationary period our employees make up to $500/week.
    – Flexible work schedule

    If you are interested in this position, please reply to this email with your contact information:

    Full Name:

    We look forward to hearing from you soon.


    Rickie - March 18, 2015 Reply

    Dear Applicant,

    Interparcel would like to offer you an exciting and profitable opportunity as a Package Manager. We have selected your resume on website and believe that your skills and experience will add value to our team of dedicated employees.

    Salary & Benefits:
    – During the probationary period our employees make up to $500/week.
    – Flexible work schedule

    If you are interested in this position, please reply to this email with your contact information:

    Full Name:

    We look forward to hearing from you soon.


    Eddy Salomon - March 18, 2015 Reply

    You’re welcome. Yes these scam artist use many of the legitimate job sites to find victims and also use legitimate company names to lure people into believing they’re legit. Unfortunately it ruins the reputation of many of these companies.

Rickie - March 18, 2015 Reply

Please be aware of this company it is a scam:

Dear Applicant,

Worldwide Supply Express is pleased to offer you a part-time or full-time profitable employment
as a DISTRIBUTION MANAGER. We have selected your resume on and believe your skills and experience will add value to our company.

Salary & Benefits:
– US $2175/month + bonuses paid by end of first month;
– US $3250/month + bonuses paid biweekly after the first month;
– Flexible work schedule, leave & sick benefits.

Duties & Responsibilities:
– Ability to telecommute by phone and computer during business hours;
– Track, receive, process and ship company’s internal mail and packages;
– Record and report work progress to the team members.

If you are interested in our job offer, please reply to this email to receive further job instructions.

We look forward to hearing from you soon.


Phyllis W. Stutes
HR Department
Worldwide Supply Express

Erik - March 5, 2015 Reply

I was contacted by a “Hr manager” from Mckinsey & Company. I will copy and paste the email from them. It sounded to good to be true so I knew it was a scam from the beginning. I also reached out to Mckinsey and let them know the details I had for this, and offered to help them if I can. The sender has contacted me again to try to get me to sign up. I have just been ignoring them.

Happy Connecting. Sent from my Sprint Samsung Galaxy S® 5

——– Original message ——–
From: “HR Matthew Brooks (HR Dept.)”
Date:02/03/2015 3:04 PM (GMT-08:00)
To: Erik Toland
Subject: Job opening

Hello Erik Toland-Newberry,

I am Matthew Brooks, and I work as a Manager with McKinsey&Company. We
are specialists in international parcel forwarding and courier
services. We are glad to welcome you into our multinational team that
comprises more than 500 employees from over 25 countries.
McKinsey&Company is constantly expanding its activities and developing
into new countries.

I am sure you will find the work of Mail Forwarding Manager exciting
and interesting. I will do my best to help you start your career with
us successfully. McKinsey&Company is a great solution for mail
forwarding, as many people prefer shopping online in international
stores, but not all the shops offer international delivery. Here comes
mail forwarding – we let our clients make purchases in any
international shop and have the items safely delivered to their door
without any risk or delay. Our customers can shop anything they want,
except some restrictions like: huge packages (over 42 lbs), any kind
of illicit or restricted items.

Being a Mail Forwarding Manager is extremely easy and comfortable, as
you can use your own residence as your work office. Our services are
completely legal and don’t require no initial investment or purchases.
Besides, we reimburse all the expenses occurring in the course of your
work, such as gas, printing, labeling, postal fees, etc.

We would like to see our Mail Forwarding Manager as an active, young
and responsible individual, not less than 18 y.o., legally residing in
the US. Basic payment includes $20 for each processed package, which
makes your total monthly payment not less than $2000. In case you
complete your work fast and accurate, the basic payment may be
increased up to $25-30 per package from your second month, which will
automatically bring you at least $2000 USD monthly. We also offer
great bonuses to our best employees, depending on the results of their
work. We also offer additional payment on busier days, holidays, etc.
So basically, your income totally depends on how well you perform. And
of course, we offer great career perspectives.

To know more about this position, view the Job Description file
attached hereto. You can apply using the Application Form attached
here as well. In case you have any questions, feel free to contact me!
Your application must be submitted by replying to this email and
attaching your filled in Application Form. Please note that only
shortlisted candidates will be contacted further. Due to the limited
number of candidates, we strongly recommend you to reply within 3-5
business days after receiving this e-mail.

I’ll be looking forward to hear from you.

Matthew Brooks
McKinsey Postage-Service
HR Department

Nobody - February 19, 2015 Reply

Just came here cause I like knowing the emails I get like these are scams. I’m too smart to fall for something like this, but that’s because I’ve seen the news stories and such. I’m not saying that people who fall for this are stupid, everyone makes mistakes, but you made some great points for people that might be sucked into a scam like this and now feel helpless and I thank you on behalf of them for giving them some solid, accurate advice on what to do now, and giving a source for people who are smart enough to do a little bit of investigation before falling for a scam like this.

    Eddy Salomon - February 19, 2015 Reply

    Indeed. Ultimately we all make mistakes. I think the problem is too many people view the internet as something very easy and that there is always easy money to be made. But the fact is anything that is going to make you decent money online or offline requires some significant work and skills.

    If not then everyone can come online and make easy money. But I think we become so blinded by our own needs we suspend our common sense and instincts. But I’ll be here to remind people. Sometimes I get them early enough but unfortunately a lot of times I get them after the fact. Either way, it’s a lesson learned. At least it leads people here and they know there are people online that are providing useful and legitimate options. Thanks for chiming in.

Patrick - February 17, 2015 Reply

I would like to be a Shipping Agent and work from home can anybody send me a link?
I need a job soon.

    Eddy Salomon - February 17, 2015 Reply


    I’m sure many of the shipping scammers will gladly contact you since you’re choosing to ignore the whole article and hundreds of other comments where people have clearly started they were scammed by this nonsense. But good luck to you buddy.

DTudor - February 11, 2015 Reply

There is one other point that should be expressed about identifying scammers; all of the emails I have seen on this and other work-at-home employment schemes use questionable grammar and odd word phrasing. Even though the grammar is better than the Nigerian scam, there are enough quirks and consistent errors that are noticeable (missing commas, run-on sentences and non sequiturs are big giveaways). True, I am a bit more aware of these errors than most since I am a professional technical writer. Basically, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Thanks for including this discussion on your website.

    Eddy Salomon - February 11, 2015 Reply

    That is true to a certain degree. But that should definitely be coupled with some other things like research, common sense, etc. My articles are littered with spelling and grammatical errors and I’m not scammer. lol But I hear your point. Thanks for sharing!

JW - February 11, 2015 Reply


I am not a victim but rather one of the companies they use as a front. I’m getting 10-20 emails a day inquiring on a logistics position. Each person contacted has sent emails through my website seeking the non-existing HR person to contact. I have posted info on our facebook page and it’s getting a lot of traffic also. I have also linked this blog on it. Thanks for looking out for them!!

    Eddy Salomon - February 11, 2015 Reply

    Hey JW,

    I’m so sorry your company name is being dragged into this scam. That’s a common ploy of these scam artists so it confuses people into believing the scam is legitimate. But some people are smart enough to head to the company directly to see if the position is real. But then of course that puts an unnecessary strain on your staff to let people know that you aren’t hiring for this scam position. You may want to put a message on your contact us page letting people know you aren’t hiring for any reshipping positions and link to this article as you did on your FB page so you cover all bases.

    Thanks for spreading the word. Companies like yours are also victims in this nonsense as well. It’s unfortunate.

Devontae - February 7, 2015 Reply

Everyone, some of the work from home packaging jobs are legit. I have two and have no problems with them. Can’t ya’ll see that all the reviews are bad on purpose he is just trying to get ya’ll to switch over to his company. Do yo not see all the promotion if they are all fake then that means someone came up with the scam and everyone all over the world just followed that person. Also, these people have legit websites the F.B.I isn’t stupid they can back track I.P addresses and find the person who created that website. See things through before you accuse it to be false ya’ll missing out on thousands of dollars because people think things are too good to be true. He is just promoting his work from home business use multiple sources before you reject something to be false just saying.

    Eddy Salomon - February 7, 2015 Reply

    Sigh. Even if you don’t believe me and the hundreds of comments from people who have been scammed or avoided scams because of this article, just contact the postal inspectors with the information of any alleged legitimate work from home shipping job and see what they say.

    I’m in the business of helping people avoid scams and referring people to things that are legit. And yes I proudly get paid for doing so. I don’t hide it and I’m not ashamed of it. So it’s not like you’re revealing a dark secret I’m trying to hide.

    But folks can feel free to follow your advice and see where it leads them. I suspect that you’re probably one of the scammers and you’re upset people are getting wise to your scam because of this article. But feel free to try discredit me. My years of experience speak for itself.

Arash - February 5, 2015 Reply

I would like to work at home doing shipping or logistics,
I got an Email forwarded from a friend of one of these companies was the trailing sender and they said i could make $2500 the first month and become a Operations Manager after that; so i sent them my information and got 1 phone call then nothing….were they just fishing for my personal information or was it a legit job? Not sure?

    Eddy Salomon - February 5, 2015 Reply

    You shouldn’t want to work at home doing any of this if you’ve read the article and the many comments above. This is something that should be avoided at all cost unless you want to be scammed.

Mandy - January 30, 2015 Reply

I’m so glad I found this website. I’ve been needing another part-time job to go along with my current part-time job to help make ends meet. I posted a job wanted ad on Craigslist and got a few responses from “employers” who want me to be a package shipper. I just had to do a Google search to feel at ease, because I cannot afford to lose money to a scam. I’m so glad I did. I have not officially started these jobs, but just told the employers that I’m interested. I’m not interested no more now that I know that these jobs may be scams. I’m going to send them a message later and tell them I changed my mind.
Thank you so much for this article Eddy, you saved me big time!

    Eddy Salomon - January 31, 2015 Reply

    Hey Mandy,

    I’m so happy you found us as well. It’s always great to hear when we can help people avoid scams! If possible share the ads and so called employers that contacted you here so people know what to look for. And please share this site and article you know so they don’t fall for this nonsense either.

    Thanks again Mandy!

Brandy - January 29, 2015 Reply

Wow, this is a huge scam judging from the comments! I just got scammed as well. Contacted by email to do shipping. I received the first package and when told it was not in my name immediately started to question how legitimate this might be. The company name seemed valid, the way the person who wrote me seemed intelligent. I emailed the lady back questioning their company and she sent me a long drawn out response. I’ve copied and pasted:


There is a reason to ship it to NY.

Our employees in NY are acting as a shipping consolidators. The packages may go in different cities in Russia. For example, a package contains a laptop and the final destination is Saint-Petersburg. The customs in Saint-Petersburg won’t let pass the laptop package with the battery included. All batteries have to be shipped separately. However, everything is ok with customs in Moscow.

Of course you could do re-packaging but this would require expenses on packaging and we do everything possible to make sure the Corr Managers won’t have to pay anything out of pocket.

The reason why we didn’t ship it directly to NY is simple. These laptops are on high demand in Russia and when we order them from the suppliers we don’t know the final destination until the very last moment. When a laptop(or a digital camera) package is on it’s way to you we may forward it to Moscow or to Saint-Petersburg or wherever in Russia depending on customer’s location. If the package destination was Moscow you would ship it directly to Moscow but since in was Saint-Petersburg the package required re-packaging. We have 4 employees in NY who do re-packaging perfectly and then forward packages to Russia – you’re sending the packages to one of them. They have a lot of job to do so they don’t act like Corr Managers(receiving/shipping packages from suppliers without re-packaging).

Consolidating the packages is required when shipping clothes/shoes/accessories/other small packages – that’s the case with the package 1Z602E891346613368 you received yesterday. The Customs fee in Moscow, Russia is fixed for this type of merchandise and depends on the number of packages – that’s why it’s better to consolidate 10 packages rather than shipping them as 10 separate packages. On the other hand, the Customs in Saint-Petersburg in most cases releases clothes/shoes without any fees(but the procedure takes 3-4 weeks) so if the final destination is Saint-Petersburg usually we ship this type of merchandise directly to Russia.

That’s how it works.


I was going to take the package and all of the emails to the post office and make a complaint. This company goes by the name of SCM Logistics.

    Eddy Salomon - January 29, 2015 Reply

    Hey Brandy,

    Thanks for being brave enough to share your experience but more importantly for laying out the conversation with the scam artist. People will be able to learn so much because of it! So thank you. That said I’m sorry you fell victim to it. But at least it led you to this site.

Alex - January 28, 2015 Reply

I, embarrassingly, admit that I completely fell for one of these schemes twice. The first time was with Independent Delivery Professionals, Inc.…they didn’t even “hire” me, so no packages from them.

The second time was with BestPackage, LLC. Their website is BestPackage LLC offered $40 per package shipped and would pay you once a month, and that employees would receive from 30 to 60 packages per month. Once receiving a package, the employee has to check it, document it, inform the manager that they have received it, await the prepaid shipping labels (to which they were legitimately, or seemed to be, prepaid), then bring them to their local USPS to reship them. I was so desperate for work, so I, unfortunately, did not even conceive it to be a scam. At the time, I viewed it as a temp/odd, albeit legal, job till I could get a real job. I did the work for about month, unfortunately, reshipping a total of 21 packages. Then, a week before payday came around, the packages stopped, though contact didn’t. BestPackages stopped contacting me 2 days before payday, though my login credentials for the site still worked. When payday came around, I didn’t see a check, so I waited a week, and still no check. After a week, I decided to inquire them about my paycheck only to find a day later that my site login credentials didn’t work (which was their response)….

The following day, I had found out that someone had their identity stolen and had $1000 of merchandise purchased from a Paypal account opened in their name over a month ago and was shipped to my address (to which turned out to be the first package I received). Because I kept detailed records, I was able to point this person in the right directions; where I sent the package (name and address), and about They were most grateful, they didn’t press charges against me. This incident led me to believe that all the packages I sent all contained stolen merchandise, riddling me with guilt.

I found your site and this article the very same day a half a day later. Since I kept all the records (package dates, their IDs, contents (pictures), reshipping shipping labels, etc.), job info (FAQ, Description, Offer, Payment form, etc.), probably most, if not all, of the shipping receipts, and a few a the invoices, I placed all of which in a single box to which I labelled “BestPackage EVIDENCE B O X.” I backed up the email offer and conversation onto a CD (along with the records and job info) and placed in there as well. So, in case the Police or FBI come knocking, all the evidence for my case are all in one place.

However, I am not sure what to do next. Fill this ( out and/or this ( out? I do agree that staying quite is the worst thing I could do.

    Eddy Salomon - January 29, 2015 Reply

    Hey Alex,

    Thanks for being brave enough to share this scam and your experience with us. Trust me when I say you’ve probably helped so many people because of all the details you have just provided. You’ve taken the proper precautions in my mind. In terms of your question, you file a report to as many places as you want. There isn’t a perfect science to this. So you can feel free to submit your information to as many places as possible.

    I’m happy you found our site and hopefully it will help you find something legitimate.

    Thanks again!

Debra St. Louis - January 21, 2015 Reply

This is the email I was telling you about!! I even did scam adviser on this company name big Red

We deal on Electronics and computer hard ware with branch office All over the state and Uk Due to the inability of most stores in United State to ship directly outside the State we are in need of a place where packages can be assemble before direct shipment to its final destination. In respect to this we are in need of a representative.
Your work is to recieve packages from a delivery agent at your doorstep, it does not required you to spend a cent from your pocket. You are allowed to open the packages to reveal its content it a work you do at your Free time and be paid $500 at the end of every week

Mr Williams
Stockingood Limited
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me When I receive pkgs I am to assemble them and then re-ship them to the final destination.. Also how do you pay check or paypal.
Jan 20 at 5:57 PM
Williams Adams when you receive the package, you are allowed to open it. but i want you to know that the package contain Apple iPhone 6 inside. Once you get it we are going to send you a fedex label that you are goi
Jan 20 at 6:01 PM
me Okay I can do that when do you want someone to start? I like to be paid Paypal or Western Union. Where are you located for the info to come to me?
Jan 20 at 6:04 PM
Williams Adams Work Star On Monday. But we are going to keep you updated. we are going to pay you via PayPal. we are located in Michigan now.. the package is going to come from different part of USA.
Jan 20 at 6:09 PM
me Okay that is fine.. My home number also is 786-631-3786, you can always call and leave a message in case I am not at home but I am here most of the time, just some days go to school pick up my 2 grand
Jan 20 at 6:12 PM
Williams Adams but first we are going to need your details. send us your Full Name: City State Zip Code Telephone Any Valid ID card so we can register you at a worker for our company
Jan 20 at 6:14 PM
me I am not used to giving out my drivers licence until I am surety of things.. not saying anything against you and your company but I will provide the other information being that this will go to paypal
Jan 20 at 6:18 PM
Williams Adams okay. send us the rest details
Jan 20 at 6:19 PM
me Already sent in the response above!!
Jan 20 at 6:25 PM
me I am signing of my email for the night if you need you can text or call me.. Hope to hear from you soon so can get to work.
Jan 20 at 6:27 PM
Williams Adams give me your house address. i mean the number of your house
Jan 20 at 6:28 PM
Williams Adams Hello Debra St. Louis , Thank you for your mail and information, we will sign you up with the information provided and get back to you, as soon as we are done processing. Please expect a mail or a cal
Jan 20 at 6:43 PM
me Good Morning, I would prefer the payment to go to Paypal. Thank you
Today at 9:00 AM
me I want to thank you for the job offer but I will not be needing it any longer I have found a job that I feel more comfortable with.. This doesn’t sound very legit to me and I will not go to jail for a
Today at 4:07 PM
Williams Adams
To me Today at 4:11 PM
you thnk just because you read about this today make you to think we are a scam or trying to put you in trouble ? I want to tell you that i am real okay.. and i am not here to put anybody in to any pain. Thank for let me know on time. and best of luck in your new job
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    Eddy Salomon - January 21, 2015 Reply


    Thanks for sharing the detail email transcript. It’s so interesting to see the whole thing played out. I love how you ended it! Great job!

Debra St. Louis - January 21, 2015 Reply

Hello Eddy I just got some one like this off Craigslist 1/20/2015.. I haven’t did any shipping with them and truly I was on to them any way.. I check the phone number that was listed which started with a 785# told me that starting next monday I would start receiving packages with ipads, phones, etc and I could open and look at them, then they would send a Fedex Label then I take it to Fedex and drop off.. I would be paid $500.00 a week i asked how they said you choose I said Paypal.. See one thing I watch is how they write the english is not good, they all mostly require the same information, they asked for any valid I.D. I told them I don’t give my Drivers licence to any body that I am not sure about.. I gave them my address, and name all was said in an email.. My plans was when the package came I was going to call the police cause I know it is a scam..
I have been a victim of a scam when I was laid of my job in 2014 at this time I knew nothing about these scam and was job hunting same as I am today I was going to a place to look employment got this text went home set up yahoo messenger and to make a long story short end up losing over a 1,000. Nothing could be done it was an online set up.. Now today I am very cautious I do scam adviser, BBB, reviews, etc on lots of companies.. The one I am talking about now didn’t even have a name just asking you want to do work at home and open the little box on craigslist and there was the phone number.

    Eddy Salomon - January 21, 2015 Reply

    Hey Debra,

    Sorry to hear you’ve been scammed in the past. But it definitely helped you in that you know what to avoid now and to be more cautious because of these shady bastards. Unfortunately it’s like a right of passage before we all find something legitimate. In any event, I’m glad you found my blog. Hopefully it’s you new go to as well.

jane - January 20, 2015 Reply

Hi Eddy

I am really so disappointed to be used by this company
well my case has taken a different dimension. I received an email from one company Rush Shipping Services through career offering me a job of Logistics Cordinator, since it was coming from a career website we felt it was real. I signed a contract on Dec 14 2014 with all the id verification done, and was offered to be paid 2650 CAD+ shipping bonuses with two week probational period. I had looked up the company on the internet everything seemed ok as i read on their website that they help customer buy products around the world and re-ship it. I received three packages in the same name in Dec and posted to the US to two different address in the US. well two weeks ago I received an email from them that I have passed the probation that they needed my account info for advance payment, which I did send to them. I became suspicious last week when I received an email requesting for my online account login details and security questions for verification purpose. I refused giving them. I rang the bank to inform them about it and a security alert has been placed on my account, I reported the case to the police, they advised me to receive my payment for the work I did and forget about the company.
well on 19th January I received an email of a bank transfer of 2315 CAD from them as an advance payment but my concern is the money came from a different person name, the transaction was blocked from the bank asking the sender to contact the bank. I told them about it and this Morning a payment of 2200 CAD was transferred again with yet another person name, this time around this has been credited to my account. I received an email from them to deduct 215 CAD as my advance payment(I have worked for over a month) and send 1885 CAD to someone in France. now I do not want to send this money but I am confused as to what to do.

this is the name of my so called supervisors email in Canada
James Bauer
Rush Shipping Service Inc
Canada +1 (581) 221-0636
USA +1 (352) 353-0302
Canada +1 (581) 700-2862
USA +1 (561) 584-5225

Michelle - January 12, 2015 Reply

I recently fell victim to this scam with a company called, “US Pack and Ship LLC”. Shame on me for not performing a simple search of “shipping agent scam” before I signed on with them. I hopefully caught it soon enough as no packages have arrived yet.
Today I took ALL advice Eddy provided even though I did not provide the company with my social, credit card nor license numbers. They have my name and address, and that could have very well be all they needed.
Avoid US Pack and Ship LLC (!

Andrew Caimraj - January 7, 2015 Reply

I have been a victim of this job offer as a Package Handler by a guy name Robert Hudson and have cut off all communication with me. Also, there was some manager name Tanya who have been contacting me about the packages and stuff That I send out etc. I didn’t realize this was a scam until I Google the service name and read this website and everything else. I don’t know what are the necessary steps to take in protecting myself. How can I prevent this?

    Eddy Salomon - January 7, 2015 Reply

    Sorry to hear you fell for this Andrew. The necessary steps are all laid out in the article above. You just need to read it and follow them.

Ray - December 29, 2014 Reply

Thanks Eddy

    Eddy Salomon - December 29, 2014 Reply

    You’re welcome Ray!

    Kisha - December 29, 2014 Reply

    Thank you I’ve been searching and researching about this company that I recently accepted a job from this company called ttp-logistics and since I didn’t find anything negative about the company I thought it was legit and as I’m reading your page I see this is a scam, but I started to get suspicious because I received a shipping label today and there were two different packages with different names but the shipping label was the same for both packages so that was a red flag for me and I have sent one package and I have two I will not send. What should I do?

    Eddy Salomon - December 29, 2014 Reply

    You’re very welcome Kisha. Sorry you became a victim of this. All you need to do is follow the steps listed in my article above.

Ray - December 29, 2014 Reply

I have been receiving several emails regarding companies like these and have responded to a couple of them but something told me not to follow through with it. It sadly seems everyone is trying to scam people these days. Like i was always told “If it sounds to good to be true it probably is”. Its crazy how many stories ive read on this site and i am sorry all of you had to experience that stuff. The reason i came upon this web page is because i just read an email from
Tel: (979) 308-3688
Fax: (214) 614-4147. I looked them up and seen reviews on them and then came upon this site. Glad i did and Thank You Eddy for your kind service to all these people. Thats awesome

    Eddy Salomon - December 29, 2014 Reply

    Hey Ray,

    I’m so happy you avoided this garbage. Fortunately NOT everyone is trying to scam people out here. There are plenty of folks like me trying to help people make some extra money legitimately. Unfortunately desperation, and the lure of fast large sums of money pull people in. Folks don’t seem to realize there isn’t just a magically fast way to make money at home. It all takes work and patience like it would offline. But there are many legitimate ways of making extra little money if folks are open to it. That’s the only good thing about when people run into this scam. They’re brought here and they learn there are other ways to make money and be safe.

    In any event, thanks for sharing Ray!

Brad - December 26, 2014 Reply

I fell for a scam too, it was a company called Global Parcel Delivery LLC, I had shipped 5 packages thinking it was a legit business, then I found a few packages hadn’t arrived, I had called about them and found out they were fraudulent charges, was notified to call local law enforcement, turns out the local law enforcement were waiting to hear from me, I told them what had happened, and they said If I cooperated it could help out the case, I kept all shipping receipts, printed out my queue of undelivered packages, with tracking numbers, and made an official statement, the officer which knew me, stated that since he had known me and knew I had a clean background, I would probably not face jail time, then he said this case had turned to an international case when he found out that the packages were going to moscow. When I found out about the scam, I got sick, I thought I had done my research, but turned out it wasnt good enough. I just hope they find the scammers and bring justice to this incident.

    Eddy Salomon - December 27, 2014 Reply

    Hey Brad,

    I’m sorry you’re a victim of this scam as well. I’m surprised when you did your research this page didn’t come up. It usually does when folks Google these companies. Either way it’s an unfortunate situation. It sounds like you’ve taken the proper steps now. At the very least you found this website and will now learn how to avoid such scams and know what’s legit. Thanks for sharing and keep us posted. I don’t imagine you should face any legal issues if you have all your ducks in a row.

Jason - December 25, 2014 Reply

Hi Eddy,

I fell for this scam as well. I believed the company was called Global Logistics. Signed a contract and gave all my personal information. I got a package the other day and I told the DHL man that I’m not taking it. It had my address but somebody else’s name on the box. The DHL guy I believe shipped it to the person that’s name was on the box. I got a visit from a kid that said he received 1200 dollars worth of stuff. I don’t know where the stuff was from, maybe gamestop. All he told me is that it had video electronics in it. I told the kid that I was scammed. He thought I was lying. I did across desperate but it was only because I knew I had been scammed and I came across your website so I knew what to do and I knew the situation. He told me that I’m the mastermind behind all of it. Why I was investing time into it. He told me to leave him alone and that he contacted the company, gamestop I believe. He contacted the return people for gamestop and that the gamestop security are looking into it. I could’ve done without the vulgar language he said lol. He was very upset with me. So what I did is I followed the steps you have above. Fortunately that was the only package I’ve received. So I didn’t send any packages out

I wrote a few complaints on the website and the Postal Inspectors. Closed my checking account and put my credit on alert. I also kept the emails Global Logistics sent me. I kept The application and the email that I wrote to them telling them I know they’re a scam and not to contact me anymore. My uncle is a police officer and I asked for his advise. He told me unfortunately this happens all the time to people. I’m just upset with myself that I fell for it. Like you said above when your desperate you throw skepticism aside. So what he told me to do is file a complaint with my local police department. Which I did.

I’m just concerned that gamestop or worse the authorities are going to ask the kid where he got the box and they’re going to trace it back to my address and since my address is on it I get the blame because they’re going to think I’m apart of it.
Thanks for this website
Take care

    Eddy Salomon - December 26, 2014 Reply

    Hey Jason,

    Sorry to hear you were a victim of this scam as well. But I think you took all the proper steps. I don’t imagine you should get into any issues given what you’ve done. It’s unfortunate that the other victims don’t believe a fellow victim. But I guess everyone is heightened after something like this. Either way keep us posted.

Cody - December 24, 2014 Reply

Hi I had the same scam from the comments below. It was also with Exec Direct Aviation Services LTD. Some guy that I know doesn’t exist named Robert Hudson. Unfortunately I sent all my personal info to these scam artists. My family told me it was to good to be true. I was so desperate I sent all my info. Well I found this website and my family was right. It was to good to be true. I shut down all my banking and put an alert out on my credit. My checking account info and credit info is also worrying me. Yesterday I received a package that had my address but somebody else’s name. I told the UPS driver that the person on this box doesn’t live here. So I gave it back to him and very similar to the person below it was sent to the person that was named on the box. I had this women come to my house stating she had 1500 dollars worth of electronics from Gamestop as well. I told her it was a scam. Well she didn’t believe that I wasn’t in on the scam. She told me that she had reported it to Gamestop and they are looking into it. I’m very scared as well because it has my address on it. Im worried that Gamestop or the woman will tell the police about the situation. That Im at fault. Should I file a report to the police as soon as possible like the person below? Should I contact Gamestop and tell them the situation? I did also file a complaint to the website. I will contact the consumer agency as well. I do have all the emails they sent me with the job application and offer. As well as the W4 form they sent me. They had me logged on onto this website/workingpanel. Well once I figured out it was a scam I emailed the scam artists and they shut me out of the website. So they knew I was on to them. I basically told them they are scam artists and not to send me any packages. Unfortunately they did on the 23rd. Im just praying that the lady who has the package doesn’t say that I’m the scam artist because Im not. Any advice would be great. Thank you for taking the time.

    Eddy Salomon - December 24, 2014 Reply

    Hey Cody,

    I’m sorry to hear you fell for this as well. You have the emails which will help. I would also contact all parties involved. You can even refer them to this page so they can see it’s a scam that has affected tons of other people. But definitely contact whoever else you think should know. It’s better to be proactive than reactive. You’re just a pawn in this situation. Between the emails you received, this site and you can refer people to the other sites listed here, anyone will be able to see you’re not part of this.

    Keep us posted.

    Cody - December 24, 2014 Reply

    Hey Eddy,

    I did everything that you stated above. Probably put in a couple complaints to the FBI website lol. Better be safe than sorry right. I also called and wrote a complaint to the United States Postal Service that you have listed above. For good measures I filed a complaint with my local police department. Told them the whole situation and got a reference number. So at least I know I talked to them. I tried to contact the person that has the package but unfortunately they didn’t want to talk to me. They think I’m behind everything. So they definitely didn’t listen to me. I did let the police know about that as well. All they told me was that they contacted GameStop. That Gamestop is investigating it. I’m hoping they send it back to the merchant. It’s a nightmare situation. Just wished I didn’t put myself in that situation. Thank you and take care.

    Eddy Salomon - December 24, 2014 Reply

    Great Job Cody! You’ve really covered your ass! I think you should be fine. But keep me posted either way. I’m sorry this happened to you too. But the good news is that it led you here and at least now you’ll know what’s legit or not.

    Jason - December 25, 2014 Reply

    Hi Cody,

    I had a very similar situation happen to me. How did it turn for you?

    Rukhsar - October 4, 2015 Reply

    I want to know what happened because I only submitted my application. Please get back to me.

Stephen - December 23, 2014 Reply

Hi I recently got scammed myself. The Driver delivered a package to me and i said the name isn’t anybody who lives in the house. So I denied it. Thanks to this website I didnt send any packages out. Well I think the driver sent it out to the person whos name is on the package. Now the person who has the package told me he contacted gamestop and they’re looking into it. I scared to death. He said it 900 dollars worth of stolen goods. That I’m the scammer. Should I make a police report? Its my address so I’m terrified it will come back to me.

    Eddy Salomon - December 23, 2014 Reply

    Hey Stephen,

    Sorry to hear you’re a victim too. I’m glad this page helped you avoid any more issues. I would definitely be proactive by following the steps listed above. You could contact your local police if it makes you feel better as well. Hopefully you have the chain of emails sent by the scammer which will help you as well. Keep us posted.

Jean Dockery - December 23, 2014 Reply

Hi wanted to know if you have heard of this company? Shiping packages to address with customer name on it and my address. I didnt except any of them . The fedx left them and so did UPS i wasnt home. only have three of them So now i got to send them back. I put an complaint into IC3 gov. about them .

    Eddy Salomon - December 23, 2014 Reply

    No Jean,

    I haven’t. But as always if the job involves anything we’ve and other people have described above then you can pretty much bet this is a scam to avoid. But thanks for sharing. I’m glad you’ve taken the steps we’ve suggested.

    Jean Dockery - December 23, 2014 Reply

    thanks for your help i turned them over to the FBI and sent all the info i had .I cant find anything on the internet bad about them but i know it is a scam. I did contact the companys that the product came from and they are sending the ups and fedx out to pickup the packages they were glad that called them. Get this then that person from the scam company emailed me and sent ups labels to send the items to amazon from my address . I just about lost it. I was not nice to that person . I hate scammers i have better things to do with my life than play there games.

    Eddy Salomon - December 23, 2014 Reply

    Hey Jean,

    I’m glad this information helped. You did the right thing! I totally feel you about these scammers! Thanks for sharing.

Eric - December 23, 2014 Reply

Hi I recently fell for one of these scams as well. It was by a company called Exec Direct Aviation Services LTD. It was sent by a man named Robert Hudson. I had signed the contract and sent all my personal info to this fraud company. Fortunately I found this website the day I sent it. I immediately froze my accounts and put a notice on my credit. I didn’t send any packages out thank goodness. I also emailed the person back stating that I’ve reported the company to the FBI. Well the other day a package came from UPS it was a PS4 and I didn’t sign for it. I gave it back to the UPS driver. I hope I did the correct thing. I’m just worried that these packages will keep coming. Thank you for this website.

    Eddy Salomon - December 23, 2014 Reply

    Hey Eric,

    You’re very welcome buddy. I’m glad you found our website too. You did all the right things. Just continue to send the packages back.
    Thanks for being brave and sharing this scam with others.

Adrian - December 23, 2014 Reply

I got an email from a guy named Robert Hudson. It sounded very similar to the comments below. I should’ve been smarter but I fell for it. Fortunately after I sent all my personal info to this fraud I found this website. I closed my accounts and put my credit on alert. I emailed the crook and told him not to send me any packages that I will report him. They deleted me from their profile. They knew I was on to them. I had UPS driver deliver a PS4 and I didn’t sign for it. I Immediately made the UPS driver take it back. What should I do if they keep delivering packages? I have not sent any packages out thanks to this website. Thank you.

    Eddy Salomon - December 23, 2014 Reply

    Hey Adrian,
    I’m sorry to hear you fell for this. Don’t feel too bad it happens to the best of us. You found this site and now you know what to do. Just continue to follow the advice I listed. Eventually they’ll stop. It’s so much easier for them to find other victims especially since not everyone has read this article which is why it’s important to share it anywhere you can.

    Thanks for being brave and sharing your experience. It will help others avoid this!

Josh - December 18, 2014 Reply

Hey there. I think I just got scammed myself. Have you heard of a Florida company called Tranship Shipping? It looked very legit but also very much like the scams mentioned here. I have sent packages for them already and am stopping immediately. Is this company known to you? Thanks man.

    Eddy Salomon - December 18, 2014 Reply

    Hey Josh,

    I don’t know of the company but you’ve pretty much hit it on the head. If it sounds like the multiple companies and reports listed above then it’s pretty much a scam and you just need to follow the steps I listed above. I’m sorry you ran into this nonsense. But fortunately it led you here. So at the very least you’ll learn about legitimate ways to make money.

Tara Harvey - December 17, 2014 Reply

Greetings, dear applicant!

First of all I would like to thank you for your interest in our company.
My name is Mr. Mark Thomson, I am a Hiring Department specialist at Horizon Society Inc. Our website

The primary line of our company’s activity is correspondence and distribution for customers all over

the world wanting to trade on the Internet.

Why our business exists:
We offer our services to residents of different countries who want to buy and sell at Internet

stores servicing the United States, European Union and Canada, but find it difficult because of

shipping restrictions and complicated transactions.
As a result, thousands of people cannot easily access the huge market with high quality products at

low prices, that America and the European countries have created.
Our company’s service makes buying and selling easy and possible with street addresses that can be

legally used for shipping purposes.
Much like you have a friend or relative in United States or European Union, our Product Forwarding

Contractors residing in these countries inspect and repackage the contents, fix the boxes and

forward the packages of merchandise bought or sold on the Internet to customers in final destination

countries. Also we provide guarantees and insurance service.
That is why we contract with people like you for parcel and mail forwarding. Also, we will need

smart, responsible people who can be trained for management positions.

Products usually shipped through our service:
– Luxury items such as watches and jewelry
– Sport equipment
– Small electronics such as laptops, cameras, cell phones, tablets, GPS, PC components, etc.
– Clothing, shoes, handbags etc.
– Small auto parts

IMPORTANT: We never offer to ship illegal or restricted for export or import materials and

All parcels are compact enough to be processed within the room of a regular-sized house.

Each address you will ship packages to – is our sorting facility. The packages are being shipped to

our customers, but you don’t see their names and addresses on shipping labels. The package is being

inspected and re-shipped further after it arrives at our facility.
We have several types of customers.
1. – Some of them are residents of different countries – they buy products online for themselves and

use our service to.
2. – some of them are residents of United States, but they live outside of the US and use our

service to receive their personal correspondence, financial correspondence like bills or invoices

and buy products online.
3. – Some of our customers are sellers, who trade through our system. Usually they live in US,

Canada and European Union and sell goods to their clients in different countries.

Job description:

Your primary responsibilities as a Product Forwarding Contractor will be:

1. – You will be receiving mail and packages from our company and its clients at your physical

residential address;
2. – You will be sending reports to an assigned, personal manager, who will contact you after we

finish with hiring process;
3. – You will remove all labels and stickers from outside of the box(It confuses postal workers very

4. – You will be inspecting the contents of parcels if it will be requested by your manager or the

box is damaged;
5. – You will be repackaging content. The box should be appropriate for international shipping;
6. – You will be fixing the damaged boxes. The contents should get to the customer safe and sound.
7. – You will be re-labeling parcels received at your address by attentively following instructions

which your manager will send by email.
8. – Then you will be completing forms and paperwork as instructed — one for each parcel to be

forwarded. Never use the same shipping label to send more than one package.
9. – And finally you will be forwarding parcels according to instructions sent by your manager. (You

will receive prepaid shipping labels so you are not responsible for any cost of shipping.)
10. – After that you will only need to send small “shipping report” to your manager, which means,

that you finished the task successfully.

Important note: There are no start-up fees, investment or other costs related to this position.

Salary and bonuses:

-Your base monthly salary is $2500.00;
-One Package reshipping: $25.00. If you ship 2 packages combined into one box – you get paid for 2

packages. If you ship the contents of one box repackaged separately in 2 parcels – you get paid for

2 packages;
-Envelope reshipping: $10.00;
-Storing of packages (If it was our fault): $10.00 per parcel for each 5-day period;

During an initial, four-week trial period, you will be receiving 8-12 packages per week.
If we are satisfied by your performance and you wish to continue, you will be transferred to our key

staff and we will send about 50 packages per week to your address for processing and forwarding.
After you finish the trial period – one of our accounting department representatives will contact

you to discuss the matter of health insurance, taxes and vacation time frame.
Your first pay date will be at the end of your trial period (four weeks from the date when you have

shipped your first package). If you will continue working with us, you will be paid every two weeks

by company paycheck or, if you prefer, PayPal transfer.

The contract can be signed for 6 or 12 months by your choice, after that if you wish to stay with us

– you can request to extend the contract.

EXTREMELY IMPORTANT: To qualify for this position, You or an adult family member must be at home

Monday through Friday during regular delivery hours in your area to sign for parcels. They cannot be

left unattended at the door.

!!!Please confirm that mentioned requirement is feasible.

Please feel free to ask any questions you may have about our company and this position. I look

forward to hear from you again.


Mr. Mark Thomson,
Horizon Society Inc.

iwillgetthroughthis - December 16, 2014 Reply

hello eddy, thank you for creating this website. I am a fresh victim and the scammers are Global Parcel Delivery LLC. I initially researched the company and couldn’t find reviews or any indication that it is a scam i wish there was a way we could alert people of any new scams by red flagging the company, i am personally going to report this company in the BBB website hopefully people will research the company there and be notified that it is fraud!!! because if someone did i would have known and never been part of it. I have shipped about 7 packages and stopped immediately i came across this website and contacted the fbi who basically directed me to I have learnt my lesson – when a deal is too good think twice, i am a wise person now and i hope this individuals get caught. I do not know what happened to people here who were deep into it but i will sure post my experience. I am also looking at legitimate ways to make money online from your website. I will keep you updated with my progress on this case regardless of the outcome. below is the email they sent me :

Good day,

We are glad to offer you employment with us. We are looking for an

extremely motivated individual to join our team at the position of

Logistics Manager. Several benefits offered by our company to new

employees are described in letter attachments.

This is work from home with flexible schedule. You will be receiving

packages from different carriers like DHL, USPS, UPS, FEDEX. Then you

will have to repack them at home, check the quality of the items

inside and take them to your local postal office.

We are forwarding you an Application Form to fill out. Our request is to provide us with true information. You may not trouble about confidentiality as we do our best to protect all data we receive.

Employee Type: Flexible

Salary: 12 hours per week, $1,400 per month +bonus system

If you want to learn more information about the position, you can either find it on our website or read the Job Description file.


James King

Global Parcel Delivery LLC

tel. (901) 942-8108


    Eddy Salomon - December 17, 2014 Reply

    Thanks for sharing. I’m surprised you didn’t run into this page as you did your research most people do. The BBB isn’t a government agency so it’s not like they can shut these scammers down and they do actually warn about reshipping scams. They just don’t list all of the new ones as we do because of comments like yours. But it doesn’t hurt to share. Apparently it’s very difficult to catch these scammers especially since many of them are out of the country. But sharing the scam as you did and sharing this page will help people avoid it. Thanks again!

    iwillgetthroughthis - December 17, 2014 Reply

    The reason i did not get to this website in time is because i was using the company name in my google search query and trying to find job reviews for the company but nothing came up other than their website because it was something that they recently put together. Also, when you type the business name it appears on the top list of the google search engine results and google have algorithms in place that do not promote scam websites and i know this because i have worked as a search engine evaluator (legitimate online job) so i am not even sure whether they are falsely claiming to be part of a legitimate company or if the whole company and everything associated with it is part of the scam. But this made me confident that i was dealing with a legit company. So at that moment i was not researching the company because i was suspicious about them i was researching the company to know what other employees said about it and basically get job reviews. They even stated that they are a new company and are expanding operations in the U.S. I checked the BBB website and they were listed with no complaints so everything was flowing in their favor, it is just recently that i have realized the BBB website do not allow complaints about employees or scams. I believe that if these people were cunning enough to convince me that they were legitimate they must also be monitoring your website and coming up with ideas on how to go around getting caught or how to trick people. I just wanted to point that out because it is highly likely they do though i am not sure what significance this has, i encourage other people to report this type of scams here and post their experiences so others do not get tricked. The red flags begun when the UPS guy looked at me funny when i tried claiming packages that were addressed to me but not under my name and i was confidently telling him that i worked for this organization and i am responsible for their client’s packages. He then told me it was against company policy for them to deliver packages that way so i thought to myself, why would this company i work for ask me to do something that is against UPS policy? so i called UPS customer care service immediately and explained to them everything about the company my role and my experience with the delivery guy, they told me that i would need to get an authorization document from the company i work for – Global Parcel Delivery LLC and use it to claim the packages (even if they were not under my name). This also made me to believe that there wasn’t anything wrong with what i was doing in fact to confirm this information i decided to call their office at different periods and times so i could speak to different customer service agents and the surprising thing is that they all told me that i am allowed to receive the packages. Luckily for me i have administration experience and one thing i learnt is that i should never rely on he said she said evidence so i even told them to send me a written document or anything solid that can help me claim these packages since they said it is allowed, one of the people i spoke with was even a security specialist for UPS and he sent me an email with instructions of what i should do to pick up the packages even after telling him who i was working for and what are my roles and the packages aren’t under my name. I do not blame these customer service agents because it is not their fault, i am just surprised that a big company like UPS do not disseminate information about these scams to their employees since their services are being used and these scams date back to 2009. Or do they just look the other way because they would not have any implications but still benefit from the whole business process? i do not know but long story short i decided i was going to research not the company but the nature of my job which is ‘work from home reshipping packages’ because the UPS guy still maintained that it is against company policy for me to receive packages that are not under my name even though they are addressed to me and that is how i got here. If these guys fooled me – someone who has advanced use and knowledge about the internet, they can fool anybody especially if you are desperately looking for a job.

    Eddy Salomon - December 18, 2014 Reply

    Agreed. I don’t when people fall for these scams it’s a matter of people not being savvy or “stupid”. Although some insensitive people argue this. Most of the time people’s desperation clouds their judgement. That seems to be the biggest reasons people fall for this. The second is just a lack of knowledge about how all these various work at home scams work. People just assume things that charge money are scams which is also false. But they don’t realize there are other scams that work without asking you for money. So I think it’s a combination of those two factors. The only good thing that comes of situations like this is people learn to be more wary and they discover this site where they can learn about legitimate ways to make money and how to avoid other scams.

    In any event, thanks for chiming in again.

    iwillgetthroughthis - December 18, 2014 Reply

    remember when i said by typing the company name i was unable to get here? since i posted a comment with the company name and its scamming activities on your website which now appears as the third result as of 12/18/2014 (the first result is the scam company Global Parcel Delivery LLC and the second result is it’s careers page – note the vacant position on their careers page) also my comment is below the link to your website in the search results. What is funny is that there is virtually nothing that indicates that this company is a scam other than your website (i hope my logic is understood now). I have posted another comment below intentionally because i know a little about SEO so hopefully your website should be at the top for the query: Global Parcel Delivery and nobody else will ever get scammed by this company. You are also right about the lack of knowledge, i had no idea i could be scammed without spending my own money. When i’m done sorting this issue i plan on joining wealthy affiliate, they seem to be doing a good job.

    Global Parcel Delivery LLC – WARNING THIS IS A SHIPPING SCAM!!!!

    Eddy Salomon - December 18, 2014 Reply

    Well played!!! And that’s exactly why I always encourage people to post the details because I know this articles ranks very highly for the various company names and the reshipping scams. Clearly you understand SEO so thanks for using it to fight against these scammers. Global Parcel has actually been mentioned here a lot. So it should definitely pop up. In any event, I really appreciate your insight and sharing the info. I’m happy you’re considering WA. It’s a great community and I learned so much of what I do here from them. I feel very blessed to be able to write content like this that helps people avoid scams and also be able to share legitimate ways to make money. Being paid to help people online to make money and avoid scams is great. I’m sure if you join WA you’ll find your path as well. I hope to see you there.

donald - December 16, 2014 Reply

I would be happy to research any links for package shipping
to detect if it is a scam. Just post the link here and i will research it and return my results on this page. No Charge!

    Eddy Salomon - December 17, 2014 Reply


    Thanks but there isn’t much to research. Once the job involves re-shipping you know it’s a scam which I’ve pretty much expressed numerous time in my article and comments. So it’s not really hard to figure out. It’s just some people don’t want to give into the idea that they fell for this scam. But it’s pretty easy to determine whether this stuff is a scam. I think people get fixated on things that can be easily faked like a pretty website, documentation, etc. But if you ignore all of that and just focus on the task at hand, it’s very easy to spot.

    donald - December 17, 2014 Reply

    There are many forwarding companies who hire independent agent that are doing a reputable honest business; and the pay is commission paid weekly.
    I can supply a list of some of them but I would be glad to help your readers weed out the crooks if they send me the links of questionable contacts.

    Eddy Salomon - December 18, 2014 Reply

    There hasn’t been one reputable re-shipping company that hires at home agent and all the protection agencies I listed above will agree with me. So I don’t know your angle here but please don’t pump that mis-information and having people believe that some of these companies are legit. Because if they were, the government agencies that warn against them would provide the legitimate ones you’re claiming.

    Dennis B - January 13, 2015 Reply

    Here’s a ‘shipping & receiving clerk’ job offer I haven’t seen on this website. looks like a text book scam too
    Dear Applicant,
    We pleased to inform you that your skills completely meet our requirements for this position.


    Please see the “Job Description” file for more details about this position.
    Fill out “Application Form” and send it back to me.

    Your manager’s name is Eric Silverman.

    Just save the file on your PC. Open it in Acrobat Reader. Print the form.

    Sign it, then scan the pages and send us using your email.

    Please visit our website for additional information about our company and services:
    Position: Shipping and Receiving Clerk
    Type: Home Based | Part Time | Online Office
    DOT Code: 222.387-050
    Basic Salary: $ 2400/month
    Hours: 4-5 hours daily / flexible time schedule
    “PACKAGES CRUISE LIMITED” has been helping shoppers and business owners alike shop
    without borders since 2006. We even have more than a few shopping experts! Our customers rely
    on our expertise to ensure their items are shipped quickly, safely and in the most cost-effective
    manner possible.
    Receive goods for our customers in your area; assist in company’s financial business.
    The Shipping and Receiving Clerk is responsible for preparation of Shipping Documents and
    Shipment Coordination and performs administrative duties pertaining to the same such as
    tracking, data entry, emailing final documents, creating product labels, etc.
    1. Ability to work independently with high motivation and organizational skills.
    2. Good typing, data entry and computer skills.
    3. Must be accessible by phone at all time.
    4. Must have home PC and internet connection.
    5. Excellent MS Excel skills.
    1. Receive the correspondence and goods for our customer to your residential address.
    2. Report to our manager about new package via User Panel.
    3. Repack received items following the instructions our manager will send to you.*
    4. Receive prepaid shipping labels.
    5. Fill the forms and papers according to our manager’s instructions.
    (You will receive the e-mail with instructions for each package).
    6. Send the package out using the specified shipping method.
    * All the parcels pass the control in the International Package Center; we care about your security.

    Eddy Salomon - January 13, 2015 Reply

    Thanks for sharing!

Edward Deniz - December 16, 2014 Reply

I fell for two companies, simultaneously. When the first company (Global Parcels Delivery, LLC) paid me for my initial probation period of $100, I thought these jobs were legit and took another offer from Executive Shipper, an effort to increase my income. I had been unemployed for almost 5 months when I landed upon Global Parcels, so I was extremely gullible and desperate. When it came time for payday with Global Parcels, they disappeared on me; the phone calls and emails came to a complete stop. I got my first package November 17, 2014 and have done about a month of work for them. I feel extremely dumb for ignoring all “red flags” when they surfaced. Luckily, I haven’t done much for Executive Shippers, only sent out 2 packages for them. I will be returning the merchandise I currently hold for both companies.

1st Company Global Parcels Delivery, LLC:

Names: Karen Jones, Linda Taylor

2nd Company Executive Shippers

Names: Troy Birch, Jeffrey Hinton, James Bauer

Let me give example of a red flag:

Jeffrey Hinton
Dec 12 at 2:30 PM
Dear Edward,

Thanks for your delivery confirmation. I will keep you updated.

James Bauer
Rush Shipping Service Inc
Canada +1 (581) 221-0636
USA +1 (352) 353-0302
Canada +1 (581) 700-2862
USA +1 (561) 584-5225

This company is Executive Shippers and my supervisors name is Jeffrey Hinton (mention at the top of email), but if you look on their signature, Mr. Hinton made the mistake of signing as James Bauer with another bogus company name. Desperate for a paycheck, it was easy to overlook this.
I will follow the steps laid out by Eddy and hope feds don’t coming knocking on my door. I have saved ALL information since day one.
Good luck everyone, these things should never happen to us.

    Eddy Salomon - December 16, 2014 Reply

    Thanks for sharing Ed. I’m sorry to hear you fell for this scam. But I do appreciate you being brave enough to share the experience so others can learn. I’m sure if you follow the steps listed above, you’ll be fine.

Holly - December 15, 2014 Reply

I’ve been searching for a job for a while now, not even a work at home job, just a job in general. When ‘Material Handler’ popped up on Indeed, I was thrilled to apply. I got this e-mail an hour ago.

Dear Applicant,

I’ve reviewed your resume and pleased to inform you that your skills completely meet our requirements for this position.

1) Please see the “Job Description” file for more details about this position.
2) Fill out “Application Form” and send it back to me.

Note: Just save the file on your PC. Open it in Acrobat Reader. Print the form.
Sign it, then scan the pages and send us using your email.

PS: Please visit our website for additional information about our company and services:

I believe it’s another one of these scams–I won’t be replying. I just wanted to put this e-mail out there so that if anyone searches to see if it is legit, they will come here and see that it is not.

Mahbubur - December 15, 2014 Reply

I wish I found this site before it happened to me. I would not like to go back with all of what happened, but all same old story. I am feeling so stupid myself as I fell for it.

Below the company that was presented to me:

Solaris Motor Freight Inc.
1810 W Detroit St
Broken Arrow, OK 74012

Tel: 1 (918) 215-2119
Tel: 1 (866) 603-8014

email address that was used:

Just be alert for yourself, these all seem to be Russian scammers.

    Eddy Salomon - December 16, 2014 Reply

    Thanks for sharing Mahbubur! Don’t feel stupid, it happens to the best of us. At least it’s lead you to this site where now you’ll be able to find real legitimate ways of making money online.

skeptic - December 10, 2014 Reply

I received an email just like the rest of the people in here. It was from US Logistics LLC. Similar letter of offer. I responded a couple of times to see where this will lead me to and then stopped – when they asked me for banking information along with copy of my drivers license. I thought “They will know everything about me but I won’t know anything about them.” Their website I logged on to was just created a couple of days ago and wasn’t fully functional. Their address was to some supply company. Their phone numbers was to a voicemail saying to contact your supervisor. VERY bad feeling. So I started to search the company and found your site. I am glad to find you and feel sorry for the people who found you too late. I hope people out there can be careful and not fall in to scams. Like they say “if it’s too good to be true….”

    Eddy Salomon - December 11, 2014 Reply

    I’m so happy you didn’t fall for this and that my website confirmed your suspicions. It is unfortunate that more people don’t know about this site because it would help them avoid this nonsense and find legitimate ways to make money. In either case, thanks for sharing your experience. Please be sure you share this website as well as it may help others as it helped you.

Antony - December 9, 2014 Reply

Each time im trying to reply to anybody it gives error empty answer,what is the problem? Please fix it

juan - December 9, 2014 Reply

I eddy I benn a victim of scam to last friday y recive a package and I follow the instructions and send overseas and I been reciving packages like 4 more but that one I have whit me right now so what can I do? any advise appreciated

p.d I only send 1 package and that after send it make me think it was a scam the name of the page is longeggsurveys

    Eddy Salomon - December 9, 2014 Reply


    I’m sorry to hear you fell for this scam. What you need to do is follow the steps I listed above in the article.
    That’s pretty much what you need to do. I’m sorry again.

John - December 6, 2014 Reply

Nice website Eddy

kevin - December 4, 2014 Reply

First of all we would like to thank you for your attention to our company.

We are interested in your person, so could you please complete an Application Form to move forward with your employment.

For more information about position please read through Job Description attached or visit our website.

I will be waiting for your early reply.

Mary Heard
Pro Forwarding Services, LLC.
(646) 583-1813

can you verify if this is a scam please?

I am very sure it is and I am a victim. I signed an agreement with them and sent a copy of my ID to them also. to me it was a very suspicious opportunity but i fell into their game.

I signed the agreement yesterday and I have never received a package from them so I will not receive it tomorrow or I will return it to USPS office.

I even received a phone interview from a lady and every seemed so legit but what worries me is that they have the copy of my ID.


    Eddy Salomon - December 5, 2014 Reply

    I would definitely watch for any accounts that may pop up in your name. Invest in some identity security like I suggested above. If they have your id and address, it can be used in a lot of bad ways. And do as suggested in the article above for the packages and reporting these folks.

Tanzeena - November 18, 2014 Reply

I got scammed too!! =( I got an email from a company called US Global Het Delivery LLC and I thought it was a great oppurtunity. I only got one package so I contacted the “Supervisor” to see if I was supposed to be getting any packages anytime soon. He gave me “bonus tasks” instead. I was recieving money and they transfering it out to Ukraine! And it was like $4700 at a time! So after the second transfer I was not feeling comfortable with it anymore and let him know that I did not want to do this anymore. But they had already froze my bank acct and they let me know that it was fraud. This was only yesterday that I had to close that acct and start a whole another acct. I have been spending all day fixing my direct deposit and all other accounts linked to my bank acct. I even made a police report yesterday after getting out of the bank just to make sure that if anything were to happen that I had a way to clear my name. I have printed out all my emails and still even have some voicemails that he has left on my phone. I wish I had found this website before going through all of this. It would have saved me whole lot of trouble!

    Eddy Salomon - November 19, 2014 Reply

    Hey Tanzeena,

    Sorry to hear you fell for this scam as well. But fortunately it led you here and now you’ll have access to legitimate ways to work at home. Thanks for sharing your experience.

Jesse - November 14, 2014 Reply

Hi Eddy,

I am so glad I found this site, when I first applied with the company. The company checked out correctly (Including the website). I am two weeks into the job and have mailed 7 packages or so to include an IPAD2. What flagged me was the order itself (IPAD2) had my name on it.

Knowing I never ordered an IPAD2 really made me feel uncomfortable. Let alone to ship it on to another address with the invoice having my name on it.

I will attempt to follow the steps above, I have another package on it’s way and will return it to the package distributor.

Thanks again…

Angel - November 12, 2014 Reply

Hi, Eddy Just been a victim of The Global Parcel Delivery LLC I know something was wrong when I couldn’t get back to the web site. I thank God I found your web site. They find me on Career Link. Package came to my house I told the postal man that they didn’t live here. Send it back to the sender. I also e-mail the perpetrators and left them a message. All I can do now is cast this care on the Lord .I’m not going to allow this to discourage me from moving forward. Like you said live and you learn. Angel

    Eddy Salomon - November 13, 2014 Reply

    Hey Angel,

    I’m sorry to hear this. But I’m glad you found this website and know what to do now. You have the right attitude and at least now you found a resource that can help you find legitimate options.

Tawny Jo - November 12, 2014 Reply

Thank you for the heads up.
12:01 PM (21 minutes ago)

to me
Good afternoon ________________!

We want you to look throughthe job offer written below. Efficient Delivery Coverage company has recently reviewed the CV that you placed on the internet and would like to offer you a position as a delivery clerk department employee.

Efficient Delivery Coverage company was set in 2006 as a result of the merger of several commercial postal enterprisesin Lithuania. Our current business sphere works with many European clients to facilitate the ordering, buying and deliver of products purchased directly from the North American stores to their locations. Our enterprise approach primarily aims the retail field.

The duties of your vacancy are reserved only for residents of the United States. As a ‘courier employee’ your duties will consist of: tracking, receiving, putting together, consolidating and sending merchandise ordered from general United States internet stores overseas to the corporate headquarters and secondary office facilities. The job does not ask attending any kind of office work locations and can be primarily done from your home and the nearest post office. Our company gives all the necessary equipment and instructions for executing the job, a clear work agreement with other paperwork and a lot of bonuses. We ask for no out of pocket expenses from our workers. Products that our clients buy are generally popular electronics such as Apple devices, different computers and other electronics, so there is nothing heavy or bulky being shipped and no need for a big storage place. We give a $1,800 monthly stable and base wage with an added bonus provided for each task
accomplished on time. There is a very good chance of higher wages and growing careers for our most successful employees.

Our requirements:
– 18 years minimum age
– owning a functional street address
– ability to work comfortably on the web and with a printer
– Having a working phone number and possible chance to add extensions or additional numbers

Efficient Delivery Coverage company is happy to show you this official invitation letter. We purposely avoid any add-ons or links to keep web security at the the best level.

We will be happy to hear back from you.

Tawny Jo - November 12, 2014 Reply

Received 11/12/2014. I am noticing they must not utilize word perfect, so unprofessional as well as a scam:
12:01 PM (21 minutes ago)

to me
Good afternoon _______,
We want you to look throughthe job offer written below. Efficient Delivery Coverage company has recently reviewed the CV that you placed on the internet and would like to offer you a position as a delivery clerk department employee.

Efficient Delivery Coverage company was set in 2006 as a result of the merger of several commercial postal enterprisesin Lithuania. Our current business sphere works with many European clients to facilitate the ordering, buying and deliver of products purchased directly from the North American stores to their locations. Our enterprise approach primarily aims the retail field.

The duties of your vacancy are reserved only for residents of the United States. As a ‘courier employee’ your duties will consist of: tracking, receiving, putting together, consolidating and sending merchandise ordered from general United States internet stores overseas to the corporate headquarters and secondary office facilities. The job does not ask attending any kind of office work locations and can be primarily done from your home and the nearest post office. Our company gives all the necessary equipment and instructions for executing the job, a clear work agreement with other paperwork and a lot of bonuses. We ask for no out of pocket expenses from our workers. Products that our clients buy are generally popular electronics such as Apple devices, different computers and other electronics, so there is nothing heavy or bulky being shipped and no need for a big storage place. We give a $1,800 monthly stable and base wage with an added bonus provided for each task
accomplished on time. There is a very good chance of higher wages and growing careers for our most successful employees.

Our requirements:
– 18 years minimum age
– owning a functional street address
– ability to work comfortably on the web and with a printer
– Having a working phone number and possible chance to add extensions or additional numbers

Efficient Delivery Coverage company is happy to show you this official invitation letter. We purposely avoid any add-ons or links to keep web security at the the best level.

We will be happy to hear back from you.

D'andra - November 11, 2014 Reply

I just had the same thing happen to me the company is called Escrowed INC. if you received an email looking like this…it is a scam…I have done the work for 30 days shipping the last package on Friday November 7, 2014. The email goes like this:

Hello , D’andra!

We’re glad to know that you’re interested in the suggested Dispatch Supervisor position.

In this email we’ll explain what exactly you’ll be doing and we hope it will only reaffirm your decision.

Our company Escrowed Inc provides escrow services. In other words, we act as a third party mediator between seller and buyer to ensure security of both. We work with all kind of sellers and buyers, starting with your basic physical person and all the way to corporate and government clients.

Of course we’re not just intermediary, that would be too simple. Additionally we perform as quality controllers by testing merchandise and monitoring its condition to make sure that it fits customers demands. This is quite a challenging task. We’re establishing multiple locations all over the country, to make sure that we can do our job quickly and with highest possible quality.Every office consists of couriers, quality control department (something like a small lab) and customer support.

So we are suggesting a Dispatch supervisor position in our new office in Kansas City.

Dispatch supervisor is an administrative position. Your main goal will be to coordinate different departments of the office. You’ll be controlling paperwork of all departments, maintaining constant flow of packages, checking the results from the quality control department as well as supervising customer service department. You’ll also act as substitute for heads of departments when necessary. Basically Dispatch Supervisor is a key position for our offices. You’ll be reporting directly to the head of the branch. This is a responsible and challenging position and at first you might need to run around all the departments (not like Forrest Gump, but at least from one department to another). At the same time we’re offering a competitive salary for the job. We guarantee base 3500$ salary + bonuses and corporate health insurance.

This is a full time job with an 8 hour shift, 5 days per week.

Basically this is it. No we would like to take a look at your resume. Your HR manager Bryan Rein will be waiting for a copy on the following email address Once you’ll email the resume be ready for an express interview over the phone!

If you get one surely it is a scam…I had to send my photo id and checking and routing number to them so they can “direct deposit” my check…the good thing about that is that i don’t have an actual bank account the numbers were to an pre paid debit card but i did send my photo id. I have all the paper work and emails to show that I really thought I was performing a legit Job. Also, I have received a “job offer” from a Amanda Barns for Edwards Logistics real company but fraud job…Glad I researched before actually filling out the form on the website. Thanks I so wished I would have seen this earlier like a month earlier.

Tony - November 10, 2014 Reply

Here’s one I received today… I want people to note the email address or name!


On Mon, Nov 10, 2014 at 2:16 PM, Rooney Josephina wrote:
A reputable online service is seeking Shipping/Receiving Workers. The opening requires no extensive skills beyond usual computer skills and capacity to handle mailings and dispatches.

This is a permanent vacancy with a direct deposit of up to $2,500 net per month.

Fully suitable for stay-at-home persons, retired people and business individuals who remain in their home workplace during standard business hours.


– Receive letters and packages from UPS, Fedex and USPS at your address.
– Sort packages if needed.
– Inspect the merchandise.
– Apply shipping labels provided by us.
– Dispatch packages and letters to the local postal offices.
– Stay in touch with the supervisor via online account, and phone calls .
– Send tracking numbers via our system.

You have to:

– Have an US residence with postal address.
– Show integrity and strong work ethic.
– Have a vehicle or have access to a US postal service within walking distance}.
– Handle up to 30 lb.

Should you become interested in the opening, kindly reply directly to this e-mail, and we will get back to you ASAP.

Not a Postman - November 6, 2014 Reply

This is some information on a scam via Indeed currently active.

Global Parcel Delivery llc
930 S White Station Rd
Memphis, TN 38117

Phone # 901-654-xxxx

Scammer Known Names ( Nathan Brown – Karen Jones )

Hope this helps someone.

    Angela - December 4, 2014 Reply

    How did you find out that Global Parcel Deliver LLC was a scam?

    Eddy Salomon - December 5, 2014 Reply


    All you have to do is read the article above and you can tell when any of these companies are a scam. They pretty much follow the same methods.

Ana - November 4, 2014 Reply

Dear Eddy this is what i received a month ago

Dear Applicant,
OnTrack Solutions Co. would like to offer you an exciting and profitable opportunity
as a LOGISTICS MANAGER. We have selected your resume on careerbuilder.comwebsite
and believe that your skills and experience will add value to our team of dedicated
Salary & Benefits:
– $2175/month + bonuses (paid by end of first month);
– $3250/month + bonuses (paid every 2 weeks after the first month);
– Flexible work schedule, leave benefits and health coverage.
Duties & Responsibilities:
– Ability to telecommute by phone and computer during business hours;
– Track, receive, process and send company’s shipments;
– Record and report progress to the team members.
If you are interested in this job offer, please reply to this email.
We look forward to hearing from you soon.
Miki Towles
HR Department
OnTrack Solutions Co.

I looked them up before i agreed to work for the company it looked so legit. They even put a contract together. I read and sighned it. And as did they. I was legitimately talking to someone on the phone as well. And it seemd like i wasnt the only one who had heard of the company. My fiance told me hes heard of that company before and that they handle shipments.
What im asking is are they legit. Im so scared right now. Have i really waited a month of my time for nothing?

    Eddy Salomon - November 5, 2014 Reply

    As I said in my article above, a lot of times scammers will use legitimate company names.
    If the “job” involves receiving packages and then re-shipping them to a different address or P.O. Box, it’s the scam I described above.
    You can risk it if you want. But you don’t have to believe me, just read all the comments that have people sharing the same story.

    Mike b. - November 10, 2014 Reply

    Hello Ana,
    we fell into the same scam. When I doing the research before I signed up I couldn’t find anything on them at all. All the websites that they sent me are all now obsolete. Sucks really fell for that one. I did not loose anything I just hope I was not shipping stolen merchandise for them. Let me know if anything else comes out of this for you. Sounds like we both had the same experience at the same time. Still waiting for my first check

    Eddy Salomon - November 11, 2014 Reply

    Mike b. This is a scam as clearly laid out in the article and comments above. There will be no check and you should follow the steps listed above if you have shipped any merchandise for them because it was stolen. Not sure why people can’t see the truth when it’s laid out right for you.

    Mike b. - November 14, 2014 Reply

    Hey Eddy believe it or not I just received two more offers to do this job under different names. Can I report this to the authorities and will they be able to catch them?
    This is what I got

    Dear Applicant,

    We are pleased to offer you a position with our company based on the successful preliminary selection among the applicants on We believe that your skills and experience will add value to our dedicated team of managers.

    Job Title: Logistics Manager

    Salary: $1,800/month (4-week probationary period); $3,200/month (on continuing basis)
    Benefits: home-based, attractive bonuses, paid sick and annual leaves

    Duties & Responsibilities:

    – Receiving, processing and sending company’s parcels;
    – Recording and reporting work’s progress to the team members;
    – Responding to emails and phone calls in a timely manner.


    Teledyne RD Instruments, Inc. offers a very competitive compensation and benefits plan. Some of our benefits include:
    * Medical
    * Dental
    * Vision
    * Paid Sick Leave
    * Paid Vacation
    * 401(k)
    * Paid Holidays
    * Stock Purchase Plan
    * Personal Accident Insurance
    * Educational Reimbursement
    * Prescription
    * Life Insurance
    * Onsite Gym
    * Flexible Spending Accounts
    * Company Activities

    If you are interested in this position, please reply to this email with your RECENT contact information:

    Full Name:
    Mailing Address:

    We look forward to hearing from you soon.

    HR Manager

    And this:
    Dear Applicant,

    International Distribution Co. would like to offer you an exciting and profitable opportunity as a LOGISTICS MANAGER. We have selected your resume on website and believe that your skills and experience will add value to our team of dedicated employees.

    Salary & Benefits:
    – $2400/month + bonuses (paid by end of first month);
    – Flexible work schedule, leave benefits and health coverage.

    Teledyne RD Instruments, Inc. offers a very competitive compensation and benefits plan. Some of our benefits include:
    * Medical
    * Dental
    * Vision
    * Paid Sick Leave
    * Paid Vacation
    * 401(k)
    * Paid Holidays
    * Stock Purchase Plan
    * Personal Accident Insurance
    * Educational Reimbursement
    * Prescription
    * Life Insurance
    * Onsite Gym
    * Flexible Spending Accounts
    * Company Activities

    If you are interested in this job offer, please reply to this email.

    We look forward to hearing from you soon.


    Eddy Salomon - November 15, 2014 Reply


    Yes I do believe you. These scam artist send this stuff all day long. Follow the steps in the article above to report them. The authorities are aware of the scam but it’s a cat and mouse game. Unfortunately I think it’s something that will continue to happen. Continue to report the scam when you spot it and share this article when you can. Doing these things definitely helps some people avoid this garbage.

    Thanks for sharing!

Joanna - October 29, 2014 Reply

Here is the email & info I received. Thankfully, I did my homework and came across this site so I am safe!!

Good afternoon Joanna

We would like you to look through the job offer located below. Holotype services company has recently reviewed the CV that you shared online and wants to offer you a position as a courier clerk department employee.

Holotype services company was set in 2006 as a result of the merger of several commercial postal services in Lithuania. Our current business model operates with plenty of European clients to facilitate the ordering, purchase and transfer of goods ordered directly from the United States market to them. Our organization approach by default aims the retail field.

The duties of your vacancy are considered strictly for residents of the US. As a ‘courier clerk’ your duties will include: tracking, receiving, putting together, consolidating and transferring products ordered from big US web firms to Europe to the corporate headquarters and secondary office facilities. The position does not demand going to any kind of office work locations and can be mostly performed from your home and the local post office. Our enterprise gives all the required materials and detailed directions for executing the job, a clear job agreement with other documents and plenty of bonuses. We require no out of pocket expenses from our workers. Items that our customers order are primarily modern electronics such as Apple products, various laptops and other electronics, so there is nothing big or too large being shipped and no need for a big storage. We offer a $1,800 monthly stable and base salary with an addition bonus paid for every task done on time. There is a
possibility of higher salary and prosperous careers for our most reliable team members.

Our requirements:
– 18 years minimum age
– Owning a functional street address
– Possibility to work comfortably on the web and with a printer
– Having a working telephone number and willingness to add other additional numbers.

Holotype services company is happy to show you this official invitation message. We certainly avoid any attachments or links to maintain web security at the highest point.

We are looking forward to hear back from you!


Holotype services company head office is based in Lithuania. Our clients purchase, sell or exchange different types of goods worldwide. The major part of our activity is electronic equipment. We offer you a drop shipping courier position which consists of receiving, combining, repackaging and shipping parcels purchased in United States by our customers. The main reason of that activity is to purchase a cheaper merchandise for an overseas customer which does not have international shipping option at the store it is sold at. You will be provided with all the needed instructions and materials timely by your coordinators. There are no out of pocket expenses. The position is remote and flexible and can be the second additional job for you. Your minimal monthly salary is $1800.00 and also there is a bonus of 30 dollars for each timely sent out package.

Please, explore the job offer attached to this letter.

If you have any questions concerning this email, the employment offer or you require any other information, please do not hesitate to contact me.

We are glad that you have been interested in our offer and looking forward to establish business relationships with you.

In case you are interested in the job we offer and ready for the cooperation, we will sign up the employment agreement and begin to work.

Yours sincerely,

Alexander Markets ,

Holotype services company manager

    Melissa - November 1, 2014 Reply

    Was This a legit company?? I got the same job offer.

    Eddy Salomon - November 1, 2014 Reply

    No! Read the article above. Joanna was just pointing out how she almost fell for this scam until she came here and READ the article above.

    Lee Wells - November 12, 2014 Reply

    I got the same invitation and didn’t do ENOUGH homework. I admit it seemed to good to be true (and it was), but i rationalized. Now I’m “stuck” with stolen merchandise and already forwarded 2 packages before I realized what was happening. I am in the process of filing a complaint at and I have already filed one with postal inspectors as directed above. Thanks, Eddy!

    Eddy Salomon - November 12, 2014 Reply

    It happens to the best of Lee. It’s a lesson learned. Glad you found my site though.

    Howard Scott - November 14, 2014 Reply

    I fell for the same one I sent one then they wanted to a business account transfer money. That’s when something didn’t fell right. And I came upon this site I got more packages coming but I did do Thanks for letting me and others know. And sent the guy a message and saying the feds was looking me fraud to see what he says no reply yet.

    Eddy Salomon - November 15, 2014 Reply

    Sorry to hear you were a victim too Howard. But the good thing is you found this website and you’ll be able to find legitimate ways to make money now. So welcome to the site.

Mike darabaris - October 24, 2014 Reply

Why doesn’t the federal government shut these sites down? You can find all the ones talked about here in a 5 second search? They are obviously illegal by doing a few minutes of research on them. Just image all the money the government could save their tax payers if they had just one person work a single day shutting down sites? The only reason I can come up with as to why the US gov. doesn’t shut them down is unless there are legal companies doing this service in the exact same way but actually paying their workers????

    Eddy Salomon - October 26, 2014 Reply


    It’s a good question. But you can probably argue that about many illegal activities that are rampant throughout the country including in government. I don’t have the answers. It’s a great point though. All I do know is this stuff is illegal and can get you in a world of hurt.

Joe - October 24, 2014 Reply


I recently started with immediate merchandise delivery. Now finding out it is a scam I only sent one package. I just had another “TASK” pop up and another package is being sent to me. I sent them a message on the website portal saying “this is a scam, do not send me any more packages.” They sent me back a message saying, ” You better keep sending out packages you have coming or we will take measures.” I feel like you said above they are cyber bullying and wont do anything. The only information i have given them is my name and address. Can they do any identity theft with that? I see you answer promptly on here and would greatly appreciate what you think I should do.

Thank You,


    Eddy Salomon - October 24, 2014 Reply

    Hey Joe,

    I don’t think they can do much with the little information you provided. But you never know with these scam artists. I feel like they’d be more inclined to just move on to the next easy target. But it wouldn’t hurt to keep a watch on your identity. It’s up to you. But you’ve taken the proper steps. Sorry you fell for this. But at least you found this website and now have some legitimate options you can look into now. Keep me posted man.

Corrisa - October 24, 2014 Reply

I never heard of this scam until recently. It seems like there’s red flags all over the place, but I guess a lot of people are desperate to make money from home and so they ignore the red flags.

Nice in-depth article about this scam Eddy. Keep the great posts coming!


    Eddy Salomon - October 24, 2014 Reply

    Hey Corrisa,

    Yes it’s a common scam. And unfortunately a lot of people fall for it because it’s so cleverly disguised and desperation makes many folks suspend their skepticism. Fortunately this article has helped many people. Thanks for chiming in and the kind words.

david vick - October 21, 2014 Reply


I got this email and they called me and asked a few questions. I researched and they have a website as well. Is this a scam as well?

Hello David Vick,

We are pleased to inform that you have passed the preliminary selection for Shipping Assistant position with Edwards Logistics.
We have reviewed your resume on CareerBuilder and believe that your knowledge, skills and experience will add value to our organization.

We offer a job with low stress and decent pay on a home basis, you will gain knowledge and experience of the international trade, while keeping to enjoy the relaxed pace of home living.

Please register on our website and we will call within the next 2 days for the interview!

Our Advantages:

– Flexible working schedule
– Average pay around $400 weekly for the first 2 months (based on piece rate pay); around $400 + $250 (fixed) after the probation period
– Piece rate pay: $20
– Weekly payments
– Stability, reliability, best practices

Work Schedule: Mon-Friday 9am-5pm

This is a full-time home-based position agents are responsible for daily shipping and receiving of the packages to and from customers and vendors.


– The packages outside shipping sources (U.S. mail, UPS, FedEx, and other freight companies)
– Check packages upon receipt to ensure accuracy
– Log in items that are received


– The packages outside shipping sources (U.S. mail, UPS, FedEx, and other freight companies)
– Assemble orders and prepare goods for shipment
– Prepare required shipping document
– Examine outgoing shipments to ensure they meet specifications and are packed for safe shipment
– Perform other tasks as assigned


– Must have at least one year of general working experience
– Warehouse/shipping experience is a plus
– Basic computer and data entry skills
– Must be able to work independently with little supervision while meeting goals in a timely manner.

All shipping and packing expenses are prepaid by Edwards Logistics.

More details can be found at:

Amanda Barns
Edwards Logistics

    Eddy Salomon - October 21, 2014 Reply


    I think you already know the answer to your question. It doesn’t matter what the company name is, the so called job is exactly the scam I described in the article above. It should be avoided.

    ayoungefg - October 21, 2014 Reply

    Interesting… the name Amanda Barnes. In my email it was also Amanda Barnes initially and the follow up was Angie something… and the company was Parcel Abroad GP. These outfit will set up everything to appear as a legit business knowing that they’re praying on peoples vulnability. BTW, as far as I know… Parcel Abroad GP have been around since 2008. Crazy right? Keep passing the words…

    Eddy Salomon - October 21, 2014 Reply

    It’s not surprising. The scam artist tend to be lazy with stuff like this. Why bother changing anything that works? Hopefully people heed the warnings shared here by folks like you. Thanks for chiming in!

Brenda - October 16, 2014 Reply

Hello, my name is Brenda.
My fiance was working for a company called Global Shopping LOGISTICS and it had a 30 day trial. He thought it was a real job but according to your article it wasn’t legit. He has sent many packages under many names and was told these packages were from e-bay and that he would receive them under a managers name and send it back out under his name. Unfortunately he has finished the job and when payday came they didn’t pay him. He made a claim through the workforce place hoping to get his money buy he has told them he is still employed by them even though he no longer receives packages and is still waiting for payment. What should he do, now that he knows it was a scam but has already sent out many packages under his name for a month?

    Eddy Salomon - October 17, 2014 Reply


    I’m sorry to hear your fiance fell for this. All that he needs to do is listed right in the article above. So that’s his next steps.

Shay - October 9, 2014 Reply

If I have already fallen for the scam and have sent pachaging, should I go to the police with everything?

Maria - October 8, 2014 Reply

I just received one as well and was hesitant but after some research and finding this page i am going to keep my freedom and avoid signing any forms.

Here is my email i had received

We have found your Curriculum Vitae via Careerbuilder job-site. At the moment we expand our business to the USA territory and can offer you a position of Transportation Manager.
The position is mostly about accepting, repacking and sending parcels with the help of the Postal Service all over the world. It’s a work at home job and does not require any start-up costs.
You do not need to relocate and can do this job from a comfort of your home.

The Transportation Manager duties consist of:
Step 1: You receive parcels at your address.
Step 2: You should report to the supervisor about parcels delivered;
Step 3: You should do repackaging according to supervisor instructions;
Step 4: You will receive a prepaid shipping labels to mail the package out
Step 5: You should affix the shipping label provided by your supervisor to the parcel and drop it off at the nearest post-office.

You do not need to invest any money to start this job. All the shipping costs and extra expenses will be covered by our company.
You will be responsible for dispatching packages in time.
Your compensation will consist of $2400 base salary (monthly) + $30 commission per box received .
Your wage will be deposited into your bank account or into your Paypal account at the end of each work month.
During the first weeks you will work with a small product quantity. There will be about 10-20 boxes a week.
It’s not obligatory to have any special education, you will have a possibility to gain necessary knowledge during the trial period.
Make sure to have working home and mobile phone numbers, so we could reach you through the day if we have any questions about the reports.

The candidate should have:
1. Printer (you will need to print postage labels to ship the boxes out).
2. Internet Access (to check your email for the information updates) and the ability to your email 2-3 times a day.
3. Ability to receive the parcels right to your physical address (not P.O. box) from courier services such as Fedex, UPS and USPS

If you need some more information regarding the offered vacancy – you could email me with any questions.

The offered vacancy is 100 percent legitimate job, all shipped products are legal under the law of the United States of America.

Please, reply back to get more information.
Sincerely yours,
Jessica Kosman
Ingstad & Co AB
Hyregatan 9, Malmo,
Sweden, SE-201


Thanks for your interest in job-position with Ingstad & Co AB company.
My name is Jessica Kosman, I will be your personal manager.
The retailers will start sending parcels to your address at the beginning of next week.
All parcels will consist of consumer goods such as electronics, clothes, accessories.
All goods are legitimate, you will be able to check the contents of each parcel yourself.
Please, make sure you indicated correct address details (if your address has additional details such as room, suite or apartment number, please, also let us know, the delivery services will need exact address to deliver parcels right to your door.
All shipping costs are covered by our company.
Your duties start on October 14th, 2014, so your first payroll will come on November 14th, 2014.
Salary is paid once a month in a form of check or direct deposit (as you prefer).
Your salary consists of $2400 base salary + $30 commission for every parcel processed.
Total monthly salary will be up to $4000.
Please, find the contract and agreement in the attachment, sign the papers (you can fill the forms electronically or print them, sign and scan back to the hard-drive) and send them back to us to this e-mail address.
Will be waiting for your reply.
Sincerely yours,
Jessica Kosman
Ingstad & Co AB
Hyregatan 9, Malmo,
Sweden, SE-201

Good thing i stopped and did research before sending my info…thank you!

Anonymous - October 3, 2014 Reply

Hello Mr Eddy,
thanks for sharing this article. I wanted to say that unfortunately it looks like i fell for this scam too. I only sent one package, but then stopped and did research and I went ahead and filed a report with the Postal Inspector online. I wanted to ask is there anything else i can do to fully avoid any consequences like arrest? Should I go to the local police or is that a bad idea, since they might see it as admitting to a crime or something?

    Eddy Salomon - October 3, 2014 Reply

    Hey Anon,

    I think you should be fine if you followed the steps listed in the article above. I don’t think you’ll need to do more than that.

Dijon - September 30, 2014 Reply

My name is Dijon I’ve been scammed I believe I’ve been sending packages lately for Otp logistics I’m afraid and I don’t know to what to do I’m only 21 years old in college please help me out on how to redeem myself I don’t want to see the police please help

    Eddy Salomon - October 1, 2014 Reply


    Sorry to hear that you have fallen victim to this scam. All you need to do is follow the steps I listed above and you should be fine.

Crazy lady - September 29, 2014 Reply

I fell for this. It all looked legitimate, I even researched the name of the company and looked for scams. They have a website and all. I have shipped items for them. I had a trial period of 30 days they said. Now one of the packages has come back to me bc of inadequate shipping costs. So I was trying to get in touch with them and no answer. Then I am kicked off the log in site. Now I am in fear of going to jail bc now I have found this and it all makes sense now. I am sick to my stomach. I am going to post office first thing in the am. I have 3 kids and now I will be put in jail bc if losers praying on people looking to earn money. They found me on career builders.

    Candy Gilligan - October 3, 2014 Reply

    DI’d you sign any forms?

    Sabrina - October 22, 2014 Reply

    oh my yellowpgk emailed me too smh …yep it’s a site for 30 day period….I even sent off 4 packages…I got suspicious and start tracking the addresses on the prepaid labels…I get nowhere..the Billing address do not match the… mailing address.. I even called one of the bill toO numbers the guy told me I had the wrong person…I’m done with these people and also smt-transports tried the same thing… there is no business license under that name

Bruno Gonzalez - September 29, 2014 Reply

Thank you for your email, I received offer letters from 2 companies one from China ‘Globalink Logistics” and the other from Czecholslovakia “On-Track Solutions” and have been working for them now for 2 weeks and I foubd this article, I will immediately go to the police office to file a complaint as I have tried to do so throught the internet but keep getting the runaround at all the numbers I have tried or been given so Thank you and I hope nobody else falls victim to this scam as I thought I did all the research necessary and really thought I had a great job but now I know this not to be true, I fit so many of the profiles on here and it wasn’t right that they don’t explain or answer their phone but I ingored it thinking I had this great jog, but now I see I talked myself into it, who hires you without really knowing or meeting you… my first sign…. Thank you rom San Clemente California…

karen - September 29, 2014 Reply

Unfortunately, I think I was bit by a scam. I really though this was a legimitate job but after reading your site, I am afraid. Afraid of being arrested and/or afraid my personal information will be used against me. I’m going to contact the Postmaster to find out what to do with these packages. Thank you for hopefully saving me from being arrested. Sent them a message to find out about the scam.

sharon weigel - September 28, 2014 Reply

Have you heard anything about piaggio group inc? I had my resume on carrer builders and they got in touch with me about shipping packages for them.

    Eddy Salomon - September 29, 2014 Reply

    Hey Sharon,

    As I said in the article above. It doesn’t matter what the name of the company is, if they’re hiring you to do what is described above it’s a scam. Don’t let your desire to work at home misguide you. The truth is laid out here for you.

    F - October 3, 2014 Reply

    Hey Sharon Weigel, do you work for PIaggio Group Inc? I think they are a legit company. I hope to hear from you. Thanks.

    Eddy Salomon - October 3, 2014 Reply

    Why would you think that? If they’re asking you to do what we described above, you’ll be sorry.

    Brendan - October 18, 2014 Reply

    Oy, I’ve been with Piaggio for over a month and at first it all seemed to go well. But with the trial period over they have yet to deliver my first paycheck. They said I was being transferred to the mainframe and would receive more packages after. I’ve not heard back but a friend of mine found the “US Office” phone number. I’ll post the results of that conversation after I call them.

    Eddy Salomon - October 18, 2014 Reply


    Keep us posted.

Lady - September 26, 2014 Reply

yep- Balguerie for me…. Didn’t sign a contract but I did send them my application/resume and copy of picture ID.

Thanks for posting this!!!

We are glad to inform you that your candidature for the Shipping Clerk position perfectly matches all our requirements. You have passed our selection process successfully. We are delighted to make you the following job offer.
Therefore, please read carefully the attached documents. In attachments, you can find our Contract, your Job offer and a document on non-disclosure of trade secrets.
You will be required to send us a copy of all sign documents.
If we do not receive your reply within two days, the proposal will be canceled automatically.
We understand that sometimes it’s very difficult for a new people to adapt to the whole working process. It is always a mix of excitement and anxiety. Especially, performing on your first assignment! Always, we would be happy to assist you on any stage of your work. We would also like to remind you that this is a very demanding job, associated with direct payments of the clients and their orders. We understand that you will be materially responsible. By that reason we are always ready to negotiate with you your salary, holidays, etc. We value each member of our team and we are always providing the most comfortable working conditions.
We are confident you will be able to make a significant contribution to the success of our company and we are looking forward to work with you.
If you have any questions or comments, please contact us immediately.
HR Support Team,

Nelson Voogel
Online email manager.
Balguerie US department.

ayoungefg - September 25, 2014 Reply

Here is another one I received a few weeks ago… I went through the process and have not heard back after sending in my completed application and contract. I called the numbers and the voicemail doesn’t say a company name. The company does have a website, but that doesn’t mean anything… thanks for bringing light to this.

Dear xxxxxxxx,

According to your recent email inquiry, you are interested in more details concerning the vacancy of Mail Clerk. You can find further information about the position in this email. Should you have any questions, don’t hesitate to email them or you can call us (561) 325-6481.

Parcels Abroad GP is an online mail service with a physical location in Florida. We offer our clients a US postal address where they can receive parcels and correspondence. Foreign business people selling and buying goods in the USA find this service to be invaluable, since a lot of US retailers do not ship internationally. Parcels Abroad GP is also very popular with Americans who need to receive their mail on the move. Our customers can easily manage their mail online, consolidate packages in bulk and forward it anywhere in the world with considerable discounts.

We strive to improve our management of personnel and warehousing with innovative approaches that help to keep our company ahead of competitors by maintaining low costs. For example, our remote employment approach allow us to massively increase the number of addresses we offer, as well as drastically reduce costs involved with storage. You have a chance to become one of our remote employees. Our business processes are entirely automated, no elaborate training is necessary and there are no start-up costs. You can work from any location in the United States. We encourage you to submit your application and resume, so that we can consider your candidacy more thoroughly.


• Monitor the list of incoming shipments, receive paperwork and instructions from your online account
• Accept parcels and letters delivered by the major carriers to your home address
• Process them according the instructions
• Deliver the items to your local post office and ship them to our clients using prepaid shipping labels provided by our company
• Inspect all packages, photograph the contents and upload the photographs
• Submit reports via email and your online account

This is a relatively independent position that relies on the individual’s ability to take their responsibilities seriously. This job requires constant presence at home and strong commitment and discipline. However, the work is financially rewarding. A full-time employee of Parcels Abroad GP receives a monthly salary of $2,000 plus $500 bonus for processing more than 50 orders per month. It requires you to be available at your home address during business hours (9am-5pm) from Monday to Friday, and occasionally in the evenings or on the weekends. You must have a computer, a digital camera or a cell phone with built-in camera, a printer, a stable internet connection and reliable transportation.

We place a very high priority on the security of our employees. One of our most important policies is to investigate all potential customers in order to verify that their business is genuine. This allows us to avoid the potential for criminal activity. We require all of our clients to provide two forms of ID as well as Form 1583 that has been certified by a notary. They must also complete an interview and verification process. The primary items for shipment include electronics, clothing, auto parts and sporting goods.

To apply, please complete and send us back the application, which is attached to this email. Please also review and to get acquainted with the draft employment contract. In the application form you will find the link to our company’s website.

Angie Bowel,
HR assistant,
Recruitment department,
Parcels Abroad GP, LP,
505 S. Flagler Drive, Ste 1550,
West Palm Beach, FL 33401
(800) 260-1257.

Kiante Williams - September 24, 2014 Reply

I unfortunately fell victim I have not got a visit from the police, but I have sent a package out. I just received another package, and UPS told me to either keep it or refuse it and they will send someone to pick it back up. My question is how do I know where it is going? It may be going right back to the theives. Also, the package came in a different name I was just going to go throw it in the dumpster. What do I do?

    Eddy Salomon - September 24, 2014 Reply

    Sorry to hear that Kiante.
    It happens to the best of us. I don’t think you fully grasp how the scam works. They’re stealing people’s credit info. Then they’re buying stuff with the stolen credit card. Then they’re using unsuspecting work at home seekers like yourself to ship the stolen merchandise to a po box or address that can’t be traced back to them. Once the credit card victim realizes what happens they’ll contact their card company and the vendor. The vendor will then contact you since it went to you. So sending it back won’t be sending it to the thieves. It’s sending it back to the shop.

    Hope that makes sense. So what you need to do is basically follow the steps I listed in the article above. I hope this helps.

    ayoungefg - September 29, 2014 Reply

    What did you ended up doing? Do you have a “Field Supervisor” that you report to? I went through this process for exactly this reason… to find out from “cradle to grave” how and what these organizations do and how to be more inform about this…

    So… thanks for sharing!

Christian Robinson - September 21, 2014 Reply

I had a job offer from a company called otp logistic stating that all I would have to do is receive packages and then check them an remain them to other places and I would be on a trial and get paid 2300 a month plus 30 for packages under 25 lbs and 60 for packages over 25 lbs that us my communion and durning the trial I would get paid 30 days after my first package I received and mailed out I got a visit from the police stating a phone was being sent to my house that was charged to someone else’s credit card I did not know so I was advised to quit the company was fake and if I con united to accept and send packages I would go to jail for fraud I advise anyone don’t fall for anything like this utter ain’t worth it don’t accept the jib ignore it oh and the job offer came in the form of an email I was fooled I quit and I feel better I got out when I did

    Eddy Salomon - September 21, 2014 Reply

    Hey Christian,

    Sorry you didn’t run into our site before you fell for this scam. Fortunately you weren’t arrested. But as long as people follow the advice in this article, they can avoid all of this. Thanks for sharing your experience.

Cesar - September 20, 2014 Reply

Hi ,, I will like to know if you have heard about BALGUERIE ,, they are offering me a job opportunity

    Eddy Salomon - September 20, 2014 Reply

    Hey Cesar,

    No I havent. But if the jobs involves shipping packages or cashing checks, then you just ignore it. Just read the article above and the comments and you have all you need to know. I hope this helps.

Michael - September 20, 2014 Reply

I received an email nearly identical to all the comments above from an “Exec Direct Aviation Services LTD,” contacted by a “Robert Hudson.” Unfortunately I was idiotic enough to sign the contract sent and have emailed them back. I was just so ecstatic to have a job and supposed income coming. Once again the homage “too good to be true” turns out to be true. Fortunately I’ve looked them up now and despite having a website and several google items I luckily found this website…dang, now I am so stressed about next week and what I assume will be incoming packages. Is this crap going to go on the rest of my life? Do you think there’s any danger about people coming to harm my family? (this concern only voiced by my mom, but it seems a legit concern). I’ve also received emails/contract and even a phone call from a second company for an identical position/gig, this time by “Edwards Logistics” sent from an “Amanda Barns.” Fortunately I have not signed this and will not be.

Thank you for this website. I only hope it’s not too late. Hopefully this can help others who operate with a bit more logic/discretion/caution before they give away their signature. But desperation in a desperate economy goes a long way in luring helpless victims in.

    Eddy Salomon - September 20, 2014 Reply

    Hey Mike,

    Sorry to hear you fell for this. It happens to the best of us. It’s not really worth it for the scammers to send goons to your home. There will be enough victims they can easily get online if they’re not fortunate enough to find this site or if desperation gets the better of them.

    So don’t worry about any physical harm. This is a lesson learned and thanks for being brave enough to share with us. The silver lining is that you found this page and you’ll now be on the road to legitimate ways to make money online.