Avon Review: Is Avon A Scam or Legit?

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Avon“Knock, Knock” “Who's there?” “Avon Calling!” For those of you that can remember when Avon began to become a popular home based business in your area, you may have heard this phrase a few times. That is exactly how Avon grew so large, and have been around so long. When I say long, I'm talking about that they've been around since 1886! That's just unheard of longevity for any business let alone a home based business. But this success didn't happen by accident.

Avon consistently grew because of the word of mouth advertising of their reps. At any time you could ask an Avon Rep for information about their products and 9 times out of 10, they will have a catalog on hand ready to sell anywhere, anytime without having to actually carry the products. Just place your order, wait a week, and the rep brings your stuff back to you, and you pay. It's as simple as that, and that simple process landed Avon with $10.7 billion “with a B” in sales revenue for 2008. That's Oprah and Bill Gates money folks!

Well if you're interested in getting your share of the billions of dollars earned by Avon, you may want to read the review below. In theory it sounds all good in the hood. But if you're a loyal subscriber, you already know there are always pros and cons to any of the opportunities. So let's jump into them so you can make an educated decision.

How Avon Works:

There are two basic ways to earn money with Avon.

One is becoming a representative and making sales generated commission. You start off getting 10% and can move up to 50%. This is done by selling beauty products from their catalogs. You must be able to market and promote your products as well as yourself to do this. That means getting people to come buy Avon from you when there are so many other reps out there.

Another way to earn money is becoming a Supervisor and getting paid a 12% leadership commission from your team's sales. This means you must recruit others to work under you, as well as train them to market and sell products and the team. Currently there are over 5 million independent representatives worldwide, which indicates that the opportunity does work. However the flip side of this is that you're probably dealing with a lot of competition. Think about it, you or someone in your family probably already knows an avon rep. So where does that leave you?

How Much Does It Cost To Become An Avon Rep?

Unlike many other direct sales company, Avon is actually very affordable. To start with Avon it only costs about $10-$20.

What Do I Like About Avon?


The problem with so many home business opportunities is that they can cost and arm and leg to get started. Fortunately Avon realizes this defeats the purpose of a home based business which by definition should have a lower overhead. So Avon keeps the cost to get started at a very reasonable rate so it can be in the grasp of the masses. This probably explains why they have millions of Avon reps.

The company is as old as dirt.

This company has been around since 1886. That's practically pre-historic! This gives Avon a legitimacy that most work at home opportunities can only dream of having. So when you approach someone to buy avon or to join the company, they're less likely to be on guard because everyone knows and trust the Avon brand.

Avon provides support for you and stands behind their products.

Although being as old as dirt provides legitimacy, Avon doesn't rest on their laurels. They have an on-line training center available to all reps 24/7, and it's free. The training teaches Avon Reps how to market, manage money, and build a business directed towards success. Avon also backs their products 100%. If something is wrong it can be replaced. How many companies still do this? So that's a big plus!

Earn money on your referral's back….

As previously mentioned Avon reps can also earn additional income as a Supervisor. To become a Supervisor you need to recruit people to your team and teach them to sell as you do. When they do you can then earn commission from the entire team. This can be a great source of residual income. Although primarily focused towards women, there are many husband wife teams out there. This is also a great idea for retirees because of the combined earning potential, as well as splitting the effort.

Great bonuses and incentives

Avon regularly provides opportunities for bonuses and chances to earn free products. What? You didn't think reps enjoy selling face creams and lipstick to people for fun did you? Of course not, and beyond commissions, Avon gives reps great reasons to push these products. At most any level reps enjoy receiving discounts, and free beauty products as an incentive. But wait there's more! Once you reach the stratosphere of Avon's incentive structure you are guaranteed 40% commission on all sales and you will earn prize points that are redeemable in a prize catalog. At the $10,000 level a rep qualifies for the Presidential Recognition Program which has 6 levels. The top level is known as the Inner Circle and it is reserved for reps with $200,000 in sales. Wow! That is a lot of face cream! The next level down from that is called the Presidential Council. Members of these top two levels qualify to win a car, and all win what's called a Celebration Trip. This is a group trip for five days to a well sought after location like the Bahamas or a cruise on the Mediterranean. Other incentives include things like attending meeting in a luxurious resort with VIP treatment, and exclusive gala dinners in elegant restaurants.

Avon Complaints

What? Did you think I wasn't going to speak about the complaints about this company just because they've been around since the 1800's and have TV commercials? You should know better than that. lol Although Avon is a great at home business opportunity, it still has its downfalls just like any other company. So let's air them out so you can make an informed decision.

Requires much effort and focus on marketing and promoting

I don't even know why I included this as a con because it's such a “duh” argument. But many people have been turned away from Avon because the amount of work and energy that goes into building a successful Avon business. (Uhhh… that's why it's a called business and not play time. It involves a lot of hard work!) I hate to break this to you but that's the case with anything that is going to make you decent money. Any of you who have read my Wealthy Affiliate Review are very familiar with this.

And if you think trying to make this business succeed for yourself is hard enough. This becomes even more of a reality if you decide to recruit others under you. Here's why; You're responsible for training these folks and making them successful so you make money. We are talking about making flyers, cards, passing them out, web sites, worth of mouth, and the whole shebang! It is a huge commitment.

Slow moving transition to higher levels.

Many people complain that the time it takes to move into a higher position is too long. This all depends on the amount of sales, and growth that you or your team shows. Let's be real here, if you are not the aggressive, go getter type of seller then don't expect to move up very fast. Some people move up so fast just because the right time and location. Something else you should know is that only 10% of people that try and become successful with Avon succeed. (See my comment above regarding how a business takes work, etc.)

Additional Financial Investments

Although you're not required to invest more than you initial $10-$20. If you want to be successful with this business, you'll probably be spending way more than that on advertising, flyers, business cards, websites, etc. It may not be necessary to do all this additional stuff but chances are you're not going to be one of the top sales people earning a full time living with this. Don't get mad at me. That's just real talk you need to hear.

Inventory Issues

Recently more and more people are complaining about how Avon has gone downhill when it comes to supplying products in a timely matter. (This may have changed since the time of this review.) Reps have posted various complaints on the internet of angry customers that have been waiting on their back ordered products for months, and some that have never got them at all! Some say it is because of Avon's computer systems are so outdated, others say it is lack of communication within Avon's manufacturers. No matter the reason is, a company shouldn't put their reps in this position. This makes it difficult for reps to continue to obtain sales from these people or anyone they mention the situation to. Even though in most cases it is not the reps fault, but that is who must deal with the unsatisfied customer. Recently many of Avon's manufactures have packed up and head deeper south to Mexico to reduce production costs. This may or may not have something to do with the inventory issues, but hopefully they can be addressed and you won't have to ever deal with a situation like this.

Reps are Dinosaurs?

Have you noticed that Avon now has commercials advertising their products? So where does that leave the Avon Reps that have built the business? Sure Avon does try to incentivize customers to use a rep by offering free shipping via a local rep and personalized make overs, etc. But I'm not really convinced that many people are going to opt to deal with a rep when they have the option to cough up a few extra bucks for shipping. It just seems to me with the advent of things like the internet and TV, reps will become less important to the Avon business model. That scares me and of course I can totally be wrong (which I hope I am). But think about certain industries that worked solely through reps that have changed. For example you can buy life insurance or car insurance online. Whereas in the past that was a face to face transaction.

So will Avon's move to TV commercials and an online store eventually lead Avon reps to the same fate of the Dinosaurs? I guess only time will tell. But it's something to think about.

So Is Avon Legitimate or A Scam?

Basically, if you can market and sell you butt off, then you could make some good money with Avon. The potential is there, especially with commission like 50% on products. The only kicker about that is making it to that commission level. It requires work, but so does everything else in life. You signed up for that when you were born into this world. So you're going to have to deal with it one way or another. You can spend the rest of your life working hard for someone else or you can do it for yourself.

But that decision all boils down to you, what type of work you want to do, and how much of it are your willing to put in. If you believe you can do it, then go for it! Because based on the research, Avon is definitely not a scam! Like any company or opportunity it has complaints to consider. However I haven't uncovered anything that was so egregious that one shouldn't consider Avon as a legitimate home business option if that's what you're looking for.

If not you can always consider traditional work at home jobs or some of my other personal recommendations. You always have choices, it's just a matter of picking the best option for you. Don't allow others to dictate that you can't be successful earning money from home just because they couldn't. Their experience doesn't have to be your reality.

In any event, I hope you enjoy this little Avon Review. I would love to hear from Avon reps or people that buy Avon products. Personally I love their black suede antiperspirant. I've yet to find any name brand antiperspirant that matches the strength of Avon's Black Suede. As a brother that just sweats thinking about humidity or heat, I'm a big fan of Avon for helping me avoid smelling like “oh my damn”. I know, too much info. But I have to give credit where credit is due. Cheers!

51 thoughts on “Avon Review: Is Avon A Scam or Legit?”

  1. I’m thinking about joining AVON as an online sales rep but I’m very skeptical. How will I get paid? How are taxes handled? I need to find something to supplement my husbands income and I need to find something soon. With no luck finding something outside my home I’m leaning towards trying this but I hear the horror stories about reps owing more than the products are worth. What about fees? Brochure fees, cancellation fees, shipping fees, etc???

    • Debbie,

      When you’re an independent rep for any of these companies, you handle your own taxes. It’s only when you’re an employee do they handle taxes for you. And most work at home companies hire you as an independent rep so they don’t have to worry about taxes. It sounds like you’re looking for a quick fix and that’s definitely a receipe for running into scams. At the end of the day, regardless if you join Avon or any other work at home company it’s never quick money. If you’re going to work a business like Avon or any other home based business it can take weeks or months to see your first sale. And it may not be enough to put a major dent in any financial issues you may be facing. So either way, it’s going to take you time to make any money. That said if Avon isn’t appealing to you, you may want to check out the option here and here.

  2. I realize this was written a few years ago. I have been doing Avon on and off for the last 18 years. Steadily since 2008. I will be 40 this year. My parents retired and help with the business. We sold $58,000 last year. As of March 29, 2016 we have sold $16,987. We also have a team of 37 people. Any work at home business, brick and mortar business or regular JOB are all the time. You get out of them what you put into them. I’ve been lucky to have a few things land in my lap. Hard work and support have been the defining factor though. Thank you for your honest review of the company and being a Representative.

  3. Eddy I love your reviews! It seems like there hasn’t been any new comments on this in awhile. I am an AVON rep, I started this past August, about 6 1/2 months ago, and have been able to quit my full time job and be an on the go mom thanks to AVON. There are a few things that may have changed as I noticed your article says reps start out making 10% it is currently 40% for the first two months while you build your business than goes from 20% to 50% based on your sales. Team sales and bonuses also are based on their sales and your sales now too. I love what AVON has done for me but I work this everyday as my full time job so yes in order to be successful you will need to do actual work, you can’t sit the books on your kitchen counter and expect orders to roll in. I do have a team and would love to help anyone or answer any Questions for those considering joining AVON you can reach me at FlyingAvonLady@gmail.com oh and Eddy if you need some more Black Suede deodorant I can get that for you too. You cant beat 99 cent deodorant There is also a cologne, body wash, and powder to match. 😉

  4. My experience with Avon is that not a lot of people make money with it unless you have been selling for years and I mean 5-10 years or more. I think the market is a little over-saturated at least where I am from.People are creatures of habits and would prefer to buy from “The Avon lady” grandma is used to lol.

    I did it for a few months when I was in undergrad and to be honest did not apply all was taught because I was not for the home parties and calling people on a list.For one, I lacked the resources to get around and market.No car, no money for samples or to even provide snacks for home parties.   I made a little bit of money for the first 2-4 months and that was about it. I will say you have to be willing to learn but at the same time run your business a certain way because people like to make orders then have no money for it ugh.My mom’s broke co-workers killed me.LOL

    Another problem I had was trying to return merchandise from cancelled orders because they would not want to refund you and say that it was already credited back. I ended up owing them $170 for a product that cost less than $10 because of all of the fees they added on. That ended up in collections and they were claiming they were going to take me to court over $170. SMH. I will say customer service sucks as they almost always have people who do not speak fluent English at the call center.

    That is my experience and everyone else I talk to does not make much money with it but when they try another home party business they do really well.

    Other than that the potential to earn is good but not something I would do without having at least a part time job. It is better for a person who does it on the side then becomes full time on the side since it is not exactly a business that has residuals for everyone. My sponsor was a RN and did it on the side. She had been selling for over 20 years and did really well. Only Avon Rep I know that made $800 or more on sales almost every month.

    • Thank you! That’s the real feedback we want to read about company. Not oh it’s a scam. Lol
      So thanks for sharing that. Avon is like any business your success will depend on the amount of effort you put into it and how consistently you do it. You definitely understood this concept and I commend you for not blaming the company in terms of your own results. That being said I really hope the customer service and refund issue was a fluke. But I think I’ve heard others complain about this. Good to know either way.

      I agree folks that but Avon products are creatures of habit. I know I am. When I need my black suede deodorent I have my dad contact his rep rather than finding one near me.

      So good observation. Thanks for sharing a detailed and useful comment that people can get value from!

    • I love to hear your thoughts glad you responded so promptly! Gotta love your job! I want to know if we can submit requests for what we would like to see. I have 2 juicy companies in mind that I would love to hear your opinion on!

    • I just happen to be up and why I responded so quickly. But I try my best to respond to all
      comments provided they are respectful and add value. You can shoot me an email
      using the contact me link on the upper left of this page. I can’t promise I’ll review it but i’ll definitely consider it. 😉 Thanks again

  5. I am a AVON Representative Unit Leader President CLub and I love selling Avon it is the best descision I have made meeting new peolpe and also everytime i recruit somone to my team i love it know im helpling someone get a chance making a better living but it is up to you on what you make of your business. I believe you sound bitter what did avon ever do to you for you to spread lies about them anyone selling avon can tell you it is awesome opportunity to be with company been here for over 125 years how many companies can say that and they try their best to make sure thier customers are taken care of and Avon is the best business around and im proud to be part of a business that supports breast cancer and domestic violenceTammie YouseUnit leaderPresidental Club

    • There weren’t any lies in this review. You should re-read it. Maybe based on your grammar, you can see how she isn’t smart enough to comprehend what she read.

    • Damn Drew! LOL
      A lot of times people just read the title of my articles and decide to form an answer or opinion before actually reading it. This is why you see some of the comments you’re responding to. Don’t worry about it. These articles are meant for people like you that actually take the time to read it. So thanks for the support!

  6. Dear Eddy, I came upon your article by accident but really appreciate your views and honest description of the pros and cons of Avon. I have been an Avon Rep since I was 16 on and off. I have recently been an Avon Rep for 4 years. As you say, it is a lot of work to build and sustain a customer base. It is what you put into it. You really need to be a sales oriented person to make this business work. I am in Leadership, where I sign up and train people, and therein lies some interesting conversations. There are people who join “home businesses” wanting money to just fall in their laps. I recently got a call from a new rep I had signed up about 7 days ago. She asked me, “So when do I start getting orders?” I asked her how many books had she put out, how many phone calls she had made. She had passed out about 5 books and hadn’t made any phone calls to those people to see if they would like to order. I’m saying all this to say no matter what business adventure you go into, it takes times and hard work to see in income.
    As far as the TV ads, they are great! Avon actually shares some of the online sales with their reps. They match them up with a rep in the area they live. For instance, I recently got an online order from a person in my neighborhood who placed their order on the avon website and they transferred it to my account and now I deliver her a book every two weeks. Also, my regular customers see the tv ads and call me to order the products. Or when I meet new people and tell them I sell Avon, they ask me about a product they have seen on TV. So, it’s a win win situation in my opinion.
    Just a few things to keep in mind-it’s $10-$20 to get started, no inventory, no minimum order amounts, complete online training, and support (yes, sometimes it’s hard to understand the person on the other line. I just end the call and call back hoping for an english speaking person). Only 2 requirements, order every two weeks and pay for your order….
    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!

    • Mary Beth,

      Thanks for chiming in. I really appreciate hearing from someone that is successfully working for the company. It’s good to hear that many of the things I argued are confirmed. I totally agree any business is about what you put into it. Provided you have the right training and good products or services to offer, you can make money. But that’s assuming you put your drive to make money into consistent action. The problem as you pointed out is that people want to make money but are putting in the effort it takes to succeed. The normal efforts in a job just don’t cut it when you’re running a business. I think that is a culture shock for some people that join a home business.

      That’s why I appreciate folks like you that don’t sugar coat the reality of the work it requires to be successful. In any event, thanks for filling in some of the details about the tv commercials. That actually sounds really great! I love that the company hasn’t cut the reps out of the sales process then.

      Thanks again for sharing! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family as well.
      Continued success to you! It’s always inspiring to hear other small business owners succeeding!

  7. @kelly:

    Hey Kelly,

    You go on girl with your Avon business 😉

    So that Avon habit got you too, huh? Lol I tend to always have to check out the new fragrances. Seduction is a fave, but I\’m very interested in the new Outspoken by Fergie. Love the tv commercial! I don\’t have an actual Avon rep, I usually just order from my Amazon account. If you happen to get this post, we should connect 🙂

  8. I really like your article and you are spot on about the pay. I only sell avon to support my avon habit. Neighbors and coworkers are mostly my customers. I’m sure if I put more effort into it the pay would improve but i’m still in the learning process of how to run my own business. lol

  9. Avon is like any other business, you have to work and be responsible. I really enjoy selling Avon and taking care of my customers. You get out of it what you put in. My customers love me because they know they can depend on me for all of their needs. If you like meeting new people and making long time friends, and are willing to put forth the effort, Avon is the place for you.

  10. I have been selling Avon off and on for 2yrs. At first I sold about 300 to 350 in sales for a couple of months then sales started to diminish . I occasionally get an order on my website, that’s about it. I did the knocking on doors for like 2hrs. every night.

    • ummm what happens if Avon makes u pay for something that doesn’t come at all
      i wrote a letter of complaint and they keep charging me more and more money for items that has not come at all!! this is not fair and they won’t listen to me, what do i do?

  11. This is a suggestion about the difference between a scam and just not recommended. New task, a good definition of scam, i.e. no money is ever made, or some entity trying to glean your resources only, such as money, contacts, etc.
    This would be as apposed to not recommended, which is a personal decision based on the facts you present.
    Just an idea.

  12. The problem with Avon is, they have a “website” but their accounting and payment (and late fee racket) is what turned me off. It is NOT like Amazon where you just go and order stuff; they have different “campaigns” EVERY 2 WEEKS and if you don’t keep up with it Avon nickles and dimes you with “late fees” and ” internet web site fees” and don’t get me started about their cryptic statements. each statement line is abbreviated and you have to call customer support and more than often get India or Indonesia. Depending on whom you get they will “help” you. Sometimes you get a guy and they are not very understanding …. or just rude and condescending.

    If you have NOTHING ELSE TO DO with your days & nights, and have a talent for accounting, you may be successful. But if you just want to do this for ‘extra cash” it is not really worth it.

    I think it’s the 2 week turaround that makes me dizzy. Sometimes customers would have an old book and want some more merchandise and I had to jump thru hoops to get them the price for that book.

    If Avon would stop the 2 week promotions and maybe once a month make a new campaign it might be easier to keep up with. But this 2 week stuff makes it difficult but hey, THEY MAKE A PROFIT IF YOU MISS A DEADLINE!!!!



  13. True @ Ms. Adrena I hate pressure sales. I hate being taught to do it by telemarketing companies and I hate it when people try to force a product on me. It’s easy tell when someone is doing it, because they tend to have an aggressive feel. When you believe in the product your offering, you don’t need to use such tactics. Also, pressure sales shows that you have lack of confidence in the product, which is never good. Sure companies might benefit in the short term with a sale here and a sale there, but its building customer relationships that should be the focus. Personally I feel uncomfortable when something is being forced on me and never give in.

    LOL @ Eddy. Yes my mama has always loved Avon and I dare not speak ill of the in her presence. Overall, it’s a good company. I’m not sure how it will turn out when use other marketing channels such as TV ads. My hope is the reps won’t get squashed in the process. After all, they did build the company and made it what it is today.And est. in 1886, man that’s a long freaking time. Very fun fact, I didn’t even know that.

  14. @Eddy Salomon:
    Have a blessed evening, my brother, and again all day long tomorrow; and just keep on sharing that wisdom. For a young man, you sure do have a lot of what I call “old-folks sense!” 😀

    • Thanks Sis!
      But don’t give me so much credit. What you might not know is that I spent a lot of my formative years around older folk, in particular women. And you already know ya’ll are way more mature than us men. So a lot of their wisdom was passed down to me. lol

  15. Eddy, what you just described is so true because we really are selling in one form or another much more frequently than we realize. Also, just two nights ago a friend of mine, who is in in marketing and advertising, said almost the same exact thing you said (in essence) that, if when making a sales pitch you allow it to becomes more of a benefit you’re sharing with the customer, this most likely will cause the potential customer to stop looking at the sales presentation as just someone trying to sell them something so that they will get a commission, and more like they’re being introduced to something that will benefit them, it can turn the entire situation around. Most people just simply don’t like HARD sell tactics or the pressure many sales people employ, but will listen to something they feel will benefit them.

    • Ding, Ding! You got it big sis! If sales people treat people the way they want to be treated they make a lot more sales that way. The problem is that folks go into sales profession thinking about the making money part first. But it should be about providing value first and then as a result you make money. I see a lot of new affiliates doing the same thing. But they’re approaching it totally wrong. In any event, I’m glad you see where I was coming from.

  16. Your too much Eddy. Is Avon a scam? You crack me up. No but seriously, my mom has been buying Avon since she was a teen, and would beat the living daylights out of me for even questioning the brands authority lol Great post. And I totally agree. Listen people, Eddy is not being harsh when he says running a home business requires hard work. It’s the God’s honest truth.

    Whether it’s selling Avon or promoting legit home based businesses like he does, it’s going to require a lot of time and effort on your part if you expect any sort of success. It’s not a matter of buy a website, submit it to a search engine and bada bing bada boom, your set for life. It takes motivation, determination, passion for what you are selling, trial and error, RESEARCH, risk taking, data management, organization, and perhaps most importantly, knowing who your niche/ targeted audience is. These are the key factors in determining whether or not you are able to succeed with a home business in my opinion.

    And even then, nobody is guaranteed anything in life. Everybody is different as well. That’s what makes the world a beautiful place. You must create a personalized winning formula based, while using the aforementioned factors as a foundation, and then you will start seeing some serious returns. Nobody is going to do the work for you while you kick back and reap the benefits. Any program promising to make you rich without you having to do anything should raise a red flag in your mind and I assure you, it’s an absolute scam and will wind up in the ponzi scheme garbage bin here where it belongs.

  17. I have been an Avon rep in the past while having a full time job. It was a way for me to make a little extra money and get products discounted. I had about10 loyal customers who were co-workers and that made it easier for sales. But I also became my OWN best customer! UGGGHHH!! I’ve learned that lesson…Now that I am currently a Stay @ Home Mom, I decided to try Avon again – except this time it’s harder. I don’t have the luxury of leaving books in the breakroom and discussing new and different items over lunch with the girls. It’s harder when you have a 1 yr old in tow – to go out canvassing the neighborhood in a stroller doesn’t seem hard (when the weather is nice) but when you hit about 100 houses from your walk and you get no calls is SOOO discouraging. I have bought and put out over 400 books and have only 1 customer! I offered a discount for new customer and Referral Rewards of either a discount or specific products – and only 1 bite. I also have my Facebook linked to my page Avon website to get more exposure and had another 1 order online. I think I’ll still enjoy my stroller walks but without the extra 15 pounds of books. Don’t get me wrong – I love Avon and have used the products for a long time, but the sales part of it just isn’t me unfortunately.
    To those that can make it work – kudos to them!

    • Sarah,

      Thanks for sharing your experience with us all. I’m sure you gave folks some perspective to consider. At the end of the day Avon is like any company or job, it’s not always going to be everyone like you argued.
      Fortunately for us all there are a lot of options out there. So it’s always a matter of finding what’s best for you. But I agree I applaud the Avon reps that can make this work.

      lmao. I can picture your moms wacking you over the head for disrespecting Avon. lol In any event, I totally agree with your insightful comments. Anything worth something is going to take work and energy. The sooner folks realize that, the better. But the great thing about the web is we have tons of options at our disposal. So we’re all very fortunate to be living in such times because in the past your only option was to slave away for the man the rest of your life. Good stuff C.S.!

  18. Of course you know if you ever write a “Is Mary Kay a Scam” article without first talking to my wife, I will be forbidden from mentioning your name in our house.


    Now plastered on every wall of our house is a sign that reads:

    “I’m am Not that Far from Where I want to be”

  19. Avon is great!

    I’ve never been a rep but am a long time customer. I’m a huge fan of the Imari line, preferably Seduction. Whatever would I do without my Imari Seduction. lol

    Being the web junkie that I am, I so appreciate the ease of being able to do all of my Avon shopping via web. I remember way back prior to Avon websites, reps had all of that tedious paperwork to complete. I used to tease and laugh with my Avon girl friend/rep of how unorganized she was. She would always be frustrated over all the little receipts, etc that would be all over the place. If you’re out there Michelle, you know I love ya girl!

    The current Avon TV commercials that are running speak positive volumes for the company. Very professional, attention grabbing, on the move, and believable with an “I can do this!” attitude. Very encouraging for those looking to become involved as a rep.

    Yes indeed, Avon has definitely stepped up over the years and still doin’ their thang. I believe the company will be around for quite a while longer because of the strong, stable foundation it was built upon. Two thumbs way up for Avon!

  20. My mom was an Avon rep in the 50s so let me add one more con: trying to get people to pay for their orders once they arrived. Big eyes and little money was the problem. Because customers don’t have to pay until the order arrives, many times they’d get “carried away” while ordering and by the time their products arrived they didn’t have the money. It happened so frequently until it just wasn’t worth the time and effort my mom spent. She was an Educator and a cosmetologist, so she just continued teaching school and did her occasional “hairdressing” (on the side) from our home.

    I’m not good at rejection either, so sales just aren’t for me. In fact, I’m “piss-poor” when it comes to rejection, so I don’t even try anything that requires selling unless it’s something like just standing behind a counter and the customers come to me. I’ve never been any good at seeking customers or working in an aggressive sales environment. As an old Blues song goes: “I’d rather drink muddy water and sleep in a hollow log.” 😀

    • Big Sis (Ms. Edrena),
      Thanks for sharing that con because you’re right a lot of customers are guilty of this! My memory was jolted when you described it. You know what’s funny about sales, we all do it. But we just don’t view it as sales. Even what I do on this site I don’t view as sales. But in it’s purest form it is. Anytime you’re moving someone to an action is considered sales. When I convince my daughter that it’s not a good idea to touch daddy’s expensive Mac, I’m selling the idea it’s in her best interest to avoid a certain action. When you’re convincing your boss that you should get a raise, it’s also a form of selling. We all do it every day and do it with ease because we’re not viewing it as sales but it is. So you have to keep that in mind. If someone you know has a serious acne problem and you suggest Avon’s X Acme product you’re actually helping that person. They’re not viewing you as a sales person at that point. So I guess it’s all about how you go about. But I agree door to door stuff I couldn’t do. I’m too sensitive for that constant rejection. That’s probably why I’ve been shy my whole life. But I think if I approached it in a way of helping people, I could probably makes some sales. That being said, I like being on my computer and making passive income so I’m not quitting my day job. lol Thanks for sharing Big sis!


      Imari Seduction, huh? Who comes up with these names? lol Now you got me trying to remember the name of the perfume a co-worker of mine use to wear from Avon. It smelled so good. Might have to get it for the wife if I can remember it. They do make some great fragrances. I wonder if the men fragrances are any good. I’m a cologne whore. I have like 6-8 different bottles in my bathroom. lol

      In any event, I have to agree with you, Avon is great. They are a company that has staying power that most companies can only dream of.

      You know that is probably going to be a topic of a new article in the future. lol I’ll be sure to consult with you before putting it out there. I don’t want any beef with your wife. Then she’ll ban us from emailing each other. lol

      P.S. Great message to plaster on your wall. I have a fake check of a million dollars made out to me plastered on all the places I visit regularly, the bathroom, my mac and the fridge. lol It really does inspire you and subconsciously makes you work at said goal or statement. So applaud you! The other thing I like about having this check placed around the house is that I know visitors and family members see it. So I feel even more compelled to make it happen because they ask what’s that about? And when I tell them they half smile but because I have a proven record of some success, they know I’m dead ass serious about the goal. lol So it’s great to prominently put your goals out there verbally and physically. Keep it up big Phil!

  21. I sold Avon for about a year. Another point people need to consider is self control. If you feel the need to buy things just because there is a great deal, then you seriously need to reconsider. You can get your hands on some amazing deals, sometimes before they are even introduced to the public. I did the math after one year of selling Avon, and I wound up in the hole over a grand! Ouch. I promptly decided to quit while I was behind. That is definitely not to say that if you are ready to aggressively market the stuff you won’t be successful, but for the few people like me that lack self control, move along.

  22. I could kick myself! I should be reading more of your reviews instead of jumping into things without knowledge! I was pretty well aware of the struggle it would take to start with Avon, I should have read your review on Wealthy Affiliate. Arghhhhhh!

    • Hey Cathy,

      Don’t kick yourself. That sounds very hard and painful by the way. lol No but seriously, don’t be afraid to adjust if you feel you’ve made a mistake with a given opportunity. I’ve tried a lot of opportunities and later realized that it was a bad move for me. It may be the right fit for others but I just realized it wasn’t for me. But I don’t cry over it, I just chaulk it up to a learning experience. That’s the key, learn from it and then move on to something else. If you have actually learned from that experience you shouldn’t repeat the same mistake.

      But try to give whatever you’re involved in the best shot you can. But if you’re certain that you’re not cut out for it, then cut your losses and move on. Don’t harp on the mistakes. Mistakes are how we grow. If someone has never failed or made a mistake, chances are they haven’t stretched themselves enough. Hope that makes sense.

  23. Thanks for another great article. I’d recommend if you work in an outside business who doesn’t have clear rules against soliciting within and there’s NOT an Avon rep already serving the employees, jump on that opportunity right away! Every office I’ve ever worked in and even a retail store had an Avon rep and they did pretty well for themselves because they were outgoing and knew a lot of people. If you attend a large church or other community organization it would be worth your while to get into it. As for me, I work from home and don’t come in contact with a lot of people aside from my husband, mom and people on Twitter, so I can’t imagine being very good at it.

    Avon definitely has products and a long running mostly positive reputation on their side. Most people know people who use Avon product as opposed to say, Amway where everyone knows someone who sells it but nobody knows anyone who actually buys it. Mary Kay is probably similar to Avon, although their reps tend to be a bit more “aggressive”.

  24. I may not be a part of Avon but my friend’s mother worked at Avon. According to my then-friend her mother didn’t have much of a paycheck, they lived in poverty for awhile. Finally, her mom caught a big break with Avon around 2007 and got promoted as well as now earning about $45,000/year.

    I saw what she had to do, mostly go door to door around the neighborhood and I wasn’t keen to that idea lol. I was at one point interested, but going door to door and having people slam the door on my face when they said “No” is something that discouraged me lol. But good for her mom, she managed to have success with Avon 🙂

    • Monica,

      Thanks for sharing your friend’s experience. I’m there with you. I don’t deal with rejection well and I’m not all that outgoing in person. So walking door to door to sell just wouldn’t be a good fit for me either. But I definitely applaud those that can work up the nerve to do it and who have become successful because of it. It’s a real skill. Thanks again for sharing.

      You’re welcome. Great to hear from you again. That was some great advice! I agree with you. The avon rep my family has worked with never seems to have any issue making sales. But they worked on a group of people they already worked with and knew. And you’re right you need to be outgoing to succeed with it. I just think sales is much easier for Avon because they do have such a long reputation of excellence. So you’re right you don’t feel dirty pushing their stuff and people don’t react to you in that way for the most part. At the end of the day it’s a great opportunity if you’re the right person. Thanks for sharing Aimee.

    • Look, Avon has been around for years paying reps. So they’re not a scam. If you had a poor experience then feel free to share some REAL details. It’s comments like this that make it hard for people to make informed decisions.

      The internet makes it too easy for people to run around calling everything a scam without any proof of validation.

    • Thanks for your imput Eddy. It’s been helpful. I was hoping to supplement some income while I went back to school. Looks like I’d better add a side joj to that. I do like the products. I’d heard on the Antiques Show Avon started orginally as a pottery business. Is this correct?

    • You’re welcome! Glad to help. There are a lot of ways to make money on the side so be sure to check out my recommendations page as well:

      I don’t really know if Avon started as a pottery business, that doesn’t seem to ring a bell. But I could be wrong. I just know they have been around for a long time and some folks are doing pretty well with them.

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