The Barefoot Writer Club Review: Get Paid To Write Scam or Not?

the barefoot writer club review

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Making money as a freelance writer is probably one of the best ways to earn online. The problem is where to start. Well sites like Barefoot Writer claims to be able to train people to become accomplished freelance writers online. But with so many scams out there you are probably better off checking out a couple of The Barefoot Writer Club reviews to know whether it's legit. Well, we have answered that question plus a whole lot more in this tell-it-all The Barefoot Writer Club review.

What is The Barefoot Writer Club?

The Barefoot Writer Club found at is a subscription-based training website and digital magazine that claims to teach people like you and I how to become skilled, professional, well-paid online writers.

Barefoot Writer Club, is owned by Paul Hollingshead and has been in business for 17 years. The company is part of the American Writers Association Inc. (AWAI).

How Does The Barefoot Writer Club Work?

As a Barefoot Writer Club member, you'll be given courses, training, resourceful material and the monthly issue of the Barefoot Writer Club digital magazine. Barefoot Writer Club claims to be able to make you an expert writer, capable of living a high-end lifestyle through writing.

But how?

Well, if you decide to become a member, they'll take you through a training program with all sorts of courses, eBooks and seminars about making it as a freelance writer.

But first, they'll give you a free ”9 Ways To Make A Very Good Living As A Writer” report. This is basically an eBook with ways of making a fortune in the freelance writing industry.

Apparently, these online courses, reading material and interviews from already established writers are all meant to make you a ”well-paid writer.”

According to the website, their team of editors will then help you earn money, which according to them, is well into the six-figure region. But nothing's free, all that comes at a cost.

How Much Does It Cost To Join Barefoot Writer Club?

It costs $49 a month or $108 a year to become a member of the club. Once you pay the membership fee, you'll get their monthly digital magazine, and 50 past issues of the same.

You'll also be able to access their ”Private Portal”. Apparently you'll get feedback, critique and advice from experts concerning the writing work you'll be doing.

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Can I Get Paid To Write For Barefoot Writer Club?

It appears you can earn money writing for the Barefoot Writer Club. There's a contest they run where members submit articles for review by their editors.

The best article wins money, and they'll pay you via check or an online payment medium. However, nowhere have they mentioned how much they'll pay you.

What We Like About Barefoot Writer Club

It's a start for beginners

What's good with Barefoot Writer's Club you ask? It's probably a good thing if you don't know crap about freelance writing. I previewed one of the free eBooks they have and it had useful information.

Their Facebook page also has positive reviews from people who got something of value out of these resources.

The Parent Company Registers a Positive BBB

Their parent company American Writers & Artists Inc. has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau at the time of writing this review.

Barefoot Writer Club Complaints

If you've ever fallen for a scam, then you know better. That's why this section of the review is important to you. Indeed, there are a few strong red flags you should know about The Barefoot Writer Club.

The income claims are overly hyped.

The Barefoot Writer claims you can make five, six or seven figures as a freelance writer. Sure, you can but I'm not really convinced they can get you there based on some the front end stuff they offer. For instance my team downloaded their ”Discover 9 Writing Projects You Can Start On Today” ebook.

Some of the information they included is actually good, but most of it is just fluff you can get elsewhere. There's nothing in there showing how or where you'll be making this money.

Maybe this stuff is included in their expensive ass upsells and that's where they reveal how to make the 5-6 figures as they keep hyping up on their site. But since I didn't buy these upsells I can't say for sure. So that's an unknown for me.

At the end of the day my own proven way of becoming a real online entrepreneur is My Best Work At Home Recommendation. Again, a good place to start freelance writing on your own is on sites like iWriter or Upwork. If you are looking for screened freelance work to do, you might want to check out

Tons of Upsells

Barefoot Writer Club claims to enable you make a six figure income, for just $108 a year. What they fail to mention is that once you pay the membership fee, you'll also have to buy lots of other material to reap the benefits of your membership.

Most of the Information is Basic

It seems that many members have argued that the eBooks and information that Barefoot Writer Club sells is more of fluff, than actual useful information. In fact, this information you can get from free self-help books and other places online. There's nothing new or groundbreaking you'll get.

Is Barefoot Writer Club A Scam or Legit?

Personally, I wouldn't recommend Barefoot Writer Club. Unfortunately most of the information you're purchasing isn't anything ground breaking that will lead to the type of income they claim. You end up paying for a membership only to be asked to pay an additional fee for an upsell that should have been included in the initial price.

So, I would definitely keep my shoes on if I were you. In fact, if you are looking for freelance jobs from trusted sources online, you can check out At the end of the day, you don't have to be a trained writer to make money online. You can make money on sites like, or

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Well that's my two cents about Barefoot Writer Club. Do you have a comment or question you'd want us to know of? Chime in on the comments section below!

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Eddy ”with a Y”

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