Is American Consumer Opinion (Acop) A Scam?

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I'm away in Aruba at the moment. (Yes another trip. As an affiliate marketer I work hard but play harder. lol) In any event, never fear, I have someone filling in for me for this week's useful and helpful content. The following is a guest post by my right hand gal Callie Boyd of Callie is also known as my VA (Virtual Assistant) and the Survey Queen as I playfully refer to her. So enjoy the post! If you like what you'e read or have questions, be sure to post a comment below. See you soon!

Hey all!

Anyone that's been hangin' out here knows that I love free paid surveys. I've even been called a Survey Queen. lol After taking action by joining Eddy's Top 5 Paid Online Survey Websites, there was no stopping me! I soon realized just how easy it was to be nicely rewarded for expressing my opinion. I quickly turned 5 paid survey sites into what is now several that keep me busy, no doubt. I do most of my VA work by day then transform myself into survey taking mode usually at night. Now don't worry, the transformation is nothing like Jekyll & Hyde or anything monstrous. lol Survey taking for me is relaxing and fun.

One of the first paid survey programs I joined after Eddy's top 5 was American Consumer Opinion (Acop). It's owned and operated by Decision Analyst, Inc., a major international marketing research firm headquartered in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Acop is strictly legit and is rated A+ by the BBB. It's one of the best and largest paid survey programs available. The program not only offers very good surveys, but product testing, a monthly cash drawing, and focus group invitations as well. Occasionally, there might be mail or telephone surveys offered, but generally most will be the popular web-based surveys. The surveys on average are about 10 minutes or so long and are usually simple to answer. Acop sends out routine screeners approximately every 6 weeks. For those who are not aware, screeners are very brief questionnaires to see if the panel member will pre-qualify for an upcoming Acop survey. Acop rewards with a cash amount or sweepstakes entry.

Something for everyone!

I love the fact that Acop accepts memberships worldwide. Everyone's feedback is important. We all are consumers of products and services regardless to where we live. Acop certainly appreciates and recognizes this by offering their paid survey program to people from all over the world. International participants are welcomed! The sign up page is user friendly with a simple “Choose Country” drop down menu displaying selections from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe and every other country in between. Two thumbs way up for not leaving anyone out!

Hide & seek, where are the surveys?

Unlike some paid survey programs that post available surveys on the site via panel members' area, Acop does not do this. Whenever your demographics are a match for a survey, Acop will send you an email invitation to complete the survey. These emails are inclusive of important survey details such as screener/survey access link, length of survey, amount of response time you have to complete the survey, and a reference number. Based on my personal Acop experience, I don't get a ton of survey invitations, but the ones I do get are of good quality and I sure do enjoy spending a few minutes taking it. The new product evaluations and product studies are great! My kiddos have taken some too. They love them as well. 🙂

Show me the money!

When receiving a cash reward, the amount typically ranges in value from $2 to $50, per survey or focus group, depending upon the length of the questionnaire and the time it takes to complete it. Not bad huh? I certainly don't think so. Once a cash out has been requested, US or Canadian panel members receive postal mailed checks. Most international panel members will receive a cheque in their currency. For international panelists in countries that are unable to receive these types of cheques, an American Express gift cheque is sent to those who complete surveys or win the drawings. The nearest American Express Foreign Exchange Office is involved to help streamline the process. Further information about this can be found on Acop's FAQs page.

Here comes the con

Acop is without doubt one of my faves. And although in my opinion it's a great paid survey program with plenty of “pros” on it's side, an existing con is the check option being the only method of payment at this time. I am a PayPal gal all the way. But don't get me wrong, I'm so thankful for and very appreciative of every penny I earn online or off and am even more thankful when I actually receive it regardless to how or by what method taken to reach me. With today's technology, I would be willing to bet top dollar that Acop will soon offer PayPal as an additional payment option just like MySurvey recently has.

The proof is in the pudding …

I am no different from anyone else when it comes to showing me proof of payment. I can spend an entire day telling you how wonderful Acop is, or any other paid survey company for that matter, but without confirmation of pay, many (if not all) of you would be like, “yeah, uh huh, sure Callie” lol It's something how that skepticism seems to diminish when the “pudding” is put before us. By the way, I happen to love pudding. Chocolate and coconut cream are my faves … mmm, delish! Ok, ok, we didn't come here to discuss that kind of pudding. lol Let's focus on one of my payment checks from Acop:

So now, would I recommend Acop? Absolutely! They have quite a bit going for themselves: Free worldwide membership. Good, quality surveys. A+ BBB rating. And last but certainly not least … they do pay!

I hope you've enjoyed my review. Happy surveying 😉

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