Is A Scam? Can You Get Paid To Search?

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Blingo is search engine powered by that randomly rewards it's users for making searches about anything. Here's how it works you visit and enter a search term. then provides you the google results of the terms you entered. If you've been selected by you will be rewarded cash, movie tickets, cars, music and much more.

The more you use to perform your searches the more chances you have to get rewards. And if that wasn't sweet enough when you refer your others and if they happen to win a new car for performing a search, you win the same prize! So obviously it's in your best interest to refer as many people as possible.

How Can They Afford To This?

Well like everything on the web, is supported by ads. So when you perform a search on their branded google search page, Google pays them a portion of the profits earned by the ads you find in the search results. in turns takes some of this money and shares it with its users in the form of prizes or cash rewards. Because there are only a set number of winners per day they never pay out more than they are making. And that's pretty much how they do it!

When you visit their website they actually provide you with a list of recent winners and what they won and how long ago. When you see this list it kind of builds up the excitement that you could be next. For all we know this could just be a marketing ploy or some fancy script. I haven't won yet so I can't tell for certain if this is real or not.

So is a scam? I can't really say either way. Based on what I know of their business model, it makes total sense and can be feasible for sometime. But since I don't know anyone personally that has won and I've yet to win, I will have to re-visit this review.

Do I recommend giving a try? Sure do! It costs you nothing and why not give yourself a chance to win a million dollars or some free movie ticktets for a search you would've done anyway. The other reason I still recommend it is bacause they use has their search engine so it's not like you would be using a different inferior search engine. So make the switch and use for your searches, it may end up paying off!

Update: As of 10.22.07, I won $50 with because one of the people I referred won $50! I didn't even have to do anything! That's just wonderful if you ask me. It was the easiest $50 I've ever made. So is real! I have no complaints here. I don't think is a fraud or some type of rip-off. I am living proof!

12 thoughts on “Is A Scam? Can You Get Paid To Search?”

  1. Eddy, thanks for the referral.

    It’s now been over a month & after two emails to, I haven’t gotten any reply back from them except for the “message received & is in review” autoreply. I guess Blingo IS a scam now.

  2. Well, I USED to be pleased with Blingo. I had won a movie ticket in the past, but recently won another one & was given an already expired code. I’ve sent them email twice now about it…they didn’t respond the first time, time will tell if they do this time.

  3. Blingo is a scam. They gave me a nonworking code for a amazon $5.00 off, said I was a winner. Well it won’t work and didn’t work and asking nice or complaining will not get a response from this company, so it is what it is FRAUD.

    • Jeff,

      I understand your frustration. Obviously something went wrong on their end. But your situation is basically like one I experienced with Jetblue one time where my flight was delayed something awful because of whatever issue they had and I ended up missing an expensive cruise to Alaska because of it.

      It sucked and I was pissed off. I complained to no avail. But I’m not running around calling Jetblue a scam. They dropped the ball. It happens with a lot of companies where people fall through the cracks to no fault of our own. But most of the time Jetblue fly planes on time. Bingo in my experience has consistently paid me. I’m not saying they didn’t wrong you. But I don’t think what you experienced is an epidemic and the norm which is what I define is a scam or problem company. In an ideal world companies would always do the right thing. But we know that’s not how it always plays out. Either way I appreciate the need to air your grievance to the world. Thanks for sharing your experience.

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