The 11 Best & Safest Ways To Sell Video Games Online

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I remember when the first video games came to existence. Yes I’m that old. I never imagined that they would be a huge business where regular people like you and I can make money with it. But the reality is you can make money with video games by selling them! So if you’re trying to sell your video games, here are Best Ways To Sell Video Games Online!

How Much Do Video Games Sell For?

There are several factors that determine the price of new and old games. New games like Call of Duty and movie franchise games like HitMan can sell for up to $50. Lower profile video games can sell for around $30 on average. 

There are of course collectibles, retro rarities and vintage video games like the Nintendo 90’s classics that fetch anywhere from $1 to the thousands. But that depends on rarity, condition and demand. So either way the price of video games is highly subjective and variable.

Where Can I Sell Video Games Online?

There are tons of marketplaces for all types of video games online. Some will value, buy and resell your game based on a combination of factors. While others will have a fixed price for your game. You can also sell to the highest bidder or find buyers in an open market. 

Either way, here are the best and most importantly safe places to sell video games online. 

Buyback Vendors

Gamestop– If you’ve been around video games long enough then you’ve definitely visited Gamestop. The popular video game brick and mortar store allows you to either sell or trade your used video games on their online platform. You can get up to 60% store credit for your games, although if you prefer cash the pay is significantly less. You can sell anything game-related including consoles, accessories, DVDs and controllers as long as they are of “acceptable” condition. 

The Old School Game Vault – If you have classics you no longer use, The Old School Game Vault will buy back your games and consoles. However, they don’t buy sports games that are a few years old. But they have fewer limitations than most other similar stores. The biggest catch is you’ll have to get a minimum $25 order value to make a sale. They’ll also only ship your items at no cost to you once you make at least $50 in sales. They pay via PayPal instantly and Amazon Gift Cards as well. 

DK Oldies – This is another great platform for your retro games like Nintendo, Game Boy and Sega classics. To sell, all you have to do is send an email to with a list of all your items and they’ll get back to you within a day. They’ll even send you a prepaid shipping label if your total is $50 and above. Once they get your items and everything goes as planned they’ll pay you within a day via PayPal or check. You can check out their price list here.

Gameflip– Besides buying your physical games if you live in the US, Gameflip allows you to monetize your hobby as well. They’ll buy anything that’s in good condition including discs, toys, accessories and more. If you can come up with gaming codes, skins, in-game items and game unlocks, they buy that as well. They’ll then pay you via PayPal, direct deposit, or Gameflip store credit once they find a buyer for your item. 

E-Commerce Platforms

Decluttr– If you’re not looking to do the selling on your own, you can sell them to Decluttr and once they resell $5 worth of your merchandise they’ll pay you the next day. But they only accept games for PlayStation, Nintendo and xBox consoles at the time of writing. They’ll require you to enter the game’s barcode to their online tool and ship the item to them. If they accept it they’ll pay you via either PayPal or direct deposit. You can read all about that in our Decluttr review

Amazon– Good old Amazon has a couple of selling platforms you can use to sell video games online. Once you register as a seller, you can use Amazon FBM (You’ll be in charge of shipping the item to the buyer), Amazon FBA (Amazon fulfills your order and aftersale services) and Amazon AMZ (Sell to Amazon directly). You can even trade your video games for Amazon gift cards. Once your item sells, Amazon will pay you via direct deposit. 

eBay– This is perhaps the most obvious and popular way to sell things online, especially used stuff. It’s the best platform for your rare gems, as you’ll probably get the best price for it using their bidding system. You can also set “buy it now” offers if you’re not looking for bids. Either way, you’ll get your money via PayPal almost immediately it sells. 

Social/Classified Ad Websites

Facebook– If you’d like to be in control of the selling process, set your price and handle shipping, Facebook can be really resourceful. The best way to start is to find video game buy/sell pages or groups and post your item. You can even pay for an ad if you wish. But you can easily fall for a scam if you’re not careful, as Facebook isn’t responsible for deals gone bad. 

Craigslist– Selling on Craigslist may not be for the kind-hearted, but it’s a great platform if you play your cards well owing to the traffic you’ll find there. All you have to do is take clear photos of your item and post it. Be sure to meet in a public area and bring a friend along if you’re meeting a stranger. But the bottom line is, there are hundreds, if not thousands of people looking to buy video games on Craigslist every day, so chances are you’ll easily make a sale there. 

Apps That Let You Sell Video Games For Free

VarageSale– VarageSale is perhaps the safer P2P buy/sell app of the lot, as they vet whomever does business using their platform You can’t share personal information and all transactions are monitored. VarageSale will ensure your buyer does get your item, your description was accurate and both parties were satisfied with the deal. You can read this VarageSale app review to know more. 

LetGo App – To sell using LetGo, all you need to do is take very clear photos of your item (admins will check quality before approval), give an honest and clear description of the item and let it fly. If someone contacts you within the app you can either discuss logistics within the app (safer way) or share contacts and complete the deal elsewhere. You can read this LetGo app review to find out more about the app

Is It Safe To Sell Video Games Online?

Yes, you can safely sell video games online; that’s the beauty of the internet. However, be sure to follow the unwritten rules including getting paid first whenever possible or structuring the deal in a way that you protect your merchandise. 

I hope you found this article useful. Lastly, have you ever successfully sold used Video Games online? If so, how did you do it and did you use any of the options we listed? Let us know in the comments section below!

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  1. Great article and certainly brings back some memories from my earlier years!

    Way back, I used to scour eBay for misspelled games and re-list them for a profit! They caught on to that one though.

    Digital downloads have also hindered sales.


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