Is A Scam?

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Is a scam?

If you're anything like me you've probably watched quite a few videos online. The content varies from humor, news or even porn. (I'm not judging you. lol) Chances are you've probably also had to endure watching some type of online video advertisements as well, just like the commercials we see on TV. However with the advent of DVR technology such as TIVOs , a lot of us aren't really watching TV commercials anymore. If you're like me you just fast forward right through them.

Well advertisers are losing a lot of money because of this. Boo Hoo for them right? After all what do we care? The networks were the ones making all the money and in return we had to endure having our shows interrupted by ads for medical issues I never even wanted to know existed: Feminine itch, Erectile dysfunction, Hemorrhoids, etc.
Fortunately some of the advertising agencies wised up and decided that it probably makes more "cents" to pay us for viewing commercials that we have actually expressed an interest for. I applaud this type of thinking and this is why we're writing a review on today. is part of AdGenesis which is basically an advertising network that helps organizations brand their company via video and other content on sites like FOX, My Points, Beezag and Swagbucks. The fact they're behind Swagbucks was very telling to me because as many of you know, SB is a legitimate company that regularly pays it members and I have personally tried and recommend!
It's also been around since Feb 1, 2009. So it's proven and not in BETA like so many nonsensical opportunities out there that end up never amounting to anything.

What is Beezag?

Well in short Beezag is a website where you earn rewards for watching short videos online.

How do you make money?

You sign up for a free Beezag account. Once you've filled out the short form, you're able to login and watch short videos. During these videos you will see 2 numbers that will float around the frame of the video. You will need to remember these numbers. Because at the end of the video will be a 1 second quiz that will ask you for the 2 numbers. You just fill in those two numbers click on the submit button and you'll get credit for watching these videos.
If none of this made sense, just watch their little video here:

Tell me about the videos.

Well from my personal experience with this company, I'm able to get 5-10 videos per day. I login periodically even though they will email you when there are videos. I think the type of videos and number of videos you get is based on your demographics and interest sort of like surveys or focus groups. Although the initial sign up is very quick, be sure to fill in their Tell Us More / My profile section when you login. You don't have to do it all at once but I did just to get it over with and hopefully improve my chances of getting more paid videos.
The videos tend to be very short. I would say they range from 15 to 30 seconds long. They're also very targeted to my interest and the information I've filled out. I've been tempted to try many of the products I've seen and that's exactly what the advertisers are hoping for. It's also why you're offered further incentives such as discounts to make a purchase right after seeing a video. But it's not required! You still get paid anyway. However if one of the products do interest you, you might be able to get it cheaper using the links after the video which is pretty sweet.

How much money can you make?

Well Beezag uses a point system like my favorite survey site Don't get your panties all in a bunch! The points are basically cash. At the time of this review 1000 points is equal to $1. The pay per video ranges from 20 points to 90 points. Just in case you can't figure out the math, that's about $ .02 – $ .09 cents per video. (Thanks Christina for helping me fix my math. lol)
Rant: Before you start moaning that's not a lot of money. Let me ask you how much money you've made watching TV commercials or youtube videos over the last couple of years? I dare say that for most of you that would be a fat $0 per video! So in essence you've wasted a lot of time that you can now be compensated for. Let it marinate in your mind before you cry this isn't worth your time or isn't enough money. At the end of the day no, it's not neccessarily rent money but it adds up along with the various other recommended opportunities I've discussed in the past. My philosophy has always been it's better to make some money especially if it's something you already do unpaid than making no money waiting for that big money making opportunity!
In addition to cold hard cash, you are often entered into sweepstakes for events, amazon gift cards, and other cool stuff. I haven't won any of them yet but I'm sure I will since I'm constantly entered when I watch a video.
Like most of my top recommendations this company has a referral program that pays you an Unlimited 10% of whatever your downline earns. This is worth noting because it can end being some nice residual income for a long time to come depending on how many active users you can refer. This is way better than Swagbucks in that respect since Swagbucks caps your income at certain amount per referral. By the way you're not required to refer people to earn money with Beezag. But it definitely helps you earn a lot more money and a lot faster than going it alone. However you can still do fine without any referrals. As a trained affiliate you already know I'm maximizing my profits via their referral program using the techniques I've learned. This is always why I'm always emphasizing why you need to learn these internet marketing skills as well.

When and how are you paid?

Well like so many programs we've recommended in the past, their is a payment threshold that must be reached before you get your cash. In this case the minimum you need to earn is 8000 points aka $8. This may change depending on when you're reading this review. Apparently it was lower back in the day. Sigh.
The payment is made via paypal. It takes about a week after you've requested a payment for it to show up in your paypal account. You can see proof of my own payment with this company here:

Unable to display content. Adobe Flash is required.

By the way you can also use your points to donate to a limited number of charities that Beezag is associated with. I recently donated some money and it felt good.

How do I sign up?

Well if you haven't already clicked on the numerous "hidden" (enter sarcasm here) Beezag links in this article, feel free to click here to sign up for free now!

Is this open to people outside the US?

It appears only USA members can join and earn from this site (according to their terms). Sorry my international brothers and sisters. I don't make the rules, I just report the findings. However check out our international work at home page for options in your area.


Okay let's discuss some of the things I don't like about this opportunity. Don't worry none of these things are really deal breakers in my mind. But it's worth noting so you can make an informed decision. I'll be real some of these are just me being a nitpicker. lol
Point System:
Why do companies continue to make up these point systems? It seems like an unnecessary layer. If 20 points is equal to .20 cents just call it cents damn it! Points seems to make a lot more sense to me when there are different types of prizes. But if your prizes are limited then dumb down the process. I also feel like it's a way to short change us because they can make it so the points aren't on a 1:1 ratio.
Payment Threshold:
8,000 points aka $8.00 to cash out isn't super high. But I wish it were more like ICS which only has a $2 payment threshold. The sooner people can see money, the more inclined they are to stick with a program and will recommend it to a friend. But from a business point of view it may be more of a pain in the butt financially and time wise to allow for lower payment payout amounts. I don't really know. I just know from a user stand point less is more in this respect.
I find it a bit annoying that it takes a week to process the paypal payments once I requested it. I guess I'm spoiled with companies like ICS which usually have my money to me within 24-48 hours. However a week is still better than waiting a month. But since it's all digital, I just don't really understand the need for the delay.
Pay Per Video:
It would be nice if they have an option that pays you more for watching longer videos or answering a few questions to help advertisers improve their ads. I certainly wouldn't mind spending more time watching a longer video if they compensated accordingly.
Video Inventory:
I wish there were way more videos per day. For my profile it seems like I only get 5-10 per day. Maybe some of you are getting less or more. But personally I would love to see a lot more. Maybe as they grow their user base this will improve.

So is legit?

Well despite the minor cons I mentioned above, I definitely think Beezag is a legitimate company and opportunity. The fact I've been a member that has been paid seals the deal for me. I also like the fact that they work with other proven companies that I know are legit like Swagbucks and MyPoints.
Obviously this isn't going to be a huge money maker but it's yet another stream of money coming in which falls right in line with my multiple streams of income philosophy. All of this stuff adds up and you can easily have various amounts of money coming in at different times. At the end of the day you're probably watching TV commercials and online videos anyway. So why not get paid for doing it?
Look if you're already making a lot of money with a legitimate work at home job or home based business and not interested in this that's fine. Continue "to do you" boo boo! lol But if you haven't made a dime online yet or you're like me and are addicted to making more easy money, then this may be a good starting point for you. Couple this along with my other recommendations and you'll be happily surprised. It's amazing how someone's attitude and confidence changes in this industry when they've actually made their first cent online legitimately. And I think Beezag is definitely an opportunity that will help you to that end.
Well that's all from me. I would love to hear from people who have tried this or plan to try this. I know some of Facebook fans have already jumped on this and making money. But I would love to hear from more of you regarding Beezag. Share your experiences whether good or bad. Enjoy and Good luck if you decide to give this a shot!

59 thoughts on “Is A Scam?”

  1. I was so bummed when I heard Beezag was shutting down! I miss it, but I had quite a bit of sites to visit to watch videos already. Now I can just concentrate on a lesser number. I think JIngit is trying to be what Beezag was, but they seem to have hit a major mountain that I don’t thik thye can climb.

    • Indeed! Jingit had potential but I think the lack of consistent advertisers may be it’s downfall. I’ve earned some money with it. But not a lot. Thanks for chiming in.

  2. Hi Eddy. I was wondering what means “5 Years Subscription” or “3 Years Subscribption” that I keep finding in these kind of sites. What happens after that time expires?
    Thank you so much for everything you do.

  3. i believe beezag is a ligitmate site to earn real money.
    i do however agree with the blog posted   by     Eddy Salomon    
    here is an excerpt.     8,000 points aka $8.00 to cash out isn’t super high. But I wish it were more like ICS which only has a $2 payment threshold.       it will allow for more be stay interested in the site more much.

    but, thats just my 2 cents worth.

  4. Hey BestMommy,
    Thanks for chiming in. You totally get my philosophy and why I recommend and do these opportunities. Look I earn tons of money as an affiliate marketer but yet I still carve out time to these little opportunities because they add up and I can use them for christmas shopping, vacation money, etc. Most of us waste a lot of time online or at home watching TV commercials or some other nonsense. I say why not make some money during these unproductive times of day.

    It always amazes me how folks can’t see the value of that. It’s not like I ever say you should depend on these type of opportunities to earn a living. That’s why we list real work at home jobs daily: but if you can earn some easy supplemental income for little time and effort, why not? It seems like a no brainer to me.

    But some folks seem to take the attitude of all or nothing. Fortunately there are people like you and I that see the value in picking up some loose change here and there and how it adds up.

    Thanks for chiming in. I really appreciate it!

  5. Great site both yours and beezag i would put my referral link because i too highly recommend it but that wouldn’t be proper because this is your own site. Anyway this site feels like your picking up nickels off the ground which I love

    • Thanks Matt, I appreciate that you like our site and recommendations. But more importantly I appreciate you didn’t just try your referral link in the comment. That is definitely a no no in blog commenting unless otherwise stated.

      You have a good attitude about these opportunities and will see good results because of it. Be sure to check out our other recommendations here:


  6. I would like to know if i did join some of these video/$$$ sites, once i get points into $$$.
    Will Paypal hold my money there without charging me any money holding fees?

  7. Hi Eddy,
    Just wanted to give you some info you may want to add to your “cons” for Beezag.   Apparently they do have location requirements in order to work with them.   I tried registering, and got the following message:
    “Your registration has failed for the following reason(s):Thank you for your interest in Beezag. Our service is not available in your area. Check again soon.”Just thought you would be interested in this bit of info!   Don’t worry, I won’t hold it against you! Love your info and I have been using your site for years!

  8. Most of these so-called jobs are BS.   Who is going to do a surveyor watch a video for  $.02 .  I  sure am not.  I want to make money online and these are not what I call jobs.  This website is no different from any of the others.  just a waste of time.

    • One, no said this was a job. A job is something that pays you a set salary for a given task performed and usually requires some experience at that job. That’s actually the stuff we list every day here: and where people are making money with as well.

      As I said in the article above, this is just another way to add some money to your pocket for something you’re probably doing right now and earning nothing for! But if you’d prefer to continue to earn nothing for something you already do then continue your current activities and earn nothing in the process. If that floats your boat than more power to you.

      This site is about showing people how to make money in VARIOUS ways and various amounts. This includes business opportunities, non-traditional opportunities like this and real jobs which we list every day. Most people visit this site pick and choose what works for them and appreciate being given ALL options because they’re serious about maximizing their earning potential.

      That’s the folks we care about and who we gear these articles to. That being said, I wish you the best of luck in your current endeavors. Hopefully your activities are actually producing you some type of income. But the rest of us are making money with stuff like this coupled with other opportunities like it, businesses and real jobs. So we’ll be continuing to tell folks about it.

      Take care and things for sharing your thoughts!

    • Hello June,

      I can understand your skepticism. I’m also a member of Beezag and have received several payouts over the past few months. Yes, it’s not much, but as Eddy stated it is just one of many programs  that you can use to create multiple streams of income. If you’re seriously looking to make money online you’ve got to  sign up for many opportunities and start using them on a daily basis.  I focus on FREE opps and invest some time getting to know them before I make a decision on  whether to promote them and spend more time or drop them and move on. The few dollars you can make by working with many different websites will start to add up and you will begin to see which ones to focus on to increase  your earnings.  There are plenty of scams out there that require up front money to join and don’t produce any results for the average person. Beezag is not one of them. It’s free and very simple to  earn  from.

  9. I just signed up a couple of weeks ago… I am really enjoying it. I’ve found that compared to the videos on InboxDollars, I’ve made more from this site. At most I can get 5 videos from each site (although sometimes ID doesn’t offer all 5), but with Beezag, the points have tended to be more than 20 points (2 cents) whereas ID pays only 2 cents per video.

    I’ve also noticed that as I have been coming to the site daily, the points I’m earning seems like they’ve been steadily increasing. I’m not sure if the site does this purposefully to maintain active members, or whether this has just been coincidence with the ads that I’ve been getting.

    • Glad to hear you’re enjoying it and doing well with it. I have noticed the same thing. They probably do reward active users more. It’s easy money. I haven’t done it in the last week or so but you just reminded me to get back on. So thanks. lol

  10. Hey Eddy! Thanks for the awesome website!
    I do many of the other small things to earn money (ICS, Hits4Pay, Clixsense and a bunch of surveys) but this one did not work for me. Perhaps my computer is too slow, but I keep missing the numbers on the edges, so this one isn’t worth my time because of that.   I will make a point to try it on a faster comp. I see it works for everyone else, so the problem must be with me, LOL. BTW I have a broadband connection, but the comp can be a little slow.

    • Hey Eric, Thanks for the kind words. It’s good to hear you’re not only reading the site but taking action! I’m sorry to hear about your technical issue with this particular opportunity. This is the first time I’ve heard it mentioned. You should definitely try accessing this site on a different computer outside your home. It may be your screen resolution which is cutting off the number. So you may want to try that as well. It’s definitely an easy way to make some money if you can get over your isolated technical issue. Keep me posted.

    • Update: I’ve been seeing you mention Beezag offhand, so I went back, and didn’t have any issues.   🙂 Needless to say, I’m happily adding this one to my quiver of opportunities.  

    • I’ve also noticed that the connection speed may also have an effect. I’ve noticed that a few times if the connection seems slow (the video seemed to pause a lot to download more content) the numbers may not appear — the black bar may show up, but the numbers just don’t move across, or sometimes they will only appear while moving in one direction.

    • Indeed. Just have to make sure you have the highest signal when you’re watching videos.
      Might want to watch a few youtube videos beforehand to make sure your speed is up to snuff. But I’ve had it happen once in a while to me as well. Fortunately they let you watch the video again.

  11. I just signed up today. Those of questions got on my nerves. If felt like it was never ending! lol that’s why I don’t do surveys now. I guess I am going to have to learn some patiences. Anyway, I finished everything and they gave me 5 videos to watch. It was very easy to sign up. I really want to get into the affiliate side of it though. Oh and speaking of affiliate, I want to thank you for recommending wealth affiliate on this site and thank you for the guide.  


    • I hear ya Christin, but that’s like anything life. Patience is required. It’s like the saying goes it’s also a virtue. lol
      In event, you’re welcome!

    • Hello Christin;
      You mentioned something about questions getting on your nerves, are you talking about Beezag?
      I haven’t joined up yet, i used to do surveys, i did get tired of answering the same exact questions every time.
      It seems surveys mainly keep asking for certain personal info or after answering a few questions, they say that i don’t qualify, now that aggrevates me, especially after wasting my time, no more surveys for me.

  12. I guess that makes sense considering sweepstakes are totally random. I’ve been fortunate to win the ICS $50 prize multiple times. So I’m hoping to have the same luck on Beezag. Thanks for sharing.

    • You’re not guaranteed to win the $50 prize on ICS. Remember it’s like any lottery it’s totally random. That being said I earn a few cents every day with it consistently. And it adds up.

  13. $8 for a threshold fee isn’t bad, considering that oDesk requires you to earn $10 before you can touch your money.   But as the site gets more popular, you can expect that threshold to go higher.

  14. Hello Eddy,

    I just joined this site a couple of weeks ago, and already I have over 6,000 points, so it adds up quickly!   I too, turn the volume down as it is nothing but a distraction and it has caused me to miss the numbers sometimes.   (Don’t worry, if you miss a correct number, you can just watch the add again to get credit.)   InboxDollars does have the same program, but I find that Beezag offers more videos consistantly, about 5 a day.   I am thrilled that there is another honest program out there that I can recommend amongst all of the scams that you have to dodge!

    • Rhoda,
      Thanks for sharing your experience. I do the same thing with the volume because there has been times I’ve been so into the video I miss the numbers. Lol I wonder if thats a common complaint and how they could address this while stile making the advertisers happy.

      Oh well as long as they keep paying I’m good. Lol

  15. Hello Eddy,

    I just joined this site a couple of weeks ago, and already I have over 6,000 points, so it adds up quickly!   I too, turn the volume down as it is nothing but a distraction and it has caused me to miss the numbers sometimes.   (Don’t worry, if you miss a correct number, you can just watch the add again to get credit.)   InboxDollars does have the same program, but I find that Beezag offers more videos consistantly, about 5 a day.   I am thrilled that there is another honest program out there that I can recommend amongst all of the scams that you have to dodge!

  16. Hi Eddy,

    I’m still working on my first 8 dollars.   I look at it like I look at this way to make money, it’s just a side trip from the searching and research that I do.   It’s a nice little break that adds up.   Just like the house work, or just like anything else that takes a bit of time.
    If I don’t think about how long it takes, my profile gets me 5 videos.   I just turn down the sound because that’s a distraction and watch the edges.  
    It’s a bare bones approach to doing this job.   The bottom like is that it’s another one of those penny deals that take time, but it adds up, it just takes longer than many people have the patients for.


  17. Yeah I found your site the other day, and I’ve been doing a variety of things and this is one of them, it’s quick and easy, I visit it a few times a day to check it out!  

  18. I’ve been using Beezag since they first started and I earn the $8.00 needed to cash out about once per month. I think I’ve been paid 7 or 8 times now. It isn’t a lot but it’s consistent income I didn’t have before and every little bit helps.

  19. I think your math is off here, if it is $1.00 for 1000 points, it isnt .20 for a 20 point video! just saying, if that were the case we would earn a dollar by watching 50 videos! not 5! if that makes sense.  Just letting you know =]  

    • Well as you can see, math and English weren’t my strong “points” in school. Pun intended. lol Let me go and correct that! lol Thanks. Hey have you tried this company though? What are you thoughts about it?

  20. Hey Jeanie,

    Thanks for chiming in. I’m wondering if 5 videos is the max you can get per day. I guess I’ll know more as others chime in. It wouldn’t surprise me if they supply the ad videos for inboxdollars since they already do it for swagbucks as well. It’s like another commenter Alexander said earlier, if you’re already a member of inboxdollars: it’s like getting paid twice for the video ads! So that’s good to know and I’m glad you both pointed that out.

    Thanks for sharing your feedback. I have no doubt it’s legit. Hopefully it stays that way for a very long time to come because it’s a fun way to make some money.

  21.  I signed up for them a few days ago. Like you, I only get about 5 videos a day. It seems legit and I think it is the same company that supplies videos for inboxdolllars. I run across this after researching another one that someone tried to get me to sign up for.

  22. I’m glad you made a post about this website because I’ve been a member of the site pretty much since the beginning. I actually received a check from them first before they went to the points system. I love getting paid for short ads, getting coupons, a percentage of the items I may purchase, and also having the chance to win sweepstakes. I wish they hadn’t gone to the points system, but I still love the site nonetheless. I’m also loving that you can also get paid for using their same service on Cash Crate and Inbox Dollars now!   It’s like tripling your earnings. Gotta love it. Thanks for the great review!

    • Alexander,
      Thanks for sharing your feedback and experience. At the end of the day the point system is more of an annoyance than anything else. You and I are both proof that they do pay and hopefully that’s what people walk away with when they read this review. It’s easy money and comes with some other great rewards as you pointed out. Have you ever won one of the sweepstakes since you’ve been with them from the start?

    • I haven’t ever won any of the sweepstakes which is surprising since I’ve been a member for so long. I think they didn’t add the sweepstakes until later after I signed up. They did send me some stuff to help promote the site when it was just getting started and was “invite only.” They sent leather bracelets with the codes to sign up on them, sunglasses, and a few other things that I can’t remember. Other than that, no sweepstakes yet. 🙁   Then again I haven’t won anything on ICS either and at least Beezag pays better, haha. Beezag usually has really good things to win like gift cards and really nice cameras, though.

  23. I have participated in Beezag some and really enjoy it. I agree with you completely though that I wish they didn’t have a points system. In general, points systems make me suspicious … why can’t they just tell us how much cash we’re earning? Regardless, it’s a very clean, well-laid out site and definitely something to add to the mix with ICS, Swagbucks, Inbox Dollars, and so forth. You’ve just inspired me to go watch some ads (even though I should be doing my actual work, lol) Great post!

    • Anna, I couldn’t agree with you more. Point systems do make me suspicious too. lol But at the end of the day as long as the points can be converted into cash and they do pay, I can deal with it. You’re absolutely correct about the clean layout which makes it easy to get started right away whereas some programs have a learning curve, this doesn’t.

      Thanks for your feedback Anna! And hey watching ads is paid work now. lol

    • I believe places like this reward us in points for legal reasons. They can’t simply pay people money to watch the advertisements because that isn’t allowed, so they “reward” people with point that can be “traded in” for money. It’s a subtle difference in wording that keeps these things on the up and up with the advertisers and other overseers.

    • Well that might be the reason. Thanks for sharing this insight! That being said it doesn’t change most of us would prefer to deal with straight cash. lol But it all works out either way..

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